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  1. TUniImageList is not supported on Linux. You should use TUniNativeImageList instead.
  2. Can you please also check this setting: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/using-a-different-account-for-.htm
  3. Nodes are not accessible by HyperServer. Make sure that a Firewall is not blocking your Nodes. Can you also send a log from one of your nodes?
  4. I see, So setting it back to 8 should help.
  5. 50 is a big value for MaxNodes. Normally 8 or 16 should be enough. How many sessions does your HyperServer instance serve?
  6. I couldn't fully understand because it is not in English, but it seems that some parameters are incorrect.
  7. Hello It seems that your ISAPI Pool is not configured properly and it is recycled by the IIS.
  8. Thanks. Forum attachments are only available to uniGUI subscribers.
  9. Hi Pablo, Are these Datamodules created using uniGUI wizard?
  10. Hello, Can you check if there is a 3rd party Firewall or virus scanner on your server?
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