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  1. Yes. No problem. Can you follow the steps on Readme.txt from the pack i sent you. You will obtain an easy way (automatic) to install your application as service as HyperServer (on CD directory). Waiting for your feedback. Be hapy, I won't let you go until you get there ______ Once the installation succefful on your server, you can open on a other PC: - 1 st Test Server IPAdress : http://xxx.xxx.xxx:8077 - 2nd Test your subdomain : http://new.sadfm.co.za:8077 and Print to see your pdf. Regards
  2. Joan, I confirm : There is No Problem with Unigui + Hyperserver + subDomain I just do a test (without SSL) and that works as a sharme : toto.coco.net:8077 (site not available, just an example) The PDF is loaded as expected. Probably you have something wrong on installing Service on hyperserver. You can use this program : FR_HyperServer.7z
  3. Ok, 1. Where is your Fast Report file .fr3 ? Is it on ServerModule.files folder ? (This is the perfect location. You can create a directory inside files like : ...\files\MyReports 2. If you just upgrade your Unigui version Runtime, don't forget to copy manually hyper_service.exe + hyper_service.cfg From your developer PC : C:\program files x(86)\FmSoft\Unigui\Hyperserver (I forgot always this, that why i developed EasyInstall_3.0.zip, please have a look)
  4. And if you try to open your browser with simply your adress IP server - without domain and sub domain - without SSL (remove for the test SSL Version from UniServerModule) http://xxxxxxxx:Port
  5. Hi Johan, Humm...i have no subdomain. 1. Try to give all authorisations to your folders as admin rights : (read - write ) : C:\SADFM\cache\cache\sadfm_exe\n0 2. Try to run your app as admin (project > options > manifest) 3. Add an Exclusion to your app for windows defender http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/14869-windows-service-issue-via-hyperserver/&do=findComment&comment=81109
  6. Hi, We are using Fastreport / Unigui / Hyperserver 64/ asService / from an SSL portal, without any problem. Please Try also this : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/12090-fastreport-6_3/
  7. Hi, Black friday is here. For who are interested, Barnsten, the European seller, offers 20%, 30%, until 40% discount : Example : Delphi Professional Alexandria at € 1.495,00 https://www.barnsten.com/
  8. Hi Muhammed, You are trying to develope a mobile design with a Desktop unigui edition. This is not a a good way. The mobile edition do all you are looking for. Just put some vbox panel on your mobile forms. Regards.
  9. Hi, 1. Yes, it must be same version : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/18884-isapi-dll-64-bits/&do=findComment&comment=105621 2. An important setting on cfg file : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/15813-another-mysterious-loading-page/&do=findComment&comment=87638iframe widget
  10. Hello, 1. Your VoucherID should be into your Global Transaction : FDConnection.StartTransaction; try VoucherID:= Select IfNull((Select Max(VoucherID) + 1 From vouchersheaders),1) as NewID; .... 2. It seems to me you forgot to commit FDConnection.Commit; except FDConnection.rollback end; __________________ I am not using FireDac. Instead i use devart technology (so easy, light and robust) That said, you can read : http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/index.html?firedac.htm
  11. @MOSSY, Is the same team who has developed the old VCL App and your new Unigui app ? There are mens who use a conventional SQL Transactions, and mens who don't use any SQL Transaction !!! So, It is important to know how work your 2 motors ... As you describe your problem, it seems to me that is a Transaction issue.
  12. Yes each app should have its own start port. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/14556-one-server-two-applications-one-calls-the-other/ http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/installing-and-configuring-hyp.htm?zoom_highlightsub=start_port
  13. Hello, If this can help you : In windows 11, we can no longer write (without admin rights) on : C:\ C:\Program Files C:\ProgramData Even with a simple iniFile. 1. Try to give all authorisations to your folders as admin rights : (read - write ). 2. Try to run your app as admin (project > options > manifest)
  14. We are using unigui with Delphi Alexandria 11.1 as a sharme. I guess there couldn't be a problem with 11.2. That said, you can do a test in a separate PC, by dowloading the community edition 11.2 and the trial unigui.
  15. Hello Muhammad, Sorry, I couldn't find a way. But if you do this setting : - MainForm : Layout : vbox - UniContainer1,2,3 : LayoutConfig > Width : 100% - UniEdit1 and UniComboBoxe1 and UniDataPicker1 LayoutConfig > Width : 100% You will get what you want (Fig 1). The idea is to put somme code like this : function window.beforeInit(sender, config) { if (width < 600) { sender.setLayout({type: "vbox"}); } else { sender.setLayout({type: "column"}); } sender.updateLayout(); } But not work. Maybe Our Friend Sherzod can help
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