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    I was looking for an alternative for the default message dialog, which gets shipped with uniGUI. Goal was to have something which fits 100% to the design of my pages. I am sure that somebody will now say "Use CSS styles" to achieve what you are looking for. But to be honest digging for the right CSS settings finally would take even more time than my little development and finally is not as flexible. Below is a screen shot of the message dialog I tailored for my needs. As you can see it also is already adjusted to my native language (German). If you are interesting to get the code for an alternative message dialog, just let me know.
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    Ok, please find now attached my message dialog solution. For better understanding, I put it into a simple test environment. Finally it can be used very similar to the origin MessageDLG procedure. It supports already various settings, but still can be easily tailored to whatever needs you have. Any feedback & comments are welcome P.S. I just uploaded a new version with new options to change fonts, colors, icons (awesome font) and button content very easily from your application. Its a complete replacement of the existing messagedlg procedure. Just import the unit "uDialog.pas" and replace existing messagedlg calls with messagedlgA. P.P.S. Happy New Year to everybody of this great community uniGUI - MsgDLGDEmo.zip
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    Hi, I did this command lines, for stop ISS then copy my app to server from my pc then start IIS server. I'm use this in w2016 server. I think its work on all other versions. iisreset /stop rem net stop WAS iisreset /status rem Connect to your pc from server net use \\x.x.x.x\C$ {pasword} /user:{username} rem you can use xcopy or robocopy, so can copy files & folders copy /Y \\x.x.x.x\C$\yourpcpath\your_appname c:\inetpub\serverpath_and_filename iisreset /start rem net start W3SVC iisreset /status rem remove log file, for lazy programmer :) for follow error log del c:\inetpub\serverpath\log\your_appname\*
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    Solved. It was a mistake not of the form I "tortured", and in the parent form. In TAction (ActionList1) found property AutoCheck=True. Apparently I accidentally once included. When I switched the TAction.AutoCheck=False-everything worked.
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    Tutorial https://www.inflectra.com/support/knowledgebase/kb306.aspx BR Adan
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    Try to reduce your exe to below 16m by not include debug information or config your IIS to allow upload files greater than 16m
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    Maybe I misunderstood, but why such difficulties? Why not?: procedure TMainForm.Btn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin ShowPsw:=not ShowPsw; if ShowPsw then UniEdit1.PasswordChar:=#0 else UniEdit1.PasswordChar:='*'; end;
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    Bravo Vol65 it's a good thing to remember. I like this kind of enigma !
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    Knowledge to share Unipanel.UniEvents function beforeInit(sender, config) { sender.setBodyStyle('opacity','0.6'); }
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    http://unigui.com/doc/online_help/application-forms.htm http://unigui.com/doc/online_help/free-form.htm
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    These are low-res gifs... take a look at the snowflakes project. You got hi-res with Jscript effect at the end. The other examples will be soon available in www.unigui.com.br only. I don't want to "spam" the forum with similar posts with the same subject. Next month, two new post using the "All about" tag series (Grids and Edits) and we will move to a new topic and series. C'ya
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    From the "infamous" series, "All about...", we got together 4 examples of animated backgrounds for LoginForms. A foreground LoginForm (with some tricks and a soft gradient) that can be easily included in minutes to you project for a "quick facelift" and voilá . Different solutions with only one goal: All formatted to be used in LoginForms because "it's all about the looks my dear"... With the examples provided you can easily adapt any animated JavaScript background to your projects and get an extra bang to user attention. There are lots of animated jscripts , particules, elements in codepen and other Jscript resources websites that you can use the same tools and solutions here. Since we are almost at Christmas and Festivities days, SnowFlakes JavaScript Animated background is here for direct download. Additional projects with nice effects and ready-to-use is downloadable from the link below. Visit www.unigui.com.br (use the google translation control at the top - soon in english) and download the other examples and material. Project Packs, Books (in Portuguese only for now but coming soon in english) and resources exclusive to uniGUI Framework. Happy festivities, Christmas and a prosper new year. Cheers, Fred. PS: you can write me in english for more info and support. "No problemo.. " Projeto31-LoginSnowFlakesEffects.rar
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    try just add in ServerModule.CustomCSS: .x-btn-button { white-space: normal; word-wrap: break-word; }
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    Solved As my new PC has a default time Format (AM and PM), the error was in the SQL Statment (on my each Frames create Event). I found in my old code : DateToStr() and DateTimeToStr() and TimeTotr() So, solving by : DateToStr( ... , UniguiApplicationFMtSettings) DateTimeToStr( ... , UniguiApplicationFMtSettings) TimeTotr( ... , UniguiApplicationFMtSettings) It wasn't obvious, because the application stoped without error message (even if "Notify on Langage exceptions" > Delphi Options is enabled). I was looking for Bios setting, suspecting twists : Hyper thread, virtualization, and others unknown settings ! Now I am very happy and hope my feedback can be useful. Sorry Farshad for the Alert !
