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  1. I've downloaded the latest version (march 2019) of the UNIGUI. And recompiled a mobile app that had worked on mobile phones. Now the screen layout is huge. It's about 2X taller and 2X wider than before. So now the whole form can't be fully displayed. You only get a portion of the form on the mobile screen. For example, the titlebutton that shows the cool power off icon is gigantic. I looked at the mainmodule.MobileViewPort (initialScale and MaximumScale) properties. They were set to "2". I changed them to "1". Still no difference in the large (zoomed) display on the screen. Is there something that I can do to make it fit again? The prior version that worked was from 2017, if that gives any clues. I don't have a website that I can insert a "link" as a screenshot . Sorry. Thanks Davie
  2. vbdavie

    Get list of sessions users

    I've spent some time looking for a way to get a list of sessions from the servermodule or mainmodule and can't seem to find anything. I want to be able to see a list of users that are using the app. So, if 10 people are on-line, then I should be able to see all 10 of their session instances. Some kind of instance array. Once I have this, I am hoping that I can issue some sort of "LogOut" method to KILL a specific user. Is this possible? Thanks Davie
  3. I feel dumb here. I downloaded the FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.70.0.1493_Trial.exe after 18 month gap and noticed that the new look & feel is very different. My app used to have vibrant blue rounded buttons and red power-off icons that looked cool. Now they are ... 1. Rectangular and solid color 2. And in the grids where I could drag my mouse up and down to scroll the list up and down, then drag scrolling doesn't work anymore. I went to the online demo and it looks/works as expected(cool) and the dragging worked as expected. I compiled the new demos and ran them and they TOO are not draggable to scroll the grid list and the buttons don't look as cool. Is there some new property that I need to set in order to get that look/feel back again? Or did sencha remove the "coolness" from the OEM version? Something has changed and I don't know how to get it back. Thanks Davie
  4. I like the look and feel of the mobile stuff. I would like a little extra space vertically. And as such, I am trying to figure out how to.... Make browser tool bar at the top invisible. For example: On Android phone, I see the chrome tool bar with the URL etc... Dynamically set ShowTitle to FALSE so that I don't lose that quarter of an inch at the top with the dark blue bar.... In landscape mode this is important. Less important in portrait mode. Change some kind of scaling property so that my whole screen is smaller (smaller font, smaller graphics etc... just like changing resolution of your desktop). Change the row height or column header height of a unimDBGrid I have explored #4 by using all kinds of EXTevents and UNIevents and placing code in the onCreate method etc.. No luck of any kind. I would imagine that this is a popular question. I don't even mind if it's as crude as chaning the whole display resolution. IE: The whole screen is affected, as opposed to just a particular control. I just need a few more rows of display space. I am using version Thanks Davie
  5. vbdavie

    unimDBGrid - Text size

    Hello; I would like to change the HEIGHT of the unimDBGrid in both the header and the data rtows. I've seen several posts here that are older and looked like they may have promise to work, but I couldn't get any of them to work. Here's a snippet that I thought might work, but didn't. Hi Hank. One of the solutions, try: UniDBGrid1 -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents ... add the afterrender function function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { sender.getEl().select('.x-progress-text').each(function (el) {el.setStyle("font-size", "14px")}) } Sincerely. The post indicated to add a "afterrenderter" function. I couldn't find the "afterrender" in the list, when I opened unimDBGrid1 -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents in the properties window. Is there a way to do this? In particular, I am interested in doing this for the MOBILE DBGrid. I'm probably misunderstanding something. The reason I want smaller text is so that I can have more rows displayed on the phone. As a side-note, I don't even care if the font is smaller as long as I can get the row height smaller. The text actually is small enough. There's just way too much empy space above and below the text, within each row. Thanks in advance Davie
  6. As mentioned prior, it's uniGUI version I didn't mention that it's TRIAL, so maybe that makes a diff, don't know. When I was talking about the ZIP file, I was refering to the fact that I wanted to attach a ZIP file to my posted message. I couldn't see how to do that in the forum's editor. That is why I copied/pasted all the source code into the message page. Thanks for looking into this. Davie
  7. Hello all; I have had an issue for qute some time and just now figured out what's going on. SYMPTOM: A TuniChart line graphs looks garbled<junk> when some panels have their visible property changed in the main form's OnCreate method. If i remove these visible property changes from the OnCreate, then the uniChart looks perfect. Very odd. It only happens to a chart sitting on a PageControl tabl. It does NOT happen to a chart sitting in TabControl tab. And it does NOT happen, when it's just sitting on the main form. Very wierd. uniGUI ver (bug has existed for over a year) FireFox (all versions that I've tested, including 52.1.0 <32bit> ) Another odd thing, is that it works on some older versions of InternetExplorer. Haven't tested on newer versions. AND it works on my latest CHROME version as well. It seems to be isolated with FireFox. I have a ZIP file that contains the test project that shows the problem. But I don't know where to place the ZIP file. I thought I could just attach it to this message, but I don't see how to do it. Darn, I can't find how to upload attachment. Here is the main.pas file I wonder if anybody knows what's going on with this strange interaction. Thanks Davie
  8. vbdavie

