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  1. Hi, do you found a solution for that : behaviour of UnimMenu.Visible/Not Visible

    In view port mode


    1. gerhardhziegler


      not really, I found a work-around, I think.

    2. benoitclaeys


      Mee too. I create at runtime and recreate my menu when I am back on the frame.


  2. Good evening, seems there went something wrong. In a new project I added the TUniLoginForm quite late and now it looks like, it is not shown automatically. But however the MainForm appears immediately. Yes, Handled:=False in BeforeLogin (MainModule) Is there something I forgot or deactivated? Couldnt find any clue in the forum. Help or advice would be wonderful Version:
  3. no chance to do it, I will copy to a testproject and remove components, maybe I can reduce it to one. I was writing, because maybe you have a suggestion
  4. remark: 2nd picture is the first state of the application
  5. Good afternoon gentlemen! I have a strange behaviour with my mobile application, which can be shown in 2 pictures. When I am starting it in the webbrowser, the main window is moved some pixes to the right and seemed to be masked gray, without masking text - after clicking into the window once, it "jumpes" To align itself and enables. What the hell have I done? Best regards!
  6. Good evening, has anyone of you ever tried to implement https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/7.2.0/examples/classic/dd/cell-to-cell-dd.html this already to a DB-Grid? Best regards and help appricated! Thanks so much! Gerhard
  7. meanwhile i found this on senchas Website: https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/7.2.0/examples/classic/dd/cell-to-cell-dd.html Its more or less what I want, including to possibility to drag/drop to a list outside the grid; any ideas how I could bring this to my actual unigui project?
  8. Thanks a lot for the answer. For now I will try to find another solution! Maybe I will get back to the demo, if necassary, clients demands just changed as well!
  9. Good morning! a mobile Grid still causes the message RecNo Mismatch [0:1] (example) on Android (not on Windows, btw). I thought, it was already solved in 2017. My version is: I could really need some help now! Best regards, Gerhard
  10. Dear Forum, I wanted to change the color of the Row, where the mouse is just over. Usually in Triton, it has a light blue. I tried: .customSG .x-grid-row-focused .x-grid-td { background-color: #DDAA66 !important; } but it seems not to work. Does anyone have a better idea? Regards Gerhard
  11. Gentlemen! is there any conclusion on that cell2cell drag & drop, its exactly what I could need now in a DBGrid or String grid. Regards
  12. Hello, did you meanwhile find a solution? Regard
  13. Hi, did you find a solution meanwhile?
  14. Dear Sherzod, when will Quasar be released? Best greetings!
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