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  1. Marker.Delete(Index:integer); Index<>aMarker.ID
  2. Server side: You can put your create code in ServerModule's OnBeforeInit,OnCreate or OnServerStartup event section ,and destroy code in OnDestroy event section. Client side: Set your UniWebSocket.Url property ='ws://localhost:port/whatever'. btw: mORMot1 example 31 include a 'Project31SimpleEchoServer.html' file , try to read Project31WinHTTPEchoServer.dpr to understand how to use this file.
  3. Go => mORMot and Open Source friends: Synopse OpenSource synopse (ab) · GitHub
  4. in servermodule just create module,create ws ,destroy ws , free module.
  5. mormot_WebSocket_server.zip These codes are on the basis of mORMot ver 1 , "samples 31 - websocket : Project 31WinHttpEchoServer.dpr " . And use mORMot ver 2 api. Use these by your purpose.
  6. he want hide the "layers control"
  7. Sorry for misunderstand. It looks no direct control code, but map.addlayer(), map.removelayer(). Or use leaflet extension or plugin GitHub - gisarmory/Leaflet.ShowHideLayerGroup: Leaflet.ShowHideLayerGroup
  8. I think you can setup a custom MapLayer , and use custom img as base background map; procedure TMainForm.UniMapMapLayers0CustomLayerUrl(Sender: TObject; var TileLayerUrl: string); begin TileLayerUrl := '/files/clear.png'; //custom image end; Then darw you vectors and markers by code. About compass and direction ? I dont know now.
  9. After some test , TUniWebSocket component is working with mormot's THttpApiWebSocketServer componet.
  10. For now ,I add code to unimap.pas 640 JSCallGlobal('L.map', [FMapJSName, 641 JSObject([ 'crs',JSStatement('L.CRS.Simple'), // config crs to simple for x,y mode 642 'center', JSArray([DefaultLat, DefaultLong]), 643 'zoom', DefaultZoom, 644 'id', -1, 645 'InternalId', NextInternalID, 646 'layers', JSArray([JSStatement(JSName+'uniLayer0')]) 647 ]) 648 ], FMapJSName); Any other way ?
  11. use UniButtonWidget with Column.WidgetColumn ,but it is not visible with roweditor.
  12. I Create a Service Project , find a strange thing. I set Displayname="UniGuiServiceDemo". then i run cmd "myservice.exe -install " I check this service in Control Panel,Services Service Name is "UniGuiServiceDemo" I Check this service at TaskManager,Services Service Name is "UniServiceModule",and Service Discription is "UniGuiServiceDemo". OS is Windows 10 64bit. so, how to fix this .....
  13. I use these components for auto gather input datas to clientdataset. so i can use them through "clientdataset.fieldbyname('').as*****" , or use clientdataset onCalcFields method . for now i have to write "TUniEdit(UniDBEdit1).EmptyText:= '<please input>';"
  14. Update. After change "Column.Flex" to default value 0 with my main app, it's DBGrids loading time resume normally. I think "Column.Flex" has some performance problem.
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