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  1. I think the same Responsive layout would be the best feature of Unigui, I hope that early of the next year these feature will be available. Unigui will be Unbreakable and most power full frame frameware
  2. 6 - Responsive Layout for me is one the most important
  3. Hi @Farshad Mohajeri How are you and your family ? The earth Quake was hard, please let us know about you I hope every thing with you be ok
  4. I guess That feature won't be possible with Unigui
  5. For VPS server I suggest you http://www.contabo.com
  6. Tendria que hostearlo con IIS Apache
  7. rencarnacion


    But is the same road map of 2019 as far as I can see
  8. rencarnacion


    The road map is very delayed some time I feel that the road map was dismissed
  9. contabo.com is an excellent VPS hosting server Check it out
  10. Sencha 7.0 is officially released Sencha 7.0
  11. Really the forum site is very slow , I'm getting the same situation here Please @Farshad Mohajeri as soon as you get time please check what is happening with forum site
  12. Try to use TMS Flexcel is an excellent Component to export and read excel files
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