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  1. Hello, there is any module or built-in signature capture for desktop/mobile under ext 6.x ? Regards
  2. KingOrmon

    Signature capture for mobile/desktop

    I refer to a signature capture for mobile/desktop, I see samples in this forum but does not work
  3. Hello, With Sencha 6 samples in forum does not work for me. Any sample that works with sencha 6 ? Thank you
  4. Hello, Touch app does not work under Chrome on Android 8 Please how can I solve it ? I see this under sencha forums https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?394654-Chrome-60-on-Android-wont-load
  5. KingOrmon

    Session terminated when hide browser

    Hello, When addi a shortcut to your iPhone home screen, and change to other app and return session is lost, and my app reload again. is it a normal behaviour ? How can I prevent it ? Regards
  6. Hello, You colud add a new deployment method based on http.sys stack like mORMot does Actualy, can deploy as ISAPI, service, standalone...
  7. KingOrmon

    ISAPI app

    I don´t use quickreport, I am asked for SynPDF over ISAPI...
  8. KingOrmon

    ISAPI app

    Did you get runnig synPDF over ISAPI ? How ?
  9. Hello, HTMLMemo is not implemented for touch ? Regards
  10. KingOrmon


    Using HTTP.sys you can reserved domains like for each services without using IIS www.mydomain.com/remote/service1 www.mydomain.com/remote/service2 www.mydomain.com/remote/service/anouther/server see TMS Sparkle http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/sparkle.asp
  11. KingOrmon


    hello ?
  12. KingOrmon


    Is possible use http.sys for redirection ? many unigui could be share port 80 ?
  13. KingOrmon

    How to use ImageList in high-dpi display

    It works as expected: .x-btn-icon-text-top .x-btn-icon-el { background-size: 32px; }
  14. Hello, When I use 32x32 icons in a toolbar and display is 4k, images are blurred How can I use 64x64 images showing in 32x32 in this case
  15. KingOrmon

    [Mobile] FishFact with Grid

    Yes!, please share code.