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  1. uniGUI DOES jqToastr >>Why JqToastr: A simple, modern, framework-independent, well-tested, unobtrusive, notification system. Works in any modern browser (desktop and mobile) and OS. Is highly customizable and simple to use. >>Supports and compatibility: Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 3+ Chrome 9+ Safari 3+ Opera 10+ iOS 4+ Android 2+ >>How to use in uniGUI 1-Declare in ServerModule.CustomFiles files/jquery.toast.css files/jquery.toast.js 2- Declare JqToast to USES clause of your unit. 3- See main example Desktop or Mobile. 4- Same code works in Desktop and Mobile. 5- This example also contains Mainm Form for your tests in mobile Have fun PS: It seams I have a size limit on posting, so see it at http://www.unigui.com.br/democetera/CeteraDemosShow.html Tomorrow I will try edit and post here. http://www.unigui.com.br/democetera/uniGUIDOESjqToastr.gif
  2. Is it a new component soon to be released on uniGUI package ? It's more than need since the real market are business management projects to companies. The majority of projects that I can find here in Brazil is very focused in this area. Not game, not academia, not AI/TI research, not Internet, not low level factory equipment interaction (Java got it covered) etc. That train left DelphiTown eons ago. uniGUI Uplevel the current Delphi projects to the Internet. There is a clear market target here that majority of Delphi developers are not aware. About the Example: The way you (Sherzod) wrote the html code to generate ajax returns helped me to correct the code to the previous example I posted here that was not working. That's exactly what I was talking about. It's verify hard to discover when it's need this kind of tricks to work uniHTMLFrame and uniURLFrame. It's not a criticism. I'm also well aware that it requires a very deep knowledge of the libs used and JavaScript integration on uniGUI that only a few holds at this time.
  3. uniGUI DOES Humane.JS (Updated) >>Why humane.js: A simple, modern, framework-independent, well-tested, unobtrusive, notification system. Utilizes CSS transitions when available, falls back to JS animation when not available. Includes mobile support and tested OK on uniGUI. It's not a component, just classes calling procedures hence no future problems with uniGUI and Ext.JS updates. You can work with no worries in Desktop and Mobile (Android e iOS) and is very simple to use IN your current projects and get read of ShowMessages and Messagedlg with more style and nice UI. See Humane.ShowMessage ( mytext, theme, style). I create this procedure to facilitate showmessage replacement and usage. >>Supports and compatibility: Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 3+ Chrome 9+ Safari 3+ Opera 10+ iOS 4+ Android 2+ Uses CSS Transitions where available otherwise falls back to JS animation, degrades gracefully. >>How to use in uniGUI 1-Declare in ServerModule.CustomFiles files/humane.js files/themes/human.css files/themes/libnotify.css files/themes/bigbox.css files/themes/boldlight.css files/themes/jackedup.css files/themes/original.css files/themes/flatty.css 2- Declare humanejs at USES clause of your unit. 3- See main example Desktop or Mobile. 4- Same code works the same in Desktop and Mobile. 5- This example also contains Mainm Form for your tests. >>This version is updated to the latest humane.js a. New themes. b. Procedures refactored to Delphi code. c. and I added some new codes to the original since it had some major changes to make easy theme selection, style etc. See procedures in humanejs.pas on Mainform. >>This code is originally based on zilav post, see: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1808-humanejs-notification-system-for-unigui/ uniGUIDOESHUMANEJS.rar
  4. Thanks... I'll give a try. My bad. Thought it was another lib using xzing dll. But the better solution is really a scanner. Alibaba/Amazon has a lot for android, iOS very cheap. And its more flexible, reliable and fast than use code just for that.
  5. Thanks but I'm already well familiar with that lib. I just don't see the need to use it. In fact, at current barcode readers (less then 20 USD) , better buy ScanReader the losing time with that code. And already posted a solution to that problem. Well, half solution. Need help on ajaxrequest. My example uses 9 barcodes formats on the fly and the Qrcode in a single scan without the need to use third part files, just JS. See link below http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13227-ajaxrequest-wont-fire/
  6. Fred Montier

