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49 years


Started with a VIC 20, Sinclair ZX81 and later the Spectrum. Turbo Pascal 2.0 and was also at the launch of Delphi 1 and using it ever since. First big system was actually in PAL (Paradox Application Language), it was a Laboratory Information Management System.


Love Delphi...easy to read...nice constructs...big fan of the separate interface and implementation segmentation...even with some bugs it still rocks today.


And of course uniGUI has blown new life into it. [HIGH FIVE]

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49 years, started with Turbo Pascal 29 years ago, 19 years with Delphi.


I started with html around 22 years ago, building static websites,

but unfortunately PHP and JS caught my interest much later.


Delphi is almost too good, so you get stuck in it...

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57, started with ALGOL-60 on PDP-8 clone, FORTRAN IV, BASIC, assembly (8080/8085/Z-80/6805), IBM-360 assembly, PASCAL, Microsoft Pascal for IBM PC, Quick Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Borland Pascal, Delphi (all of them), Stonebrook Pascal, UCSD Pascal, C/C++/Turbo C/VC++/Visual Studio, C#, all kind of SQL (Informix, DB2, Sybase/MSSQL, Oracle 8.3 and higher, MySQL, Paradox, dBASE II/III/IV, FoxPro, Clipper, Visual FoxPro, DataEase.

Despite Borland, Delphi is still alive, but it is no longer appreciated for what is worth.

Delphi plus products like Spring4D, DUnitX, Devart (UniDAC and EntityDAC), TMS (a whole bunch of good products like Aurelius), DevExpress, and now uniGUI makes the perfect tool for solving all kind of problems.

Licensing costs and the false perception about its "imminent" death are the only drawbacks.

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Looking at those statistics the immediate questions that come to mind are


1) How many Delphi developers will remain active after 10 - 20 years?

2) What will be the average age of Delphi developers in 10 years from now?

3) With such a trend, is there a chance that Delphi will vanish from the market in a foreseeable future?


OK, I know that there are many younger Delphi developers, but again for Delphi developers, being young means being in 30s!

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The answer is "If Delphi didn't die since 1996" then it is very tenacious! Below my thoughts.



Hi, for the first look, the trend seems to be awful for the future!  Here we have some static picture in borders of this forum - so - it may be not relevant to all Delphi world.


Another look - is to look to objective factors main of which are 

 - Unstable situation of Borland in 2000-2010, so Delphi lost many time.

 - New life of Delphi with Embarcadero / IDERA, so no Delphi is overtaking its positions ( every update is step forward and hope for us - Delphi fans)


Your activity with UniGUI - is bless proof that with Delphi we can create Rich Internet Applications. Another question is how to populate it! To increase number of users.There are many ways, but one of them is to use the energy of us - fans of your product.


As for me i chose UniGUI for the 95% of my projects. I think that UniGUI is front of Delphi world in development for many reasons. When i show my works on forums - people say - "wow! it cannot be done with Delphi !!!" And I say - it is done with Delphi.


The way i see to populate - is kind of MVP, some media broadCasting about world of Delphi, world of UniGUI. On our blogs we can do this activity. Last year i had about 300 unique people on my blog, but i devoted myself to learning C#, and lost this auditory.


Also we still don't have templates for popular webTasks like eShop, Sites, LandingPages and etc. We need bright projects and examples done with Delphi and UniGUI!


For the moment i work on eShop template and want to share it to community soon. 


Everything changes. Let's look to TIOBE index - last month Delphi was on 9th place!

(Now 13th, maybe in the end of the month soon will be in top 10)



Regards, Stan

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I am 21 and started uniGUI a few months ago when I was still 20, wondering if anyone else is younger than myself. Also work part time whilst doing a full time master in electrical engineering, did undergraduate in economics & finance and was hired based on my skillset and then my job evolved (I work in finance).


So for someone like me with ~10 months industry experience part time and little usage of other languages, I so far enjoy the combination of Delphi + uniGUI (Learn from scratch) and I'm yet to deeply explore its capabilities.

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