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  1. picyka


    Until today I couldn't find a way out to help me
  2. You can create a bat file with the backup script and schedule on windows
  3. picyka


    Cool this approach, I need the guy to receive a notification and when he lives it, the system will automatically open a query with the data, a timer would solve, but it will consume a lot of the server.
  4. picyka


    Thank you for the words.
  5. picyka


    With all these options, the only way would be for the user to have an open browser, right? And the simplest way would be to use a timer, right?
  6. picyka


    I even looked at this post, would that be the correct and simplest way?
  7. picyka


    Guys, I would like an advisor who has already done something like that, I would like to know what is the best way to send notification to a xxxx user, and when reaching the notification open a form, this would be on mobile, which paths to follow? I didn't want to use a timer and consult directly on the server.
  8. When testing the map link on the Google Maps button, on the Geocoding tab, with the PanTo check box, should he already add a marker on the map? procedure TUniGMap.Geocoding (Address: string; PanTo: Boolean = False); if PanTo then Script: = Script + '@ googleMap @ .panTo (results [0] .geometry.location);'; In the example that doesn't happen, what should the behavior be?
  9. picyka


    Very good, works, thanks
  10. picyka


    I have a panel with a button (UniButtoItems), I would like when you click on it, in the UniPanelToolClick event to open the TUniPopupMenu peasant
  11. picyka


    It would be like in an item of UniButtonItems (in a panel) to call a UniPopupMenu
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