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  1. Hi Sherzod, $(window).on('resize',function() event not working. I really would appreciate some help with this as it is holding me back. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I suggest you use the login form for this. Display your splash screen after a successful login and before showing main form. See attached sample project. SplashDemo.zip
  3. My apologies. I was monitoring OnScreenResize instead of OnResize. So no problem here. However I am still waiting for an answer on a problem I am having with the DOM event $(window).on('resize' that I reported to you some time ago with a sample project. Can you please have another look and let me know if a solution is possible so I can decide how to proceed.
  4. UniLoginForm.OnResize does not fire. Can you clarify please. Is there any work-around I can use ? I have checked and UnimLoginForm.OnResize does work.
  5. You can of course return the browser to the login screen by doing ModalResult := mrOK on the main form.
  6. Hi Mehmet, I have re-activated again. Let me know when you are done. Thanks
  7. Hi Fred, I think your view regarding an “all-devices” web application is too simplistic. There is an endless list of prominent organizations that have websites built to work on all devices, even Google does it. Here is a small sampling. https://www.googlemaps.com https://www.shutterfly.com https://www.sap.com https://www.typeform.com These sites could be easily built with uniGui + HTML but they cannot be built with uniGui + Sencha. I think most developers who have discovered uniGui agree that UniGui + Sencha is a fantastic solution, especially
  8. Hi there Have a look at this sample app and see if it points to what you are after. https://www.qssldtf.com:8083 The app is an extract from a larger uniGui application. It works on any device and responds to screen resizing and rotation. Just so you understand the navigation: This app extract is used by contracting property builders to record timesheets for various projects they work on. Each project (Job No) is divided into sub-projects (Trade Codes) for budget performance costing purposes. Timesheets are recorded on a weekly basis and each week runs from Thursday
  9. I hope you are actually investigating the cause and will provide a solution in the near future because the issue is fundamental to the project I am working on.
  10. Sample Attached. Project consists of 2 forms (login & main) that load the same html file. The main page responds to browser window re-sizing but login page does not. SampleLogin.zip
  11. I am trying to use the on-resize javascript event in urlFrame HTML attached to the UniLoginForm but it does not seem to fire. The event works on the urlFrame attached to the MainForm (TUniForm). What am I doing wrong?
  12. Wow! Thanks for sharing that. It has solved a few other issues I had.
  13. Try the following setting in the forms ClientEvents -> ExtEvents : function window.afterrender(sender, eOpts) { Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("padding", 0); Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("border-width", 0); }
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