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    لينكش اكسپاير شده ميشه جديدشو بديد
  2. Hi tanks for a good step by step working I did all of this steps and get this msg An Exception has occured in application: Cannot create file "C:\inetpub\eds7\cache\EDS7_dll\res\app_main_icon.ico". The system cannot find the path specified Restart application I stop the www server and start it again and made all of the folders again but I have error yet may help me ?
  3. MVakili

    Publish Standalone server

    Tanks May I have have download link ? Hi Newbie I will try tanks for you replay
  4. MVakili

    Publish Standalone server

    What is the Runtime ?
  5. MVakili

    Publish Standalone server

    Thank you I did it before. My current VPS is 2008 server 64 . i run My server uniGui program successfully but when I try to use the address, it stay on loading message and do nothing . I change my program to a simple page , just an edit box and try it again . but didnt changed anything so , I ask , which part you guess is wrong ? my server options or my program ? if I have to change my server , what options I have to check or change?
  6. MVakili

    Publish Standalone server

    Tank you but I think this way works on VPS , Is it ? I did it on my server and works correctly , but I need to run this program on a website not a VPS.
  7. MVakili

    Publish Standalone server

    I read it before . It says that I can run The Exec file in a windows and use it in a browser how I can run an exec file in a web site ?(or I did it wrong ?)
  8. MVakili

    Publish Standalone server

    It says HTTP Status 403 -type Status report message description Access to the specified resource has been forbidden. Apache Tomcat/7.0.57
  9. MVakili

    Publish Standalone server

    Hi 1)tanks for you nice component 2)how i can pay and register them ? 3) I finished my standalone example and run it on my computer and it worded good. but I want publish it on the web , how I can do it ?