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  1. Phxtecno

    Graphic blank

    No, it's the last I purchased, and supposed it were functional... I think it's not a problem of the release itself; I guess it were tested before release it.
  2. Phxtecno

    Graphic blank

    Hello, first time doing tests with unigui mobile components, I found that any chart is not drawn... All other mobile components work fine, except unimChart... Even compiling and running the main Demo give the same result, without any errors. I am working with Plus_Professional , which I have reinstalled to cleanup, but no changes... Any advice ? Best regards
  3. Phxtecno


    Thank you !!! I haven't seen the TabBarVisible property...
  4. Phxtecno


    Hello, any way to hide the TABs ? I means Tabs only, not the relative panel. To make possible change of ActivePanel by program only. Regards
  5. Phxtecno

    ShowMask in PromptCallBack procedure

    Thanks, it works now ! was necessary use ShowMask() and Hide only, without initial MainForm. does it means use the ShowMask function of the TFrame instead of the main TForm ?
  6. Hello, I have no success trying to show a screen mask during a PromptCallBack. After reading a value with the Prompt dialog, I need do some "heavy" work on DB, so the necessity of a showmask. I used the model: MainForm.ShowMask('Processing...'); UniSession.Synchronize(); // in MainModule is EnableSynchronousOperations := True ... "do long job"... MainForm.HideMask; But nothing happens... The prompt and callback are used in a TUniFrame, not a form, but automatic screen mask on other objects (as Buttons) works fine... Can you help ? Best regards, Marc
  7. Phxtecno

    A mini-guide

    Wiki no more available... ?
  8. Phxtecno

    Feature Requests forum guidelines

    Hi, this forum is a big source of useful informations for the developer, that can substitute a user manual and a wiki too. But it lack an important feature which is the possibility for users to BOOKMARK the Topics of more interest ! In this way each user can build his own "wiki" with important arguments in which is interested, without waste time for almost the same search. I found this feature in RemObjects forum and it's very useful. Thanks, Marc
  9. Phxtecno


    About feature request, I'd like have the possibility to Bookmark the most interesting/useful forum topics in my profile so I have my personal Wiki to look at when I need remember how problems can be solved. It's a forum feature I have seen very useful on other products (RemObjects). Thanks
  10. Phxtecno

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Phxtecno

    TUniTreeview.items.addObject() missing...

    oh yes, Thank you !
  12. Hi, I was trying to attach some more details to my nodes but found that TUniTreeview.items.addObject() is unavailable (!) but it's very useful to store other informations together with the nodes... Is it available in newer releases ? Marc
  13. Phxtecno

    Confirm delete of a record

    Thank you ! it works, but seems a "dirty" solution detach the event in this way... Is there a cleaner way to deal with this kind of situations ? Regards, Marc
  14. Phxtecno

    Confirm delete of a record

    Hello, I have a DbNavigator with Delete button enabled and Confirm Delete disabled, because I need a custom message on Delete. So I have put this code in the onBeforeDelete event of the DataSet: procedure TformCustomers.tabCompositionBeforeDelete(DataSet: TDataSet); begin // Ask confirm MessageDlg('Confirm Delete of item: '+ tabComposition.FieldByName('TABLECODE').AsString +' ?', mtConfirmation, mbYesNo, procedure(Sender: TComponent; Res: Integer) begin if Res <> mrYes then // Annulla delete Abort; end//procedure );//MessageDlg end; But the records get deleted before my answer... Can you help ?
  15. Phxtecno

    accessing Frame from the Main form

    Thank you !