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  1. Hi! In new version 1555 I can't change the options in DBGrid in runtime (old version works!) UniDBGrid1.Options :=UniDBGrid1.Options+[dgRowNumbers]; not working! Please correct it! Regards, Sándor
  2. Hello, I started this node. What Farshad wrote, solved the problem. Regard, Sándor
  3. Hi! How can I hide in UniMap the layer selectoin panel? Thanks Sándor
  4. I need this feature too. With UniEdit works SelectAll Thanks
  5. From Farshad: " Can you please check pool settings regarding ISAPI Pool recycling? http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/index.html?iis_7_0.htm "
  6. ok, but I want it from my App Code
  7. Is it possible to get my node state? I want to know if my node is discarded. Thanks
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    Hello, yes.
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    Hi, I'm building huge applications with UniGUI. If the internet connection is slow, it takes a lot of time until the application appears in the browser of the device. Sometimes the users are thinking that the application is crashed. I would like to show a gif or any animation while the UniGUI page is completely loaded. I tried to show an image in a conventional html and redirect to UniGUI. It is visible as long as some UniGUI components are already loaded and at this point the gif disappears, so the user is not informed about 50 % of the whole loading time of UniGUI. Can you suggest any solution? Thanks a lot in advice! Regards, Sándor
  10. Hi! I have a Grid, with sorting function. That works. But when I make an OnDrawColumnCell event to grid, than not working on iOS (Android is ok), came strange texts. See attached image ios.jpg. I made a testcase from your touch demo all features DBGridColumnSorting (attached) Please correct it. Thanks Sanyi UniGUIMobileGridSort.zip
  11. The application pool is not the same, more differences. I will try, but not now, users in work. Thanks
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