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  1. Hello Fred You are really cool Can we have a way to detect the number Of course with a mobile camera And neither the size nor the circumference of the numbers are fixed
  2. ChatGPT says The CSS code you've posted is quite extensive and overall, seems to be written accurately in terms of proper CSS syntax. However, there are some points worth mentioning that could potentially be errors or areas of improvement: 1. The comment syntax `/* ... */` seems to be used correctly, but make sure that every opening `/*` has a closing `*/`. Unmatched comment tokens can result in some rules being unintentionally commented out. 2. Custom properties or variables like `[[MENU_COLOR]]` in the `.x-treelist-nav` selector: ``` background-color: [[MENU_COLOR]] !important; ``` This isn't standard CSS and might be placeholders for a CSS preprocessor or a string replacement system. Ensure that these are being processed correctly into valid CSS values before running the CSS on a live site. 3. Specificity and `!important`: There's heavy use of `!important` which should generally be avoided if possible due to specificity wars, making it hard to override with other CSS rules. 4. Vendor Prefixes: I see usage of `-moz-` and `-webkit-` vendor prefixes. Depending on the browsers you are aiming to support, you might not need these anymore, as many CSS properties are now standardized and don't require prefixes. However, if you need to support older browsers, keep them. 5. Overqualified Selectors: Selectors like `.x-grid-column` and `.x-grid-cell` don't have any classes or IDs associated with them, which could potentially apply styles unintentionally to elements in other contexts where you might have a `.x-grid-cell` that isn’t part of `.GridLotacao`. 6. Units on Zero Values: Zero values do not need units, you've properly used `0` instead of `0px` in most places, just ensure consistency. 7. Hexadecimal Color Values: Upper and lower case are mixed in the color values. This isn't an error, but for consistency and readability, you might want to stick with one, usually lowercase is preferred. 8. Use of Comments: Some CSS rule sets are commented out, like: ``` /*.x-tab-bar-default-horizontal { height: 0px; }*/ ``` If these rules are not needed, it's better to remove them entirely to clean up the code. Please note that without the context of the HTML structure and without testing this in a browser, it's difficult to say if the selectors match as intended or if there might be logical errors in the design (e.g., incorrect colors, sizes, etc.). You should test this CSS in the context of your project and see if it behaves as expected. If not, further adjustments might be necessary.
  3. Css for RTL uniTreeMenu + TUniMenuItems ( tanks Majid ) .x-treelist-item-expander:after { content: "\f0d9"; } .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-item-expander { /*right: 150px;*/ } .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-row-over:before, .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-item-selected > .x-treelist-row:before { /* right: 150px;*/ content: " "; position: absolute; display: block; /* left: 0; */ right: 0; top: 0; width: 6px; height: 100%; } /*How to change UniTreeMenu's background color?*/ .treemenu .x-treelist, .treemenu .x-treelist-row{ background-color: #10044a; } .treemenu .x-treelist-row-over, .treemenu .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-item-selected > .x-treelist-row{ background-color: #40366e !important; } .treemenu .x-treelist-item-text, .treemenu .x-treelist-item-icon, .treemenu .x-treelist-item-expander { color: #e8dff7; font-size: 14px; }
  4. MVakili

    Login problem

    Hi This below sample do Login with admin in the login box In this case, for example, in another tab of the browser, you message again with the same login user that you have logged in elsewhere. and closes that session The second time it takes about 10 until 15 seconds, it is recognized and restarted to the login window. I don't know the reason for this delay. Plesae help me for fix it. UserMultiLoginPrevent.rar
  5. A complete reference for CSS commands https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/animation-iteration-count
  6. This site is great If you don't feel like optimizing your CSS codes, it will easily organize them for you Writes the description of each section for you And if it modifies, it will keep you informed of the changes https://codepal.ai/css-optimizer Example /*------------------- badge ------------------------------- */ .badge{ display:inline-block; min-width:10px; padding:3px 7px; font-size:12px; line-height:1; vertical-align:middle; background-color:#777; border-radius:10px } .badge:empty{ display:none } .btn .badge{ position:relative; top:-1px } answer Optimize CSS /*------------------- badge -------------------------------*/ /* Common styles for badge */ .badge { display: inline-block; min-width: 10px; padding: 3px 7px; font-size: 12px; line-height: 1; vertical-align: middle; background-color: #777; border-radius: 10px; } /* Hide badge if it's empty */ .badge:empty { display: none; } /* Position badge inside button */ .btn .badge { position: relative; top: -1px; }
  7. I Solved my problem with SQL data But I cant Work with Echarts offline in a UniHtmlFrame any idea?
  8. If you like to get the CSS of a site quickly and easily, use this site So cool in this example I catch unigui.com CSS https://www.projectwallace.com/css-code-quality?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.unigui.com%2F
  9. MVakili


    Thank you for your follow up Yes, it may be because of CSS It is possible to write a simple CSS for me It is possible that I have used the wrong item in my instructions due to unfamiliarity with internal names In the submitted example, I tried to include the related CSS but the problem does not occur
  10. MVakili


    I tried but there is no problem in testcasePPag.rar
  11. MVakili


    Hi @Sherzod It's really hard to make a simple testcase Because this is part of a big project But this is how it works 1- I have a static one that looks like this object CFPageControl: TUniPageControl AlignWithMargins = True Left = 3 Top = 3 Width = 840 Height = 383 Hint = '' Align = alClient TabOrder = 0 OnChange = FileView ExplicitLeft = 0 ExplicitTop = 0 ExplicitWidth = 846 ExplicitHeight = 389 end 2- I create a tab for each sub-page, and its order is as follows With DM.VTsqlCommands Do Begin ..................... first; while Not Eof do Begin EngTName := Dmt.Reg_TableName(FieldByName('CSqlCmd').AsString); F:=False; With CFPageControl Do for I := 0 to PageCount-1 do if Pages[I].Name=EngTName then F:=True; if Not F then Begin ..................... TabSheet := TUniTabSheet.Create(CFPageControl); TabSheet.PageControl := CFPageControl; TabSheet.Name := Trim(EngTName); TabSheet.Caption := FieldByName('Titr').AsString;; TabSheet.Hint := FieldByName('CSeq').AsString; End; End; End; Next; End; Things I checked: 1- set pagecontrol Margins, which finally got better but was not resolved 2- I deleted the CSS, but it didn't change 3- I set RTL to false , but it didn't make a difference
  12. MVakili


    Thank you for your explanation I have created dynamics, but I don't know why the flash hides in the corner to move in the sheets
  13. MVakili


    I dynamically create all the pages... The problem I have is that I can't navigate between these pages.
  14. I tried but failed. Can you create a simple example please?
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