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  1. Yesterday, EMB offers the discount for 10.4.2
  2. Dears, For who are interesting : 26% Discount until 28/02/2021. https://www.embarcadero.com/fr/app-development-tools-store/delphi
  3. Erratum : Infact, unigui will free Dataset ressources automatically. http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/index.html?web-application-scalability.htm "When you place a dataset on a form, it will be created when the form is shown and destroyed when the form is closed. This approach will optimize memory usage related to datasets".
  4. Obviously, if you let a timer working unnecessarily, it will consume additional resources. Get into the habit of : - stopping any timer onclose form or on destroy frame. - Same : Closing any DataSet onclose form or on destroy frame.
  5. Many Thx Oliver, Many Thx Emin, for this precious info. Best Regards
  6. Hello Emin, i will try it on IIS and come back soon. (The code works fine as Service / Hyperserver).
  7. Good morning Mr. Asapltda, I am using ZTE MF831 / USB GSM - You have to buy an Original unlocked key - Download its driver from ZTE to see it as COM on Device Manager. See my sample with nrComm Lib (attached file). Have fun... SMS_via_GSM.7z
  8. Hello Eric, I will not answer to your question. But just push a reserve about ZeosLib. in unigui forum, you will see that the uses of this library is depreciated. use instead a rock one from Devart. Regards
  9. Hello Adragan, There is a solution to this : Indeed, you cannot physically install the GSM Modem in an inaccessible VPS. But we can install it on our server at the office. For everything works well, you need: A. VPS Side : A.1 Write (live) on a Table, all the messages and PhoneNumbers. A.2 Create a service that communicates with our server (Office). This Service will send these data in real time to a locally Table (Office). B. Office Side : B1. Read this Data and send them via our GSM Modem Regards...
  10. I was thinking wrongly, that your solution was for free :) In fact, you have to create an acount hablame.co and pay. For me, i am using an other alternative : 1. Buy nrComm Library from DeepSoftware: https://www.deepsoftware.com/nrcomm/ 2. Buy 3G GSM USB Modem (Amazone, ebay,...) 3. Buy a 3G Cheap from your local Phone Operator Use this combination to send economic SMS.
  11. Thank you aspltda, When trying your code i get : Ofcourse i add the two SSL files ( libeay32.dll + ssleay32.dll )
  12. 1. AFAK, Project Raudus is no longer supported since june 2019. 2. You are right, RAD Studio is too expensive. EMB should review its business strategy for the coming years. 3. In additional to what was said by Wilton_rad an alternative would be for EMB to open linux for delphi professional 10.5 and everyone would be a winner (emb will get a lot of subscriptions). Hoping EMB has ears in this forum _______ EDITED The best solution win/win, would be, to present Delphi Professional with an option: "Linux support" for a reasonable price.
  13. OK Your topic answered my question. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3096-unigui-and-fastscript/&do=findComment&comment=87764
  14. Hello, Great !!! is this : • FastReport Online Designer ? • a classical TfrxDesigner ? • your handmade solution ?
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