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  1. irigsoft

    How to play audio through event?

    maybe this will help.
  2. irigsoft

    How to toggle full screen on mobile ?

    full screen with uniGUI Complete version is Posible. but must create two deferent master Forms, one for Desktop, one for mobile. I make some test with CSS on mobile and maybe is it possible. Or You can use some mobile browsers (who can get all screen size and work like Mobile Full screen).
  3. irigsoft

    Client Notifications

    try to use TuniThreadTimer , it work on server side. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/11015-work-in-background/?hl=threadtimer&do=findComment&comment=58183
  4. irigsoft

    How to put a button in a dbgrid

    Hi, I create like this way: use click on dbgrid selected row -> show small form with buttons -> onbuttonclick get dbgrid row data -> work with data. Form showing dinamically OnDBGridClick. You can show form by OnHover. Can create dbgrid column with control -> Panel with buttons and so on.
  5. irigsoft

    Dynamic dll problems

    Hi, Question is: 1. Is there auto free Library when not used uniGui application 2. Is there some "sleeping" mode when not used application (DLL) Problem is: I have created windows AppFunctions.dll and I use it with my Windows Desktop application. I use it some years with Desktop application and there is OK. When I use it with UniGui is work OK on this manner: 1. Starting UniGui StandAlone application. 2. SafeLoadLibrary (AppFunctions.dll) 3. I use DLL with all created sessions and It is OK. 4. Closing all sessions (No closing (FreeLibrary) DLL). 5. UniGui StandAlone applicaion is still runing. 6. On next day, I start a new session and DLL crashed. (Not on start but after some function executing.) On DLL I create MasterForm with components. Every time DLL crashed using MasterForm component (Adoquery) but always on next day. (after 8-10 hours without sessions).
  6. irigsoft

    Create Own log files

  7. irigsoft

    Create Own log files

    Hello, I want to create multiple log files for different sessions. 1. I create a logFile with name a session ID. 2. When creating a new session I create TStringList (on UniMainModule public) 3. By some features (Functions and procedures on MainForm/ uniServerModule/ UniSession/), I store StringLIst.SaveToFile in a local (On server) log file. 4. In some situations, I get an Error on StringLIst "access address for 0000000". but I Free this StringList only OnDestroy session !!! Is there a way to save dynamically on the local file (on the server side)
  8. irigsoft

    GPS tracking device

    There are GPS devices on the market (black box to mount the car). When the device is running, it sends the coordinates via ComPort or on web server on internet. The device manufacturer typically offers a web server through which data from external software can be read.
  9. irigsoft

    GPS tracking device

    HI, I make some tests for this with android device (Tablet). When GPS is ON then unigui application server can get coordinates of device. var id, target, options; function success (pos) { //var crd = pos.coords; //if (target.latitude === crd.latitude && target.longitude === crd.longitude) { // console.log('Congratulations, you reached the target'); //navigator.geolocation.clearWatch(id); // } var out,out2 out = document.getElementById ("out"); out2 = document.getElementById ("TLabel3"); out.innerHTML = "lat:" + pos.coords.latitude + ", long:" + pos.coords.longitude ; out2.innerHTML = "Speed: " + pos.coords.speed + ", Altitude: " + pos.coords.altitude ; } function error(err) { console.warn('ERROR(' + err.code + '): ' + err.message); } target = { latitude : 0, longitude: 0 }; options = { enableHighAccuracy: true, timeout: 0000, maximumAge: 0 }; ID = navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(success, error, options);
  10. irigsoft


    Hi, I generated pdf file, send to client and show like this: UrlFilePath := 'SavePath' {Fisical path on server} + '\' + FileName; //make windows path to URL path UrlFilePath := StringReplace (UniSession.URL + UrlFilePath,'\','/',[rfReplaceAll]); //If is Desktop platform If UniApplication.UniPlatform = [upDesktop] then begin UniSession.AddJS('var myWindow = window.open(''' + UrlFilePath + '.pdf''', ''_blank'');' + 'myWindow.print();' ); end else begin UniSession.AddJS('var myWindow = window.open(''' + UrlFilePath + '.pdf''', ''_blank'');' ); end; Hope this help.
  11. irigsoft

    Get if uniDBGrid.MouseUP is on Body

    Problem is: when I get Mouse coordinates execute a long time procedure. and Form show Screen mask , this is exact way I want to work. But If table have more rows User must use scrollbar to move to the record when click on ScrollBAr activate longtime Procedure. 1. If User want to use scrollbar must wait procedure 2. If User click on DBGrid Tittle longtime procedure start 3. If click on Page buttons - longtime procedure start
  12. irigsoft

    Get if uniDBGrid.MouseUP is on Body

    It is just simple, when I click on DBGrid.Body I want to know Mouse coordinates. At this moment, I get Mouse Coordinates by OnMouseUp But this create a problem for me: MouseUp get Coordinates event I click on DBGrid ScrollBar
  13. irigsoft

    Get if uniDBGrid.MouseUP is on Body

    Can I check this with delphi code: uniDBGrid.OnMouseUp (); begin UniMainModule.IsOnDBGridBody := (X < TUniStringGrid (Sender).ScrollBar.Left) AND (Y > TUniDBGrid (Sender).Title.Hight) AND (Y < (TUniDBGrid (Sender).Pages.Top + TUniStringGrid (Sender).ScrollBar.Top)) If not UniMainModule.IsOnDBGridBody then exit; end;
  14. irigsoft

    Get if uniDBGrid.MouseUP is on Body

    When I use uniDBGrid.OnMouseUp and click on ScrollBar its activate Form.ScreenMask, If I use uniDBGrid.OnClick and click on ScrollBar its not activate Form.ScreenMask. I replace uniDBGrid.OnMouseUp with uniDBGrid.OnClick, but If I want to use uniDBGrid.OnMouseUp, how to determinate when Mouse.Up Is on BODY?