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  1. zhyhero

    Any idea about ActionColumn Button hide or show ?

    One ActionColumn Button When meet the condition 1 ,Button image or iconcls =A When meet the condition 2, Button image or iconcls =B when meet the condition 3, Button image or iconcls =C (Blank image or something).......
  2. zhyhero

    Any idea about ActionColumn Button hide or show ?

    Sorry, I didn't say it clearly. My question should look like this image.
  3. zhyhero

    Any idea about ActionColumn Button hide or show ?

    Thank you ,Sherzod ! It's worked.
  4. zhyhero

    Any idea about ActionColumn Button hide or show ?

    Yes , of course . And another question ,can i change buttons imageindex or iconcls dynamically ?
  5. I have a ActionColumn (Unidbgrid) with 3 Buttons (Id 0,1,2). When meet the condition 1 ,Button 0 and Button 1 show ,Button 2 hide. When meet the condition 2, Button 0 and Button 2 hide,Button 1 show. when meet the condition 3, Button 0 and Button 1 hide, Button 2,show. What can I do ?
  6. zhyhero

    Some UniDBLookupComboBox questions

    I replace FDMemTable to ClientDataSet, and get same effect. With style =csDropDown , record.no=24, Data( 2,3,6,12,24 ) trans to Lv1(2),Lv2(3),Lv3(6),Lv4(12),Lv5(24) when record.no=25,Data( 2,3,7,13,25 ) trans to Lv1(2),Lv2(3),Lv3(6),Lv4(12),Lv5(24) , something happened.
  7. zhyhero

    Some UniDBLookupComboBox questions

    At first ,I don't know how to explain this accurately (or exactly ) . I use five UniDBLookupComboBoxs as 'level' selectors , and link datasources to their 'linksource' property(with 'ListFiled' and 'Keyfield'). And Set 'MasterSource','MasterFields','IndexFieldNames' with FDMemTables (Is this called data 'cascade connection' ? ). The UniDBGrid Show some data with level infomation. Three FDMemTables (lv1-lv5) groups have same data. So if i click one row on the UniDBGrid, these Unidblookupcomboboxs will show level infomations according to currunt row's data(Id,id id....) of unidbgrid. And then get some confusing things. First, with some row data (id,id,id....),unidblookupcombobox show nothing (with style csDropDownList and csSimple). Second, 'Keyvalue:=xxx' pass wrong data to dataset ,not every time. (This is my wrong with data record 25 ,correct it ) Third, each Unidblookupcombobox's style( I test csDropDown,csDropDownList and csSimple) get diffrent effect . At end ,i hope someone may know what I say......... Here is s testcase. testcase reupload here aDemo.rar
  8. zhyhero

    UniDbgrid roweditor was drawing at wrong position unidbgrid.forcefit=true 2 null fieldname columns ,visible are false No css code,No clientevent code. if set forcefit false,nothing looks strange. I guess the reason are unidbgrid.forceit=true + column.visible=false
  9. zhyhero

    Any idea to set color with UniCheckBox.FieldLabel?

    Thank you . I will try this. UniCheckBox.FieldLabelFont is missing ?
  10. I want to set the unicheckbox.fieldlabel's color. What can i do ?
  11. zhyhero

    Rad Studio 10.3 avaliable

    Waiting for new ver unigui for delphi 10.3,i guess it is 1.70.0
  12. zhyhero

    Selected record

    Look like this ? unidbgridrecordselect.rar
  13. zhyhero

    Selected record

    Maybe you can try conditional font color