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  2. uniDBGrid'bottom should have the total records
  3. 55143681

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    very good so great job i want to do some controls for a workflow,how to do that?
  4. I have come up with the following work around that uses the CloseUp Event with a deferred reading of the new select value via an ajax event:- // OnCloseUp Event Bug Work Around procedure TMymForm.MySelectOnCloseUp(Sender: TObject); begin // if ByPassMySelectFlag = True then begin ByPassMySelectFlag:= False; Exit; end; // UniSession.AddJS('Ext.defer(function(){ajaxRequest(MymForm.ContainerPanel, "_mySelect_", []);}, 500)'); // end; ... if SameText(EventName, '_mySelect_') then begin ...
  5. 55143681

    How to increase the data query speed

    about 20 columns,the speed is very fast,but the result is abnormal,sometimes return 50 and sometimes return 80 and sometimes run normally
  6. Today
  7. I use xe cbuilder10.3.1 unigui1489,In the MainForm,I can call a new form from a button like this: TUniForm1*form1=new TUniForm(UniApplication); form1−>ShowModal; but in my frame i can not finish that,compile with error why?
  8. 55143681

    how to change hyperServer'title?

    I want to run two applications in one machine ,when hyperServer minimized to the taskbar,they have a same title and icon,can you change them?
  9. Dragging a component outside its parent is not possible right now. Example: a list of music-tracks you want to sort into a playlist (several of them are shown in the treeview). So you have to detect on which node of the treeview something was dropped. Attached is a VCL-sample with a TListView and a TTreeView VCLdragdrop.zip
  10. Jonathan

    uniGUI and NexusDB

    ok.. It looks easier than i thought, I'm going to try it. thanks wprins
  11. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    Yes-s-s!!! Strike!
  12. Mirco

    Changing cursor of a column in a UniDBGrid

    Sorry but for me do not work. I use C++Builder and I have translated delphi code to: Sender->JSInterface->JSCode( "var me='#1'; Ext.defer( function(){Ext.select(me.columnManager.columns[" +IntToStr( index) +"].getCellSelector()).setStyle(\"cursor\", \"pointer\")}, 100);"); I have missed somethings? thanks!
  13. Hayri ASLAN

    List of items with delete button

    Hi please check this JSConfigObject('listeners','btnIconEl', [JSObject(['click', JSFunction('e','e.stopPropagation(); e.preventDefault(); ajaxRequest('+JSName+', "iconClick");')])]);
  14. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    Need clarification. When you click on the icon, two events are called sequentially: Button.AjaxEvent then Button.OnClick. And in the OnClick event I can't understand what was pressed, the button or the icon. Or I need two events in AjaxEvent, separately for the button and for the icon: JSConfigObject('listeners','btnIconEl', [JSObject(['click', JSFunction('sender','ajaxRequest('+JSName+', "iconClick");')])]); JSConfigObject('listeners','Button????', [JSObject(['click', JSFunction('sender','ajaxRequest('+JSName+', "buttonClick");')])]);
  15. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    Shaytan! It works! Thank you!
  16. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    Thanks, I will try What is btnIconEl, and where is it defined?
  17. Hayri ASLAN

    List of items with delete button

    Hi Please assign an icon to button and set iconAlign to right. with UniButton1, JSInterface do begin JSConfigObject('listeners','btnIconEl', [JSObject(['click', JSFunction('sender','ajaxRequest('+JSName+', "iconClick");')])]); end;
  18. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    How to make a list of "buttons" (as in the picture)? So that it was a button + delete button (with a cross). To get a reaction to two events: 1. Pressed the main button, 2. Pressed the cross. The list will be created dynamically at run time. Is that possible?
  19. Farshad Mohajeri

    Questions about UniCalendarPanel

    Hi ZigZig, 1) Currently it can be only set when form is created. It can't be dynamically changed. 2) It is a binary format. Stream.WriteBuffer(FEventId, SizeOf(Integer) ); Stream.WriteBuffer(FCalendarId, SizeOf(Integer) ); Stream.WriteBuffer(FStart, SizeOf(TDateTime) ); Stream.WriteBuffer(FEnd, SizeOf(TDateTime) ); Stream.WriteBuffer(FIsAllDay, SizeOf(Boolean) ); Stream.WriteBuffer(FIsNew, SizeOf(Boolean) ); FLen := Length(FTitle); Stream.WriteBuffer(FLen ,SizeOf(Integer)); Stream.WriteBuffer(FTitle[1], FLen*SizeOf(Char) ); FLen := Length(FLocation); Stream.WriteBuffer(FLen ,SizeOf(Integer)); Stream.WriteBuffer(FLocation[1], FLen*SizeOf(Char) ); FLen := Length(FNotes); Stream.WriteBuffer(FLen ,SizeOf(Integer)); Stream.WriteBuffer(FNotes[1], FLen*SizeOf(Char) ); FLen := Length(FReminder); Stream.WriteBuffer(FLen ,SizeOf(Integer)); Stream.WriteBuffer(FReminder[1], FLen*SizeOf(Char) );
  20. При проектировании на Frame ставится uniPanel1.align:=alTop затем UniDBTreeGrid1.align:=alTop затем uniPanel2.align:=alTop и UniDBGrid1.align:=alClient Между uniPanel2 и UniDBGrid1 пустое место и UniDBGrid1 уезжает далеко вниз. При проектировании: При выполнении: Там был сепаратор, я его удалил, результат тот же. Как исправить?
  21. wprins

    uniGUI and NexusDB

    There shouldn't be anything special about NexusDB and UniGUI per se. Just continue as you would with any other DB component. I suppose simplistically, start by putting your user's connection component in the TUniGUIMainModule instance, which you can think of as each user session's "default" and/or "global" datamodule. (It's not truly "global" of course, in the usual sense of the word, and with "default" i just mean that it is created by default by the application wizard, but of course you can create other datamodules yourself.)
  22. Jonathan

    uniGUI and NexusDB

    Hello, I just installed uniGUI on delphi 10.2 and makes some tests. I'm working with NexusDB and also have nxODBCDriver I followed the webinar demonstrate uniGUI web application framework, and searched all forums and manuals to find how to work with NexusDB database and uniGUI, with no luck… This is my first web app and I'm running just the basic things. I will very appreciate a sample of how to connect all together. thanks Jonathan
  23. Galera, não estou conseguindo fazer o uniedit aceitar só número, só com máscara, com máscara eu consigo, exemplo de CPF : UniSession.JSCode('$("#' + edcpf.JSName + '_id-inputEl").inputmask("999.999.999-99");'); mas se tamanho é variado do campo numérico ?
  24. ZigZig

    Questions about UniCalendarPanel

    Up ?
  25. Ronbral

    Set z-index of FileUpload Dialog

    Erich Anwendungen sind auf höchstem Niveau. Schön
  26. DEV_THS

    UniRadioGroup how to disable item

    266/5000 Hi, it's okay ... thanks for the reply! I'm starting, could you give me a simple example of how to proceed this way? Need to do something like this in VCL procedure TUniform1.radioGroup2Click(Sender: TObject); begin radioGroup1.Buttons [0] .Enabled: = radioGroup1.Buttons [0] .Enabled and MyCondition; end;
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