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  1. rencarnacion

    How it work ?

    http://www.unigui.com/ here You check for all features of Unigui
  2. rencarnacion

    Printing directly

    Try to use QZ tray you can send report direct to the local Printer
  3. rencarnacion

    Responsive feature

    You Just have to check a tons of example of responsive sites Check these example Resposive Demo in Delphi Using TMS Webcore
  4. rencarnacion

    Responsive feature

    Hi @farahad, could you tell us when you will make available the responsive feature? For the most of programmer here in the forum, these one of most important feature It' very difficult to make a version for web desktop and other version for mobile , with these feature we will save a lot time Let us know please as soon as you can Thanks in advance
  5. rencarnacion


    It' not a machine for Developer I3 is to Slow If want perfomance you must get I7 and 16GB RAM and SSD Disk
  6. rencarnacion

    Edit mode in UniStringGrid without dblclick?

    The dbGrid has a property : ClicksToEdit just change 2 for 1 Click
  7. rencarnacion

    Unigui is dead?

    May be He is up in the air
  8. rencarnacion


    I made a test in my Virtual Machine with Unigui using Delphi Community and every thing is ok, It was an smooth installation
  9. rencarnacion

    How print jpg file?

    HTML will help you
  10. rencarnacion

    Extjs 6.6 new Features

    Hey Good news , Farshad
  11. rencarnacion

    Extjs 6.6 new Features

    Hi Farshad, In linkedin I saw a publication from you announcing the : https://www.sencha.com/blog/announcing-sencha-ext-js-6-6-with-open-tooling-ga/ When Will be available for Unigui Thanks
  12. Hi I'm getting problem installing Unigui 1465, I had uninstall completely the prior version reboot my laptop but I Always I get the same error
  13. rencarnacion

    Communication Peripherals Client

    Please check these tool https://qz.io/
  14. rencarnacion

    New themes...Work in Progess

    Excellent Work !!
  15. rencarnacion

    Communication Peripherals Client

    Hi Could Check QZ Tray http://qz.io