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  1. Yes, it seems so. You can also create native Apache modules in uniGUI.
  2. Hello, I use FireFox 99% of all time. I couldn't observe such a behavior. Can you provide a link for me to test.
  3. HyperServer for Linux is under beta test. We plan to release it soon.
  4. No, it is just another Node. NodeZero indicates that this Node Id is equal to zero. NodeZero also has a special purpose. If you set "persistent_node_zero" to true, it will ensure that Node zero will always be available and running, so you can execute part of your code in that Node which requires continuous availability. Such as a Thread Timer which executes special tasks in certain time intervals.
  5. Fix will be available in next build. Workaround is to create Frame in Form's OnCreate event instead of OnShow event.
  6. Launching an external app from a browser is not possible unless app is associated with a certain file type. For example you send a PNG file to client and if PNG files are associated with MS Paint then it is possible.
  7. Hi Oscar, uniGUI internal SSL implementation is based on OpenSSL and Indy. It may not be up to date and it may have some flaws. If you want an up to date SSL solution you need to deploy your app as ISAPI Module to Microsoft IIS or Apache for Windows.
  8. Yes, correct. When you change to clientside alignment you must also set the alignment rules properly.
  9. ErrorMessage method is for internal use only. You can use UniSession.Alert() method instead.
  10. Hello Your app tries to load runtime for uniGUI build 1425. Which means it is compiled with that version. So you should have runtime for build 1425.
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