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  1. Read more here Complete info: https://unigui.com.br/kanbanboard-eng.html
  2. Description This project uses the Webix JavaScript platform to integrate its complex Kanban component for uniGUI integration. In this way, in just a few minutes, you can integrate all the features of a professional kanban into your uniGUI/Delphi projects, reaching a level of professionalism that would not be possible with uniGUI or Webix alone. You will have the best of both worlds! The big advantage here is connecting all management features with a lightweight and easy-to-configure interface supporting your database and user management for your Kanban Board projects using uniGUI features in terms of DB integration and session management. If you don't know what a Kanban is see here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanban_(development) ). Along with a Scheduler, Diagrams and Gantt, they are essential features in every system of task delegation, assignment of roles in project management, execution and monitoring of personnel teams in companies. Imagine Trello (https://trello.com/), Bitrix (https://www.bitrix24.com.br) Monday (https://monday.com) and Jira (https://www.atlassian.com ), to name just a few. A Kanban Board is one of the most important components for these activities in any company with team management in its activities, hence the great demand for it and dozens, maybe hundreds of online services using this resource. Why webix ? Webix is ??a JavaScript platform or framework that uses many of the common Sencha Ext.JS concepts: modularity and integration-ready components. Concepts that, in fact, emerged with Delphi and expanded to the IT industry. However, its license is free for non-commercial use and its source code, along with hundreds of examples are available on GitHub (https://github.com/webix-hub/). In addition to dozens of repositories with more components and support material, it can be used without limitations for personal purposes and without financial gain. But, before some programmers who don't know web development, Kanban is not something suitable for the mobile world. With a Kanban, the concept of a Task Board with a good area available for Immediate viewing and a glimpse of the project's progress is essential. Something that gets completely lost on a smaller cell phone screen. Not everything in the world is to be seen or managed on your cell phone, but nothing prevents you from making occasional adaptations to display some things on it as less of a part of the project. This is not contemplated here and never will be. Kanban Webix resources that are present here in this project: Basically all features of the original Kanban Board Webix are available in this project. The ones that weren't integrated with uniGUI or transformed into Delphi/Pascal functions are those that aren't relevant or haven't caught my attention in a functional way. -->Features that using uniGUI adds to Kanban Webix: - Support and easy integration to your favorite DB. - Save (LocalStorage), Import, Export (uniGUI and JSon text file) and monitor Cards (tasks) in movements with autosave in two ways (localstorage and uniGUI via ajaxEvent) in each interaction or user modification of the session. - User management by Kanban. - Task management by user. - Filters by user via avatar image. - Search filter by card content. - Creation of cards with user definition, priority and color. - Creation of cards in status (columns) the way you want. - Full drag and drop support between statuses (columns). - Easy customization of actions such as: trigger send Whatsapp message, E-mail, remove, copy etc. - Delphi/Pascal code all commented in English with the important points and descriptions of the functions. - JavaScript code all commented in English with the important and descriptive points of the functions. - Several adaptations of the JavaScript code were developed by me and integrated into uniGUI to facilitate and speed up its integration. In addition, you have the complete Kanban Board Webix documentation with several examples and code snippets for your customization ( https://docs.webix.com/desktop__kanban_board.html ). This project, in its uniGUI part, already has the definition of tables in FDMemTable, which allows an easy and quick adaptation to your DBs and import of structure in them. See animation below or try it here on-line Al info at the link below https://unigui.com.br/kanbanboard-eng.html
  3. On Firefox, works as you wanted. By the way, your browser should allows this procedure. Other wise, it won't work.
  4. 1-Place an unibutton 2- on uniButton Properties: | ClientEvents | ExtEvents | OnClick function click(sender, e, eOpts) { var a = document.createElement("a"); a.href = window.location.pathname; var evt = document.createEvent("MouseEvents"); //the tenth parameter of initMouseEvent sets ctrl key evt.initMouseEvent("click", true, true, window, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, true, false, false, false, 0, null); a.dispatchEvent(evt); } On Chrome, focus moves to next tab. See other solutions and adapt as you wish. It seems to be no more possible keep in the same table for security reasons in chrome. See below: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10812628/open-a-new-tab-in-the-background
  5. Yes ? Off line but in the Silver plan package. This is a very simple example. The JS library is very good and widely used. The best is its support to advertising and a lot of commercial stuff. What info you need ?
  6. This is a Push Example done by Sherzod. Nice example and some minor little improvements by me. Since I may transform it into a component to CodeInjector package, is fair to give it back to the community the source code, as Sherzod made it, in a complete and useful example. Try live example here. (Type tittle, message and click PUSH button. YOU MUST ALLOW PUSH NOTIFICATIONS WHEN REQUEST BY YOUR BROWSER !). Improvements: a- Function A allows easy implementation of the whole Push Message, icon definition, Timeout and little tweaks. b- Function B (same as A) and allows redirect onClick over push message dialog. See source code. I just did simple stuff. Buy him a coffee. He is the uniGUI Master Blaster !! Thanks Sherzod. PS: Note, Is not in the CodeInjector Package , as a self-contained component, yet. I may include it in the next release in few weeks. But basically is what is here. In the next release: Cookies, LocalStorage and PUSH components. Project112-PushNotification.rar
  7. https://www.unigui.com.br/uniGUIVoice-eng.html Evoluiu para um projeto mais completo. Veja no link acima.
  8. May be interest this wholesome solution to unigui https://www.unigui.com.br/StepFormBuilder.html
  9. Try at https://www.unigui.com.br/isapi/mp3/mp3.dll On mobile More info at https://www.unigui.com.br/Mp3AudioRecorder-eng.html
  10. Next release of CodeInjector Package we will have a component to support LocalStorage read/write by item with macro substitution. At release 3, I'm make client side microtable with this feature with JSon interaction and server side up/down dataexchange. A nice solution to my final goal: a uniGUI PWA !😅
  11. Yes, indeed... I ready , I ready... and I'm learning.
  12. Really appreciated the core source. A lot of doubts are gone and can finish a lot of ideas now. For instance, how to make a minimalist project format with the minimal Sencha Ex.JS dependency possible. A "bare bone" like project. Service format, as far as I tested seem to have some things in it. I just want the basic server and session management / Ajax handling etc. No lib dependency of any kind. I'm learning the code and seams very feasible. Thanks for any tips..
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