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  1. Updated login demo, now works for Google, Azure and Twitter, enjoy ! SignIn_Demo.zip
  2. Hi Leons, You need to do a redirect under server module -> server message -> termination template. The redirect url will be your app's original link without any parameters.So when you close you app (quit/close), it will redirect you to your original login page (no parameter at the end) Steve
  3. Hi Fred, Dominique Good idea ! Will work on Twitter later, but my problem is : I don't have a Twitter account 😅 Anyway I will open a Twitter account and study Twitter's OAuth flow. Steve
  4. Updated login demo, added sign in with Azure, enjoy ! SignIn_Demo.zip
  5. Tested it on hyper server, will post sign in with o365 later today.
  6. This is a demo project to implement the "Sign in with Google" button using Unigui, enjoy ! LoginForm - Sign_in_with_Google.zip
  7. I finally figured it out ! To make a RESTFUL call, you need to use the component NetHTTPClient. In order to use TNetHttpCleint under IIS ISAPI environment, you need to do the following : Under Application Pool -> your application -> Advance Setting -> Process Mode -> Identity -> Built in Account -> Network service Then under the web application's Authentication Setting -> make Application Pool identity the default option. (using specific user : IUSR will cause cause an exception whenever you call TnetHttpClient.create) I don't know why, but I hope this
  8. Hi, I was going to make a sign in with google button to my login form. I then get into trouble. My problem is : I was not able to issue RESTFUL call under windows IIS hyper server environment. I have attached my code, it is a copy from the demo login form, when the user click login, it will do a REST request to a website to get something. The program work perfectly OK when I run it as a standalone exe. But when I deploy is to the hyper server, the program got an exception : Signin_App.exe: 00001530: 10:26:48 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. Signin_App.exe: 00001530: 10:26
  9. I tried with Indy ThttpClient. the code then stopped at the statement http.post(.....), with an invalid address exception. The same set of http.post(...) code was working fine under VCL. so I do suspected that I can not use ThttpClient or TNetHTTPclient in the hyperserver + IIS enviroment.
  10. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to use TNetHTTPClient in unigui app. I was trying to make some RESTFUL call in my unigui app. However, whenever I try to do : http := TNetHTTPClient.create; in my unigui app, I got an exception : Net HTTPClientException : Error obtaining session handle I then try to put the TNetHTTPClient component into mainmodule so that I do not need to create it. However, the unigui app give me a blank screen when I try to access the unigui page (e.g. https//x.com/app.dll). I was using Delphi 10.3.2, web server is windows server IIS 7, unigui version
  11. Follow that post did help, thanks Sherzod !
  12. Can anyone tell me how to implement the "Sign in with Google" button in unigui Apps ?
  13. Test case attached. Have a unidbgrid with 3 colunms, 1 is horizontal, while the last 2 is vertical. With the 2 vertical column header, one title called "short" which can be displaycorrectly and the other is called "very logn title" that can not display properly. If I change the "height: 40px;" to "height: 140px;" then nothing display on the top of the grid. Please help ! Vertical-Column-Header.zip
  14. Hi, Thanks for your solution, it works, but for short column title. If the column title is "Name", then a height of 40px will do. But if the column title is "This is a long Header" and I set height to 100, then the column header did not show up ! How can I fix this ?
  15. Try to reduce your exe to below 16m by not include debug information or config your IIS to allow upload files greater than 16m
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