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    Hi, If I understand you correctly The first method: UniComboBox -> Style = csDropDown The second: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.editable=false; }
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    It works by code: (the property is not published) UniComboBox1.BorderStyle := ubsNone;
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    I'm perfectly agree with you. The problem is that Unigui is really powerful, but some LITTLE things don't permits me to present new project in "web" manner because customers are used to working with speed and ergonomics in our desktop applications, and I cannot present the same features on web... (we use Devexpress, Infopower, etc... so grids are very important and customers do not want to lose speed). Farshad should introduce some little improvements and features in Unidbrid, so we can have direct input, editing cell and columns events and other things at CLIENT level.... (like my ancient request of partial fetching without paging....) All this starting from the assumption that UNIGUI is fantastic.
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    +1 I use for that a trick : Fill two unicomboBox, with the same order one for the text, UnicomboBox1 other for the ID (no visible) UniComboBox2 As the itemIndex for the two uniComboBoxs is the same, you can get the value from UniComBobox1.OnCloseUp : Begin Value = UniComboBox2.items[ UniComboBox1.itemindex]; end;
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    Hi, Can help you: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2457-qrcode-decode-encode/ Best regards.
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    Hello, Here is another widget that I have created, you can use it in ungui app: code: $('#divBar').ProgressBar({ position:89, devide:5, title:'250 GB', caption:'Free', icon:'images/cpuu.png', bgcolor:'#f7f6f6', clrborder:'#d2d0d0', clrstart:'#72c926', clrend: '#87de38', tfntcolor:'#acacac', cfntcolor:'#fcb34d', animate:true }); Online test: Download project: http://3msoft.net/mhmd/ProgressBar.rar
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    Hello everyone, I am sharing my version of Ribbon Menu (such as Office) and created from various internet examples with ExtJS 4. I have received several requests over time and I apologize for not having found the time to build something that could be easily understood (my first version was in ExtJS 3 and created from a complex code, out of uniGUI) . I hope you enjoy, and be involved in the evolution of this example. (This sample was made with Delphi XE7 and uniGUI Pro RibbonMenu.zip
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    Hi We deployed a large Microsoft Sharepoint enviromnent for one of our corporate customers. The setup we did was able to handle 30000+ connections and ran on VMWare hosts. I would follow the same approach as Sharepoint is based on .NET which is even more resource intensive that Delphi/UniGUI/mormot. What we did was to have 3 web frontends. Between these three frontends we had Microsoft NLB enabled. (You could look at a F5, but the cost is enourmous.) These frontends then connected to the rest of the sharepoint farm components. Also note that the database setup was key to the whole solution. The database itself ran on a MSSQL failover cluster. The hardware we had for that was 16 cores with 128GB RAM with enterpise storage connected. The solution was able to handle the connecting clients easily. If you plan to do reporting, I would advise having a seperate reporting server. If you plan to have specific jobs that must run at specific times, I would suggest having a seperate server for that as well. So my advise would be: 1. Make sure that the NLB between the UNIGUI frontends are setup correctly, especially if you are going to use virtual machines as front ends. VMWare for example needs extra configuration to be able to do NLB. 2. Make sure that the database server have enough resources. No delays should be on the storage side. Also keep in mind that constant database maintenance must be done to keep it optimized. You will therefor need a good DBA. 3. Reporting must be done on a seperate server 4. Scheduled or other tasks must also be done on a seperatele server. 