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  1. You project in uniGUI ? No worries...pvt me. WA/TG 5511986207676 In VCL is more easy. There are lots and lots of components.
  2. FYI: Some home users using some Internet access providers won't allow connections started by outside IPs. Ex. Brazil ! Some Asian countries and a lot South Americans do the same. Don't know about NA, EU etc. Here in Brasil, this is to force clients to pay more for dual access direct port to a particular IP and avoid home user smtp server at early 2000 and combat spam. Even if you configure you your NAT router... only socket "udp negotiation" will work. Can't run any Http/s server, ftp or SMTP. But if you pay a little more, presto !
  3. That's funny ! Sorry, but EVEN IN VCL, that sounds very funny !
  4. IPCAm uses RTSP protocol. Browsers won't handle it directly. You need to broadcast via ffmpeg to use and open via HTTP/S. Or use a third part software to do that. Is not the same as USB or embedded cam in the device. See topic RTSP Projects for sale. Sent you the link
  5. uniGUI + WhatsApp via TWhatsAppBridges These examples/components/projects allows you to create a WhatsAppWeb session and control the sending/receiving of messages over the WhatsApp network using a phone authenticated via QrCode in the same session, just like in a conventional browser. The CEF4Delphi and TInject components used here are "Open Source" projects and have the originals published on GitHub (links at PDF doc). My three-component package called WhatsAppBridges makes the connection avoiding Middlewares, APIs and other tricks to make this connection between the parts (CEF4Delphi + TInject + your app). You might use with uniGUI, VCL and Intraweb. Connecting WhatsAPP with uniGUI/VCL Several modifications made by me allow to publish the QrCode in a uniGUI project and in this way start a WhatsApp session in a browser and remotely control at the same session via a StandAlone uniGUI server. This allows you to create applications as such automated attendants, chat support, operation bots, chat-bots, sales, invoice, ERP, CRM, “notifiers” by WhatApp Messages etc. The main problem is that you have to build your app with Tinject + CEF4Delphi inserted in your application and such approach generates a high-level risk of maintained and dependency. There were many occasions when WhatsApp developer team made changes to que JS code and rendered inoperative for many days until the WA backstage community made some “workaround”. The primary objective is to enable this to happen transparently and for integration with Delphi applications. For VCL, the TInject example itself already allowed this without major difficulties, although some adjustments were needed to “bridge” its functions to 3rd party applications like your projects. Working Demo https://mega.nz/file/pAQlzCBJ#jw_GeQ6Z5kjrTCeMWzYHlR5bh32br2HwemM8DVL_7so Complete Info and Purchase Details https://www.unigui.com.br/uniGUIWhatsAPP-eng.html http://www.uniguiexpress.com See more and get this other pack at https://www.uniguiexpress.com/Promopack04.htm Our group at Telegram: https://t.me/uniguiexpress Content in English uniguidemo04.webm uniguidemo01.webm uniguidemo02.webm uniguidemo05.webm uniguidemo03.webm WhatsAppuniGUI-eng.pdf
  6. In few hours will be available. Some features This project and a series of them related to WhatsAPP and uniGUI will be for sale. With this one that will be available in the next hours, you will be able to integrate your uniGUI APP with the WhatsApp network using a WhatsApp web session via CEF4Delphi and using the TInject component to insert JavaScript code in the Chrome session and thus control the application. -Integrates WhatsAPP with uniGUI without using middlewares or any api using WhtasApp Web via CEF4Delphi. -Easy integration with your projects (uniGUI or VCL) and many improvements in component and Demo. -Authentication via QrCode through the form in uniGUI or directly on the VCL screen saving the image, so you can send it to integrate with your other services or applications. -Uses the TInject component (version modified by me) with the following features: Send messages Receive messages Send media (images/audio/documents) Send media (video) (requires google chrome) Send stickers Receive media (images/audio/video/documents) Send contact cards Send location Send VCard Send Link With Preview (e.i.: Youtube, ticktok, instagram etc) Retrieve image thumbnail location and convert to link Receive location (implementings) Receives VCard Message replies Join groups by invite Get invite for group Modify group info (subject, description) Modify group settings (send messages, edit info) Get Broadcast groups only, send only to them etc. Add group participants Kick group participants Promote/demote group participants Mention users Mute/unmute chats Send Buttons Send List Options (in test, soon to be released) Block/unblock contacts Get contact info Get profile pictures Set user status message Get Battery and Device info From OpenSource project https://github.com/pedroslopez/whatsapp-web.js https://docs.wwebjs.dev/ https://github.com/open-wa/wa-automate-nodejs/ (W/ partialy paid - No paid feature included in this project) https://github.com/mikelustosa/Projeto-TInject <-- TInject - Free version https://github.com/salvadordf/CEF4Delphi Visit our groups: https://t.me/uniguiexpress (english) https://t.me/uniguiBrazil (portuguese-br) My contact: WA/TG: +55-1198620-7676 WhatsuniGUI-Sending.mp4 WhatsuniGUI-Preview.mp4 WhatsuniGUI-Buttons.mp4
  7. Eles estão acima ! Somente removo projetos antigos que tomam a minha cota de espaço pois é importante os video e imagens. Na verdade são maiores que os projetos e as vezes dão mais trabalho. Mas eu gosto de fazer direito. eng---- They are above! I only remove old projects that take up my quota of space because video and images are important. They are actually bigger than the projects and sometimes, more work. But I like do it right !
  8. Important note: This is not a console string CMD result solution. Is really integrated to uniGUI project. Although there is the possibility to do so. And there is a console app to do see in this package but my main objective here is: a- Read any plate in the street b- Fast upload c- Fast result on the fly ! d- Integrated to my plate DBs search (of course, not in this project), and presto ! Only with uniGUI. You can't do this with Intraweb ! Only using the console exec. Tried and failed since 2009, this very same project ! And now it works, in MOBILE !!! PS: I'm posting in "uniGUI DOES..." series my favorite uniGUI app to date and is for my personal use. Of course, it will be free.
  9. No problem being a paid solution. If a client need it, of course I 'll consider using it. I'm no way criticizing you but they are very misleading in their webpage, support, github etc. See the Stackoverflow comment users: are at the same opinion. Even the comment posted was done by them... Thanks, by all means.
  10. It's a "paid-to-use" solution. Basic functions and expires after x time. No problem paying. But they should make it clear from the start. They even made a "freaking" domain to lead you to think otherwise.
  11. Got interested to do a "uniGUi DOES..." example Will try
  12. I've sent you paypal link/request.

