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  1. @eduardosuruagy Which build are you using? How can we reproduce your issue?
  2. @Woutero procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin UniChart1.SaveImage; end; procedure TMainForm.UniChart1ChartImage(Sender: TUniCustomChart; Image: TGraphic); var fName : string; begin fName := UniServerModule.LocalCachePath + 'Chart.png'; Image.SaveToFile(fName); UniSession.SendFile(fName); end;
  3. Sherzod

    play video

    If possible, make a simple testcase.
  4. Well, you gave us a task for attentiveness... You forgot that your files have leading zeros! Here is the correct format for your current case: FDMemTable1audio.Value := Format('<audio controls><source src="files/Alarm%.*d.wav" type="audio/wav"></audio>', [2, I]);
  5. Yes, this is normal behavior, but if you "remove" it, horizontal scrolling will appear.
  6. Hello, Can you briefly say what the problem is?
  7. Sherzod

    Timeline bar

    Hello, Sorry, I didn’t quite understand what you want.
  8. Hello, Can you please explain in more detail? What issue are you having at the moment?
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