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  1. picyka


    ServerModule->CustomMeta It's working
  2. picyka


    I have some functions in a js file included in CustomFiles, it works perfectly. I would like to put these functions in MainForm.Script but there I had no result. async function copyText(texto) { try { await navigator.clipboard.writeText(texto); } catch (err) { console.error('Failed to copy: ', err); } }; async function pasteText(jsName) { navigator.clipboard.readText().then(texto => { let cmd = jsName + ".setValue('" + texto + "');"; eval(cmd); }); };
  3. picyka


    Would anyone have any tips?
  4. picyka


    It would be the same action as the SelectOnFocus property from UniDBFormattedNumberEdit component.
  5. It would be really cool if this filter options came native to the grid
  6. picyka


    When the field gets focus I wanted to select the whole number for easy editing
  7. picyka


    Select the number when focused. Any tips from the client side..
  8. Hello, anyone using this class? if so, does it open normally through google docs?
  9. Hello, anyone using this class? if so, does it open normally through google docs?
  10. I believe that one of the main focuses would be quality
  11. Here it is working normally.
  12. You can ask for his email, when you click send, you can trigger an email with a temporary password. When he logs in, you force him to change the password.
  13. try ShowMask ('any text')); UniSession.Synchronize; ..... Reading data ..... finally HideMask; end;
  14. picyka


    My solidarity with the Turkish people 🙏
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