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  1. picyka

    .. best way to find a EAccessViolation ???

    My version here is, maybe as settings that you have to import are not compatible.
  2. picyka

    .. best way to find a EAccessViolation ???

    Were you able to configure this version of eurekalog on unigui?
  3. picyka

    Newly released FastMM5

    And how would it be in unigui, can you put an example here?
  4. picyka

    Newly released FastMM5

    It would be nice to have a tutorial on how to use FastMM on unigui, how to configure it.
  5. picyka

    Tab doesnt work in tuniFrame since update to

    I think that in uniframe it never worked, when it reaches the last field of the tab, it does not change to another tab, but to another field.
  6. picyka

    new server dual processor or single processor

  7. picyka

    [Solved] UniTreeMenu Filter

    I need a filter on uniTreeMenu, where the user can consult a menu, has anyone managed?
  8. picyka

    Newly released FastMM5

    Does it work well like eurekalog?
  9. TUniQuery switch to TFDQuery for example
  10. picyka

    Grid - Infinite Scroll

    Yes, that part is clear, so try to run a new infinite scroll feature, it could load more data
  11. picyka

    Grid - Infinite Scroll

    If adding or resorting to export using the active BufferedStore feature does not work? In the example Grid - Infinite Scroll I put it for export. UniDBGrid1.Exporter.ExportGrid; UniGridExcelExporter
  12. picyka


    compose criteria such as the OnRemoteQuery event, a very large table would be useful, I need to use it as a report filter
  13. picyka


    Currently, use the UniGMap component, I am thinking of migrating to UniMap for being native, analyzing how features I missed some things, Route (passing an address list) procedure TUniGMap.Route (DirectionsRequest: TDirectionsRequest); procedure Geocoding (Address: string; PanTo: Boolean = False); 'google.maps.event.addListener (@ googleMap @, "idle", function () {' + 'ajaxRequest (@ EventHandler @, "mapidle",' + '[' + ']);' + '});' + Could you include these improvements?