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  1. It would not be a good thing to be remaking the menu, the cost of that would not be viable
  2. picyka


    Self.uniTreeMenu.Selected.AttachedMenuItem.Hint I managed to solve it that way.
  3. picyka


    I have a TUniMenuItems component connected to TUniTreeMenu when clicking on any menu item, I would like to retrieve the value of the menu item's hint property. procedure TMainForm.Admin_EmpresaClick(Sender: TObject); begin ShowMessageN(TUniMenuItem(Sender).Hint); end;
  4. picyka


    procedure TUniFrameConsultaPadrao.SearchData(QueryFilter : String); begin if not QueryFilter.IsEmpty then QueryFilter := '&$filter=' + QueryFilter; Self.FDataset.RecordCountMode := TRecordCountMode.Retrieve; Self.FDataset.Close; Self.FDataset.SetSource( TXDataObjectSource.Create( Self.FSearch.XDataClient, Self.FSearch.Clazz, QueryFilter, Self.FSearch.PageSize ) ); Self.FDataset.Open; end; XData already offers this feature on the client side.
  5. picyka


    You can remove that topic.
  6. picyka


    I'm consuming api rest, and I would like to do pagination in the manual grid, so I need to set the quantity per page, and use the buttons on the paginator, would I do that?
  7. picyka


    Estou consumindo descanso de api, e eu gostaria de fazer paginação na grade manual, então eu preciso definir a quantidade por página, e usar os botões no paginador, eu faria isso?
  8. 1 - Improvements to the TUniCheckCombo, TUniTagField and other components 2 - Server Farm (Load Balancing) 3 - Performance improvements 4 - Improvements in the installation part, for example a CDN without needing files on the server 5 - Improvements in Linux integration 6 - Responsive Layout 7 - An easier way to manipulate the application theme
  9. picyka


    I really liked CheckCombobox, but RemoteQuery doesn't work, I will use this component in large tables.
  10. picyka


    It wouldn't meet my reality, I need an indicator inside the field, even a checkbox would do. Just look at the attached images.
  11. picyka


    Good morning, yes, I just don't have the test here, but as I did. I put two items on Triggers, item0 = visible true item1 = visible false clicking on item0 would make it visible false and item1 visible true, but that gives error.
  12. picyka


    Does anyone already use or did tests run IIS on a DOCKER?
  13. picyka

    tms xdata

    Systems with an old database is really annoying, but starting a project from scratch, it is worth studying, especially if you have several ways to connect to the same system. Vcl, Unigui. FMX ...
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