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  1. @Sherzod, Any update? ... or at least how to close all open RowWidget so I can apply grid refresh? Thanks, Frances
  2. Hi @Sherzod, On .1545...47 if dbLookUpComboBox WITH Trigger, the ReadOnly property still showing the dropdown ListSource. if WITHOUT Trigger and ReadOnly the Listsource is hidden and NOT showing the ListSource.. this is OK if no trigger. How can I make dbLookUpComboBox on READONLY but still clickable Triggers? Regards.
  3. Hi Sherzod, I reverted back to .1545 from .1546... dbLookUpComboBox (readonly) still the list drop down and can still select.. when it should be not since it is readonly. I will try the new .1547 and will let you know. Thanks.
  4. My 1545 same as 1546 .... ... still selectable (but not savable) listdown ...
  5. I think I need to go back to 1545 as well ... I also experience this with 1546.
  6. Aw.. maybe that's why. Sorry.
  7. BTW, This ain't working on FontAwesome Dualtone. Regards.
  8. Hi @Sherzod, This is good result: Thanks much for the best experience support!
  9. RowWidget_TestCase.zip The dbLookupComboBox are inside the RowWidget. Thanks @Sherzod
  10. Hi @Sherzod, I believed, partially.. because if I use image from UniNativeImageList this happens: Mis-aligned icons This is using 'x-form-trigger': Thanks.
  11. @Sherzod, Thanks. The first trigger is the actual lookup so I manage to change the icon... The second trigger is what I need to call other form. Regards.
  12. Hi @Sherzod, Regarding dbLookupCombobox Trigger ... If I define trigger the lookup no longer functional or it disappeared... How to put trigger and lookup working at the same time? Regards.
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