5. Database backups must be done whenever the expected connections will be at it's lowest 6. If you need to do database synchronization between database/sites, you might consider using MSSQL or Oracle. 7. If you plan to run on the internet, I would suggest putting the frontends in a DMZ. I would also suggest using a reverse proxy solution to bump up security. I hope this will help a bit, as I have had great success with this type of architecture. Regards Stiaan
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    A simple unit using TMS Flexcel to export to XLSX (Excel 2007/2010). VERY fast and very simple. It formats the DATETIME columns as well for easier readability. Example on how to call: procedure TbbbbReports.btnExportToExcelClick(Sender: TObject); var XLSX : TExcelFile; Mem : TMemoryStream; begin UniDBGrid1.DataSource := Nil; //<- Stop DBGrid from updating XLSX := TXLSFile.Create; DataSetToXLS( XLSX, SDQueryReport ); //<- Your dataset goes here. I use SQLDirect Mem := TMemoryStream.Create; XLSX.Save( Mem, TFileFormats(4) ); Mem.Position := 0; UniSession.SendStream( Mem, TrimSpecialStr(sReportname) + '.xlsx' ); //<- Push to browser Mem.Free; XLSX.Free; UniDBGrid1.DataSource := DataSource1; end; The unit source code: unit DataSetExports; interface Uses Windows, System.SysUtils, VCL.FlexCel.Core, FlexCel.XlsAdapter, Data.DB; procedure DataSetToXLS( XLSX : TExcelFile; DataSet : TDataSet; WorkSheetCount : Integer = 1; ActiveSheet : Integer = 1 ); implementation procedure DataSetToXLS( XLSX : TExcelFile; DataSet : TDataSet; WorkSheetCount : Integer = 1; ActiveSheet : Integer = 1 ); var ioldrecno, icol, irow : integer; fmt: TFlxFormat; fmtDateTime : Integer; begin //make sure it is XLSX format ioldrecno := DataSet.RecNo; XLSX.SupportsXlsx := True; XLSX.NewFile(WorkSheetCount, TExcelFileFormat(2) ); //2 = v2010, 1 = v2007, 0 = v2003 XLSX.ActiveSheet := ActiveSheet; fmt := XLSX.GetDefaultFormat; fmt.Format := 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS AM/PM'; fmtDateTime := XLSX.AddFormat(fmt); //Write the headers irow := 1; for icol := 0 to DataSet.FieldCount - 1 do begin XLSX.SetCellValue( irow, icol + 1, DataSet.Fields[icol].DisplayName ); end; inc(irow); DataSet.First; while Not DataSet.EOF do begin for icol := 0 to DataSet.FieldCount - 1 do begin case Dataset.Fields[icol].DataType of ftUnknown, ftString, ftBoolean, ftFloat, ftCurrency, ftBCD, ftBytes, ftVarBytes, ftAutoInc, ftBlob, ftMemo, ftGraphic, ftFmtMemo, ftParadoxOle, ftDBaseOle, ftTypedBinary, ftCursor, ftFixedChar, ftWideString, ftADT, ftArray, ftReference, ftDataSet, ftOraBlob, ftOraClob, ftVariant, ftInterface, ftIDispatch, ftGuid, ftFMTBcd, ftFixedWideChar, ftWideMemo, ftOraInterval, ftConnection, ftParams, ftStream, ftTimeStampOffset, ftObject: begin XLSX.SetCellValue( irow, icol + 1, Dataset.Fields[icol].AsString ); end; ftSmallint, ftInteger, ftWord, ftLargeint, ftLongWord, ftShortint, ftByte, ftSingle: begin XLSX.SetCellValue( irow, icol + 1, Dataset.Fields[icol].AsInteger ); end; ftDate, ftTime, ftDateTime, ftOraTimeStamp, ftTimeStamp: begin XLSX.SetCellValue( irow, icol + 1, Dataset.Fields[icol].AsDateTime ); XLSX.SetCellFormat( irow, icol + 1, fmtDateTime ); end; ftExtended: begin XLSX.SetCellValue( irow, icol + 1, Dataset.Fields[icol].AsFloat ); end; end; end; inc(irow); DataSet.Next; end; DataSet.RecNo := ioldrecno; end; end.