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  1. HI! I need to know FormStyle of the topmost form: fsNormal or fsStayOnTop, and in the different cases do the different things.
  2. How to find active (topmost) form?
  3. Maybe this approach can help: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13753-need-unifileupload-10gb/&tab=comments#comment-73962
  4. Hi! I try to placed the TUniSweetAlert on the Application Datamodule (in the UniGUI terms). I call TUniSweetAlert.Execute and it hangs here: UniSession.ProcessEvents even after 'OK' button pushed on the alert. When TUniSweetAlert placed on the form all works fine.
  5. Для дат/времен специальных фильтров очень не хватает, подтверждаю. Костыльные варианты есть, но всё не то.
  6. I'ts important to understand that all the data are located in the connected to a grid dataset, but not in the grid. And all needed data manipulations should be carried out with the dataset.
  7. Better way for community is to tell how you fixed the issue.
  8. DevExpress need to be rewritten, JCL and nonvisual JVCL mostly could work as is. The Indy, UniDAC, EAN I think also would work fine, QR could be rewritten, you can do the search on this forum about it.
  9. I've try to open descendant of the TServerControlPanelForm directly from my code (ServerControlPanelForm37.Show), not from the /server link. I also enabled soEnableSessionMonitor and soEnableSessionMonitorAdmin and added code on the descendant OnCreate: UniSession.AllowSessionAdmin := True; SessionsMenu.Enabled := True; ShowSessions1.Enabled := True; TermToolButton.Enabled := True; ShutdownServer.Enabled := True; The form shows and all needed menus and contorl is visible and enabled, but when I push the ShowSessions1 menu item, the form and the app is hangs. I used debug
  10. Ok, great! The TabSessions works great. But how about the ManageServer? It's disabled. I think I found it. The soEnableSessionMonitorAdmin option is needed to enabled on the server module.
  11. TabSessions and ManageServer? I'm use 1545 version now.
  12. You can make descendant from the TServerControlPanelForm (module uniGUIServerCP). And add in the OnCreate event any translation code: with UniStringGrid1 do begin ColWidths[0] := 180; Cells[1, 0] := 'Текущий'; Cells[2, 0] := 'Пик'; Cells[3, 0] := 'Макс'; Also in your descendant form any modification is possisble.
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