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  1. Farshad Mohajeri

    No license after paying

    Can you please specify your order ID?
  2. Farshad Mohajeri

    unidbgrid satir numarasi verme

    Bir sonraki Build içerisinde gelecek bu özellik.
  3. Farshad Mohajeri

    Unigui Kameradan Barcode, Qr Code Okuyup Alabilir miyiz?

    Merhaba, uniGUI'nin hangi sürümü ile denediniz?
  4. Farshad Mohajeri

    hyperserver url

    Yes, it is good to hear from him and his experience with Wine.
  5. Farshad Mohajeri

    hyperserver url

    We can't guarantee stability on Wine. It will work, but you should fully stress test your app against stability issues.
  6. Farshad Mohajeri

    hyperserver url

    We can't publish a new build as soon as a bug is reported. It is almost impossible to do that. Compared with other software products we have a much faster release rate.
  7. Farshad Mohajeri

    hyperserver url

    We are trying to finish the new build. Your reported bugs will be addressed.
  8. Farshad Mohajeri

    hyperserver url

    Hi, This issue will be addressed in the next build.
  9. Farshad Mohajeri

    Problem Form

    Version 1397 was never published as a trial edition. The only possibility remained here is that you are using the cracked edition.
  10. Farshad Mohajeri

    Upgrade to Complete

    Please send an email to support. Thanks
  11. Farshad Mohajeri

    Upgrade to Complete

    Your reqıuest is received. Thanks
  12. Farshad Mohajeri

    I think my requests are not useful.

    Hi, We've neither ignored nor found them not useful. We have lots of requests still waiting in our queue, including yours. We have not ignored them, especially if it is in our support portal. Mini Roadmap: We will publish a bug fix release first. (Maybe more one) After that, we will publish a feature request release. Yours will also be reviewed and addressed properly at that stage.
  13. Farshad Mohajeri

    Upgrade to Complete

    I think I found the problem. Can you please try again? Thank you.
  14. Farshad Mohajeri

    Upgrade to Complete

    Hello, You do this simply by going to Customer Portal and choosing Add A product Option: To change your email address, please send a request email from your current email address to "support at fmsoft . net."
  15. Farshad Mohajeri

    uniGUI trying to close window on start

    As always, all difficult problems have simple solutions!
  16. Farshad Mohajeri

    Is it possible to create a project without setting up a theme?

    Without a theme, you won't be able to see a web page.
  17. Farshad Mohajeri

    The best windows system for hyperServer ?

    Any Server edition of Windows should work fine. As Gerhard said, make sure your are using Windows Server edition. IIS on desktop editions limits incoming connections to something between 5 - 20.
  18. Farshad Mohajeri

    How to configure hyperserver to call others dll

    Hi, Currently, you can only define one EXE for each Hyperserver instance. If you have multiple DLLs you need to set up a separate Hyperserver instance. In the future, we will allow same Hyperserver instance to load more than one EXE. This feature will be implemented.
  19. Farshad Mohajeri

    Microsoft MSXML is not installed

    Hi, Have you set the Pool Identity to LocalSystem? http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/using-a-different-account-for-.htm
  20. Farshad Mohajeri

    Microsoft MSXML is not installed

    Also, in your Node app ServerModule->AutoCoInitialize must be set to True.
  21. Farshad Mohajeri

    Microsoft MSXML is not installed

    Hello, Is it same if you deploy your app in DLL form without using HyperServer?
  22. Farshad Mohajeri

    A loginForm problem

    You can easily do it in support portal.
  23. Farshad Mohajeri

    A loginForm problem

    Hi, Have you opened a support ticket for this?
  24. Farshad Mohajeri


    You need to use Blocking version of prompt. function Prompt(const AMsg, AValue: string; DlgType: TMsgDlgType; Buttons: TMsgDlgButtons; var UserValue: string; MultiLines:Boolean): Integer;
  25. Farshad Mohajeri

    I am sure your uniGUI1480 have some wrong

    Hi, In order to trace the problem, we need to know how to reproduce it. Can you please share a sample project?