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  1. Tokay

    Auto Login

    wprins, Could you please share an example?
  2. As I said, you can try to replace StrToFloat to StrToFloatDef: Self.Value := StrToFloatDef(AValue, 0, FmtSettings) FValue := StrToFloatDef(S, 0, FmtSettings);
  3. 1. Do we need the PagingToolbarResizer.js? If I understand correctly, your sample works fine without this file. 2. For all: code posted by Marlon Nardi shall be added to the beforerender event of the grid: function beforerender(sender, eOpts) { if (sender.pagingBar) { sender.removeDocked(sender.pagingBar, true); sender.addDocked({ dock: 'bottom', items: [Ext.create('Ext.PagingToolbar', { pageSize: sender.store.pageSize, store: sender.store, displayInfo: true, displayMsg: 'Visualizando {0} - {1} de <b>{2}</b>', emptyMsg: "Não há registros", plugins: Ext.create('Ext.ux.PagingToolbarResizer', { displayText: 'Registros por página', options: [25, 50, 100, 150, 200] }) })] }); } }
  4. Tokay

    Proposal about loading...

    I propose in the case without runtime installation (for ex: FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_runtime_1.50.0.1482.exe) on the computer doesn't start any UniGUI app at all. Show a message or logging to a file. Or start app and show to the users some sensible message instead of "loading..." I think that this could significally reduce qeustions from the biginners. Thank you!
  5. Tokay

    Why this is not possible ?

    This is one of the pain of the components. Solutions exists, but all are worst. I try to find hardly how to store and get acces later to the UniGUI sessions but without success. It's very strange for me.
  6. I'm not sure it's worth protecting the password. Intruder can catch any hash and can successfully login later. SSL is better, all traffic can be encrypted.
  7. Tokay

    Не работает приложение x64

    Eurekalog и Mad Except очень помогают в сложных случаях. Как поиска утечек, так и поиска проблемных мест. Тулы работают в любых условиях - стендэлон, isapi (dll), сервис, 32 и 64 бита. У нас софт (порядка миллиона строк) работать в весьма ответственных местах, без заметных сложностей, с Унигуем в качестве интерфейса. Указанные тулы помогают постоянно. Если действительно хочется решить проблемы, а не нагнетать, рекомендую разобраться с отладочными тулами. Так же есть удаленная отладка. Можно 'прицепиться' почти к любому бинарнику, как exe так и dll. Мы как-то в сложном случае, отлаживали удаленно в Канаде, за часа два примерно разобрались.
  8. I think that you can merge all your apps into the one (server) and separate them by parameters.
  9. I also need a help with this topic. I need a working example of PageSize Extension for UniDBGrid for latest UniGUI, thank you!
  10. Tokay

    Disable search engine indexing

    I think that ROBOTS.TXT can help you.
  11. Tokay

    Hyper Server - upload compressed file

    Debug Realease is a half smaller.
  12. Tokay

    Hyper Server - upload compressed file

    My project has 50 mb exe file too 47 Forms, and that's not all we need.
  13. Tokay

    How To Kill An Active Legacy Session ?

    Maybe UniServerModule>ServerLimits>SessionRestrict can help you?
  14. да, так и есть. видимо я случайно серверный таймер использовал. с TUniTimer всё отлично работает!