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  1. Hi, Can we without (or must be with) mutex disable start of unigui application/service if port already used ? Can we disable starting two application on one port some how. I have problem with that, if I start two unigui application on one port, second shows error but port is can not usable anymore after second application was startet with error
  2. This is how to flow panel look like:
  3. For Flow panel: 1. From File with settings for uniDBgrid I get what buttons must have on panel 2. create form and make it Top of All 3. Form have Controlpanel with one toolbutton on ControlPanel with OnClick event 4. When Click on dbgrid Row 1. I get RowID from uniDBGrid 2. Create New Instance of Form 3. Create action buttons from DBGrid as ToolButton of ControlPanel 5. Show Form on Top/Left possition of Dbgrid 6. After 5-10 seconds it close automatically
  4. Yes. 1. Its serverside solution 2. I create procedure for loading sql for selected uniDBGrid, like this: 1. load sql file from serverlocated directory 2. in file I have settings for action panel , like what width of panel, how many columns must show , top/left possition of childrens frames with labels, Images, buttons and so on. 3. after on server load and read from file all data, start panel component creation, 1. Create master Frame with caption panel (and some master buttons) ScrollBox - parent of all child frames with component for user
  5. Yes, it depends on the needs of the user. I also made a panel that looks like the Xtamplates Grid and now I have options to design my grid design. So, If user need: 1. Make actioncolumns 2. Make flow panel with action buttons 3. Listgrid with action buttons and html data from row of dbgrid I am a happy user of UNIGUI !
  6. Hi, I did my own procedure for this. When you click on the row of the table, the system displays a panel with action buttons for the row. My problem with this is only how to get mouse coordinates to show panel under cursor, but i ignore that and i show panel of top begining of grid or row
  7. Hi, well if it is a StandAlone Application, it is less secure than the service or it can be run under iis.
  8. Hi, I'm glad if it really helped you. Is important to know that is on custom CSS on Server side.
  9. Try this: /*color selected row*/ .DBG .x-grid-item-selected .x-grid-cell { font-weight: bold!important; background-color:red!important; } Happy hollidays
  10. Hi, try it like this in CSS: .myDelCell { background-color:red !important; border-top: 1px solid red !important; border-bottom: 1px solid red !important; }
  11. Hi, I use CSS to hide titles of uniDBGird, please try this on CSS: /*Hide panel on uniDBGird*/ /* Upper panel */ /*.x-docked-top, */ /* Down panel */ /*.x-docked-bottom, */ .x-docked { /* visibility: hidden !important; */ height: 0px !important; } /*Hide upper panel - Column Titles*/ .x-grid-header-ct { /* visibility: hidden !important; */ height: 0px !important; } /*Hide down panel - page buttons */ .x-grid-paging-toolbar { /* visi
  12. Hi, I use this when create button at runtime: MyButton.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values['beforeInit'] := 'function beforeInit (sender, config) {sender.listeners = {initialize: function(editor) {var styles = {"word-wrap": "break-word"};Ext.DomHelper.applyStyles(editor.getEditorBody(), styles);}}}';
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