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  1. morphine

    Google Maps for uniGUI

    Hi All, Is there a way to install the component for Delphi XE ? I noticed there is no .dpk file for Delphi XE. Thanks.
  2. Hello All, Please could you advice me on how to add a checkbox to a DBgrid? The field is not Boolean. I have tried the following : procedure TfrmTest.Test1GetText(Sender: TField; var Text: string; DisplayText: Boolean); begin if Sender.AsInteger =1 then Text :='<input type = "checkbox" value ="1" checked > '; if Sender.AsInteger =0 then Text :='<input type = "checkbox" value ="0" > '; Is there a better way of doing it without using HTML? Thanks.
  3. morphine

    Recommend a good stable hosting for the project ..

    I'm also using Amazon Web Services - EC2 - Elastic Compute Cloud. First year is free. Very stable. Installed Postgresql server, no problems. http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/
  4. morphine

    FastReport on standalone server

    For some reason it is generating the same URL twice. "C:\Users\Desktop\Web App\Debug\Win32\cache\Project1\4uzDtQrwZ8Yt8s4\C:Users DesktopWeb AppDebugWin32cacheProject1uzDtQrwZ8Yt8s4\ReportXXX_112604.80" This works fine without URL pdf.FileName := 'ReportXXX' + FormatDateTime('hhmmss.zzz', Now()) + '.pdf'; report.PrepareReport(); report.Export(pdf); rptURLFrame.URL := pdf.FileName; thank you
  5. morphine

    FastReport on standalone server

    Hi All, Is it possible someone could add a small demo like the one for Quickreport ? Everything works fine , the problem is I keep on getting the following error : " File C:\Users\Desktop\Web App\Debug\Win32\cache\Project1\4uzDtQrwZ8Yt8s4\C:Users DesktopWeb AppDebugWin32cacheProject1uzDtQrwZ8Yt8s4\ReportXXX_112604.807.pdf not found. " Thanks for the great components Best regards