    Layout Percentage question

    I see the "Layout" property. Many choices. What I'm trying to do is to make a panel that has TWO charts on it. Simple so far. Then as the window is stretched wider or narrower, I want the two charts to resize so that they always take up have the window. Basically the left chart will be 50% width and the right chart will also be 50% width. How to do? Davie
  9. vbdavie

    Layout Percentage question

    Okay, will try Thanks DAvie
  10. vbdavie

    Layout Percentage question

    I am using unigui version Using FireFox version43.0.1 When I use the layoutperc.dfm and add some controls on it, they don't resize as I would expect. So, I'm probably doing something wrong. I put a combobox and tabcontrol and mem and several others To the right-most panel. I set the ANCHORS so that the "right" anchor was "true". Thus, I was expecting the control to widen and shrink according to how wide the panel was. So, if I made the form full screen, then all the panels widen. Thus I would expect the controls that had the "right-anchor" to also widen. This is not happening Therefore, I think I must not be doing something that I should be doing. Please help Thanks Davie
  11. vbdavie

    Ordering uniGUI Product

    As I mentioned before, the company I do work for will want to get the real product instead of the trial version. There is no obvious place/link on the home page that says "Buy" or "Purchase" like most other web sites. So, tell me the steps to tell the person paying the bills... in order to get this thing ordered and paid for and what the various options are. Thanks Davie
  12. vbdavie

    New Trial version doesn't compile

    Okay, I downloaded it again and the filesize matched what you wanted. I compared it against the file I downloaded a couple days ago and it's the same file. I used WinMerge to do the file compare and it says "files are identical". That means I would get the same results. So, I decided to go back and look what the uninstaller left behind. There were a bunch of dcus and project cache files. I removed them manually and then it installed. So, I believe these remnants are the culprit. Thanks Davie P.S. I'll remember to remove these additional files after running the uninstall next time
  13. vbdavie

    New Trial version doesn't compile

    The one I got yesterday named.... FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_0%2e99%2e80%2e1253_Trial.exe So, I guess it's ? Thanks Davie
  14. Hey. The company I work for is ready to register the UNIGui, but I wanted to come back and install the latest version. We had been busy on other projects over the past 2 months. When I went to compile and install the components like I did back in Oct and Aug, I am getting errors. I am using the UNIGUI2013PlusGroup, I started to compile and install the various bpls and when I got to the UNIGUI17.BPL, I am getting errors with MISSING DCUs. Such as uniGUIControlLogin,dcu and UniScreenMask.dcu and there are probably others. I looked in the DCU folder for 2013 "X:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Dcu\Delphi2013" and those DCUs were not there I am using XE3 and I have used the Delphi2013 before when I installed back in Aug and Oct. What can I do to resolve this? Thanks Davie
  15. vbdavie

    Audio Doesn't Play (Resolved)

    SOLVED Wow, I would have never thought that the issue was with RDP. See, I have an old pc in my living room. I work from there and remote desktop into my kickass machine in my green room. All audio transfers to my local living room's pc just fine. Never had an issue. I can play youtube, vlc player, windows media player. I can click on the speaker in the system tray and they all produce sound onto my living room pc. But the audio from the HTML5 did not. So, I thought, huh, I'll go back into the green room and use the machine. That way i'm not using RDP. WOW, the WAV file played. The oog and mp3 did not, but that's understandable. So, the wav played locally. Very interesting that that sound didn't redirect to the local machine in the living room when all the other sound was. Oh well. Davie