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  1. Maybe "colspan" is better than "merge". For some reason , some text 's length more than the cell's (summary or totalsummary ) width, Can I "colspan" all cells(summary row or totalsummary row) as one cell to display long text.
  2. example: Summary/TotalSummar row : | cell1(col1) | cell2(col2) | cell3(col3) | to | cell1(col1) |
  3. Ok,Here is a demo UniDBGrid_ClientEvent_BeforeEdit.zip And looks like
  4. Two columns,Combobox as column2.editor When i click cell at column2 to enter editing mode , i want update combobox.items first(beforeedit) and it depend on cell.text at column1, After that, combobox show it's items list(dropdown).
  5. function beforeedit(editor, context, eOpts) { context.colIdx;// this can get column index context.field;// this can get column field index ????? //howtoget column fieldname ajaxRequest(this,"GetFieldName",["FieldName="+?????]); }
  6. Yes ,use urlframe ,and it show and print pdf file depend on webbrowser's pdf viewer.
  7. This knock down me too, After some tests ,I use urlframe to show and print my pdf file.
  8. Thx ,i will try another way.
  9. UniDBGridCheckBox.zip 1.when click a datacell(row) , last selected state lost. 2.when switch page,last selected state lost.
  10. Columns are created dynamically. When one column.readonly set to true ,all other columns both readonly too . col := self.UniDBGrid1.Columns.Add; col.FieldName := 'Name'; col.Width := 120; col.ReadOnly := true; col.Title.Caption := 'Name'; UniDBGridTest1.zip
  11. just an idea. 1.get you app's PID 2 find same exename process's PIDs 3 kill PIDs all.......
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