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  1. GerhardV

    Drag Issue over TUniDBHTMLMemo

    Thank you, works as expected. I wonder if it is possible to implement that in the framework? @Farshad Mohajeri
  2. GerhardV

    Drag Issue over TUniDBHTMLMemo

    Chrome, Opera, Edge and FireFox....all same effect.
  3. GerhardV

    Drag Issue over TUniDBHTMLMemo

    @Farshad Mohajeri can this be changed/fixed?
  4. GerhardV

    FastReport 6_3 !

    Thank you mate!
  5. GerhardV

    Enlarge fieldset/groupbox to show all components

    Let me know if you need more info or if I need to show you via a share screen. You have my email.
  6. GerhardV

    Enlarge fieldset/groupbox to show all components

    Peter it is because of the default CSS values for the type of layouts for supported by FieldSets (GroupBox is also translated into a FieldSet). You can add the following CSS to the CustomCSS in the ServerModule and then play with the values until it suits your needs. The values below are the default values, if you decrease the values of the margin-bottom and padding-top you would see a significant change. .x-fieldset-header-default { padding: 2px 5px 0px 5px; line-height: 20px; } .x-autocontainer-form-item, .x-anchor-form-item, .x-vbox-form-item, .x-table-form-item { margin-bottom: 10px; } .x-form-item-label-default.x-form-item-label-top > .x-form-item-label-inner { padding-top: 5px; }
  7. Do you have a theme for custom mobile phones?

  8. GerhardV

    Code completion stopped working - Delphi

    For many years I have been using the IDE Fixpack from Andy...give it a try. IDE Fix Pack 6.4
  9. GerhardV

    Drag Issue over TUniDBHTMLMemo

    @Farshad, see the attached video demonstrating the issue when dragging a panel over a TUniDBHTMLMemo. Dragging it over the other containers like panels seems to display fine but the moment the mouse enters a TUniDBHTMLMemo then the display stops to update until the mouse exists the TUniDBHTMLMemo. Is this possible to fix? PanelDragIssue.webm PanelDragIssue.zip
  10. GerhardV

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    Hi Peter - see attached - you also have to set the AlignmentControl to uniAlignmentClient for the main form. Tabsheet: Layout = vbox LayoutAttributes: Align = center Pack = start Your margins are correct on the form. TestCase_fixed.zip And I would also suggest using a frame instead of a form as others did, unless you have a specific reason for that..
  11. GerhardV

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    You can also use vbox but then align= center and pack = start.
  12. GerhardV

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    Set the tabsheet layout to hbox, LayoutAttributrs= align to middel, pack to start and give the form a margin of 50 0 0 0.
  13. Hi Gerhard I'm interested to theme pack. My email is francesco.dicosta@gmail.com

  14. I was looking for the same thing...but I don't think there is something equivalent on the ExtJS side to easily map to...will probably need to write it from scratch. Still on my research list.
  15. It works for me: procedure TMainForm.UniComboBox1TriggerEvent(Sender: TUniCustomComboBox; AButtonId: Integer); begin if AButtonId = 1 then begin ShowMessage(Sender.Text); end; end; By the way if I copy this line from your code above and paste it I noticed that there are strange characters just after the "d" in Sender and just before the two slashes. see picture. Try and delete the code and type from scratch. You probably copied it from somewhere on the forum, I have noticed the issue with the new forum. UniForm1.UniEdit1.Text := Sender.Text; // Doesn't work