    DBISAM - Database Connectivity

    Hi There... I also use Dbisam and there is a lot of issues that need to be addressed for it to work/adapt to uniGUI. And these issues do not produce the same behavior of other database such as those using Firedac or Zeos described on unigui's manual. 1- Make the connection in your datamodule. Not in ServerModule or MainMondule. I know that is against the unigui's manual instructions but trust me, they are not talking about Dbisam anyways. It never work for me using mainmodule to connect the database, servermodule is even worst. There is a simple reason: Dbisam works generating name sessions to db connections , if set to AutoGenerate, you get some issues that I never found solutions. But if you set AutoGenetares in DataModule, "no problemo amigo". If you set fix session name, also no problems. But in MainModule, only works with fixed names. But when the second user login in , you have violation at the name space level since dbisam uses session unique names per app and ignores dbisam "websession" handler. 2- Dbisam generates session handlers per form (a new session at every form, does not matter if you gonna use it or not). That's is the difference. Whether you use the Tdbisamsession or not, they are always there. You can reuse other session from another form and there is no problems with it. 3- Set the Session privatedir property to Server Temp Folder. That is paramount ! Of course that depends how you handle your temp queries (if disk). For large database, I strongly suggest that you use disk and save temp data to the temp dir. 4- An Advice: Create a "main" datamodule where you connect and defines session privatedir (ops, privatedir, then connect/Open DB). Then declare the unit's name in uses clause of other datamodule for reuse. This way you won't have to reopen the db at every form and the same session can be used in every table or query. That makes everything "smooth and operational". I usually do that with the form uses in the login form. Then it becomes my MainDataModule. You should do it at the OnCreate event in the "MainDataModule" form and then forget about in other datamodule since the db is already open and configured. DBisam session is not related to uniGUI (web)session. But one messes up with the other, hence the problems.
  7. Updated with an animated GIF and typo in title. Better use 100x100 pixels on gif otherwise you will see nothing. With this example you can use ICO, PNG and GIF without change the JS code and update on the fly. Gives a new look and same as the big players like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. have a nice day !
  8. As you may have noticed it is not possible to change your page's FavIcon (ServerModule.FavIcon) at runtime without a page reload. This example changes the FavIcon and is great for notification as it occurs on sites like Twitter, FaceBook, etc ... JS has been improved and now avoids caching problems on change and supports use of PNG on the fly. And as a bonus, how to change the page title. Have a good time Visit http://www.unigui.com.br for project packs, exclusive material, demos, examples, books, and our full-fledged RDP course. Several other examples also available for free from our official website. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Como você pode ter percebido não é possivel mudar o FavIcon de sua página (ServerModule.FavIcon) em tempo de execução sem um reload da página. Este exemplo mudar o FavIcon e é ótimo para notificação como ocorre em sites como Twitter, FaceBook, etc... O JS foi melhorado e agora evita problemas de cache na mudança e suporta uso d PNG na hora. E como bonus, como mudar o titulo da página. Divirta-se www.unigui.com.br-uniGUIDoesFavIcon.rar
  9. Note: Adjust files in HTML MainForm and Mainm to your project. Just read the HTML file. Work ok with chrome and firefox even in mobile.
  10. Hi Folks This example further enhanced by Sherzod shows how to do some print-screen selecting components like Panel etc. Solution Provided By Sherzod at http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13073-print-screen/ Here is the new example with more details Please download at https://t.me/uniguiexpress PS: To Forum Admins: I was not able to upload the source-code file to the forum and it only was 1 MB. A warning message said I only had 200kb remaining. Hence the external link. Do I have to delete other examples posted here ? Any solution about it ?
  11. Fred Montier

    uniGUI DOES QrCode

    I'm developing a new BarCode scanner with support to QrCode and BarCode... Any help is welcome: Have run into some issues with ajaxRequest not firing. About equipment, there are a lot of scanner that can read both codes formats (QrCode 2D and BarCode 1D) for less that $ 20,00. So, is more like a exercise or only if you want to run your inventory with just a smartphone and refuses to acquire a real scanner. BarCodeScanner.rar
  12. Fred Montier

    ajaxRequest won't fire

    I have done a lot of code using ajaxRequest. The QrCode example does exactly that: If I place the code in a URLFrame it won't load the JS library. Have tried a lot of options. If I use the urlFrame, it never fires ajaxRequest. I even put an alert() before ajaxRequest and it run flawless with the data I want to return. Note that the JS library has 4 examples using JQuery, plain and simple code etc. None of them works. The JS Library work fine in URLFrame and HtmlFrame. Reads all the codes and appends to the body. I want to replace that with an ajaxRequest to receive properly the code and put it to some use. I have ran over the same problems in a lot of JS library code. Not everything can be adapted to uniGUI regardless how I initiate the ajaxRequest. Is there any particular condition where it does not work ? And yes, already read manual thoroughly, searched the forum etc. A lot of my examples uses ajaxRequest and lot more I have abandoned because there is no work around. This code is very important (to me and the community) because is the only JS example that can read QrCode and 9 others Barcodes. All solution in one code without third party utils or dlls. So, thanks in advance. PS: Yes, my intention is to post here to uniGUI users.
  13. Fred Montier

    ajaxRequest won't fire

    HI... Having problem on firing ajaxRequest back to form OnAjaxEvent or uniURLFrame OnAjaxEvent. It seams to have some interference with the JS library since I have a very similar code and works all right but using uniHTMLFrame. Problem is that uniHTMLFrame there is no way I can start the lib to run and open device. Have tried MainForm.htmlcam, MainForm.form, MainForm.windows etc... changed params name whatever, afterscript, external js file, loadlibrary ... Any ideas ? BarCodeScanner.rar
  14. In the example http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13073-print-screen/

    How to get the form image... since it does not have a jsId ?

    I'm trying to make a example with  your code. Work ok puting a simplepanel  but I want to get really the form space.

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    2. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier

      Yes... but i didn't find appropriated since it uses an external third party util. And the convenience of save exactly the controls you want is more interesting (as you did).  

      Anyways, tested with a simplepanel as background to the form and work as the same. I just don't find it the correct solution.

    3. Sherzod


      i.e. do you want to take a screenshot from UniImage?
      But UniImage itself is a image (a screenshot) :)

    4. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier

      No... Like printscreen with more control over what to select. And once a print using theform are would be a good solution to support ..

      Se the example below, not published yet.


      www.unigui.com.br-uniGUI Does PrintScreen.rar

  15. Fred Montier


    Hi my Friend... Soon I will post it. But it only works in Chrome. It is the only browser to support it at this time. But is very impressive what they have done and support to a lot of language. Can even understand my broken english. I'm making a sort of Journal of mine dictating on the fly saving to text. Then I will turn it into a full working example, more easy to anyone. But first I have two more projects queued to the community. Well, It is not big deal using uniGUI... kudos to Google team. c'ya