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  1. Abaksoft

    Treeview with customized icons and texts

    Hi, maybe something tlike : (thx to our Maestro Sherzod). Regards
  2. Hi Frederick, Can you tell us, wich VPS are you using ? Home solution ? Company ? 1. Where are you using your Unigui Application in America, Europe ? 2. Where is located your VPS in America, Europe ? Thx
  3. Hello  friends,


    Here is an easy sample

    for switching between Desktop and mobile version.

    Best regards.


    NB : Replace Const  MyIP =   by yours  (on MainModule)

    Hybrid2.zip  <======this file can't download , can you help me? Please....

    or  can you send this file to me ? mail:jihjun@hungi.com.tw


  4. Abaksoft

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    Thinking this feature is useful, Support Ticket creaded today FSD-1650. Wating for our Magician
  5. Abaksoft

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    Yes, same problem in hyperServer / as Service. If i launch from a mobile and click on Desktop button, this reload mobile version. After 4 attempts, it comes to Desktop !!! investigations...
  6. Abaksoft

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    Mmm... Will try Ammar and come back soon.
  7. Abaksoft

    Install Problem

    I installed Unigui 1509 without problem.
  8. Abaksoft

    soAutoPlatformSwitch DEMO

    Hello Ammar, Thx, you are welcome Cheers Mohammed
  9. Abaksoft


    Very nice Daha Can you share your code ? Thx
  10. Abaksoft

    How to call a dll program in the browser?

    I think, the good question is : How to use external dll (windows dll, not unigui) in an Unigui program ? • in this case use it as usually you do it in pascal code.
  11. Abaksoft

    Aid moubarek

    To all brothers and sisters. Asking God to agree our life journey here below.
  12. @akr I have not C++ builder. But on an Unigui delphi Project there is a menu to create 'inherited items" from your existing project forms or frames. You can create an UniguiFrame class which contains an UniEdit component and do what you want...
  13. Abaksoft

    Doubt Optical Reader

    @diego We are using Barcode on uniEdit without any problem. I think, you have to set your device barcode with only carriageReturn RC (without Linefeed LF). Try...