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  2. Intercept OnClick event that is inside UniDBGrid's store.load. I created a code with CSS and also customized the display of data in a UniDBGRID (see attached images). I would like to intercept the OnClick event that is inside store.load. By clicking this button, execute some routine within the Application. How could I do it correctly? CODE: function store.load(sender, records, successful, operation, eOpts) { sender.grid.getColumns()[0].renderer = function (value, metadata, record) { var imagePath = ''; if (!imagePath || imagePath === '') { imagePath = '/img/clientes.png'; // Imagem padrão } var description = record.get('1'); if (description.length > 800) { description = description.substring(0, 800) + ' ...'; } metadata.tdAttr = 'data-qclass="dvQtip" data-qtip="' + record.get('0') + '"'; return '<div class="dvContainer">'+ '<table class="tableContent"> ' + '<tr>'+ '<td class="thumbnailCell">' + '<img src="' + imagePath + '" class="thumbnail">' + '</td>' + '<td>'+ '<table class="tableContent"> ' + '<tr>'+ '<td class="divTitle" colspan="3">'+ // Atualizar o colspan para 3 '' + record.get('0') + '</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '<tr>'+ '<td class="divSubTitle" colspan="3">'+ '<span class="labelDesc">Descrição:</span>' + description + '</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '<tr>'+ '<td class="divCity" colspan="3">'+ '<span class="labelTemp">Temporalidade:</span>' + record.get('2') + '</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '<tr>'+ '<td class="divCity" colspan="3">'+ '<span class="labelTemp">Localização:</span>' + record.get('7') + '</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '<tr>'+ '<td class="divNewClass1">'+ '<span class="labelDesc">Data do Documento:</span>' + record.get('4') + '</td>'+ '<td class="divNewClass2">'+ '<span class="labelDesc">Data do Descarte:</span>' + record.get('5') + '</td>'+ '<td class="divNewClass1">'+ '<span class="labelDesc">N.º Documento:</span>' + record.get('6') + '</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '</table>'+ '</td>'+ '<td>'+ '<div class="fileLink" onclick="showPnlArquivos();">' + '<img src="/css/img/ged/files-48.png" alt="Arquivos" />' + '<span>Arquivos</span>'+ '</div>'+ '</td>'+ '</tr>'+ '</table>'+ '</div>'; }; sender.grid.getView().refresh(); }
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  4. object dtpfUnimM0091HomeMenuShortcutFrame101: TdtpfUnimM0091HomeMenuShortcutFrame101 Left = 0 Top = 0 Width = 170 Height = 130 Layout = 'hbox' LayoutAttribs.Align = 'center' LayoutAttribs.Pack = 'center' ParentAlignmentControl = False AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient Color = clPurple TabOrder = 0 ParentColor = False ParentBackground = False Background.Fit = True object Panel_BODY: TUnimContainerPanel Left = 3 Top = 3 Width = 160 Height = 120 Hint = '' Color = clWhite ClientEvents.UniEvents.Strings = ( 'beforeInit=function beforeInit(sender, config)'#13#10'{'#13#10'// config.st' + 'yle = "box-shadow: 2px 2px 6px 1px gray;" + config.style;'#13#10' con' + 'fig.style = "border-radius: 10px;" + config.style;'#13#10'}') LayoutAttribs.Align = 'start' LayoutAttribs.Pack = 'start' LayoutConfig.Width = '92%' object Panel_ICON: TUnimContainerPanel Left = 23 Top = 3 Width = 125 Height = 60 Hint = '' Color = 4259584 Layout = 'fit' LayoutAttribs.Align = 'center' LayoutAttribs.Pack = 'center' LayoutConfig.Width = '100%' object Label_ICON: TUnimLabel Left = 19 Top = -3 Width = 95 Height = 50 Hint = '' Alignment = taCenter AutoSize = False Caption = '<i class="fa-solid fa-rocket-launch"></i>' LayoutConfig.Height = '100%' LayoutConfig.Width = '100%' LayoutConfig.Margin = '10 0 0 0' ParentFont = False Font.Height = -40 Font.Name = 'Noto Serif Thai' Font.Style = [fsBold] end end object Panel_NAME: TUnimContainerPanel Left = 23 Top = 56 Width = 125 Height = 60 Hint = '' Color = 12615935 Layout = 'fit' LayoutAttribs.Align = 'center' LayoutAttribs.Pack = 'center' LayoutConfig.Width = '100%' object Label_NAME: TUnimLabel Left = 19 Top = 13 Width = 95 Height = 42 Hint = '' Alignment = taCenter AutoSize = False Caption = #3594#3639#3656#3629#3610#3633#3597#3594#3637 LayoutConfig.Margin = '10 0 0 0' ParentFont = False Font.Height = -16 Font.Name = 'Noto Serif Thai' Font.Style = [fsBold] end end end end
