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  1. GerhardV

    UniHTMLMemo not firing OnKeyDown

    Arilotta there is a good reason for that, keep in mind that this will create a lot of network traffic as it will fire an ajax request off to the server with every keystroke...if the user types a fast 10 characters...times that with 10 users... I would like to understand the use case of this.
  2. GerhardV

    The best windows system for hyperServer ?

    Standard Desktop Windows OS's only allows for a small amount of concurrent TCP/IP socket connections (if I remember correct in Win7 it is something like 20), which will be fine for a small user system. But for enterprise systems or large user bases you definitely want to use the server editions which comes with additional benefits and security. The connection limit is an enforced application session limit. Basically this is to prevent people from abusing Win7 as a public web server platform or file server for example. There are ways to increase that of course....just Google it.
  3. GerhardV

    Not a valid floating point value error on post

    Use a TUniDBFormattedNumberEdit instead and set the FormattedInput property.
  4. GerhardV

    How to align a unidbgrid to fill free space on unipanel ?

    Set Panel AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient Set Panel Layout = fit Place DBGrid onto Panel If the Panel is on a Form and must also spread the whole client area of the Form then: Set Form AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient Set Form Layout = fit See this nice tutorial that @mhmda put together in the Sample Projects: Basic Layouts
  5. GerhardV

    I am sure your uniGUI1480 have some wrong

    Maybe delete this topic then?
  6. GerhardV

    Is there a possibility to rotate the UniImage?

    Just save it on the Form and with every click you update it from 90 to 180 and so on..then update the JS code above to reflect the value. protected vDegrees: integer; On the button click: vDegrees := vDegrees + 90; -- you have to add some logic when it gets to 360 UniImage1.JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.el.query("img")[0].style.transform="rotate('+ vDegrees +'deg)";');
  7. GerhardV

    Data cursor moving to first row by itself

    Is it behaving the same with more rows, like say 10 and you delete row 7? I would expect it to either go to the previous or next row and with just 3 it will be the first record if you delete the 2nd row.
  8. GerhardV

    How can i produce my own theme ?

  9. Hello Gerhard, I really enjoyed your work with the themes for UniGUI. I am interested in acquiring them. how should I proceed? My email is "awendisch@gmail.com"
  10. GerhardV

    Update to UniGUI Add-on Theme Pack 1

    Thank you. Very soon...just haven't had much time to finish the last theme...must just sit down and do it!
  11. GerhardV

    SpeedButton alignment

    For the Form and Panel set AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient For the panel set the Layout = form. For the buttons set LayoutConfig.Margin =3 - or whatever you prefer
  12. GerhardV

    HowTo: Connect popup menu to dbmemo

    Peter, just a question. Why a popup menu on a memo field? You could also add a menu button next to, or above the memo...which will result in one less network trip, unless you need to dynamically populate the popup menu.
  13. GerhardV

    InputMask optional character

    I don't understand your argument, you have to press a space at the end to change the mask format anyway to let the application know. That isn't any different from pressing the separator (-) after you have entered 4 digits and don't want a 5th digit. Have you even tried my suggestion?
  14. GerhardV

    Microsoft Edge: Animate does,t work?

    Thanks for the update Erich!