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  1. shawdown

    ScreenMask Default Message

    I know this way works perfectly but for this on all objects I will have to add a message according to my language. What if my software has other languages? I would like something that had an inheritance. Example. When creating the user session I define the default message if I don't have the "ScreenMask.Message" property set. Today if you don't have "ScreenMask.Message" set then the message "Loading ..." Sorry if I'm not being clear. Google Translator.
  2. shawdown

    ScreenMask Default Message

    Actually I need that when the Message property is not set displays a default message. Loading is an English word that corresponds to "Carregando..." in my language. So I would like that whenever the Message Property is not set it will display "Carregando..."
  3. shawdown

    ScreenMask Default Message

    I see no need for an example because just check ScreenMask option of any object and activate the mask and see the message. But anyway follow the example. ScreenMask.rar
  4. shawdown

    ScreenMask Default Message

    any suggestion?
  5. shawdown

    ScreenMask Default Message

    Is it possible to change the default text of a ScreenMask? So whenever the "Message" field is blank it displays the text I set. I need to display a ScreenMask the message is in my language.
  6. shawdown

    Recommendations for hosting

    AWS Free Tier. Search in Google
  7. shawdown

    Uniscrollbox - Hide horizontal bar

    worked perfectly. Thank you very much.
  8. shawdown

    Uniscrollbox - Hide horizontal bar

    Any suggestion?
  9. shawdown

    Data aware spin edit

    also would like.
  10. shawdown


    Hello @Sherzod any suggestions? I believe it is something simple and this resource will be very useful for all users.
  11. shawdown

    Uniscrollbox - Hide horizontal bar

    Sorry for the delay because I was traveling. The problem is the horizontal scroll bar. The following is an example. Scroll.zip
  12. shawdown

    Uniscrollbox - Hide horizontal bar

    I really have a problem. Any suggestions?
  13. shawdown


    Does anyone know if to implement this here in unigui? https://github.com/danhumphrey/Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect
  14. shawdown

    Simple TIP: CheckComboBox Plugin

    Good morning friends. Today to select a checkbox inside the ComboBox I use the following code. UniSession.AddJS (UniComboBox1.JSName + '. SetValue (["Item 1", "Item 2"]);'); The above code unchecks any other selection leaving only "Item 1" and "Item 2". This way I have "Item 1" and "Item 2" selected. Now I would like to select "Item 3" but I want to just pass the "Item 3" name and select it. Without deselecting "Item 1" and "Item 2".