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  1. Hi, Seems I couldn't reproduce your issue. Could you please make a simple testcase to reproduce?
  2. Hello, Use the node's Selected property.
  3. You can use this trick: UniPanel1 -> UniPanel2 -> UniButton1 UniPanel2 -> BorderStyle = ubsNone Floating = True UniButton1 -> Align = AlClient
  4. Your case is not very clear to me. There is also CSS z-index property...
  5. Hello, OK, what if you insert a button in a UniPanel !?
  6. 503 service unavailable 401 Unauthorized
  7. Are you sure you are doing this correctly?
  8. What do you see in the browser console, is there an error?
  9. Try increase AjaxTimeout value (default 30 sec)
  10. How long does it take to complete the request?
  11. Здравствуйте, Этот пост может Вам помочь:
  12. Ok. Try searching the forum with the keyword "groupheadertpl".
  13. Hello, Sorry, these links were not relevant and we have removed them.
  14. Wich edition and build of uniGUI are you using?
  15. Then try this approach. OnReady event... procedure TMainForm.UniFormReady(Sender: TObject); begin UniDateTimePicker1.DateTime := 0.0; UniDateTimePicker1.JSInterface.JSCall('setValue', []); end;
  16. Okay, no problem.
  17. So, it works now?
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