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  1. Merhaba, uniGUI uygulamalarında websocket sunucu tarafından web istemcilerine doğrudan mesaj göndermek için kullanılır. Siz hangi uca (sunucu, web istemcisi) veri yollamak istiyorsunuz?
  2. Can you please attach a sample project?
  3. What will be the usage for this function? In a single application a function can return this value easily because websockets server is embedded in the application, but in a cluster only the actual WebSockets server knows this number.
  4. Farshad Mohajeri


    Unfortunately we had to cancel it for time being.
  5. Your are correct. It is not included in the source deployment. It will be fixed in the next build. Meanwhile I will send it to you in a PM.
  6. Hi, uniGUIApache.pas is included in uniGUI source codes. Compiler should compile it when you compile your app.
  7. It clearly shows that Delphi is messing up things. I will try to figure it out.
  8. Can you debug your app and see if actually below line is executed? initialization --> CPPInit;
  9. Try comparing Uses section of the Main.pas between working project and your project.
  10. Hello, Can you try in a new blank uniGUI project?
  11. I have checked with the latest demo in our website and it seems to work as expected.
  12. Since all will run on same PC you must make sure port ranges won't overlap.
  13. Can you try same configuration on same PC with Server Nodes running on different ports (but in same computer)?
  14. Your configuration seems to be correct unless there's something related to your network which prevents communication or some sort of anti virus software which blocks ports or maybe a firewall issue.
  15. Can you please send your certificate files to us -> info@ fmsoft.net.
  16. Is your private key sent to you by your SSL provider? I am asking this because if you create your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file yourself, the key file will be on your PC and it will be protected by a password given during creating the CSR.
  17. If there is no password then leave the password field as blank.
  18. Hi, Password is for your private key. A password is asked when you create your private key.
  19. Hello, First of all, make sure token parameter is set correctly for both servers.
  20. Yes, I checked the linked you posted and indeed nginx doesn't like underscores in header field names. We will change it in next build to something else.
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