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  1. @bdiri, في منتها الروعة BRAVO
  2. @irigSoft, interesting ! So, you are doing like Microsoft Windows concept (build with thousands dll). That's right ? in this case how can you deal with Unigui dll (isapi) ? I mean it's not simple to combine multiple unigui dll on one Mainform. Can you explain more... if you can do it, then the idea is awesome !!! (we can build big Unigui Project on demand) Thx.
  3. Dear, After populating an UnimDBLookupComboBox1, I would like to go to the First item manually (not by Select Event). And then show the KeyValueStr. procedure TFraAccueil.UnimButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin // MyDataSet.First; No help UniDBLookupComboBox1.ItemIndex:=0; // UniDBLookupComboBox1.OnSelect(Self); // raise an AV showmessage(UniDBLookupComboBox1.KeyValueStr); end; ShowMessage shows nothing ! Thx for any help. Build 1539
  4. See MegaDemo > Hybrid Application. Your App will automatically swich.
  5. @Farshad Very nice SiteWeb ! http://www.unigui.com/
  6. Maybe on beforeShow event : For each component in yourForm Do Begin if component.Tab = 3 then begin Component.ClienteEvents.UniEvents.beforeevent:=..... end end;
  7. IMHO, This is a No conventional doing in unigui. Unigui not support a pure classical Delphi VCL form. If you want to convert your old form (vcl), then create a new unigui Project, with a new Uniform and rewrite your code, with unigui components. Regards
  8. Glad to see you back in good shape. I am sure that you will realize great projects and bring your experience to unigui developers, as you are used to doing
  9. See in live the lauch:
  10. Hello ZigZig, it was a long time, we did'nt hear you. How are you ? Hoping all is OK for you and your family Here is a link for the source code you are looking for : https://www.uniguiwiki.com/knowledgebase/example-building-mobile-drawer/
  11. Erratum... Confirmed : ForceDirectories works fine anywhere (also as Service) (ServerSide) Thx to Sherzod !!! In the olds Unigui versions, i can't do it. I don't know how and when, this has been fixed. (Build 1539 = OK). Sorry for the bad advice.
  12. Thank you Kattes Amazing, so wonderful. !!!
  13. Remember, if you are using your unigui application as Service, then you can not create it any where. Only User/ Puclic Dcuments can . and only Server Side.
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