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    A simple example, but a lot of work: support the use of Emoji directly in edits for chats and other programs aimed at social interactivity. This is an example to be used with only an edit control (or dbEdit) but that does not create a problem with Ext.JS CSS. Other libraries I tested worked better but created incompatibility in the interface that I was unable to solve. Visit http://www.unigui.com.br to purchase books, packs of projects for unigui and several other resources and services. Soon our website http://www.uniguiexpress.com (in English) will be live. Meanwhile, English channel on Telegram: https://t.me/uniguiexpress www.unigui.com.br - Emoji in Edits (by Button).rar
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    UniSession.AddJS( 'Ext.toast({'+ ' message: "Hai cancellato il tuo sappuntamento.<span onclick=\"alert(''Undo'')\" style=\"color: #81A8E7; font-weight: bold\"> Undo </span>'+ ' <i onclick=\"Ext.toast().hide(); alert(''Close'')\" style=\"padding-top: 0\" class=\"fa fa-times\" aria-hidden=\"true\"></i>",'+ ' timeout: 50000'+ '})' );
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    Pas2JS wrappers to access Ext JS properties and methods inside the ClientEvents would be a dream combination for uniGUI. Having a high level tool like uniGUI and coding those JavaScript events without a proper IDE code completion is a pain. If uniGUI finds some solution to this, will further strengthen its position in the market.
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    Hi everyone, In response to a request from a member I have put together a simple little project to help him/her get going with using Bootstrap with uniGui. I am re-posting it here with the hope that it might help others who are interested in the topic and don't know how to get going. I have called the project uniGui-Bootstrap Starter Project and provided a link below. It addresses issues like: - What you need to use Bootstrap - How to populate a Bootstrap page with uniGui data (e.g. table records). - How to handle Bootstrap page mouse-clicks. The project uses only one uniGui component, the uniURLFrame. Everything else is done in HTML + jQuery + CSS. I have inserted a bit of in-line documentation in main.pas and in both the HTML and Javascript files to help web-application newbies. I put this together in a very short time so apologize for any bugs or things I have overlooked. I personally think a lot of magic is possible with uniGui + Bootstrap, e.g. it is so simple to build applications that would work equally well on any device (with some caveats). I would welcome some feedback, e.g. how many members think we should have a new Browse Section call Bootstrap? Enjoy. Bootstrap-uniGui StarterProject.zip
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    Example for consumption of Geolocation API enabling complete data collection from a given ip. Get you free API Key at http://ipstack.com/ (free untill 10.000/day ) www.unigui.com.br-GeoLocation.rar
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    Starting with Paypal Buttons. http://hayriaslan.net:8090/ DEMO VIDEO : https://webm.red/ZFGO.webm To test payment Generated Credit Card Details Card Type: Visa Card Number: 4597443260919173 Expiration Date: 01/2022 CVV: 200 To get values you can use UniOSPaypalButtons1.ResultList.Values['purchase_units.shipping.name.full_name'] ***NOTES*** https://developer.paypal.com/docs/checkout/integrate/ - Add https://www.paypal.com/sdk/js?client-id=YOUR_CLIENT_ID to Servermodule.CustomFiles. - Set ClientID and SecretKey properties of component UniGUIOpenSource.zip
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    Thanks a lot... Sure it is what I need and excuse me for not having found it myself with the search engine of the forums...
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    procedure TMainmForm.UnimButton2Click(Sender: TObject); begin UnimImage1.JSInterface.JSCode( ' var sender='#1 + ';' + ' if (!sender.htmlTextEl) {'+ ' sender.htmlTextEl = Ext.DomHelper.append(sender.element.select(''.x-innerhtml'').elements[0], {' + ' tag: ''div'',' + ' style: ''position:absolute; top:0; width:100%; height:auto; padding:10px; background:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); font-weight:bold; color:white;'',' + ' id: sender.id + ''_textEl'',' + ' html: sender.htmlText' + ' });' + ' }'+ ' sender.htmlTextEl.innerHTML = "' + 'TEST' + '";' ); end;
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    @Rafael, 1. Also, take care of Memory Leaks ! I had in the past this issue which was crashing the server. You can test with FastMM4. 2. An other point, i did'nt understand : why are you using DataSnap ? (With Unigui you don't need this buldozer, as all is server side).
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    Ну может, но мне это ни о чем не говорит.
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    Maalesef (UniDBGrid1.Exporter.Title) buna ne atarsanız hem sayfa adına hem de başlığa aynı değeri atıyor. Belki obje yaratıldıktan sonra "name" e atama yapılabiliyordur (JS ile) ancak bunun nasıl yapılabileceğini bilmiyorum. uniGUI yerine direk Excel export eden bir kütüphane kullanmanızı tavsiye ederim. getContent: function () { var a = this, b = this.getConfig(), d = b.data, e, c; a.excel = new Ext.exporter.file.ooxml.Excel({ properties: { title: b.title, author: b.author } }); a.worksheet = c = a.excel.addWorksheet({ name: b.title });
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    Birinci sorunuza cevap: UniDBGrid1.Exporter.Title := ''; UniDBGrid1.Exporter.ExportGrid;
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    Hello, You will get it with the next build. You need to use this code OurComponent:= TExtObject(aObject).AttachedComponent; if OurComponent is TUniMenuControl then OurComponent:= TUniMenuControl(OurComponent).AttachedComponent;
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    В поставляемом примере "Session List" можно взять пример того, как найти все сессии и всех залогиненных пользователей в приложении. Там есть и ID сессии, куда можно отправить что-нибудь.
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    попробуйте серверные сообщения http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3275-messageserver-push-messages-from-server-to-client-long-polling/
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    Fantastic - Thank You Again
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    Hi Sherzod, That worked. Thanks again for your help.
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    Hi, Thank you. You can try this approach: procedure TMainForm.UniPDFFrame1FrameLoaded(Sender: TObject); begin (Sender as TUniPDFFrame).JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.iframe.contentWindow.onafterprint=function(){ajaxRequest('#1', "pdialogclosed", [])};'); end; procedure TMainForm.UniPDFFrame1AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); begin if EventName = 'pdialogclosed' then ShowMessage('pdialogclosed'); end;
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    Hi I would appreciate if one could show how to post a message to a particular session, or invoke a function in a particular session. I would like to run a function in a session and this happens when I get an external message in the server module. Thanks
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    Perfect!!!! Working very good! Thank's, @Sherzod!
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    Hello, This post may help you: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/12950-how-to-change-tunipdfframe-menu-options/
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    Hi, Attached, an example of how to use Toast JS at the request of Flávio Mota member. Demo Best Regards, Eduardo Belo UniGUI_ToastyJS_20190910.rar
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    I need to draw updating data to my web application. Due some problems I cannot move all drawing code to JS. The all drawing is done in some library to Bitmap. After that the bitmap is assigned to TUniImage . As i understand unigui does the following: 1. Prepare bitmap on server's cache folder (some jpeg file). 2. Clear existing image. 3. Transfer new bitmap to client 4. Show it in client's browser. At the step 2-3 the image became clear white in browser and the picture is flicker when updated. I'm attaching small test case. I'm using TUniImage because i'm using this drawing on desktop and on mobile platform. Have any suggestion to workaround/minimize this effect? ImageDrawing.zip
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    Be careful here - in js month started from 0 !!! so, to set 2017 04 10 you should write new Date(2017,03,10)