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  1. One thing caught my attention, your hyperserver has version 1551, and the project itself, 1552 is that right?
  2. picyka


    procedure TUnimFormGerarChaveLiberacaoM.btnGerarChaveClick(Sender: TObject); begin if Self.edProtocolo.Text = '' then begin TMessageUtils.Warning('Protocolo não informado!'); Self.edProtocolo.SetFocus; Exit; end; Self.UnimMemoChave.Text := TEncryption.Encrypt(UniMainModule.UserActive.Empresa.Id.ToString + '|' + UniMainModule.UserActive.Id.ToString + '|' + Self.edProtocolo.Text); btnGerarChave.JSInterface.JSCode('UnimFormGerarChaveLiberacaoM.UnimMemoChave.focus(true);'); btnGerarChave.JSInterface.JSCode('UnimFormGerarChaveLiberacaoM.UnimMemoChave.select();'); btnGerarChave.JSInterface.JSCode('document.execCommand(''copy'');'); end; I would like when clicking a button on mobile, copy the text of a memo, is this possible? I need this format, because before copying I need to run a rule to feed the memo.
  3. Solution: UniSession.AddJS('document.title=" TESTE - ' + UniMainModule.UserActive.Empresa.NomeFantasia+'"');
  4. Hi

    Anydesk: 590 928 957


  5. Look at the attached images, I debugged it here, the condition is true, if you want you can access it here...
  6. http://localhost:8077/m?u=a5c7a9c1a8bcb1b8b2c7b381b7c5c09479967b8a798b778a7a8b778a7b8b77%26a=78877D8B7B
  7. n this case, it opens a form of the mobile, is that why?
  8. Yes, I ran in debug
  9. Did you manage to simulate or error?
  10. When I set the title on the login screen, after retrieving the user, it works fine, but there are users who have automatic login, passing a hash by the URL as a parameter, this case does not work procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleBeforeLogin(Sender: TObject; var Handled: Boolean); var aApp: TUniGUIApplication; lCliente: String; begin Handled := False; aApp := (Sender as TUniGUISession).UniApplication; lCliente := aApp.Parameters.Values['u']; if not lCliente.IsEmpty then begin var lClientAuth := Self.ClientApiAuth; try try Self.TOKEN_API := lClientAuth.Service<IServiceLogin>.ValidaLoginHash(UpperCase(lCliente)); Handled := (Self.TOKEN_API <> ''); if Handled then begin UniMainModule.SetUserLogado(Self.GetClientApiApp.Service<IServiceUsuario>.FindUsuarioByHash(UpperCase(lCliente))); if Self.UserActive.Empresa <> nil then Self.Title := 'Assistência 24 HS - ' + UniMainModule.UserActive.Empresa.NomeFantasia; UniSession.UserString := UniMainModule.UserActive.Nome + ' - Mobile'; end; except Handled := False; end; finally lClientAuth.Free; end; end; end;
  11. When I click on the login screen, it works fine, but if I use the event UniGUIMainModuleBeforeLogin he can't change
  12. I'll test it, I didn't know this one... thanks
  13. Currently the title of the application is in the server module, that is, only one per application, would it be possible to change this per session?
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