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  1. Sanyi

    .removeAtSilent is not a function

    No! Please try my testcase! I tried it with version 1509. I can't see newer version!
  2. Sanyi

    .removeAtSilent is not a function

    any answer please!
  3. Sanyi

    .removeAtSilent is not a function

    Unfortunatelly in new version 1509 not corrected.....
  4. Sanyi

    .removeAtSilent is not a function

    I use your DBGrid - DrawColumnCell demo. I attached 2 buttons Append and Cancel. Try click Append and then Cancel. DBGrid - DrawColumnCell.zip
  5. Sanyi

    .removeAtSilent is not a function

    On my Developer's machine.
  6. Hi Sherzod, thank you. Done. So could you check my problem? Regards, Sándor
  7. Hi! Sorry Sherzod, but why can't I answer to your post? I have no possibility! Answer for your question: I have wrote in my message that I use Regards, Sándor
  8. Hi! I try to cancel my DataSet (connected to DBGrid) and I become an error Message: "O1DB.removeAtSilent is not a function". I have no change in my code since last build, only UniGUI version changed to With old exe works, with new not. In File ...\uniGUI\uni-\ext-unigui-min.js is this removeAtSilent, but in the old one ...\uniGUI\uni-\ext-unigui-min.js not. Please correct this error! Thanks Sanyi Sorry, but I can't answer your post, I can only edit my post... Why.... Answer for your question: I have wrote that I use Best regards, Sanyi