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    I'm working on it...
  2. Sherzod

    Problems using NO-IP or Dynu (or similar) with mobile

    Hi, UniServerModule -> Options -> soAutoPlatformSwitch = True ?
  3. Sherzod

    Ajax Error UniGMap

    First of all, please visit here:
  4. Hi, We will check this, which build are you using ?
  5. Sherzod

    Ajax error $(...).niceScroll is not a function

    Please visit here:
  6. Sherzod

    Ajax Error UniGMap

    Hello, Sorry, which edition are you using? Are you using a trial edition?
  7. Sherzod


    Hi, Can you please explain in more details ?!
  8. Sherzod

    Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined

    Hi, You can try to use this approach, but better to use UniServerModule.Title property for this: UniSession.AddJS('Ext.select(".x-messagebox .x-text-el").elements[0].innerHTML = "CAYC"');
  9. Sherzod

    UniComboBox .. save unique Database number to item?

    Hi, For example... UniComboBox1.Items.AddObject('Text1', TObject(1)); procedure TMainForm.UniComboBox1Change(Sender: TObject); begin ShowMessage(IntToStr(Integer(UniComboBox1.Items.Objects[UniComboBox1.ItemIndex]))); end;
  10. Sherzod

    Reporting Applications

    Hello, Can you please specify which edition and build of UniGUI are you using ?!
  11. Sherzod

    How to make TUnimradio checked by default

    Hi, Can you please report to support portal ?! And can you try this approach for now ?!: procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin UnimRadio1.JSInterface.JSCall('check', [True]); end;
  12. Sherzod

    some question about TUniCalendarPanel

    Hello, I will check
  13. Sherzod

    How do I sort by the "Order" column in the UniDBTreeGrid

    Your field index
  14. Sherzod

    How do I sort by the "Order" column in the UniDBTreeGrid

    Hello, This post may help you:
  15. Sherzod

    Ajax error $(...).niceScroll is not a function

    First of all, adjust your forum email address if you're using not a trial edition
  16. Sherzod

    Ajax error $(...).niceScroll is not a function

    Hello, Which edition are you using?
  17. Sherzod

    UniStringGrid Blank spaces

    Hi, We will check and let you know
  18. Sherzod

    unilistbox enable/disable bug

    Please check once again, check the paths of your modules
  19. Sherzod

    ClientInfo on Mobile Form

    Sorry, what do you need that for, just for information... ?
  20. Sherzod

    ClientInfo on Mobile Form

    Hi, First of all, what code do you use to detect browser type and version ?
  21. Sherzod

    Client Event ajaxRequest Synchronous ?

    Hi, If I understand you correctly, You can try this: ajaxRequest(obj, "event", [], false);
  22. Sherzod

    unilistbox enable/disable bug

    Hello, Please make a complete test case
  23. Sherzod


    Hello, First of all, specify which edition and build of UniGUI you are using
  24. Sherzod

    How to add CSS class to components?

    Sorry, are you using a cracked edition?!