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  1. Phxtecno

    UniDbGrid images property

    Hi, can you tell me the usage of "Images" property and "imageIndex" in DbGrid ? I have a table column with integers representing the index of the icon I want show from a UniImageList (Info,Warning,Error); can you explain how-to ? Regards
  2. Phxtecno

    UnimPanel color change

    Hi, in mobile application I am not able to change the Color property at runtime... panelArea1.color := clLime; // has not effect... Adding Repaint and Refresh do not change the result. Is it fixed by design ? Regards
  3. Phxtecno

    file download

    Thank you very much ! incredibly easy... :-)
  4. Phxtecno

    file download

    Thanks Hayri, but what does it means ? In which folder can I publish my files ?
  5. Phxtecno

    file download

    Hi, is it possible publish in a UniGui application one or more files which are downloadable from browser with a normal http url ? ie: Regards
  6. Phxtecno

    Upgrade to Complete

    Yes, this works now ! About change of primary member name, we got the mails from Ewa rejected by FMsoft as spam... but received also a confirm from FMsoft which seems acknowledge our request...
  7. Phxtecno

    Upgrade to Complete

    Hi, using [Add a Product], I select Option Type as UPGRADE, but nothing is displayed, so nothing I can order... Only renewal of my current Professional edition is available.
  8. Phxtecno

    Upgrade to Complete

    Hi, I have an active Prof edition licence and need to upgrade to Complete. Can you give me the price and instructions to proceed ? I need also change current primary member name (email address) Thank you.
  9. Phxtecno

    Graphic blank

    No, it's the last I purchased, and supposed it were functional... I think it's not a problem of the release itself; I guess it were tested before release it.
  10. Phxtecno

    Graphic blank

    Hello, first time doing tests with unigui mobile components, I found that any chart is not drawn... All other mobile components work fine, except unimChart... Even compiling and running the main Demo give the same result, without any errors. I am working with Plus_Professional , which I have reinstalled to cleanup, but no changes... Any advice ? Best regards
  11. Phxtecno


    Thank you !!! I haven't seen the TabBarVisible property...
  12. Phxtecno


    Hello, any way to hide the TABs ? I means Tabs only, not the relative panel. To make possible change of ActivePanel by program only. Regards
  13. Phxtecno

    ShowMask in PromptCallBack procedure

    Thanks, it works now ! was necessary use ShowMask() and Hide only, without initial MainForm. does it means use the ShowMask function of the TFrame instead of the main TForm ?
  14. Hello, I have no success trying to show a screen mask during a PromptCallBack. After reading a value with the Prompt dialog, I need do some "heavy" work on DB, so the necessity of a showmask. I used the model: MainForm.ShowMask('Processing...'); UniSession.Synchronize(); // in MainModule is EnableSynchronousOperations := True ... "do long job"... MainForm.HideMask; But nothing happens... The prompt and callback are used in a TUniFrame, not a form, but automatic screen mask on other objects (as Buttons) works fine... Can you help ? Best regards, Marc
  15. Phxtecno

    A mini-guide

    Wiki no more available... ?