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  1. Farshad Mohajeri

    Loading... message

    Hi, Can you please open the source page of the web page showing "loading... " and paste that information here?
  2. Farshad Mohajeri

    Encrypt the password when sent to the server.

    SSL is the right solution.
  3. Farshad Mohajeri

    Fastreport Refresh

    Hi, What's dmreports? It isn't clear from your code.
  4. Farshad Mohajeri

    Firedac query On UniServerModule, is it best practice?

    Hi, No, it's the worst practice. Please use Mainmodule for this purpose, or put query components directly on related forms.
  5. Farshad Mohajeri

    FMX Mobile + WebBrowser + UniGUI = Unreachable part at the top

    Yes, but the problem here is that it is not directly related to uniGUI. We can't guarantee that uniGUI will work in all embedded browser environments. In order to resolve this issue we need to re-construct the same environment as yours, including the FMX application running on an iOS device.The complexity of the test environment prevents us to find a prompt solution.
  6. Farshad Mohajeri

    UNiGUi formlarını çağırma

    1397 sürümünü neden kullanıyor sunuz? Hem crack kullanıp hem bizden destek mi istiyorsunuz?
  7. Farshad Mohajeri

    Hyperserver Stability. How stable it is ?

    Yes, for HTTP communication we use Indy library.
  8. Farshad Mohajeri

    Не работает приложение x64

    With IIS, you will use HyperServer DLL file. Our own customer portal is running on HyperServer for months. You can use 32bit EXE with HyperServer. Please review our HyperServer documents for details.
  9. Farshad Mohajeri

    Не работает приложение x64

    You can switch to HyperServer and continue using your 32-bit app. İf you have 2000 users it is recommended to use HyperServer.
  10. Farshad Mohajeri

    connection error, communication failure: 0

    Could you resolve the issue?
  11. Farshad Mohajeri

    connection error, communication failure: 0

    No. You can use it.
  12. Farshad Mohajeri

    connection error, communication failure: 0

    What is the purpose of this?
  13. Farshad Mohajeri

    IIS 8 Deploy problem

    Aşama aşama dokümandaki adımları takip edin.
  14. Farshad Mohajeri

    Web-Monil App.

    Yes. See our Hybrid demo.
  15. Farshad Mohajeri

    C++ builder

    Merhaba, Kullanım kılavuzunda C++ ile ilgili detaylar da var. C++ kurulumu için RAD Studio'nun kurulu olması gerekiyor. http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/index.html?installation_instructions.htm