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    this is strange, right, there should be an option to define this range in ExtJs itself
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  4. Hello, How can we reproduce? Do you mean HideKeyboardOnEnter?
  5. i am developing a unigui mobile application. on the forms there are all read-only media. when i run the app or form showmodal the android keyboard is displayed. I set the HIdeKeyboard property to true. but the keyboard is always displayed. isn't there a way to disable it?
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    Hello, I assume that this is not fully implemented in ExtJS itself.
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  8. you can use the following format from {0:c} to {0:n3} Reference: https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/globalization/intl/numberformatting
  9. Clientdataset yerine direk veritabanina yazmanizi oneririm.
  10. What should I do for the thousand separator without making a currency?
  11. I clearly identified the problem. It works correctly when I add runtime data to the ClientDataSet1 component. When I connect the field type Decimal(18, 2) in MSSQL database, the result is wrong. The problem was fixed when I made the field type float in MSSQL database. Thanks, an interesting situation arises but this is how I solved the problem. *Also, TL currency doesn't work even though I bought it according to kendo site. 'tr-TR' https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/data/datasource/configuration/accentfoldingfiltering
  12. Thanks for de feedback, make sure you are using the latest version. Sample online: https://demos.falconsistemas.com.br/?tela=tfrmkendoui
  13. First of all, thank you for the work and the result. As above, the result does not change for me. Do I need to make any adjustments other than the code example above?
  14. procedure TMainForm.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin if Assigned(Sender) then Chart.ChartType := TUniFSKendoUIType(0); Chart.ChartTheme := TUniFSKendoUITheme(2); Chart.ChartSeries.Clear; Chart.ChartSeriesProperties.Clear; Chart.ChartProperties.Clear; Chart.ChartSeriesDefaults := EmptyStr; Chart.ChartTitleVisible := True; Chart.ChartTitle := 'Titulo Teste (bar, column, line)'; Chart.ChartDataSet := UniMainModule.ExecQ; // "categoryAxis" - reserved keyworld for categories (Linha do Tempo) Chart.ChartSeries.Values['categoryAxis'] := 'Gun'; Chart.SetCulture(''); // first set of data, name=dbfield 1ª Barra Chart.ChartSeries.Values['Brasil'] := 'DIhAdet'; // second set of data 2ª Barra Chart.ChartSeries.Values['Mundo'] := 'DIhM2'; // tooltip for line chart Chart.ChartProperties.Values['tooltip'] := '{visible: true, format: "{0:c}"}'; // labels for bars and columns Chart.ChartSeriesDefaults := 'labels: {visible: true, position: "insideEnd", template: "#= kendo.format(''{0:c}'', value) #"}'; Chart.ChartProperties.Values['valueAxis'] := '{labels: {rotation: "auto"}}'; Chart.ChartLegendPosition := TUniFSKendoUIPosition.Top; Chart.ChartStacked := False; Chart.ChartSeriesStyle := TUniFSKendoUISeriesStyle(0); Chart.SetCulture('pt-BR'); // cmbLegend.ItemIndex := Integer(Chart.ChartLegendPosition); Chart.InitChart; end;
  15. Servera Clientdataset koydum. Dediğinizi denedim. Ama oturumlar aynı anda erişmeye çalıştığında ilk açılışta çakışma oluyor. Bu problemi nasıl çözebilirim aynı anda yazıp silebilecek paralel bir yapıya ihtiyacım var gibi duruyor.
  16. Merhaba Mainmodule oncreate te session kaydedip onbrowserclose da silebilirsiniz
  17. Hi @pro_imaj topic 2 improvements are now available for download at https://store.falconsistemas.com.br Regarding topic 1, today I'm going to study a better way to implement this. KendoUI-Falcon-Test.zip
  18. Merhabalar; Yazdığım projede aktif olan tüm oturumların listesini "UniServerModule.SessionManager.Sessions" ile alıyorum. Oturumları her seferinde tarayıp ilgili olan oturumlarda bir değişkene değer gönderiyorum. Yalnız bu listeyi sürekli taramak zorunda kalıyorum (2 saniyede bir). Sürekli olarak session.locK ve session.unlock yapmış oluyorum. Bu pek tavsiye edilen bir yöntem değil. Ortalama aktif 300 oturumum var. Bunu daha farklı nasıl yapabilirim. Bir tablo yada array içinde oturum bağlandığında kendisini eklese yok olduğunda kendisini silse gibi birşey. Tavsiyeleriniz nedir?
  19. Now I managed to obtain the correct result by changing the input string to "Part >0,5um/CF". Now the string that is rendered is "Part >0,5um/CF". I thought the this "special characters" substitution was made automatically by the framework when generating the HTML and the JavaScript code, bat I was wrong. Strange.....
  20. If I try to set a TUnipanel caption to this value "Part >0,5um/CF" I get the following result 'Part \x3E0,5um/CF' as the ">" character is rendered as "\x3E0". How can I fix this ? Thank you Luca Pretti
  21. The datasets is the most direct way in Delphi. Where you can get your REST data excluding DataSets?
  22. Last week
  23. referring to this topic I understand what you need, but I will have to study better how this can work.
  24. Hello @Marlon Nardi Thank you in advance for the update. The subject number 1 in my first message is solution genius mi. In other words, if there is data in the Adet and M2 Fields, the standard is selected. I want to bring one of them selectively. The user can choose the other if they want.
  25. I will upload a new update today on the store (https://store.falconsistemas.com.br), for you to define your Culture Formatting Chart.SetCulture('pt-BR'); Chart.SetCulture('en-US'); Formating tootip sample: Chart.ChartProperties.Values['tooltip'] := '{visible: true, format: "{0:c}"}'; Formating labels sample: Chart.ChartSeriesDefaults := 'labels: {visible: true, position: "insideEnd", template: "#= kendo.format(''{0:c}'', value) #"}'; Reference: https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/globalization/intl/numberformatting
  26. thank you very much @irigsoft.🙏 it's work like charm
  27. Hello, Thank you for your interest in UniGUI. Use this: http://www.unigui.com/component/rsfiles/download-file/files?path=FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1563_Trial.exe&Itemid=101
  28. Dear Sir I am evaluating trail FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1559_Trial but sunddenly it started showing product expiered ? Thanks Syed
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