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  1. No, when you open a page in the browser, the first is to send a javascript check from the client to the server and the answer this session does not exist This session ID 2QOCfAX4gF1097104B2 maybe was created before log file is created. There is no reason to worry !
  2. Okay, I think there's a better way, just by creating some kind of Windows service for that purpose. I was created different application (like Windows service) and this service have auto backup, create reports, auto generate operations and documents, sending sms, email and so on.
  3. Hello, how will this automatically generated report bring you the information? How will it be visualized or do you want it to be exported to a file? Why not create a separate service to do this?
  4. Thank You. I am of the same opinion that the initial delay is permissible, but I hope for some help in optimizing the display of the components themselves in the form. Since the next charges take 3-4 seconds and I would like to optimize it at least in half
  5. Hello again. I do a test case with some of the components, but the speed is different when loading the first session (less than 2 seconds). In the real project I have many other components, all of them invisible (images, panel, group boxes, bitbtns, labels). Do I have a way to move all these components to some hidden panel to speed up real project, or add some javascript in this components?
  6. @Sherzod,If we forget about charging time the first time. Can you tell me what to look for to optimize the time between FormCreate and OnReady for each subsequent session. If I have many components and all of them, I create them dynamically, which is the best way to optimize the rendering time of the form.
  7. I am sorry, is not possible. The code is complex and test case is not possible to be created.
  8. Yes, Always when I start my Standalone application, first session is so slow. I have to say that: my MainForm is created very quickly, I have a button on it, after clicking on this button, I create the next form (I use this next form as the main form). In simple words: I don't have an login form, my basic form is made as an login form. All that situation is between Form Create and OnReady on this second form.
  9. Hello, this is on mainForm.Script: Ext.onReady(function() { document.body.onresize = function() { var clW = document.body.scrollWidth; var clH = document.body.scrollHeight; var values = clW + 'px ' + clH + 'px'; document.body.style.backgroundSize = values; }; window.location.hash = "main"; window.location.hash = "again_main"; // again for chrome }); I think the problem is in the javascript rendering of the form (and components), but I'm not good with javascript and I'm looking for help. I'm not sure if SuspendLayout is enough I can't apply this: first create all components with nil and then set a parent. (I read this from some topics)
  10. Hello. I'm trying to optimize my uniGui project. I found that between MainForm.Create and MainForm.OnReady the time is 20 seconds. I MainForm has 50 elements (panels, buttons, group boxes, TuniDBGrids, label). Now I use: 1. After logging in, I create all the components from an ini file 2. When I start creating a component, I set the form to SuspenLayouts 3. When Mainform is created, set Visible: = False and start creating the components. 4. Once all components are created set the form ResumeLayouts and Visible: = True; When a form is first created (after starting the server), I get a time of 20 seconds between FormCreate and FormReady. After closing the session and creating a new one, the time (between FormCreate and OnReady) is 3 seconds. Can I optimize these 3 seconds in some way using javascript methods ? If there is any method to optimize the first 20 seconds I would also ask for help.
  11. One more question, how to delete Cookie ? UniApplication.Cookies.SetCookie('_loginname', '', 0,/); is it enough ?
  12. In my case I have many sessions, they all have a cookie: phoneID. Each session (client) will set its own phoneID = own phone number. When I request a cookie value from the server, what value will I get from the session, the one for the session I am asking for, or a list of all phoneID values? If I use this code for this purpose is it OK ?: UniSession.UniApplication.Cookies.GetCookie ('phoneID'),0,True,True,'/');
  13. Hello. 1. My problem is that: I have a dll on the server (external dll). In this dll I have a function in which I run addJS. I do this: When a client clicks a button, this button has an onClick event on the server side, this event performs functions from the dll. All the functionality is created in an external designer (I made my own designer of features and screen elements, so I can do many different designs just with the designer and they will all work without writing a single line of code additionally) Now in my new case. I need to save information from the client and I can save it in a cookie or localstorage. 1. So when the customer first loads my URL, I will ask him for the phone number 2. I save this number in a cookie 3. The next time the client loads a URL, I will check for this cookie and get this value and set it in my TGroupBox.Caption. 4. When the client works with my application on the server side, I need to be able to read this value of TGroupBox.Caption and use it when working with the functions in external dll. Once again the problem is that I am using a design application and this designer has an addJS function on it, so I can use many different javascript functions dynamically, but I can't do an onajax event for each component in the form. What about : how to get/change aria-label value from image ?
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