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  1. Yes, exactly. It is one of the main features of the HyperServer.
  2. Such syntax should be avoided. It is only valid on your PC and not valid across WWW.
  3. Hello Please analyze your log files. First of all, log files of suspended Nodes. Secondly, log files of HyperServer.
  4. Hi, We will publish a build to address all D11 related issues. Thanks
  5. From what I see, your company owns two licenses. Why not take the straight-forward path and assign one of these licenses to your email address which can be done very easily in the customer portal. There is no need to complicate things when there are simple ways to avoid it. Thanks
  6. The right way is to transfer the license to you. uniGUI licenses are named licenses. If your boss is also a developer then this license belongs to him and he can not share it with you or anyone else. uniGUI licenses are named licenses. If you are a developer in your company then you need a separate license. If your boss is not a developer then he can easily assign your forum email to his account. In this case he can not own a subscriber forum account of his own, because as I said, each license can only be used by one developer.
  7. Hello, I don't understand why it is so difficult. Your company owner can go to the portal and simply insert your forum email address in below field:
  8. The DCU64 path is automatically added to IDE search path, so under normal conditions there is no need to make any changes in IDE paths. Please specify your Delphi and uniGUI versions.
  9. OK. To get better support please use your company forum account. Thanks
  10. Well, do you own two different forum accounts with different names?
  11. Hello, Have you tried building the project instead of compiling?
  12. Hello, Can you please check to see if these files are available under DCU folder?
  13. Actually it attempts to connect each 10 seconds + 3 seconds timeout = 13 In a server farm server nodes should be on same LAN or at least you should make sure that connection between master and slaves is fast and always available.
  14. HyperServer uses a short connection timeout when pinging ServerNodes. It is 3 seconds. We assume that all ServerNodes are in same LAN or same Data Center, so they should respond fast! I will increase the Timeout to 5 seconds.
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