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  1. Norm

    UniURLFrame - Get Rid of Surrounding Borders

    Wow! Thanks for sharing that. It has solved a few other issues I had.
  2. Norm

    UniURLFrame - Get Rid of Surrounding Borders

    Try the following setting in the forms ClientEvents -> ExtEvents : function window.afterrender(sender, eOpts) { Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("padding", 0); Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("border-width", 0); }
  3. The components UnimEdit and UnimNumberEdit do not seem to have a text alignment property. How do I change the text to be right-aligned?
  4. Norm

    uniGui + Bootstrap

    Hi everyone, In response to a request from a member I have put together a simple little project to help him/her get going with using Bootstrap with uniGui. I am re-posting it here with the hope that it might help others who are interested in the topic and don't know how to get going. I have called the project uniGui-Bootstrap Starter Project and provided a link below. It addresses issues like: - What you need to use Bootstrap - How to populate a Bootstrap page with uniGui data (e.g. table records). - How to handle Bootstrap page mouse-clicks. The project uses only one uniGui component, the uniURLFrame. Everything else is done in HTML + jQuery + CSS. I have inserted a bit of in-line documentation in main.pas and in both the HTML and Javascript files to help web-application newbies. I put this together in a very short time so apologize for any bugs or things I have overlooked. I personally think a lot of magic is possible with uniGui + Bootstrap, e.g. it is so simple to build applications that would work equally well on any device (with some caveats). I would welcome some feedback, e.g. how many members think we should have a new Browse Section call Bootstrap? Enjoy. Bootstrap-uniGui StarterProject.zip
  5. Norm

    Bootstrap on unidbgrid

    Hi Wajeed, Link to sample project below. I hope that helps. Bootstrap-uniGui StarterProject.zip
  6. Norm

    Bootstrap on unidbgrid

    Hi Wajeed, What you are referring to as a bootstrap grid is known a Bootstrap Table and it is build out of pure HTML5 + jQuery + CSS. The only way you can use a Bootstrap Table with uniGui is by loading the required Bootstrap code into a uniHTMLFrame or uniURLFrame. No other uniGui components can take part (as far as I know). However with only these 2 components the possibilities of what you can do with uniGui + Bootstrap are endless, including building applications that will work equally well on any device. If you are interested I can put together a simple uniGui + Bootstrap grid for you to look at.
  7. Sherzod Thank you for this response. It is a relief to know that other developers do not have the problem I'm experiencing. I will investigate further. As I mentioned in previous post I am working with existing html files that have always worked and there is no problem if I open the files directly with Chrome. The problem only occurs when the pages are displayed through UniGui's htmlFrame. I have tried stripping out all styling elements except Bootstrap and the problem persists. I will report back once I have located the cause.
  8. I am converting an existing Web application to unigui and I have a problem with fonts not working as expected and I am unable to use developer tools in both Firefox and Chrome to inspect the uniGui rendered pages. If I open the raw html file directly with the browser the font work as expected and the browsers Element Inspector works fine. I am not too concerned about the fonts issue at this stage but the inability to use the browser's Element Inspector is a serious issue for me. Can we expect this to be resolved in the new future?
  9. Norm

    Using CSS

    Solved! Please ignore my previous post. I just noticed the the CustomCSS content is created by ServerModule->OnCreate
  10. Norm

    Using CSS

    Can you explain please. I have compiled your sample code and it behaves as you explained. However I don't see anything in ServerModule-> CustomeCSS. It is blank.
  11. Norm

    UniGui support/training required

    Hi All, I am an experienced Delphi developer and also have 2 years’ experience with NodeJS/ MongoDB/Bootstrap. I have been using UniGui Complete for a few weeks and have successfully converted 2 Delphi applications (XE8+DBIsam). I am now trying to convert a NodeJS application but I’m frustrated by the time I’m wasting trying to understand how things work, mostly due to the poor documentation. I am looking for someone who is sufficiently advanced with UniGui and, for an hourly fee, is willing to guide me. At this stage I have no plan as to how this would work (e.g. TeamViewer, YouTube, Email, Phone) but I’m open to suggestions. I am in New Zealand. I am happy to discuss on the Forum because there must be other users who are in the same position. However for those who wish to get in touch directly my email address is curtis.s@desktopfinancials.com (name = Norman).
  12. Norm

    SharedVariable not working with HyperServer

    That completely defeats the purpose of ServerModule based shared variables. Can someone from FMSoft respond please so we know what the rules are.
  13. I have a Standalone-Server application that uses a shared-variable in the ServerModule. Using the shared variable works as expected if I run the application without HyperServer. However if I run it through the HyperServer each session only sees its own changes to the shared variable and not the changes made by other sessions.The shared variable I am using is a simple counter (integer) that can be incremented by any session. After incrementing the counter within any session I can verify that it has been updated correctly. However other sessions do not see the increment. I am using the CriticalSection lock mechanism as required. (FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1524).
  14. Norm

    Set Mobile form position

    Thanks for getting back Sherzod. I am using the v1.90.0.1523 which I think is the latest release. I am converting an existing uniGui Desktop application for mobile use (1024x768 tablet). The application has a number of modal pop-up forms. The problem I am having is that the modal forms are popping up screen-center so when the user rotates the table horizontally the form is partially hidden beyond the bottom of the display while there is un-used space at the top of the form. My question is how can I force the form to show at the top of the display. In the desktop application I was able to use the form.position property to do this. However this property does not seem to exist for mobile forms. Is there a reason for this?
  15. Norm

    Pre-purchase questions

    Thank you. I have placed my order for uniGUI - Professional Edition