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  1. Well, I've known unigi for a long time, and I have nothing to complain about, the support always helps a lot. Sometimes we have to change some detail of how to do something, but we always have answers.. My humble opnion.
  2. hahahaha, I was surprised, new project, it has two menus, which can be chosen by the user. Then when I switched to the top menu it looked like this. I even went to check the code you had given me. Very strange, right?
  3. Yes, Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  4. Hi it's me again, sorry for being boring, I was testing with the top menu, and the bottom container still has a white border. Css.zip
  5. It worked master, once again, thank you very much. hug.
  6. Hi, I would like to remove the white border, there is already a css in customcss, but it doesn't work
  7. Good morning, I've already tried some approximations, and UniPanelTop and pnlInformacoes can't even get the white they have, any border is welcome attached test case Css.zip
  8. Yes, perfect as I wanted.
  9. when I grow up I want to know all this about JS 😃
  10. uuuuuuuuuuuu very very good the best support on the planet Hug.
  11. Good morning, in the date component DateFormt property I use like this "MM/yyyy" I would like if possible, when the user goes to the calendar, he only sees the month and year, would it be possible? an example attached.
  12. The error would happen due to the third-party component, you can disregard.
  13. Good morning, I have a complex situation here with an error, I couldn't even generate a test case Is there any way I can post a video in private? due to the information contained in the video. Attached is the error log obtained in the browser erro.log
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