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  1. Muhammed, Avoid AdoConection (old technology) Use instead Devart components. They are much faster, stable and scalable. You have also pooling propertie for absorbing many open / close connections. - If you develop only with sqlServer then buy Sdac component - If you develop with many RDBM, buy Unidac. Advise : Unidac has a global connection, but not specific to each rdbm. Sdac is more accurate and designed for SqlServer. https://www.devart.com/
  2. Hello asapltda, 1- If you want to print directly on your portable printer ( from your mobile) you have some solutions here on forum: You can do a search with all these words : "on local printer". See for example : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/19052-unigui-printer-server-also-lite-version-coming-soon-release-i/&do=findComment&comment=107064 2- if you want to print from a classical viewer (like unigui / fastReport Demo) with your mobile, than just connect your portable printer to your mobile. That's all. There are many printers on market, wich can be installed on an Android mobile and communicate with Bluetooth. 3- You don't need a Zebra PDA
  3. Great ! So the 1578 will be eagerly awaited Thx. "What will be the usage for this function?" http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/23950-server-broadcast-all-other-open-sessions-and-queue-an-fmain-ajaxevent-how/&do=findComment&comment=136755
  4. Easily with embedded websockets server ? Do we have to develop this function or it already exists ?
  5. Good afternoon FMsoft Team, Thank you for the new release 1577. It will be a great feature for unigui : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/23950-server-broadcast-all-other-open-sessions-and-queue-an-fmain-ajaxevent-how/&do=findComment&comment=136932 Many Thx
  6. Hi Israel, 1. Check begin and end block of your two files : certificate.crt ca_bundle.crt They must contain only one block. 2. The Key.pem must be proceed and obtain from your Customer Server, not yours.
  7. Hi, 1. Obviously, clean your browser (parameters > delete history) 2. Not obvious: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/18298-connection-issues/&do=findComment&comment=101078 3. You can deploy the new version without stoping the hyperservice : just copy your new project.exe file to ...\deploy\project.exe And rename it with .dep extension ...\deploy\project.dep 4. If all this not works, then change your port 8077
  8. Definitivly, this is not a good way for absorbing much incoming sessions. Can you take time to read the doc and deploy correctly your project on a true and conventional farm servers. Consider this is a real chalenge this week
  9. Muhammad, 1. Are you using your own technic for loadbalancing or official Server Farm hyperservers ? 2. In the second case, did you follow step by step the doc : https://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/hyperserver-server-farm.htm
  10. Hello, Here is the updated "Certificate in 3 secondes" program, with an embeded Light OpenSSL version. (No need to install on your Customer Server OpenSSL). Thanks to Erich Wanker, with this version, you can use your Mobile with a secure portal. After running the program, you can check the Certificate with : Win + R --> MMC (see the video). Have fun. ice_video_20231114-134145.7z Prg_Certificate_2.7z
  11. Oh...Super ! Many Thx Erich That works fine Just for our friends, when importing the Certificate on Android, depending on your Android ; 1. Go to Parameters 2. Wifi 3. Additional settings 4. Certificates Installation 5. Explore your directory to select your Certificat 5. Using Certificate as : VPN & Application (not Wifi) That' all NB: I will post soon here, the program "Certificate in 3 secondes" updated with your great bring. Thx again Erich
  12. - A simple Unigui as Service, HyperServer. - No more than 10 users I would have really wanted to launch a new project with 1000 users in real time and exploit farm server for load balancing (what you are currently using with your 3 servers) but my plan failed. Maybe you should review the structure of your program. - use frames that open and close. - Free up Dataset resources (RAM) immediately. - minimize size of exe file - use Pool connection to avoid braking RDB system _ etc...
  13. Hello Farshad, Can you please correct the file hyper_server.cfg : In section : [hyper_server] server_build= <--
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