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  1. rencarnacion

    Como colocar un Dominio a un StandAlone

    Tendria que hostearlo con IIS Apache
  2. rencarnacion


    But is the same road map of 2019 as far as I can see
  3. rencarnacion


    The road map is very delayed some time I feel that the road map was dismissed
  4. rencarnacion

    Is A High Ping Latency A Concern When Hosting UniGUI Apps?

    contabo.com is an excellent VPS hosting server Check it out
  5. rencarnacion

    Sencha 7.0

    Sencha 7.0 is officially released Sencha 7.0
  6. rencarnacion

    Forum, seaching and next page ver slow

    Yes , now is better , Thanks
  7. rencarnacion

    Forum, seaching and next page ver slow

    Really the forum site is very slow , I'm getting the same situation here Please @Farshad Mohajeri as soon as you get time please check what is happening with forum site
  8. rencarnacion

    Ramadan Mubarak

    What is that ?
  9. rencarnacion

    Export Query to Excel

    Try to use TMS Flexcel is an excellent Component to export and read excel files
  10. rencarnacion

    Alternative for MessageDLG

    Excellent job bro Kattes
  11. rencarnacion

    EMB interest for WEB development

    WebCore long away from to be mature product
  12. rencarnacion

    A 3D resource for Unigui ?

    OCX is not supported by the moderns Browser , only the Internet Explorer of microsoft (Old Version)
  13. rencarnacion

    Delphi EBook free

    It's free Just Reading right now
  14. rencarnacion

    Delphi EBook free

    Hi, Peope here the link for a free delphi Book Free Delphi Book
  15. rencarnacion

    Firebird 4.0 Beta

    I thought firebird was all fashion database, here in my country I don't now anybody that use Firebird