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  1. Farshad Mohajeri

    Status 404 error when trying to upload hyperserver

  2. Farshad Mohajeri

    C++ Custom Component (Ver 1500 trial, cbuilder 10.2.3)

    I am referring to Please see below docs: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/installation_instructions.htm http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/runtime-packages--c-builder.htm
  3. Farshad Mohajeri

    C++ Custom Component (Ver 1500 trial, cbuilder 10.2.3)

    Hi, Make sure you statically link all libs with your exe.
  4. Farshad Mohajeri

    uniFMask error

    Can you please review the log file?
  5. Farshad Mohajeri

    uniGUI Editions

    Yes, please go to our online store and choose "Purchase Order" as payment method:
  6. Farshad Mohajeri

    uniGUI Editions

    In this case license will be issued after payment is completed.
  7. Farshad Mohajeri

    uniGUI Editions

    It is a large string of Base16.
  8. Farshad Mohajeri

    uniGUI Editions

    Hello, Software is delivered immediately after completion of purchase.
  9. Farshad Mohajeri

    Multi Hyperserver

    HyperServer gets its Port number from CFG file with same name. So crm.exe will read crm.cfg to get its port number.
  10. Farshad Mohajeri

    About Node, Session, and Error File Upload in HyperServer

    Let me start with 3: Please follow below instructions: http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/adjusting-upload-limit.htm
  11. Farshad Mohajeri

    How highlight unidbgrid search result like mark.js?

    You've been banned from our forums once. Now you've come back with same IP, but with a different nick. You've remained undetected for quite a while. Congratulations! You are using a leaked copy of uniGUI and you still expect support from us? Why? You are a shameless person. Why don't you have any respect for other people's hard work? This time not only your forum account also and all of your IPs will be banned from forums.
  12. Farshad Mohajeri

    Could not compile used unit Ext

    Yes, DCU files are enough.
  13. Farshad Mohajeri

    Could not compile used unit Ext

    There is no need to re-install Windows. That file "InstDecode.pas should be under folder UniTools\Dcu Please try installing uniGUI with default options.
  14. Farshad Mohajeri

    Could not compile used unit Ext

    Thank you. Can you please provide me a TeamViewer connection? Please send credentials in a PM.
  15. Farshad Mohajeri

    Retain scrollbar positions when treegrid data is refreshed

    I think this is a trivial issue for your POC development. Even if we fix this issue, it will be only available in commercial builds not the trial edition.