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  1. gerhardhziegler


    "PS: Next week I'll post uniGUI DOES SPEECH RECOGNITION, stay tuned !" Dear Fred, I am very curious about your success about speech recognition with Google! Is there already some knowledge for integration to UniGui, you would like to shar with us?
  2. gerhardhziegler

    UnimDBListGrid Header Alignment

    Thats it! Thank you so much!
  3. gerhardhziegler

    UnimDBListGrid Header Alignment

    Here we go. Version: TestListHeaderAlign.rar
  4. gerhardhziegler

    UnimDBListGrid Header Alignment

    for all of them: taLeftJustify, as well as I used the proposed function!
  5. gerhardhziegler

    UnimDBListGrid Header Alignment

    the headers should be align like shown
  6. gerhardhziegler

    UnimDBListGrid Header Alignment

    Dear Sherzod, I just applied your source like: function painted(sender, eOpts) { var me=sender.element; // one-based indexing! me.select('.x-mgrid-header-col:nth-child(1)').setStyle('text-align', 'left'); me.select('.x-mgrid-header-col:nth-child(2)').setStyle('text-align', 'left'); me.select('.x-mgrid-header-col:nth-child(3)').setStyle('text-align', 'left'); } that should affekt the first three header columns. But... , please see attached pic, the titles stay somewhere...
  7. gerhardhziegler

    UnimDBListGrid Header Alignment

    I did, but till now: no reply? Maybe there is a workaround? I didnt find any reconfigure event, to set the align of the headers/columns manually :/
  8. gerhardhziegler

    Circular image

    Dear Sharzod, i already solved the problem using JSCall to add to Cls.
  9. gerhardhziegler

    Circular image

    Good evening, how could I generate this effect at runtime, because I automatically create the pictures! If I just copy the Source-Text into UniEvents.Text it doesnt work. function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.cls='avatar50' }
  10. gerhardhziegler

    UnimSegmentedButton Set Button Pressed programmatically

    Great! Thank Sherzod! May I continue asking of there is a solution for a badge for one of these SegmentedButtons. Best regards, Gerhard
  11. gerhardhziegler

    htmlframe-canvas to unimimage

    Sherzod is the best! I find the answers already before I can make my question! Thanx to all
  12. gerhardhziegler

    UnimSegmentedButton Set Button Pressed programmatically

    Seems to be a sencha problem as well. Additional question: How can I set a BADGE for an Segmented Button? No Chance, I assume.
  13. gerhardhziegler

    Mobile - Dropdown - no modal picker

    Works great! Dear Sherzod, isnt there somewhere any documentation on all those "hidden" properties, I dont know? Best regards Gerhard
  14. Good morning, folks! Is there any possibility to set the state of an UnimSegmentedButton programmatically? UnimSegmentedButton.Items[n].Pressed:=True or False doesnt show any reaction. Best regards!
  15. gerhardhziegler

    UnimDBListGrid Header Alignment

    Hi folks, seems, the header alignment doesnt work? Is it an release problem, I have Regards