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  1. shawdown

    Service can’t stop

    Hello, I had a similar problem and apparently solved by finalizing the service process in the ServiceModule onShutdown event. To finish the process use the code below. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43774320/how-to-kill-a-process-by-name
  2. Strange that if you do the same on a TUniDBEdit it works perfectly.
  3. thanks gerardocrisci.
  4. shawdown

    Custom Component

    Perfect. Thank you one more time.
  5. shawdown

    Custom Component

    Lastly, what would be the way to add this code to a custom component?
  6. shawdown

    Custom Component

    Hello friends I added in the create event and it worked perfectly. Having trouble using create? constructor TCustomControl.Create(AOwner: TComponent); Begin inherited; JSAddListener('keydown', 'function(sender, e, eOpts){...}'); End;
  7. shawdown

    Custom Component

    Any suggestion.
  8. shawdown

    Bind TuniDBLookupCombobox to DBGrid column

    test this. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6686-tunidbcombobox-with-itemsvalues/
  9. shawdown

    Custom Component

    Hello, I am creating a custom component inherited from uniEdit. In this component I would like to add a function in the ExtEvents KeyDown event. What would be the correct way to do it?
  10. shawdown

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    perfect reasoning
  11. shawdown

    Unigui is dead?

    Lack of information. You need to read a little more and drop the 1397 version.
  12. shawdown

    How to set focus to an uniEdit

    Na versão mais recente do unigui, o comando SetFocus funciona no onCreate. onCreate of the form.
  13. In VCL I used '000000' in the DisplayFormat to display integer codes in dbgrid always adding 0 to the left. Ex: When code was 20 then 000020 was displayed. In uniDBGrid it does not behave the same way. How can I make this integer formation in dbgrid?