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  1. Sherzod

    ajaxCallback problem

    Also, your code seems to be "incomplete" function click(sender, e, eOpts) { ajaxRequest('#1', "getData", ["base64Data=teste"]) } ajaxRequest('#1', "getData", ["base64Data="+canvas.toDataURL("image/jpeg,1.0")]) procedure TMainForm.UniButton1AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); begin if EventName='getData' then Begin UniSession.SendFile(UniServerModule.FilesFolderPath+ 'unipdf.pdf'); End; end;
  2. Sherzod

    ajaxCallback problem

    I understood you, there are several ways to achieve this, I will try to give you a solution.
  3. Sherzod

    ajaxCallback problem

    Well, right, how many clicks, as many request.
  4. Sherzod

    Display Combobox IconItem by code

    Ok, I will try to understand and check.
  5. Sherzod

    Display Combobox IconItem by code

    Thanks for the testcase. Sorry, please clarify once again, with what difficulty you are faced?
  6. Да, простите, Вы правы.
  7. Попробуйте вышеуказанное решение.
  8. Sherzod

    Event BrowserClose (MainModule)

    In fact, what would you like to do in this event? You wouldn't use such code, would you?: procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleBrowserClose(Sender: TObject); begin raise Exception.Create('UniGUIMainModuleBrowserClose'); end;
  9. Sherzod


    Oh, great!
  10. Sherzod

    TUnimMenu обрезает иконки

    CustomCSS... .x-button .x-icon-el { width: auto; }
  11. Sherzod

    Event BrowserClose (MainModule)

    OK, we will check.
  12. Sherzod

    Event BrowserClose (MainModule)

    Can you make a simple app to reproduce this issue?
  13. Sherzod

    Event BrowserClose (MainModule)

    Hello, Can you please try with the latest builds?
  14. Также, можете попробовать использовать этот код, для всех Item'ов: procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormReady(Sender: TObject); begin UniSession.AddJS( 'Ext.getBody().addListener("click", function(e, t) {'+ ' if (Ext.getCmp(t.getAttribute("data-componentid")).parent) {'+ ' Ext.getCmp(t.getAttribute("data-componentid")).parent.hide();'+ ' }'+ ' }, null, {'+ ' delegate: ".x-actionsheet-body-el button"'+ ' });' ); end;