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  1. But you don't need the html tab/file/etc part. Alias, remove it !
  2. Hi folks.. I updated with the Index.html. Download it again. But you don't the html part. Alias, remove it. Remove the uniurlframe that load the html file. Use the uniGUI controls. That was the hard part: figure out controls that would work ok in uniGUI.
  3. We're all good man. Paypal will release the value to my account.
  4. index.html You dont need it. The intent here is use it in uniGUI. Just remove the uniurlframe. Anyways, above.
  5. uniGUI - Module Notification This notification lib is different since it injects the notification inside a module container. So, is perfect for a non intrusive like dashboards and works perfectly with native uniGUI controls. Module-Noty.mp4 Download project below. Only for uniGUI subscribers. Project19-ModuleNotification.rar
  6. But was in hold. All good anyway. OK.. solved.
  7. Sorry if this seems pedantic of me. But some programmers don't know about this service and there are simple ways to find out what it is and the importance of these resources for the cloud storage environment and data sharing in a large company. It's not useful for a small biz, or private/personal. If you don't need this, ignore it. This is a paid service from Amazon and it is not cheap. AWS Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6w9LwZJFIA WebClass about S3 PT-BR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B2nXwiuzSE
  8. Please, if you have no idea what is AWS S3, do a research first (google was invented long time ago !). AWS has a lot of videos, webclass and resources about this topic. Don't be lazy ! Don't text me at WA/TG about AWS3 aspects. Sorry, no time. Got a lot of programs to finish and post here. See more info
  9. Amazon (AWS) S3 File / Bucket Manager and Pre-Signed URL generator Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a scalable, high-speed, web-based cloud storage service. The service is designed for online backup and archiving of data and applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Don't know s%#* about S3 ? See here: https://www.techtarget.com/searchaws/definition/AWS-bucket Features list and specs: - Create, Delete and Retrieve Bucket List. - uniGUI Server is just perfect to this kind of application. You can also turn into a service and work like a bridge between your end users and your storage service at AWS. - Upload files to buckets, download files directly, download link etc... - All operations can be done in one single step. - A client (your end-user) could upload files using this uniGUI server (this very program) and, from there, this (same) uniGUI APP upload to Amazon S3 on the fly and could generate a pre-signed download url for sharing. - Retrieve bucket's content list at start-up. - Delete items (files) at bucket. - Generates pre-signed download link. - Configures pre-signed validation period limits for download URLs links (ideal for security on files publishing in a enterprise environment) per file . - Save configs and preferences. - This project is ideal for distributing and manager files and logical buckets using Amazon S3 service (AWS3). - Good for sharing docs, files, contracts, resources with security, download link with expiration time etc. - You need a Amazon Account with S3 enabled. - Get your AccessKey and SecretKey in AWS Console/Dashboard, configure your storage service, use the config tab and you are good to go. - Also, coming soon Mega.nz S3 Service. https://mega.io/pt-br/objectstorage Get in touch for more info at WA/TG 55 11-98620-7676.
  10. Nop. Of course it won't pack win binaries in Cordova. That is not the point in my question. Cordova is not for UI. Never was. You can pack a simple start page and call it a PWA-ish , just joking, with it. But I was thinking as an entry point to uniGUI backend. Using uniGUI as a backend to a start page is more likely as many packaging tool are doing this to deliver "fake" PWAs. The problem is a stateful x stateless using Cordova, if there is any issue, on that delivery "phase" towards the stores. OnsenUI (only) is long gone. Dead end. Is a nice UI pack and very light but not more than that. I'm more in love with Webix. Like that UI pack, there are dozens. By the way, I'm working in 3 projects using Onsen right now. I loved how light-weight and easy to use it is. But more like a bag of UI Comps than the whole revamp Webix does to UI. And they are more focusing in the Monaca cloud solution. Something that Embarcadero should had a whole cycle solution working by now based in pascal only, to not alienate the "old-timers" like me. But they are shutting down now for almost a year (not much improvement in UI area). I tried and works like a charm to uniGUI front end replacing ext.js comps and no problems in Apple "eco", that you can find using Ext.JS by uniGUI. Many users had complains about it in theirs IPhones. Some times load the uniGUI app, and others don't. So, we change all UI for Onsen and using uniGUI as back end. Light and fast. And funny thing, really looks like an Apple native app in iPhone. Anyways, Onsen: old and broken examples (like the Youtube API) and no community around it. But thanks anyway for your words. I found weird that nobody here at the forum never try it with uniGUI as back end solution , of course , it never will be full flagged pwa.
  11. uniGUI - Micro WhatsApp Shop Orders Features Create a simple way to sell via Whatsapp and integrate with unigui backend Does not use third-party components Does not use TInject Component Does not use Whats4Delphi Does not use nodes.js/pupetter Pure HTML, JavaScript and uniGUI Responsive and mobile-ready 2 Models (Beauty Saloon, Clothes Store) Data validated by JS code before sending Commented code in HTML and JS make you make changes and adaptations It also sends the data via WhatsApp to you and you will receive confirmation at the time of ordering and can easily finalize directly with your customer by sending a payment link or bank deposit details, etc. Speed and gain a lot in agility to server clients. Speed up your sales or implement services for small entrepreneurs who do not need a complete online store and who require time to configure, training, support, complex databases, catalog of many products, etc. Perfect for small biz and quick services booking via WhatsApp Easy to adapt and modify - Just HTML and JS. Very easy to modify and customize No third party components. All source-code included for Delphi/Pascal/uniGUI. No hidden costs or fees. Yes, we offer advice on adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote. DEMO Video More details at the link below https://www.unigui.com.br/MicroWhatspAppOrder.html
  12. Any thoughts ? Any expert on that subject ? Any PWA ideas ?
  13. uniGUI - Favicon "Madness" FavIconMadness.mp4 Features Almost all you can do with favicon in "all-in-one" example project. All Javascript code integrated to uniGUI Give another professional look to your app Very easy to modify and customize No third party components. All source-code included for Delphi/Pascal/uniGUI. No hidden costs or fees. Yes, we offer advice on adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote. See more detail at link below: https://www.unigui.com.br/FavIconMadness.html
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