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  1. Fixed, disponible in (https://store.falconsistemas.com.br) after changing anything, run the Chart.InitChart command, sample:
  2. Hi @MVakili I will improve the methods of updating the states, so that this is possible, I will publish a new update.
  3. Hi @jemmyhatta, all right? Yes, this is possible. You can even use the KendoUI documentation to search (https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/dataviz/ui/chart/configuration/seriesdefaults.labels.font).
  4. Hi @MVakili, this feature of changing the settings of ChartChartSeriesDefault and ChartProperties in execution time, has not yet been implemented, we would have to study, for a possible implementation.
  5. Hi @MVakili thanks for the Feedback. Problem fixed, a new update for download is available in the store ( https://store.falconsistemas.com.br ).
  6. Check the version of your component, this property is available in version do UniFSKendoUI
  7. Hi Sergio, If you are using the UniFSKendoUI component (https://store.falconsistemas.com.br), you can be setting the background image, in the property: ChartImageBackGround := 'https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/content/shared/styles/world-map.png'; and to change the background without image set null ChartImageBackGround :='null'; and change the background color to transparent: ChartColorBaground: = '# f9f9f900';
  8. Hello Marlon,

    same problem with UnimFSToggle1.Toggled := true;

    Do you have a workaround for me?



    1. Marlon Nardi

      Marlon Nardi

      Hi GoldLine.

      Thanks for the feedback, bug fixed, it is already available in the store for download (https://store.falconsistemas.com.br) in component version 2.1.145


    2. GoldLine


      Hi Marlon,

      thanks a lot, it works perfect now.




    Boa tarde Marlon !

    Estou com um problema na plataforma Mobile... quando tento executar o código abaixo:

    UnimFSToggle1.Toggled := true;

    Ajax Error

    O objeto não oferece suporte à propriedade ou método 'setText'

    O mesmo comando funciona perfeitamente no UniFSToggle

    Grato !

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    2. Marlon Nardi

      Marlon Nardi


      Obrigado pelo feedback, vamos estar verificando aqui, assim que identificado, subimos uma nova atualização do pacote na store (https://store.falconsistemas.com.br) e lhe avisamos.

    3. Marlon Nardi

      Marlon Nardi

      Olá DellaSavia

      Já está disponível na Store a correção deste problema (https://store.falconsistemas.com.br) versão do componente 2.1.145


    4. DellaSavia


      Obrigado Marlon !

      Agora está funcionando...


  10. Its works, thanks! another situation in
  11. There is a Free component in my store (UniFSMaskEdit and UniFSDBMaskEdit), which changes the mask at run time. It comes with an example project, download the complete source code. https://store.falconsistemas.com.br https://store.falconsistemas.com.br/?filter=mask
  12. are you having any problems related to MainModule.EnableSynchronousOperations?
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