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  1. stevewong

    Unidbgrid vertical oriented column title

    Test case attached. Have a unidbgrid with 3 colunms, 1 is horizontal, while the last 2 is vertical. With the 2 vertical column header, one title called "short" which can be displaycorrectly and the other is called "very logn title" that can not display properly. If I change the "height: 40px;" to "height: 140px;" then nothing display on the top of the grid. Please help ! Vertical-Column-Header.zip
  2. stevewong

    Unidbgrid vertical oriented column title

    Hi, Thanks for your solution, it works, but for short column title. If the column title is "Name", then a height of 40px will do. But if the column title is "This is a long Header" and I set height to 100, then the column header did not show up ! How can I fix this ?
  3. stevewong

    HyperServer deploy / IIS

    Try to reduce your exe to below 16m by not include debug information or config your IIS to allow upload files greater than 16m
  4. stevewong

    Security validation

    lcolombo Thanks for your component, works like a charm !
  5. Hi, How can I make some of my unidbgrid column title to vertical oriented like the picture shown ? Steve
  6. stevewong

    Verification Failed

    Thanks ! Its working now !
  7. stevewong

    Verification Failed

    Hi, Today I upgrade my development PC by cloning the old PC to a new hardware platform. After reboot, I start my Delphi 10.2 and got the "unigui : verfication failed" message. What should I do to get my unigui back ? Regards, Steve
  8. stevewong

    Background color of unidbradiogroup

    Tokyo 10.2 Unigui Version :
  9. stevewong

    Background color of unidbradiogroup

    Hi, How can I change the background color of the unidbradiogroup, I try to set unidbradiogroup->color to cllime, it was OK at design time but the color changed back to clwindow when I open it in a browser
  10. stevewong

    Display and Edit a memo field in a DBGrid

    I just want to show a memo box when I click on one of the cell under the remark column. At present DBGrid show the text and did not allow me to edit.
  11. Hi, I would like to display/edit a memo field in a unidbgrid, my code is as below : ClientDataSet1.FieldDefs.Add('Remark', ftmemo,200 ); ClientDataSet1.CreateDataSet; Clientdataset1.Close; AField := clientdataset1.FieldDefs[0].CreateField(clientdataset1); ClientDataSet1.Active := True; ClientDataSet1.AppendRecord(['line1, line2... in memo']); My problem is : if displaymemo = false then the DBgrid will show the word (memo) within the cell. if set set displaymemo := true, I can see the memo content but I was not able to edit it. Is there a way when I click on the cell, a memo box will come out so that i can edit the text inside ? I then try to set unidbgrid1.Columns[0].Editor := unimemo1 and was also failed. What should I do, please help ! Regards, Steve
  12. stevewong

    Problem with libmysql5.dll

    For IIS put all DLLs under inetpub\wwwroot\pageScopeEnterprise Suite\bin !
  13. stevewong

    Problem with libmysql5.dll

    I got it ! with apache, the libmysql5.dll shold goes to apache\bin. I am still looking for where to put it under IIS
  14. stevewong

    Problem with libmysql5.dll

    Hi, I was able to deploy unigui application (.exe) to a windows server. This is a simply a login form, when user key in username and password, the application will issue a mysql select statement to check user's password. In the folder I have my application test.exe and the mysql dll libmysql5.dll and that everything is working fine. The problem is when I change it to ISAPI module, it failed. Deployment is OK, I can see the login windows when I key in http://localhost/test.dllin my browser. However, when I press the OK button on the login form, an access violation comes out from my browser. I think the call to mysql DB cause the problem ! I have put test.dll and libmysql5.dll under the same web application folder, so what's wrong ? Can you help me to fix it ? Please help ! Steve