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  1. Please make sure that you have opened the tree node and clicked on the correct row:
  2. Hi, How about build 1508? Can you download it?
  3. Hello, Your pool settings can be incorrect. It should use LocalSystem as pool identity.
  4. From what I know there are no plans to include Linux in Pro. It may change in future though.
  5. recycle_after_idle_secs=300 You can remove above line. It is no longer used. recycle_after_idle_seconds=0 For above line set it to max amount that a session is allowed to remain idle. For example 15 minutes (15x60=900 secs)? It depends on your application design. What is the max amount of time where a Node may stay idle? Set it to that amount and HyperServer will destroy that Node if it remains idle more than that period.
  6. In CFG file of your hyperserver. Please see docs: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/installing-and-configuring-hyp.htm
  7. The attached image above are too small. It is hard to see the details. Have you tried setting "recycle_after_idle_seconds" parameter of HyperServer?
  8. I sent you a PM. Please check...
  9. The conversion rate that your bank uses may be different.
  10. The 3d secure window will not appear in all e-commerce sites.
  11. Hi, Thank you for your order. From what I see there was a problem with your credit card. It seems to be either a balance issue or another sort of restriction. Can you check if your card is ready to make the payment?
  12. We will also try to find a solution with SSL and standalone exe in Linux.
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