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  1. zhyhero

    [question] how to get the JsId of a UniForm ?

    thank you, Sherzod . I will try this .
  2. I am testing something in scene of dynamic create Frame/Form . As a rule, in one From or Form , we can call jscode ajaxRequest(sender,"method",[{Params}] ); , and respond to delphi procedure AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); . sender ==> Ext.getCmp("id"), id ==> sender.id (jscode) . id of Frame ==> frame.FormRegion.JsId; (pascalcode) . if we pass id of target Frame to source Form , then we can call target frame's method by begin self.unisession.addjs('ajaxRequest(Ext.getCmp("id"),"Method",[{params}])'); end; in source Form . same thing with Frame and Frame. id of Form ,I can't get , (but we have form.show(callbackproc) and form.showmodal(callbackproc) ). So, how to get the JsId of a UniForm ?
  3. zhyhero

    Using NGINX with Unigui

    probably proxy_redirect off;
  4. 那个bmdbgrid是你写的吗?能不能给我一份最新的学习一下?

  5. zhyhero

    pass values dbgrid to frame rowexpand

    rowexpand aframe:=taframe. create(container); aframe. x:=2019; aframe. aprocedure(2019); rowcontrol:=aframe;
  6. Temporary,I do this with DBTreeGird and DBGrid.
  7. zhyhero

    invalid session or session timeout default page

    Sorry, ignore this
  8. testcase -> CheckBoxesInDbTreeGrid.zip new img
  9. hello. I want to make checkboxes disable , readonly or invisable in red box area, checkbox is set column.checkboxfield.enabled=true. Any idea?
  10. 19001504 Project Demo "Grid - ActionColumn" *There 55 records in dataset. Set UniDBGrid.Options.dgDontShowSelected:=true; this is the reason. and dgRowNumbers=true ,only for show RecNo ,not the reason click pervpage nextpage button then.......
  11. zhyhero

    DBLookupComboBox set value

    unidblookupcombobox1.keyvalue:=unidblookupcombobox1.listsource.dataset.fieldbyname(unidblookupcombobox1.keyfield). value
  12. zhyhero

    RowWidget - "Argument out of range"

    Another problem, RowWidget at last page may not work well. 19001504 Project Demo "Grid RowWidget" *There are 55 records in Dataset. UniDBGrid.WebOptions.Paged:=True; PageSize:=10; PageSize:=11;
  13. zhyhero

    RowWidget - "Argument out of range"

    Reported http://jira.fmsoft.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/4/FSD-1413
  14. Project Demo "Grid - RowWidget" 1.Set WebOptions.Paged=True. 2.Expand 2 or more RowWidget. 3.Switch Page Got a "Argument out of range" error message
  15. zhyhero


    Hi Hayri, can I control when to create the RowConrol ( or Container) for purpose ? something like procedure TMainForm.UniDBGrid1RowExpand(Sender: TUniCustomDBGrid;const RowId: Integer; var RowControl: TControl; Container: TUniContainer); begin if someflag=true then begin RowControl:=TSomeUniControl.Create(Container); end else begin nothing Created; end; end;