    See your waterful168@gmail.com

  13. Send me your e-mail and I will send back a paypal request for payment.

    Send the code right after.

  14. Hi there

    my paypal account suporte@emailprospector.com.br

    or send msg via whatsapp/telegram at 55-11-98620-7676

  15. OPENALPR - Automatic License plate recognition for uniGUI and VCL Desktop With this project you can easily implement image-based license plate automatic reading capabilities. Specially prepared for uniGUI Desktop and Mobile. In mobile format, it uploads the image directly to the server and returns the plate reading in just one step. It also has samples for VCL and console for batch reading of images. Very useful for administrative and administrative applications. It uses OPENALPR (derived from OPENCV) and is one of the most used open source libraries for reading plates and very efficient. See more at the link below and info for purchasing the project with the source codes. Uses OPEN CV / OPEN ALPR: The best license plate library in the world. Supports Brasil (Old Format and Mercosur new plates), United States (See OpenALPR*), Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguai, Uruguai etc), Indian, European Zone, Vietnam, Korean etc * very tricky because is not padronized at national level. Each state has a design / format. You can customize your parameters to your country format plate using OPEN ALPR tools or configuring similar formats (as Mercosur is to Euro format) already done. uniGUI: Works in Desktop and Mobile with auto upload image to server. Much faster takeing a picture and uploading after. See demo videos below. In mobile, works with your Hi-RES Mobile Phone cam or my customized code to Low-Res close shot picture using rear cam and faster recognition. This feature you only find in this project ! Easy to capture, auto upload to server and get result ! Easy to implement. No "bogus ocus, pokus" code. In VCL, example to read, use mask, ROI, batch image reading and ideal to automate images captured by traffic cams and tickets. This feature you only find in this project ! I've made a lot of improvements to the original codes. We support the code published by us. No third party components. All fonts included for Delphi/Pascal. Need OpenALPR DLL interface to Delphi and, APLR Librery, all included and with source-code. No hidden costs or fees. Yes, we offer advice on adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a proposal. Although you can use live feed video to plate recognition, this is not the objective here. You will need a very powerful hardware and graphics cards to read video feed in realtime. You need an uniGUI license to use the uniGUI version. HTTPS connection required for use in your domain. See more info. and price: https://www.unigui.com.br/uniGUIALPR-eng.html Send the codes via download
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