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  1. shawdown

    HowTo: bring opened form to front

    Form2.BringToFront; ?
  2. shawdown

    Is there a need for a (structured) uniGui WIKI?

    It's os perfect. https://preview.themeforest.net/item/knowhow-a-knowledge-base-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2813111?_ga=2.90979546.195353067.1554922600-1642395990.1554922600
  3. shawdown


    For simplicity I put the hamze code into a component. uUniMyCaptcha.pas
  4. shawdown

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Hi mhmda. I'm also developing my desktop application similar to yours. How did you create the desktop icons? I created my own only with unigui objects calculating the position of each one.
  5. shawdown

    Correct way to update variable when calling AddJs

    Problem solved. I was wrong to create the object.
  6. shawdown

    Correct way to update variable when calling AddJs

    Just remembering that these commands are sent at different times. Example: socket.disconnect (); It only happens when the form is closed.
  7. shawdown

    Correct way to update variable when calling AddJs

    I have a similar problem. In the onCreate of my form I create this javascript object is working perfectly. UniSession.AddJS ('var socket = io.connect ();'); Once it is created I need to perform some functions of it like. socket.on (); socket.disconnect (); How can I send commands to this object?
  8. shawdown

    Remove Form Border

    I currently use a TUniFrame to display my Menu. For this frame to be over all items it is necessary to use the "z-index" but Farshad Mohajeri warned me about possible conflicts with ext.js architecture. For this reason I'm abandoning using the z-index and putting my menu in a TUniForm. Since then, thank you very much for your attention.
  9. shawdown

    Remove Form Border

    Using the given code decreases the size of the border / shadow but I still do not have the expected result see image below. Using a "nonexistent class" in beforeInit I have a result that solves my problem. But I'm afraid I'll have future trouble. function window.beforeInit(sender, config) { config.baseCls = 'class_nonexistent'; }
  10. shawdown

    Remove Form Border

    Okay. Now I know it's not a border. So what is it? How can I remove it?
  11. shawdown

    Remove Form Border

    Any suggestion? The options I found on the forum did not work.
  12. shawdown

    Remove Form Border

    Hello, how can I remove the border from a form. I am using the uniGUI_1.70.0.1486 version. FormBorder.zip
  13. Perfect. Thank you very much. I did not know either. I'll test log soon.
  14. shawdown

    Service can’t stop

    Hello, I had a similar problem and apparently solved by finalizing the service process in the ServiceModule onShutdown event. To finish the process use the code below. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43774320/how-to-kill-a-process-by-name