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  1. It is your registered email: oleg.aln02@yandex.ru
  2. Hi, There is no forum account registered to: aln02@mail.ru
  3. Hi, You private key (Key.pem file) most probably needs a password.
  4. Please go to Components->Install Packages. Check for any uniGUI related packages.
  5. uSynEdit_2019 package is somehow installed into your IDE. Please remove it first.
  6. Warning this applies only to uniGUI Professional edition. (No change is needed for Complete Pro) Please open file ..\Core\License.inc Edit the file: {$define Commercial_License} {$define ED_NOT_PLUS}
  7. I recall that your server PC was running Windows 10. Is it a cloud server or an in-house server? Can to try on a different PC running a Server Windows OS?
  8. Do you have any sort of 3rd party Anti-Virus software running on your server?
  9. Hi, Is this your Node application? ETW_Server.exe
  10. Can you send me public URL of your site in PM?
  11. Does your site work normally? (Without /server path)
  12. Hello, You need to load your certificate files on IIS. IIS has a user interface to manage Certifcates and SSL setup. All you need is the required SSL certificate files which can be obtained from your SSL provider.
  13. We update the trial edition frequently. If your current version is expired you can continue with the latest version.
  14. It shows that another app is running on same port. Make sure no other uniGUI app is running in background.
  15. These are the Windows OS "Handle" resources. Handles are used in various resource types. For example each open file consumes one OS "Handle". It is monitored to make sure there are no Handle leaks. As an example, if you open a file but forget to close it, this action will leak one handle.
  16. Main log for TwMobile.exe is missing!
  17. Hi, Please also share the main log.
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