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  1. fraxzi


    Hi Sherzod, I already read that demo project.. But the TuniDBTagField's items are manually encoded.. I'd like to fill it with lines from Query.. Thanks, Frances
  2. fraxzi


    Hi All, How can I populate uniDbTagField items from SQL Query? btw, It is better if there's something similar to uniDbLookupComboBox like uniDbLookupTagField.. I thought so. Thanks, Frances
  3. fraxzi

    Sortable Panels in a Dashboard

    So interested ... I've been looking for something similar to implement on a dashboard for monitoring stuff..
  4. fraxzi

    Resizing and positioning of Panel

    Hi Cesare, This is great result! So amazed because I am really so newbie with these great stuff.. Thank you for helping and pointing me to the right path. Kind regards from Manila, Frances
  5. fraxzi

    using Free FontAweSome OFFLine

    Hi @Abaksoft, Thanks! I tried your suggestion on/off on both but still the same.. Regards, Frances
  6. fraxzi

    using Free FontAweSome OFFLine

    HI @Abaksoft, Why the Pro looks like this on popmenu: and the Free looks like better arranged? using "far fa-shopping-cart, etc.." are aligned compare to using "fad fa-shopping-cart"? Any workaround? Thanks, Frances
  7. fraxzi

    Resizing and positioning of Panel

    Hi Sherzod, Good morning from Manila! Unfortunately the first option has the same result (as the gif) and the 2nd option, the panel did not show. Kind regards, Frances
  8. fraxzi

    scanner with unigui

    Hi Sherzod, I recently learned to upload pdf file to Mariadb and display it back to uniPDF viewer.. I thought if would be great to learn how to acquire from scanner so data can have documentation (signed docs) for reference use. I haven't prepare a uniGUI project for the feature (yet). Kind regards, Frances
  9. fraxzi

    scanner with unigui

    Hi. Anyone with the update on the subject? I also wish to capture document (pdf) directly acquired from scanner.. from UniGUI (Desktop) app. Does anyone care to share? Thanks, Frances
  10. Hi Guys, I am working on a Panel which I would like to position center of screen or my main form. I came into some issues when resizing the browser. I attached the screen and case project. Using uniGUI 1.90.1522 and Delphi Rio ... Any inputs and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks, Frances Panel_Resize.zip
  11. Hi Sherzod, Good Morning from this part of the world First thing in the office.. Confirmed on the code above for the correct behavior. Thanks! we couldn't do it without you and support team. Kind regards, Frances
  12. Hi Sherzod, Yes. No code changes.. just selected the theme.
  13. Hi Sherzod, It so odd, that only "uni_lavender" theme crashes the roweditor.. with other themes I tested it works fine.. Just changing theme.
  14. Hi Sherzod, I think I consider it normal at the moment... I will observe further on capture the screen if it manifest again (in random). Thanks! I feel so welcome in this community (i'm newbie so please bare with me). This is my first Delphi+UniGUI project Kind regards, Frances
  15. Hi Sherzod, I re-build the whole project.. right now the "unable to close" roweditor not manifesting. Please see the behavior (attached gif) Thanks, Frances