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  1. Sherzod

    Animation with uniGUI

  2. Sherzod

    Animation with uniGUI

    Works for me.
  3. Sherzod

    Animation with uniGUI

    Well, need to do it first with CSS, and then, perhaps as an object method that applies the style.
  4. Sherzod


    Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Maybe you need to include this?:
  5. Sherzod

    Animation with uniGUI

    Hi, What controls exactly do you mean? And can you please explain in more details what do you want?
  6. Sherzod

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Very nice, Mohammad!
  7. Sherzod

    TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.

    Can you check with latest build?
  8. Sherzod

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Very nice interface, Dominique!
  9. Hi, Can you please explain in more details?
  10. Hello, Take care and please let us know.
  11. Can you try this approach for now? procedure TMainForm.UniButton5Click(Sender: TObject); var btnID: string; begin btnID := 'no'; //"ok", "yes", "no", "cancel" UniSession.AddJS('Ext.MessageBox.beforeShow=function(){Ext.MessageBox.defaultFocus=Ext.MessageBox.queryById("'+ btnID +'")};'); MessageDlg('Dialog2', mtConfirmation, mbYesNo, DCallBack2); end;
  12. Sherzod

    Adding Second DB Record Results In Blank Record Shown

    If possible please make a testcase.
  13. It's using uni_sencha as a theme