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  1. Farshad Mohajeri

    Create Form constructor not working

    The EXE file you have sent above is compiled with a commercial version of uniGUI. This license belongs to h***@e**m.com You will be banned from forums and the original license holder's account will be terminated.
  2. Farshad Mohajeri

    Create Form constructor not working

    Trial or commercial?
  3. Farshad Mohajeri

    Could not compile used unit Ext

    Hi, Could you make any progress on this?
  4. Farshad Mohajeri

    How to use UniReCAPTCHA?

    You can simply put them in same folder your application resides.
  5. Farshad Mohajeri

    UniTreeMenu does not load images added from a uniNativeImageList.

    Hi, Your email is not found in our list of registered users.
  6. Farshad Mohajeri

    How do I know if I have more than one active section?

    Currently the only way to achieve this to create a db table and create an entry when a new session is created. Likewise you will delete the entry when session is freed.
  7. Merhaba Session timeout parametresi kaç milisaniye acaba
  8. Farshad Mohajeri


    Can you please specify the ticket numbers you are waiting to be resolved?
  9. Farshad Mohajeri

    تعداد کاربران بر خط برای پروژه های یونی

    Yes, in our documents.
  10. Farshad Mohajeri

    HyperServer SSL

  11. In uniDBGrid line 4856 Change: JSFunction('g', 'var ct=g.headerCt;if(ct.getEl()){var h=ct.getHeight();if(h>20){ct.setMaxHeight(h)}};')
  12. Farshad Mohajeri

    Version 1498 is not present in customer portal ?

    Please try again now! It should be right there! Sorry for the delay.
  13. Farshad Mohajeri

    Demo "Show Source Files" - Does not works

    Thanks for letting me know I will fix it
  14. Farshad Mohajeri

    HyperServer SSL

    I will implement a fix in next build.