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  1. I see that we need a sub-group to exchange adds about components , projects and resources for sale using uniGUI. Is very important also make public an ecosystem about uniGUI.
  2. Space available, input devices ( finger versus mouse/keyboard), device orientation sudden changes, different embedded peripherals etc etc etc.
  3. We should make a combined effort to zero out this issue... and once and for all have all login with social networks. I think I have facebook here ... and will post what I have but still twitter as a major player. What do you think ?
  4. Using version uniGUI x.x.1539/Rio.
  5. Forget it... solved using PHP.
  6. Same thing here... It was working properly until 3 moths ago. Then, this is happening. A traced to problem with the way it handled the amount value. Note that in the example they don't have fractions. So, a made a workaround it. But now it stopped working altogether. PS: Hayri Aslan, see the message I sent you yesterday, please.
  7. As far as I know, there is no vibration in desktops. notebooks but mobile and some tablets models. Please don't complain about it to me if won't work for you. And use chrome and/or firefox ! See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Navigator/vibrate
  8. A simple example to generate alert and vibration beeps on smartphones. It works on all browsers except the most exotic. Download only allowed for subscribers of uniGUI. Subscribe to our Telegram channel below to access this and other examples. http://www.uniguiexpress.com Our group at Telegram: https://t.me/uniguiexpress same content in inglês. Um exemplo simples para gerar beeps de alerta evibração em smartphones. Funciona em todos os browsers menos os mais exóticos. Visite http://www.unigui.com.br/ Nosso grupo no Telegram: Livros, packs de projetos, cursos
  9. The simple truth ! I would say that this is really some hipster fetishism approach to linux programming. Linux is done ... I mean, like "long done". Windows will have the same fate in near future. Even MS knows that. Edge is showing the shape of thing to come. They simple gave up on mobile, then browsers now. uniGUI for Lazarus and PWA format. (Chanting: "And the little red book") Millennial won't get the joke !
  10. Your browser can do that out of the box ? Nope ? "No can do" ! By out-of-the-box I mean no external libs/extensions/javalet-is/serverlet mutant ninja. If you have to install something additional, is not a very practical solution. Further more it always demand a some kind of USB gadget. Is more a browser issue. If your device installs all that and enables the browser to connect, just get the JS lib and get the party started.
  11. For me (Delphi->Linux) is too little too late ! 10 years ago, that would make sense. Any Kylix fans alive and kicking ? We are already moving away from those OS (windows and linux). And why should I lost all the VCL options, my precious "messy legacy" code, when deploying to Linux ? Cloudserver price per OS makes no sense today as it would make a big dent 10 years ago when that should be a good reason (and the only one). And good luck "printing" ! PS: I know about FastReport and Linux. But got a lot of projects with QR and RB and no need to waste time since no new project d
  12. Simple rule folks: the biggest you app the more specific it gets ! And uniGUI does a pretty good job already avoiding such a hurdle that is still very present in other platforms and frameworks. Take my word here ! Why Facebook website don't give the same experience (via mobile) as the app for their mobile version ? Don't you know they got their own JS framework and thousands of programmers ? Why THEY don't get it done with all that resource and workforce ? Simple ! Its not meant to be ! Mobile is one thing and desktop another. See your mobile APP as complementary to your desktop app. This
  13. I think is native using buttons. Never thought about it. See if it works...
  14. Changing network config in my computer and forcing using google dns ... from Brasil works. But not others. Don't know why. Hence the problem.
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