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  1. Hello, what type of application do You use , StandAlone or IIS ?
  2. something like that: 1. https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-to-make-a-cross-browser-extension-using-javascript-and-browser-apis-355c001cebba/ 2. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/Your_first_WebExtension 3. https://developer.thunderbird.net/add-ons/mailextensions/hello-world-add-on 4. https://thoughtbot.com/blog/how-to-make-a-chrome-extension I want to use this idea to replace or expand the click of a button, is it possible?
  3. Sorry, what I must explain? I don't know if there is a way to do what I want, I mean how to allow a client or other software developer only through javascript to expand my application without change my VCL code in delphi
  4. I think I can make add-ons with javascript and instal them on client's browser. This add-ons will work over loaded application, and dinamically replace or add some buttons functionallity on client side. Example of this: 1. Client load my web application on google chrome browser 2. Add-on will activate on this point. 3. Add-on will look for known buttons (add-on will search for buttons on design) , if is a found button will add some functionallity on button click, like : Standard "button.onclick" have ShowMessage ('Hi there') with one button OK Add-on will found
  5. I have some clients that want to use extended functionallity on some designs. I make different web designs with components and so on. For every button on this designs, I add on server side onClick event (VCL, no javascript). But some clients on this design want to change some buttons and extend functionallity of the buttons. I think for a way to do this on Client Side without changing VCL code in design. Is this possible ?
  6. Hi, I need to do some functionality to make my own add-on by the client. This add-on will replace onclick events on some buttons. Is this possible and is there any example I can see? I want to do something like that but on Client Side independent of server functions (like just extend some button OnClick): Just trying to insert functionality to the click event. It adds the function call to the start of the click event and then allows the default behaviour to occur, in this case a form submission: $(function() { $('[onclick*=WebForm_DoPostBa
  7. irigsoft


    I use this timer to show datе and time in user panel so
  8. irigsoft


    You can try timers to do the job, but if you can use sockets, I think it's a better way. I do not know how I defend myself and whether their security can be violated
  9. irigsoft


    I use TuniTimer on MainSession, to check every 60 seconds for new messages for notes. When note exist then just show on user button with notes count. Then user click on bitbtn (the notes) and open all notes with data on they frames. For messages on chat timeout is 10 seconds
  10. irigsoft


    Hello, I have implemented OneSignal. This helps the user to receive messages from the server even if your application is not active. Operation of mobile devices and desktop devices. Requires only the end user to allow receiving messages when starting your site. My users in the application itself have another option - "notes". It is possible for one user to leave a note for himself or another user. This functionality requires that you connect in the application itself. I use timers for it I also have a chat in the app, which currently uses timers too, but I plan
  11. Hello, I failed. I didn't really look for it, I just wrote it down for me as a problem. I think the problem exists when you click the url link. No problem opening / downloading a file even without login. Error 405 gives it when you put an url directly in the address bar This is a big problem for me, but I will use a Uniq user session ID to activate direct file access. When User try to access the file, I will first check if a user session is open and only then will I allow the download. In reality, if the user does not have an open session, access will be blocked, simila
  12. Hello, please try with this one: TuniForm (UniSession.FormsList [UniSession.FormsList.Count -1]).Name
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