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  1. Fred Montier

    Size of ISAPI DLL may be a problem if works as Standalone?

    a) From the point of view of size, if it works properly in standalone, should work in ISAPI as well. The codes are exactly the same except for the “first line” - You might have a lot of Standalones using different ports. Have tried with 20 in the same cloudserver with just 2Gb ram. But just to see how much it could hold. Not a pratical approach. b) Is there a way to increase the stack or something like this ? - Managing your forms help but just in large projects. See Best Practices in manual. Any suggestion is welcome. I think there is very few possibilities for the optimization of the code. The size of the DLL is around 20 MB - Using external images always. The stateful format (used in uniGUI, Intraweb) is not intended to work with thousands of concurrent conecctions. If this is your case. Other wise, performance problems is more related to DB and programmer skill, tuning and monitoring.
  2. My server is overloaded. I removed .
  3. Fred Montier

    ISAPI Host Application

    Making your DLL the default indexer is not such a good idea. And again, OmniSecure, despite being old, works at the same level of performance as Apache HTTPd (even better and more stable).You had some headaches trying to do that configuration with just one server, imagine doing that with dozens, mixing PHP and ISAPI, admin panels, domains and folder alias, prefix etc... etc. . There is a lot of hype about Apache not justified nowadays. All windows professional and up versions has IIS by default. And since your probably will end up running in a cloud in a Windows Server X version, better do in IIS at once. The Apache module to load ISAPI is a third party project not very stable. Just in version 2.2 and newer became more reliable. But I'm tired of it since I have a lot of free HTTPd available more well documented and stable. TL;DR: I've had a lot of problems with Apache for Windows using ISAPI and never had the same problems with same ISAPI using IIS. Even thought using CGIExpert, IntraWeb, , uniGUI, Delphi ISAPI in the same computers with a lot of projects. Never saw a big project for ISAPI using Apache for windows. Except in Linux distro's. Since we´re not going to use Linux, there is no competition here just misinformation.
  4. Fred Montier

    [dcc32 Fatal Error] uIdBaseComponent.pas(162): F2048 Bad unit format

    Build it up, and run. Old DCU in your projects.
  5. A more complete example with support to WhatsApp voice and text. Code for sale only $ 30.00 (USD) by PayPal. PVT msg to me. Try here https://cutt.ly/SdZxE9o
  6. A simple example of in APP to dial on Mobile (SmartPhone / Tablets). with www.unigui.com.br-MobilePhoneDialer.rar
  7. Yes, of course. That's why I placed the function in a button for you to pick up how to use. I haven't found nothing in Ext.JS or in uniGUI about this subject. Buts this is a standard method using JS in the latest browser version. Not tested in Iphone Safari. I do appreciate any feed back about it. I have just Samsung and Xiomi smatphones.
  8. This example demonstrates how to lock the position of the Mobile Browser so that there is no change in the rotation of the screen. Very simple in FMX but a little inaccurate in the browser and completely unreliable using CSS. Once you set the lock in Portrait, turning the smartphone to landscape does not realign. This is very useful if you want to keep a fixed formatting in your APP (as in TikTok, but here in the browser). You have to run to see the effect. www.unigui.com.br-MobileLockByJS.rar
  9. FYI: Use an ApyKey if your not in a hurry and have time and JS skills. This is just a simple example !!
  10. Example demonstrating how to use Google Translate without the complications of APIKey and a lot of intervention with JS. Some controls respond easily to translation. If you want more resources, consider registering with Google how to develop and obtain an ApiKey for this resource. www.unigui.com.br-GoogleTranslate.rar
  11. Fred Montier

    uniGUI Does Emojis in Edit Controls

    And of course... it looks better using triggers. I placed in button just for clarity reasons.
  12. A simple example, but a lot of work: support the use of Emoji directly in edits for chats and other programs aimed at social interactivity. This is an example to be used with only an edit control (or dbEdit) but that does not create a problem with Ext.JS CSS. Other libraries I tested worked better but created incompatibility in the interface that I was unable to solve. Visit http://www.unigui.com.br to purchase books, packs of projects for unigui and several other resources and services. Soon our website http://www.uniguiexpress.com (in English) will be live. Meanwhile, English channel on Telegram: https://t.me/uniguiexpress www.unigui.com.br - Emoji in Edits (by Button).rar
  13. Example for consumption of Geolocation API enabling complete data collection from a given ip. Get you free API Key at http://ipstack.com/ (free untill 10.000/day ) www.unigui.com.br-GeoLocation.rar
  14. List of all supported Languages/Dialects at this time. [['Afrikaans', ['af-ZA']], ['Bahasa Indonesia',['id-ID']], ['Bahasa Melayu', ['ms-MY']], ['Català', ['ca-ES']], ['Čeština', ['cs-CZ']], ['Deutsch', ['de-DE']], ['English', ['en-AU', 'Australia'], ['en-CA', 'Canada'], ['en-IN', 'India'], ['en-NZ', 'New Zealand'], ['en-ZA', 'South Africa'], ['en-GB', 'United Kingdom'], ['en-US', 'United States']], ['Español', ['es-AR', 'Argentina'], ['es-BO', 'Bolivia'], ['es-CL', 'Chile'], ['es-CO', 'Colombia'], ['es-CR', 'Costa Rica'], ['es-EC', 'Ecuador'], ['es-SV', 'El Salvador'], ['es-ES', 'España'], ['es-US', 'Estados Unidos'], ['es-GT', 'Guatemala'], ['es-HN', 'Honduras'], ['es-MX', 'México'], ['es-NI', 'Nicaragua'], ['es-PA', 'Panamá'], ['es-PY', 'Paraguay'], ['es-PE', 'Perú'], ['es-PR', 'Puerto Rico'], ['es-DO', 'República Dominicana'], ['es-UY', 'Uruguay'], ['es-VE', 'Venezuela']], ['Euskara', ['eu-ES']], ['Français', ['fr-FR']], ['Galego', ['gl-ES']], ['Hrvatski', ['hr_HR']], ['IsiZulu', ['zu-ZA']], ['Íslenska', ['is-IS']], ['Italiano', ['it-IT', 'Italia'], ['it-CH', 'Svizzera']], ['Magyar', ['hu-HU']], ['Nederlands', ['nl-NL']], ['Norsk bokmål', ['nb-NO']], ['Polski', ['pl-PL']], ['Português', ['pt-BR', 'Brasil'], ['pt-PT', 'Portugal']], ['Română', ['ro-RO']], ['Slovenčina', ['sk-SK']], ['Suomi', ['fi-FI']], ['Svenska', ['sv-SE']], ['Türkçe', ['tr-TR']], ['български', ['bg-BG']], ['Pусский', ['ru-RU']], ['Српски', ['sr-RS']], ['한국어', ['ko-KR']], ['中文', ['cmn-Hans-CN', '普通话 (中国大陆)'], ['cmn-Hans-HK', '普通话 (香港)'], ['cmn-Hant-TW', '中文 (台灣)'], ['yue-Hant-HK', '粵語 (香港)']], ['日本語', ['ja-JP']], ['Lingua latīna', ['la']]];