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  1. Hello in ISAPI Application the Rich Text Does not work ,not even in Intraweb
  2. Hi, @Flávio, Is only when I just write in English but the most of member of telegram they write they message in Portuguese. What I mean is that every body write in English and every body will available to see the experience of every user write in the forum
  3. Yes, I Know but Farshad can create a Room here, because in Telegram speak in Portuguese and I don't understand any thing, here the official Language is English
  4. Hi, I suggest to create a radcore room like general or inside of third components how ever
  5. Hi, I Suggest you to use a RDBMS because is more secure and fast and work faster than Access Database. Yo can check PostGreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, FireBird and other free database, even Microsoft SQL Server Express is free too.
  6. Hey es excelente producto, la velocidad de desarrollo es asombrosa y las aplicaciones son full responsible ,la recomiendo
  7. En RadCore hay un grupo de telegram, lo encabeza @Flávio,habria que consultar a Flavio a ver que nos dice
  8. Radcore is an excellent tool and is the solution for responsive application in Unigui
  9. Thanks for the information , I wil try with these JavaScript
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