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  1. Abaksoft

    How To Kill An Active Legacy Session ?

    Instead of killing session, You can forbid access by displaying a message when the user attempt to login with the same machine ( IP) : "Oups...you have already an active session..bla...bla...bla..."
  2. Abaksoft

    Delphi Rio 10.3 available ?

    You are Right ! Visible, not available. Sorry for the info .
  3. Abaksoft

    Delphi Rio 10.3 available ?

    Unigui 1.70.0 alias "Pulsar" is on your portal customer. (Farshad released in 29/11/2018). (Didn't test it).
  4. Abaksoft

    Mars mission

    Hey guys... for those who love astronomy, here is live mission Mars insight #NASAInsight https://youtu.be/LGygZlegBlc Just want to share with you
  5. Abaksoft

    System crashes

    Hello Victor, Never seen that, since i start working with Unigui from 2014 !!! Maybe : - your port 8084 ? : try to change it on ServerModule : 8077 - Cache browser ? : try to empty it - your windows system ? - Are you using third party tools ? : wich DB conconnectivity, Reporting, any Translate tool ? - wich Delphi version ? Regards.
  6. Abaksoft

    Rad Studio 10.3 avaliable

    Thank you Marlon
  7. Abaksoft

    How to gradually feed a memory table. Best way for do this

    Hello Delagoute, I have a Table with 100 000 records. My select take : 250 ms ! (GetTickCount) Using devart IBDac. With : • Fetch All = False • Search by Query : Where () • Displaying only the 100 first : rows 100 (Never using Filter in big web application). Isn't enough ? Salutations
  8. IMHO Simple answer : Not safe Declare your function inside the class. Never declare it alone as we do it in delphi (global function). This is part of my rules of good unigui practises,
  9. Abaksoft

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    @Farshad Suggesting to pinne up this topic.
  10. Abaksoft

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Bravo Zemorango Really super design ! How did you do the export on Excel (print excel) ? Thx
  11. Abaksoft

    Rad Studio 10.3 - IDE Clean

    Good News Marlon. As Delphi choosed "RIO" as alias this year, i think we will come soon to take a cup of coffee with Brasilian Unigueers I bring cakes. Best regards.
  12. Hello Dudi, Can you try this :
  13. Abaksoft

    TUniDBGrid & RowHeight

    Ok thx again.
  14. Abaksoft

    TUniDBGrid & RowHeight

    Thank you very much Maestro, Woks fine (good vertical center) Sorry, If i understand, when copying this CSS on UniServerModule CustomCss property this will give for all my UniDBGrid components on the Project this behavior ?