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  1. picyka

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    Is there any online demo?
  2. Can someone post the latest version?
  3. picyka

    Novo Grupo Whats

    48-988280438 - Leandro
  4. picyka

    Tag Input / Edit / Field

    This multi selection component would be great native in the package, very useful in reports +1
  5. picyka

    CSS ExtJs 4.2 and 6.5

    I'll do some tests, but something would be better in the css because the panels became so clear ... imagine having to wipe all the application panel
  6. picyka

    CSS ExtJs 4.2 and 6.5

    maybe it's here .x-panel-body-default background:
  7. picyka

    CSS ExtJs 4.2 and 6.5

    Yes, in version 6.5 note that the gray theme became clearer, for what it causes a certain discomfort for vision, sorry my English.
  8. picyka

    CSS ExtJs 4.2 and 6.5

    http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/desktop/mdemo65.dll http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/desktop/mdemo.dll menu Simple Panels Is there a color difference in the panel, would it be possible to use the same color as the last version? Tranks.
  9. picyka

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    Attached. unit uniDBLookupComboBoxObject; interface uses System.SysUtils, System.Classes, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Forms, Data.DB, uniGUIBaseClasses, uniGUIClasses, uniMultiItem, uniComboBox, uniDBComboBox, uniDBLookupComboBox, Aurelius.Bind.Dataset, System.Variants, devsul.model.search, Aurelius.Criteria.Linq, Aurelius.Criteria.Base; type TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject = class(TUniDBLookupComboBox) private { Private declarations } FRequired: Boolean; FListSource, FDataSet: TAureliusDataset; FCriteriaListSource: TCriteria; FListValues: TStringList; procedure ExecuteSearch; protected { Protected declarations } FOldUniTriggerEvent: TUniTriggerEvent; FSearch: TSearch; procedure DoSetRemoteValue(AIndex: Integer; Value: string); override; procedure MyTriggerEvent(Sender: TUniCustomComboBox; AButtonId: Integer); procedure LoadCompleted; override; procedure _RemoteQuery(const QueryString: string; Result: TStrings); procedure _GetKeyValue(const Value: string; var KeyValue: Variant); public { Public declarations } constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override; destructor Destroy; override; procedure SetSearch(Search: TSearch); published { Published declarations } property Required: Boolean read FRequired write FRequired default False; end; procedure Register; implementation uses view.search.default, uniGUIApplication, Winapi.Windows; procedure Register; begin RegisterComponents('UniGUI Extension', [TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject]); end; { TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject } constructor TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject.Create(AOwner: TComponent); begin inherited Create(AOwner); end; destructor TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject.Destroy; begin if Assigned(Self.FSearch) then Self.FSearch.Free; if Assigned(Self.FListValues) then Self.FListValues.Free; if Assigned(Self.FCriteriaListSource) then Self.FCriteriaListSource.Free; inherited Destroy; end; procedure TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject.DoSetRemoteValue(AIndex: Integer; Value: string); begin inherited; if (VarIsNull(Self.KeyValue)) and (Assigned(Self.FDataSet)) then Self.FDataSet.EntityFieldByName(String(Self.DataField)).AsObject := nil; end; procedure TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject.ExecuteSearch; begin with TuniFormSearch.Create(UniApplication) do begin try ConfigureSearch(Self.FSearch); ShowModal; if ModalResult = mrOk then begin if Assigned(Selected) then begin Self.FListSource.Close; Self.FListSource.SetSourceObject(Selected); Self.FListSource.Open; if Assigned(Self.FDataSet) then Self.FDataSet.EntityFieldByName(String(Self.DataField)).AsObject := Selected; if Assigned(Self.OnSelect) then Self.OnSelect(Self); end; end; finally Free; end; Self.SetFocus; end; end; procedure TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject.LoadCompleted; begin if Self.Required then Self.