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  1. Unigui in my view has no equal tool, simply the best. But support has dropped a lot in the last year.
  2. tbm acredito que este seja o caminho. Qualquer coisa me chama no PV que tento te ajudar. atualmente utilizo socket.io para meu chat.
  3. shawdown

    Trigger Icon

    Solution FEdit.JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.triggerEl.elements[0].hide();');
  4. shawdown

    Trigger Icon

    Hello, to add a "trigger" icon in a UniDBFormattedNumberEdit I am using the code below. function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.triggers = { search: { cls: 'x-form-trigger', handler: function() { ajaxRequest(sender, 'TrigerClick', []); } } }; } How can I hide this icon at runtime?
  5. shawdown

    Main Thread

    Yes they are different. That's why I used TTimer. TUniThreadTimer does not work as expected. I need to run on the same thread as HttpServer.
  6. shawdown

    Main Thread

    When placing or desired code in a TTimer it has the expected behavior. I would like to execute this code without using a TTimer. This code executed by TTimer would not be the main thread?
  7. shawdown

    Main Thread

    I know it is not advisable to use ServerModule but I need to run a routine on the main thread of the unigui application. This routine is only when the software is debugged or when it is being released it will not be executed. How can I execute some block of code on the main thread?
  8. I am also developing a great application that has several modules including for different market segments. Everything is parameterized by the database. I am putting everything in the same project.
  9. I know this way works perfectly but for this on all objects I will have to add a message according to my language. What if my software has other languages? I would like something that had an inheritance. Example. When creating the user session I define the default message if I don't have the "ScreenMask.Message" property set. Today if you don't have "ScreenMask.Message" set then the message "Loading ..." Sorry if I'm not being clear. Google Translator.
  10. Actually I need that when the Message property is not set displays a default message. Loading is an English word that corresponds to "Carregando..." in my language. So I would like that whenever the Message Property is not set it will display "Carregando..."
  11. I see no need for an example because just check ScreenMask option of any object and activate the mask and see the message. But anyway follow the example. ScreenMask.rar
  12. Is it possible to change the default text of a ScreenMask? So whenever the "Message" field is blank it displays the text I set. I need to display a ScreenMask the message is in my language.
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