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  1. Sherzod

    AjaxEvent is not working on URLFrame

    Hello, This post may help you:
  2. Hi, Can you make a simple testcase for this?
  3. Sherzod

    Ext JS 6 - pressedCls, overCls

    OK, you provided a link to the mobile version, so I asked.
  4. Sherzod

    Ext JS 6 - pressedCls, overCls

    Hello, Do you mean the mobile version?
  5. UniServerModule -> CustomFiles: files/zxing.min.js
  6. And you must give permission to use the camera.
  7. I mean, the example uses SSL, without SSL, in short, you cannot use the camera...
  8. Sherzod

    printing self-adhesive labels in zebra tlp 2844

    Hello, Sorry, would you like to print? What problems do you face?
  9. Sherzod

    right-align unistringgrid

    Sorry, your test case is not clear to me. Can you please check it?
  10. Sherzod

    right-align unistringgrid

    How does a user change the attribute of a cell? I think that at this moment you can note...
  11. Sherzod

    right-align unistringgrid

    Hi, Specifically, what style do you want to apply?
  12. Sherzod

    Sync scroll between two TUniScrollBox

    Hi, The forum had a similar question if I’m not mistaken, have you tried searching?