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  1. Fred Montier

    uniGUI DOES a Plugin Calculator

    Not working yet. And the last try out with the last chrome is even worst. Some google Chrome update going crazy on this feature. And can't save the text via AjaxRequest using uniGUI. So no progress in sight and a lot of projects going on, translating books etc.
  2. Boa noite Fred, voce poderia me enviar aquele exemplo da assinatura no mobile, não estou conseguindo baixar no forum, dá uma mensagem de erro. gilfgfilho@gmail.com.

  3. Sorry but every time the forum software only allow me upload 120kbytes. Download from https://t.me/uniguiexpress Not planning future uploads for now. Tired of this because it never get solved ! See picture below.
  4. Fred Montier

    DBISAM - Database Connectivity

    I mean AutoSessionName IN DBISAM-TDbisamSession in a DataModule. My bad.... sorry. Not "AutoGenerates"... Sorry it took to long to read this post again. Hope you've solved already.
  5. Fred Montier

    DBISAM - Database Connectivity

    I'm not with the latest versions. Not plans to continue with DBISAM since Firedac became omnipresent and easy to use and switch between DBs. New projects just using MySql and Firebase for now. Have no intent to update to new DBISAM versions. And it looks like a dead end anyway. It's also no match to Sqlite Dbs, their "main competitor". And you can't use in FMX mobile projects... so.. So long, farewell. And by the way, privatedir property is a "must have" for uniGUI since you can redirect temp tables, queries etc... to temp folder. It really helps in ISAPI distribution since is very common forget about W/R privileges in an IIS server. I put all Dbisam Logic in the datamodule since in LoginForm it is called (created) anyway and automatic generated (or created) by uniGUI. Configure and open DB/Session in Datamodule OnCreate event and you're happy and dandy.
  6. Fred Montier


    Valeu , muito obrigado ! Tenho vários e vou mesclar e postar aqui retirando o que pode estar repetido.
  7. Fred Montier


    Yes... I´ve done it already. But out of time to publish since I'm very busy translating the first book and finishing the third. But I will post until the end of the month.
  8. Fred Montier

    uniGUi DOES Selective PrintScreen

    I can't upload here due to size limits. Don't ask me why the limit on this post. Problem never solved.
  9. Fred Montier

    uniGUI DOES humane.js (updated)

    You have to start the parameters as the theme as well. See code in Delphi and JavaScript.
  10. Fred Montier

    Disappointed with Unigui? There are alternatives coming!

    Kudos to Fashad for not taking as a rant. Now, go to ATOZED Intraweb main forum and post the same there. LOL. Because they had 15 years on the road and much more to blame since the Borland (pause until), now Idera support was always there.
  11. Fred Montier

    Image Maps

    I don't get it. Why you could use it in mobile since the primary effect is hover to select an element. It's good for country/state map selection etc... just an example. You don't hover your finger in mobile interface. It should be broken into to steps event to work as desktop. That's is the problem. As a Desktop UI element is just perfect. Too much trouble with google maps elements to make it work alone. And using image like the Sherzod example, solve all my problems.
  12. Fred Montier

    How to hide the browser's address and title part?

    You can't manipulate (via JS) an already rendered windows and its core UI elements.. Every browser works in a different way and there is no universal API to it. Open a new windows without it or no deal. See: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15926105/hiding-the-address-bar-of-a-browser-popup
  13. Fred Montier

    Image Maps

    Really great ! I think a lot o people didn't realize the potential. Since there is no that much comments about it here. I will make another example using USA maps and publish in a "uniGUI DOES..." series. This is really fantastic. I work with some statistic project relate to demographics/maps and we can produce some nice interfaces mapping figures in such way.
  14. Fred Montier

    uniGUI DOES JqToastr

    Link above I don't have space here to post.