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  3. try use uniAlignmentClient and do not use align
  4. Не могу понять, что не так? Почему у TUniImage.LayoutConfig.cls? На картинке видно, что в Диспетчере свойств есть Cls, а в коде нету. И компилятор ругается Cannot access protected symbol TUniCustomLayoutBase.Cls Я в run-time создаю визуальные компоненты, например TUniPanel или TUniImage и не могу назначить класс для CSS. Так и должно быть?
  5. Что такое "в ветке"? Т.е. сумму всех дочерних узлов? На картинке как это выглядит?
  6. В общем, я поставил expand вместо beforeexpand. Вроде то, что надо, судя по первым тестам. Посмотрим... Спасибо большое!
  7. К сожалению, код работает неправильно. Отправляется имя панели, которая сворачивается. А хотелось бы получить имя панели активной, т.е. которая развернулась. Может кроме beforeexpand есть другие события? Обратите внимание на снимок, видно, что приходит имя свернутой панели
  8. Many thank Marlon! Your components are very great!!!!!
  9. Может быть прямо в наборе имеет смысл считать? http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/Data.DB.TField.OnGetText
  10. Congratulations @claudio.piffer on your work, it was very good. This is the result of your effort.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hi to all, this is a my app. Devloped in Delphi 10.4.2, last version of the uniGUI, Falcon Store components @Marlon Nardi and uniGUI theme pack @GerhardV Many thank @farahad! Many thank to all uniGUI team! You have done a fantastic job! And many thank to all user to this forum! In this forum I have always found all the answers to my questions! This is a fantastic group! This is a small video of the latest app I developed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K26olAOs5kXGOjqQFQhDJFYKNs6FTozU/view?usp=sharing Waiting for the 2.x version of uniGUI I wish everyone a good
  13. Perfeito @Marlon Nardi, funcionou corretamente. Fazendo assim também, ele criou para cada campo do json um parâmetro, mas prefiro pegar em json e depois tratar no delphi, obrigado
  14. @robinhodemorais tente converter seu objeto para ["return=" + JSON.stringify(msg)]
  15. Farshad, I am anxious to allow the hyperserver on several servers, today I am using a linux server with ngnix to do the load balancer, I think that if this were done by the unigui itself, we would have more control, and would avoid the cost of this linux machine. for those who work with the public agency like me, the number of accesses, and exponential, I need a lot of machines to deal with this .. .......... since version 1542 we already have 4 months, with no news of what is in the script. this year, things are not going well, tell us what's going on.
  16. I'm unifying all my sites in one, to make management easier, and to avoid these port problems, I had already deleted the log, I had about 120 sites using hyperserver, and each one going up 4 nodes, this generated almost 500 instances of my project in memory, working with only one site, and maintaining only 50 nodes, it seems to me to be more correct. anyway thank you.
  17. Thank you very much. Approximately when do I expect to get that fixed?
  18. Because it work very similar to how pop-up adds works. And it is the best way porn sites use to promote syndication since other tricks won't work. How do I know ? I've made some scripts to do exactly that. And that's the pop-up add blocker primary function. It's worst over the same tab with all the other " js-vanilla tricks". If you find any other way that avoid blockers (and ABP in all browsers)... let me know ! I'm very interested on that too.
  19. Как в компонентах типа UniDBVerticalTreeGrid или UniDBTreeGrid посчитать сумму или разность в ветке? У них нет свойств Summary, нет событий типа ColumnSummary. Всем за ранее благодарен за ответ.
  20. I am doing some external communications with unigui through socket.io, through the external api of socket.io is sending information in json format and when I retrieve it through ajaxevent it returns me as [object Object], how can I convert to json and read in unigui ? when I start the application I create the connection to socket.io that way on the console I retrieve the json this is my return from ajaxevent, see that on return i get [object object], how do i get that [object object] that is my json and read it?
  21. Last week
  22. Can you also share logs for Node 0?
  23. How can I implement this for printing? UNIMHTMFRAME, OR URLFRAME function sendUrlToPrint(url){ var beforeUrl = 'intent:'; var afterUrl = '#Intent;'; // Intent call with component afterUrl += 'component=ru.a402d.rawbtprinter.activity.PrintDownloadActivity;' afterUrl += 'package=ru.a402d.rawbtprinter;end;'; document.location=beforeUrl+encodeURI(url)+afterUrl; return false; } // jQuery: set onclick hook for css class print-file $(document).ready(function(){ $('.print-file').click(function () { return sendUrlToPrin
  24. Hello Sherzod, Meanwhile I removed ALL UniGui related stuff (removed packages from Delphi, deleted bpl's, uninstalled UniGui, and, manually deleted the FMSoft folder in program files) Then I reinstalled the latest trial version (.1547), built all packages and installed them. And this has solved the issue! The only thing I did different now was the manual deletion of the FMSoft folder. Thank your assitance and for pointing me in the right direction!
  25. 1. Yes On the same machine, I used a trial V1.90.0.1541 before. Because that version was stuck at the "Loading..." page, I uninstalled it completely and did a fresh install of the most recent version (.1547) At first I assumed the issue was related to my own UniGUi project (which I have been developing since begin feb and has > 30 forms), but then I saw same behaviour with UniGui demo applications. 2. I have only tested on my development machine 3. Thank you for pointing that out. I didn't notice this. Any idea why this is happening? Is it possible there are s
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