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  1. Простите, это где?
  2. Я не смог воспроизвести. Можете сделать тестовый случай?
  3. When the application runs independently it works normally and there is no error even when it is closed. However when opened by HyperServer the process runs smoothly, but when logging out by HyperServer the application generates APPCRASH error. EUniSessionException: Session Time Terminated.

    In windows 10 the error message goes to the event viewer, but in windows server an error screen is displayed.

    What can I do to solve?

    I´m using Unigui Professional version

    1. Sherzod


      Please adjust your forum email address first:


  4. Просто оставьте пустым значение свойства HeaderTitle.
  5. Sherzod

    How to delete a column from a stringgrid?

    I will check and let you know.
  6. Sherzod

    Grid summary on the paging bar

    One of the possible solutions I think, can you try? function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { sender.getSummaryStrs = function(sender) { var me = sender, rStr = '', sFeature = me.getView().findFeature('summary'); if (sFeature && sFeature.getSummaryBar()) { sFeature.getSummaryBar().ariaEl.select('.x-grid-cell-inner').elements.forEach(function(el) { if (el.innerHTML != ' ') { rStr += el.innerHTML.replace(/ /g, ' ') + ',' } }) } return rStr.replace(/.$/, ""); }; if (sender.pagingBar) { sender.pagingBar.add({ xtype: "tbtext", text: "", id: sender.id + "_summaryStr" }); sender.getStore().on('datachanged', function() { if (Ext.get(sender.id + "_summaryStr")) { Ext.get(sender.id + "_summaryStr").setHtml(sender.getSummaryStrs(sender)) } }); } }
  7. Sherzod

    Grid summary on the paging bar

    OK, I will analyze.
  8. Sherzod

    Install unigui 1509

    Hi, Can you try to install 1508 for check?
  9. Sherzod

    Ajax vs INPUT

    OK... Простите, я еще не вникался в Ваш вопрос. Так как Вы не уточнили версию UniGUI в начале поста (учитывая дату Вашей регистрации на форуме), я и спросил.
  10. Sherzod

    Grid summary on the paging bar

    From where? Or do you have this amount?
  11. Sherzod

    UniChart AxisB Time custom labels

    Hi, I have it displayed like this:
  12. Sherzod

    Ajax vs INPUT

    Простите, но эта давняя бета версия уже не поддерживается.
  13. Sherzod

    how to leave the edits rounded in unigui?

  14. Sherzod

    Ajax vs INPUT

    Добрый день. Пожалуйста уточните, какое издание и какую сборку UniGUI используете.