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  1. Radcore is an excellent tool and is the solution for responsive application in Unigui
  2. Thanks for the information , I wil try with these JavaScript
  3. Ok , How to I specify the time zone for every Customer ?
  4. If I have a customer in China the make the invoice for example the time will not be Chinese will be the time of our servers in USA
  5. How can I control the Time zone in my application?, example the time zone in my country is GMT-4, but I clients from in USA and Europe with different time zone
  6. Hi, is there a way to make a multi timezone application in unigui, if some one have a demo or documentation about it send it by this way Thanks
  7. Hi, I don't know why you say that Facebook and tweeter are not responsive they are full responsive I just make some tests with Facebook and the responsive work excellent
  8. Hi, @M.Ammar have you seen the RadCore project? In that project you can make web application full responsive!!! My suggestion to @farahadis to make an alliance with radcore people and make a unigui version with the responsive feature, I think that will the best for all unigui developers That my two cents !!!
  9. Hi , the new version is available ?
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