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  1. gerhardhziegler

    Circular image

    Dear Sharzod, i already solved the problem using JSCall to add to Cls.
  2. gerhardhziegler

    Circular image

    Good evening, how could I generate this effect at runtime, because I automatically create the pictures! If I just copy the Source-Text into UniEvents.Text it doesnt work. function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.cls='avatar50' }
  3. gerhardhziegler

    UnimSegmentedButton Set Button Pressed programmatically

    Great! Thank Sherzod! May I continue asking of there is a solution for a badge for one of these SegmentedButtons. Best regards, Gerhard
  4. gerhardhziegler

    htmlframe-canvas to unimimage

    Sherzod is the best! I find the answers already before I can make my question! Thanx to all
  5. gerhardhziegler

    UnimSegmentedButton Set Button Pressed programmatically

    Seems to be a sencha problem as well. Additional question: How can I set a BADGE for an Segmented Button? No Chance, I assume.
  6. gerhardhziegler

    Mobile - Dropdown - no modal picker

    Works great! Dear Sherzod, isnt there somewhere any documentation on all those "hidden" properties, I dont know? Best regards Gerhard
  7. Good morning, folks! Is there any possibility to set the state of an UnimSegmentedButton programmatically? UnimSegmentedButton.Items[n].Pressed:=True or False doesnt show any reaction. Best regards!
  8. gerhardhziegler

    UnimDBListGrid Header Alignment

    Hi folks, seems, the header alignment doesnt work? Is it an release problem, I have Regards
  9. gerhardhziegler

    Mobile - Dropdown - no modal picker

    Good evening, folks! As you may know, most mobile browsers like to interpet the UnimSelect in a separate (modal) popup, where the user needs to pick and confirm. For some reasons I would always like to have the dropdown like an UniComboBox (I can place it within the mobile, but it works with causing an error). I tried to place a boostrap componentent, but its limited to the HMTLUnimFrame, so it doest fit as well. Any ideas? Best regards, Gerhard
  10. gerhardhziegler

    Behaviour of UnimMenu.Visible/Not Visible

    Update: Doesnt work.
  11. gerhardhziegler

    Behaviour of UnimMenu.Visible/Not Visible

    Update: Works better, if I "hide" the second form (my fault and mistake). Anyhow the Menu of the mainmform gets lost and replaced by the second form. Is this a solution?
  12. gerhardhziegler

    Behaviour of UnimMenu.Visible/Not Visible

    I have some problems using the UnimMenu in different forms. Example: MainmForm has a UnimMenu with ViewportMenu=True (any other configuration always and immediately shows the menu - which I dont want - and doesnt mask the rest). Once I opened the menu in the second form and return to the mainform, the UnimMenu in the Mainform doesnt open with visible:=True. This complete effect seems to appear only when ViewPortMenu=True. It would be also nice to know what Cover and Reveal really does. Well I Have a little idea, but... Find enclosed my test project! MenuDemo.zip
  13. gerhardhziegler

    OnClick in UniMLabel

    Update: Works, shouldnt be placed into a Panel. Seems not to work. Didnt get anything at the "OnAjaxEvent" of the label neither on the "OnClick"-Event? What use has it? Regards
  14. gerhardhziegler

    TUniEdit SelStart

  15. gerhardhziegler

    TUniEdit SelStart

    Good evening! I would like to implement that feature for an UnimDBEdit (or UnimEdit). Are the same parameters and is the same script valid? Where do I add the function? The MainM doesnt offer a script property. Regards and thanks