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  6. I am using unigui 1_90_0_1573. I have a table associated with a unidbtreegrid, in the treekeyfields property I have set a field from the table, this groups together all the records that are the same in that field and to view them, I use fullexpand or click on the initial arrow that each has. grouped record. If I put a button and when I click on the button I put uniDBTReegrid1.Fullexpand, it works perfectly, all the grouped records are opened and all the data are displayed below them in a perfect display, what happens is that if before calling fullexpand I go through the table and do any change in a record (be careful not in the field that is grouped), the unidbtreegrid contracts and ignores the fullexpand that is at the end of the procedure just after going through the table and editing a record. Thank you.
  7. I ended up forgetting to post the log A2023-10-04 - Copia.log
  8. Regarding this, I still had something in the WS tests in the cfg file, that must be it, later I will bring together IIS
  9. @Farshad Mohajeri XXXXX.exe: 00000FC4: 15:50:55 [PingWSServer]:Exception : TUniHTTPRequest.SendRequest(): Socket Error # 10061 Connection refused. : Addr: $012DD33D I don't know what I did wrongly configure here, but my log is full of it, I don't know if it has anything to do with the error. I'm not using WebSocket
  10. If you have a test case, please attach here, I'll try to check it.
  11. Hello, Which build of uniGUI are you using? Your question is not clear. What do we need to do to reproduce your case?
  12. When including a schedule in the OnBeforeActivate event, the UniPageControl OnChage event does not work correctly. UniPC.zip
  13. I have a UniDBTreeGrid that works differently than the FullExpand command. When there is only one record and this one has several and I give the order to expand everything with FullExpand it works perfectly, but when there are several records it does not expand. Any ideas why it does not work
  14. Would it be possible to file https://www.gstatic.com/charts/loader.js be loaded once to be used on all charts?
  15. > I have a "TUniTreeView" that I fill based on a "UniMainMenu" and I need a way when creating the Nodes to pass the Hint of the MenuItem.Hint I need to show a Hint in the TreeView that is not "node.data.text" my UniMenuItem has the Hint Property that I will use these Hints are different from the Caption of the UniMenuItem I noticed that UniTreeView has two possibilities that are "record.data.qtip" And "record.data.qtitle" but I don't know how to feed them
  16. Hello, Please provide a more detailed statement of the task and what needs to be done...
  17. This digital signature update showcases the versatility of uniGUI for both desktop and mobile applications. The addition of a reset button for screen repositioning or adjustments adds practicality. IT consultants can appreciate the improved code and JS library updates, offering more customization options, while the compatibility note for Chrome and Firefox underscores its modern web-centric approach.
  18. Hello, Well, try this then: function viewready(sender, eOpts) { col = sender.getColumnManager().getColumns()[1]; if (col && col.xtype == 'checkcolumn' && !col.dataIndex) { col.dataIndex = -3; } }
  19. I did several tests, I thought it was IIS and I mounted Apache. It remained the same, I called the server support, and they told me that the problem was only with the application, because they had not received complaints from other customers about the same failure.
  20. I currently have two servers in the same datacenter, one with version 1555 and the other with the latest version, and at least I had never seen this problem, I don't know where unigui has it fault. Do you use IIS?
  21. no, I don't use cloudflare, but I have tried different servers and the problem is the same, it is very strange. I want to create a project with unigui, but this problem makes me distrustful, if not, I will use another framework
  22. Last week
  23. Do you use cloudFlare? I'm scared of him and I have no clue what the problem is.
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