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  1. Tokay

    How to change series color in TUniChart

    TUniGaugeSeries has no Brush and Pen property at all. What am I doing wrong? Farshad, please fix the TUniGaugeSeries, bug is opened from august. And nothing was changed, I try on the latest version.
  2. You can look at my cooments here:
  3. Tokay

    Import spreadsheet information from excel

    I use this components for xlsx access: http://avemey.com/zexmlss/index.php?lang=en It free and works fine.
  4. зачем такие сложности? виртуалка в помощь
  5. скачай и поставь себе делфи community edition можно использовать бесплатно в пределах лицензии. думаю, что твой случай подпадает вполне.
  6. Tokay

    Library to build Unigui forms on runtime

    You can try read and create dfm from text file: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/CodeExamples/Tokyo/en/ComponentToString_(Delphi)
  7. Tokay

    .. best way to find a EAccessViolation ???

    Here is better link: http://www.gexperts.org/tour/replace_components.html I open VCL form in the UniGUI app and manually change all components to the UniGUI components. It's not fully automatically, but it's help a lot.
  8. Tokay

    .. best way to find a EAccessViolation ???

    I recomend to replace component with GExperts. It could help with replacing. http://www.gexperts.org/tour/ I quickly and simply translate about 100 forms to UniGUI from VCL.
  9. Tokay


    I think, that could happened cause of my ticket: http://jira.fmsoft.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/4/FSD-693 If you have sources you can try fix it: in uniEdit module change StrToFloat to StrToFloatDef: FValue := StrToFloat(S, FmtSettings); to FValue := StrToFloatDef(S, 0, FmtSettings); Farshad, please fix it, I submit the ticket and solution at August.
  10. Tokay

    Disabling automatic component creation

    BTW, mika you can use GEpxperts: http://www.gexperts.org/ it could automatically convert (selected) components into the code: var UniListBox1: TUniListBox; UniListBox1 := TUniListBox.Create(Self); UniListBox1.Name := 'UniListBox1'; UniListBox1.Parent := UniGroupBox1; UniListBox1.Left := 8; UniListBox1.Top := 17; UniListBox1.Width := 305; UniListBox1.Height := 84; UniListBox1.Hint := ''; UniListBox1.TabOrder := 1; UniListBox1.MultiSelect := True;
  11. Tokay

    Embedded Database for 5-10 users

    You can also use the Sqlite DB (with restrictions): https://www.sqlite.org/faq.html#q5
  12. Tokay

    Auto Login

    wprins, Could you please share an example?
  13. As I said, you can try to replace StrToFloat to StrToFloatDef: Self.Value := StrToFloatDef(AValue, 0, FmtSettings) FValue := StrToFloatDef(S, 0, FmtSettings);