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  1. Soon I will send you my code... so you can improve, if it is any use in your project.
  2. Any improvement using Google Analytics instead your solution, besides the "live" factor ? GA is a little bit delayed for sure. At this moment I'm working in a component to GA and uniGUI for tracking all activities. But a little disappointed by GA delay. In fact i can only get for sure who is logged and where. But great reports in the following day and GA panels. A merge between then should be the best approach.
  3. uniGUi DOES a PIN Input mobile and desktop (native and "the proper way") -- Eng-Int The PIN (Personal Identification Number or sometimes Private Identification Number) is very useful for authenticating micro transactions in addition to a password. The PIN (Personal Identification Number or Sometimes Private Identification Number) is very useful for micro transactions to authenticate in addition to a password. This example uses native components of uniGUI and a lot of research to mask and fire only the numeric keypad on Mobile. It is not as simple as it sounds, some devices and
  4. == Eng-INT uniGui Does YouTube Player via API A simple example demonstrating how to use Youtube InFrame play but with itssimplest API to just control the video playback. More commands can be easily adapted for use in uniGUI using their controls natively. == PT-BR uniGui Does YouTube Player via API Um exemplo simples demonstrando como usar o Youtube mas com a sua API mais simples para apenas controlar a reprodução do video. Mais comando podem ser facilmente adaptados para uso no uniGUI usando nativamente os seus controles. More info. at https://www.uniguiexpress.com/Prom
  5. "All About..." and "uniGUi DOES" Series for only $59,90 (USD) 58 examples , easy to use and ready-to-go ! See at link below: https://www.uniguiexpress.com/Promopack04.htm Questions ? WhatsApp / Telegram (Brasilia/Brazil time zone GTZ +3:00hs) 55-11-98620-7676
  6. Convert to html, edit in a HTMLControl editor and save as PDF. More than that your using the wrong tool.
  7. In two day, how to make pin mask input using default controls and keypads for desktop and mobile (the proper way... folks) It's a little bit trickier than you think !
  8. Using a PIN -Personal / (or sometimes, Private) Identification Number- is an additional security factor for transactions and serves as a simple way to add an extra layer of authentication or access management. A PIN is usually made up of a few (4-6) numeric digits that are easy to remember. And generally a PASSWORD and a PIN are used together: the password being to initiate an operation (access an application) and the PIN to authorize various operations within the application. This example shows how to use a PIN without using your device's numeric virtual keypad. That is, the example
  9. Roulette Wheel is a very simple game and known worldwide. This example shows how to implement in Delphi / uniGUI and get the results data, run the roulette using the javascript function directly from a uniGUI button and get the data back in a uniedit. It is the basics to develop for more sophisticated projects. Download it from https://t.me/uniguiexpress See this and many other projects on our website https://www.unigui.com.br/democetera/pack4.html for sale. More content Packs of Projects, Books and Services at http://www.unigui.com.br/
  10. Tenho um exemplo via API via CEP no packs do uniGUI. É simples fazer. So passar o URL do CEP e receber o JSon.
  11. NO main module e no ESCOPO da classe da unit. Se você criar fora do escopo, a variável ou qualquer objeto ficará visivel para todo o aplicativo. Daí confusão. O Mesmo se aplica a unit internas (depois do MainForm, e/ou no MainForm)
  12. Sim... pode ser do framework (criado conforme demanda) ou um DataModule convencional (Free DataModule) que é exatamatente a mesma coisa. Coloque o seu componentes de conexão no MainModule e o restante pode replicar onde desejar. Mas uma boa prática é isolar a sua interface da lógica de transação do DB. Note, no MAINMODULE os componetes de conexão para o FireDac e Zeos. No DBISAM, não faça isso pois ele trata o DataModule ou FORM como uma sessão do DB (gerada ou Default), dai faça sempre num Datamodule. DBISAM É um DB muito usado em Web para projetos Delphi e recomendo por ser
  13. Você tem que ser assinante para baixar conteúdo. Veja com o suporte se o seu e-mail usado aqui é o mesmo da assinatura do uniGUI. Este é o principal problema.
  14. This example is great for demonstrating product images in detail by enlarging the specific area or displaying an enlarged image in a separate area. It does not use two images to produce the effect as many libs do. I have separated the functions in such a way that you can easily choose the one that best suits your project. See External JS file to Magnify and for Zoom function, see Mainform script. I do not see any use of using this feature in mobile as there is already a pinch movement to enlarge images on the platform. Either way, it works the same. Examples posted here are free
  15. Hi, Fred you seem very knowledgeable so I will ask you personally. I am trying to make a multimedia app which can record voice and video, I can not seem to get your application example to work, it does not recognize uMacroStrInjectorHolder. Any thoughts?

    Also, is there a way to use components already available in Javascript in unigui, such as a video player/recorder audio player/recorder?

    Thank you


    1. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier

      Just remove it. Its just a stringholder.


      Also, is there a way to use components already available in Javascript in unigui, such as a video player/recorder audio player/recorder?

      use uniHTMLFrame and configure the JS Libraries.

    2. dkeene


      Thank you Fred. Do you have any experience with configuring JS Libraries? I got some uniHTMLFrame snippets to run, but I have problem with the dependencies and where to put them

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