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values['beforeInit'] := 'function beforeInit(sender, config){Ext.apply(sender,{allowBlank:false,msgTarget : ''side''});}'; if Self.Triggers.Count = 0 then begin with Self.Triggers.Add do begin IconCls := 'x-form-search-trigger'; HandleClicks := True; Visible := True; end; end else begin Self.Triggers[0].IconCls := 'x-form-search-trigger'; Self.Triggers[0].HandleClicks := True; Self.Triggers[0].Visible := True; end; Self.FOldUniTriggerEvent := Self.OnTriggerEvent; OnTriggerEvent := Self.MyTriggerEvent; if Self.RemoteQuery then begin FListValues := TStringList.Create; Self.OnRemoteQuery := Self._RemoteQuery; Self.OnGetKeyValue := Self._GetKeyValue; end; inherited; end; procedure TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject.MyTriggerEvent(Sender: TUniCustomComboBox; AButtonId: Integer); begin if AButtonId = 0 then Self.ExecuteSearch; if Assigned(Self.FOldUniTriggerEvent) then Self.FOldUniTriggerEvent(Sender, AButtonId); end; procedure TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject._GetKeyValue(const Value: string; var KeyValue: Variant); var lObj: TObject; lIndex : Integer; begin KeyValue := Null; lObj := nil; if not Value.IsEmpty and not Self.FListSource.IsEmpty then begin if FListValues.Count = 0 then lObj := Self.FListSource.InternalList.Item(0) else begin lIndex := FListValues.IndexOf(Value); if lIndex <> -1 then lObj := Self.FListSource.InternalList.Item(lIndex); end; if Assigned(lObj) then KeyValue := Integer(lObj); end; end; procedure TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject._RemoteQuery(const QueryString: string; Result: TStrings); var lListFields: TStringList; i: Integer; lCriterion: TLinqExpression; lCustomCriteria: TCriteria; lStrListValue: String; begin if (Self.FCriteriaListSource <> nil) and (Trim(Self.Text) <> Trim(QueryString)) then begin lListFields := nil; try lListFields := TStringList.Create; lListFields.Text := Self.ListField.Replace(';', sLineBreak); lCustomCriteria := Self.FCriteriaListSource.Clone; lCriterion := Linq[lListFields[0]].Upper.Like(UpperCase(VarToStr(QueryString)) + '%'); lListFields.Delete(0); for i := 0 to lListFields.Count - 1 do if Self.FListSource.FieldByName(lListFields).Tag = 0 then lCriterion := lCriterion or (Linq[lListFields].Upper.Like('%' + UpperCase(VarToStr(QueryString)) + '%')); lCustomCriteria.Where(lCriterion); Self.FListSource.Close; Self.FListSource.SetSourceCriteria(lCustomCriteria, 25); Self.FListSource.Open; lListFields.Text := Self.ListField.Replace(';', sLineBreak); Self.FListValues.Clear; while not Self.FListSource.Eof do begin lStrListValue := EmptyStr; for i := 0 to lListFields.Count - 1 do begin if i = 0 then begin if Self.FListSource.FieldByName(lListFields).AsString <> '' then lStrListValue := Self.FListSource.FieldByName(lListFields).AsString end else begin if Self.FListSource.FieldByName(lListFields).AsString <> '' then lStrListValue := lStrListValue + ' - ' + Self.FListSource.FieldByName(lListFields).AsString; end; end; if not lStrListValue.IsEmpty then begin Result.Add(lStrListValue); Self.FListValues.Add(lStrListValue); end; Self.FListSource.Next; end; finally lListFields.Free; lCriterion := nil; end; end; end; procedure TUniDBLookupComboBoxObject.SetSearch(Search: TSearch); var lObject: TObject; begin Self.FSearch := Search; Self.FListSource := TAureliusDataset(Self.ListSource.Dataset); Self.FDataSet := TAureliusDataset(Self.DataSource.Dataset); Self.FCriteriaListSource := Search.Criteria.Clone; lObject := Self.FDataSet.EntityFieldByName(String(Self.DataField)).AsObject; if Assigned(lObject) then begin Self.FListSource.Close; Self.FListSource.SetSourceObject(lObject); Self.FListSource.Open; Self.KeyValue := Integer(lObject); Self.UpdateText; end; end; end.
  10. picyka

    Hyperserver Loadbalancing Documentation

    Good morning gentlemen, Farshad, a small suggestion, would be very attractive if you did a live showing the potential of the hyperServer, from configuration to a high load of sessions, this would be a product marketing. Not to mention the new features supported by UNIGUI. Just a suggestion.
  11. picyka

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    I can yes, I am not with him here at the moment the night I post, you will need to modify it because I usu TMS Aurelius.
  12. picyka

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    Hello, I had to modify the component to get it on demand automatically, it was not very elegant but it works. it would be interesting if this works automatically, without typing anything.