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  2. Another example: https://demos.falconsistemas.com.br/?tela=tfrmconfirm https://store.falconsistemas.com.br
  3. I've reinstalled Chrome without success. I've tried it with Chrome on different other computer - there it works. Maybe it's relationed to my 5k monitor...
  4. Hello! I have a strange problem. Just migrated my portal to Azure. Installation was easy and also the Login page is displayed correctly. YES! BUT - when I tried to trigger any action (on the "normal" page or der "/server page) I always got an error 403. Then the page shows "Retrying.. xxx" x times. My setup is the following: 1.) My web-portal is https://portal.company.com -> SSL (443) 2.) In Azure I have an Application gateway configures to direct the request to HTTP Port xxxx. 3.) On the VM the UniGUI Hyperserver is running as a service. Not sure where is the issue. Anyone else running UniGUI projects like this? In my previous solution it just works fine. Any special settings in the .cfg file needed? Anything else I can try? Best regards, /Werner
  5. Hello. I want to disable access to a specific file from the system directory or Obfuscate the files ? My case: 1. The application is standalone 2. I have disabled access to http: // IP: Port / uni- / or other directories except http: // IP: Port / temp / 3 If someone parses the html, he will get the path to all js and css files I want to disable the opening of these files from a link such as: http: // IP: Port / uni- / codemirror-0.8 / js / Ext.ux.CodeMirror.js These files are outside my application folder. They are even in the system Windows directories. The question is how do I block access to these files? I tried to disable them in UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand or UniGUIMainModuleHandleRequest, but these events run after the file is already displayed in the browser. Can we use obfrustration techniks like this: https://www.creativebloq.com/how-to/hide-your-javascript-code-from-view-source or methods like this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6869312/how-do-i-hide-javascript-code-in-a-webpage
  6. That's strange. I've tested it with Edge and Firefox too - there it works. But with Chrome it doesn't. Even if I disable all Add-Ons.
  7. Hello, Hmm, I couldn't reproduce your issue.
  8. Javascript. Хочу начать постепенно замену компонент. Устал от глюков, клиенты уходят, разрабы отказываются использовать эти компоненты.
  9. Не работает - UniPivotGridDrillDown При проектировании формы, когда компонент впервые добавляется на форму - все ок. Через некоторое время при открытии формы DrillDown - выводится только ключевое поле, причем его в списке отображаемых полей нет. На форме и в наборах данных, в датасетах ничего не менялось - работал с другими формами и датасетами. м Ошибка происходит спонтанно, после этого ничего не помогает вернуть нормальною работу компонента UniPivotGrid - даже если удалить, потом почистить все DCU и заново поставить компонент UniPivotGrid на форму и пересобрать проект. При этом UniPivotGrid по прежнему отображает данные, и в иерархии LeftAxis доступны все поля указанные для DrillDown. Использую: (стабильная версия, была до недавнего времени).
  10. Hello Sherzod! Here's the testcase. As I said before, the wrong behaviour only occurs when fullscreen-mode is switched on (F11 in Chrome). In the testcase you can swipe from left to right and backwards and the number of images in the upper right corner is varying every time. I use version 1551 of UniGui with Delphi Sydney and the testcase was tested in Chrome (94.0.4606.81). Thank you for your efforts Mike UniGui4.rar
  11. Hello, how You do this on VCL ? Is the same .
  12. how can unigui get the windows logon User id and Domain (using AD) during ISAPI launching ? Eg. 1.) User login into Windows using Active Directory authentication 2.) User Launching ISAPI web application (IIS), here need to read the User id and Domain entered during step 1 3.) Application go to main page if User id/Domain is valid, otherwise go to Login page
  13. Last week
  14. Hi, I didn't test it but try: If it doesn't work, you may upload a testcase and I will try to help you 🙂
  15. Thanks. That is reassuring. Is there a parameter in the CFG file that controls the length of time of inactivity before this happens or is it internally built-in?
  16. Yes, exactly. It is one of the main features of the HyperServer.
  17. Hello, Sorry we didn't respond in a timely manner. Good luck.
  18. If Hyperserver is used to start an application and if the application crashes for any reason, will Hyperserver restart it automatically when it is unable to communicate with the application after a certain period? This is for either the ISAPI or service types of Hyperserver. -- Frederick (UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition
  19. Thanks for no response? I solved the problem by myself.
  20. Тут вот для примера сторонние гуглочарты юзают: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/17843-google-charts-in-unigui/
  21. In my college, in public administration,...
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