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  1. fabiotj

    Migrar Códigos Delphi desktop para Unigui

    Sim é possível migrar, e estou prestando consultoria no assunto veja o tópico a seguir: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2179-help-for-those-who-want-to-convert-to-delphi-projects-unigui/ Se desejar mais informações contact e-mail: fabiotj2012@gmail.com
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it now a little but it did not work.
  3. Other users have a similar problem:
  4. fabiotj

    TreeMenu SEARCH

    I have almost the same problem! See in: someone help us?
  5. I used the same search / filter example from the TreeView Demo for a TUniTreeMenu, but the search result is added to the different TreeView menu which deletes / hides the unseen results see the image and the code used. What do I need to do to fix this? Function of Search: procedure TfrmMainForm.SearchTreeMenu(const AText: string); var S, SString : string; I : Integer; aExpand : Boolean; begin SString := Trim(AText); if SString<>PSString then begin PSString := LowerCase(SString); if (Length(PSString) > 1) or (PSString = '') then begin aExpand := PSString<>''; UniTreeMenuPrincipal.BeginUpdate; try UniTreeMenuPrincipal.ResetData; for I := 0 to UniTreeMenuPrincipal.Items.Count - 1 do begin S := LowerCase( UniTreeMenuPrincipal.Items.Text); UniTreeMenuPrincipal.Items.Visible := (Length(PSString) = 0) or (Pos(PSString, S) >0); UniTreeMenuPrincipal.Items.Expanded := aExpand; end; finally UniTreeMenuPrincipal.EndUpdate; end; end; end; end; -------------------- CSS used: / * UniTreeMenu - ServerModule-->CSS * / .x-treelist-nav {/ * Here it determines the BACKGROUND COLOR of the menu * / background-color: # 414141! important; / * # 32404e; moccasin; * / background-position: 24px 0%! important; padding: 0 0 0 0; overflow: auto! important; scrollbar-width: thin; / * scrool style for mozilla * / scrollbar-color: # adb3b8 # 516579; / * scrool style for mozilla * / } .x-treelist-nav :: - webkit-scrollbar {width: 7px; height: 7px; background: # 516579;} .x-treelist-nav :: - webkit-scrollbar-track {background: rgba (0,0,0,0,1);} .x-treelist-nav :: - webkit-scrollbar-thumb {border-radius: 7px; height: 7px; background: # adb3b8;} .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-item-text { / * left side menu * / color: # adb3b8; / * menu letter color * / margin-left: 12px; / * 27 Left-to-right spacing of menu items * / margin-right: 26px; / * left-to-right spacing from menu groups * / font-size: 12px; / * font size * / line-height: 34px; / * height of menu line * / } .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-item-icon: before, .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-item-tool: line-height: 34px; / * 44 is the default * / } Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. fabiotj

    TUniFrame, OnKeyDown Event

    Thanks Eduardo!
  7. fabiotj

    change edit the mask at runtime

    Talvez seja isso: InputMask.Mask
  8. fabiotj

    change edit the mask at runtime

    Olá, Qual foi a solução? Estou com o mesmo problema.
  9. fabiotj

    Need DbEdit with a Button at Right

    I´m use 10.2.3.
  10. fabiotj

    Need DbEdit with a Button at Right

    Updated link - By NelZ Component Work Fine! https://mega.nz/#!f9U31ShZ!TVMUEYGOlV-7Dp7TxyNt68BtXfRW2Pt7SLTS-0JQAS0
  11. fabiotj

    Novo Grupo Whats

    Bom dia a todos! Pode me adicionar também por favor +55 92 99340-0177
  12. fabiotj

    Need DbEdit with a Button at Right

    Obrigado pela dica Wilton! A questão é que tenho mais de 150 formulários com esses dois componentes, e tem código no evento OnButtonClick e no OnExit deles que terei de migrar para um botão separado, ai se tivesse um outro mesmo que pra uso temporário trocaria tudo de uma vez e depois quando saísse o nativo eu trocaria novamente, mas sem o trabalho braçal. Mas obrigado vou aguardar pra ver se alguém tem ai o componente "provisório" se não vou ter que fazer no braço mesmo como você falou.
  13. fabiotj

    Need DbEdit with a Button at Right

    126/5000 Hello, does anyone have the component? Thanks in advance for any help, I am stuck in this stage of my conversion. Thank you!
  14. Good Morning! I'm doing converting tests from my soft to UniGui and I need a lot of UniButtonEdit + UniButtonDBEdit to replace TJvDBComboEdit and TJvComboEdit, could they help me by sending a copy of what came out in that post http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3532-unibuttonedit/&tab=comments#comment-54575 but is no longer available. You can send a copy to fabiotj2012@gmail.com or provide a new download link. Thank you in advance for your help! ---------------------------- In 06-17-2019, NelZ Update the download link: Updated link - By NelZ Component Work Fine! https://mega.nz/#!f9U31ShZ!TVMUEYGOlV-7Dp7TxyNt68BtXfRW2Pt7SLTS-0JQAS0 -------- Off Topic
  15. In fact the ideal would be to write a new application, but the financial cost for this in my case would be very high, since my soft has 365 forms. "Just" converting I will have many advantages related to installation, demonstrations, support, I can also redo or create options specific to mobile. It will be a pleasure to share some parts of the source as soon as it's working.