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  1. I have a desktop application that handles PDF files. they are in the files \ pdfs folder. if I want to read these files from a mobile application how can I do. the 2 applications run on different port.
  2. I've disabled Windows Defender Antivirus and everything is working right now
  3. From subsequent checks I found that Windows defender antivirus detects: Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml and the app is closed
  4. I have installed 5 unique applications on a PC (each application has a different port). after a short time the last installed app does not work ... the 'Loading ...' message appears on the browser and the application must be relaunched.
  5. my app is wrapped in windows application (form with twebbrowser). if app run from webbrowser( chrome, edge ecc.) the page is printed correcty.
  6. Ciao da Napoli

  7. When I print from unipdfframe the print size is A5 and not A4. Until now he had always printed well. I haven't found any method to set the page.
  8. WebBrowser1.Silent = True All ok, thank
  9. project in vcl username : 1 Password : CCCRFL56 Applicazione -Dipendente.rar
  10. j wrapper vcl twebrowser of delphi. when j open the form and display first pdf and close not error if select row of dbgrib display pdf but at close j recevie error
  11. J have a unform with unidbgrid and unipdfframe. When j click row of unidbgrid the file pdf diplayed . But j close the form display this error.
  12. I take up the topic of a post a few weeks ago trying to be clearer on the problem. I wrote an app for geolocation by inserting the script in the onclick event of the button, in the ajaxrequest event the reading of the data returned by the call. If I log in with loalhost: 8078, the event click and the CurrentPosition event are detected with the latitude and longitude values. If I log in with (local ip of the pc) or from a browser on the internet, only the click event is detected. The source of the test is attached. Projectgeoloca.zip
  13. If j press the enter the cursr not go to next row (in unimemo)
  14. When I press the enter key in unimemo the cursor doesn't go to the next line, why?
  15. after many tests I have verified that: the demo on localhost: 8100 geolocation works if I open the application from upc on the net ( the geolocation does not work
  16. Add Layout properties for Unilabel (altop, alcenter albottom) similar to the VCL Label property
  17. Here is the project. for access matricola = 20017 and password = 12345678 Thank WebPresenze.zip
  18. in a unigui windows application I want to insert the geolocation of the pc with the following source. procedure TMainForm.UniBitBtn1AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); begin UniMemo1.Lines.Add(eventname); if EventName = 'CurrentPosition' then begin UniMainModule.latidu := Params['lat'].Value; UniMainModule.longi := Params['lng'].Value; if accedi(StrToInt(UniNumberEdit1.text), uniedit3.Text, UniEdit2.text) = 0 then UniForm1.ShowModal(); end; end
  19. I have a button generated by pay pal and loaded into UniURLFrame.I wish I could copy into single details and err variables that are returned by java functions: }] }); }, onApprove: function(data, actions) { return actions.order.capture().then(function(details) { alert('Transaction completed by ' + details.payer.name.given_name + '!'); }); }, onError: function(err) { console.log(err); }, }).render('#paypal-button-container'); } Is possible?
  20. j developed component with delphi 10.04 and last version of unigui. for option B requested clientid of paypal otherwise the event initbutton not active button.
  21. MY checkuot, Unibtnpaypal has the template Loaded. Checkout.zip
  22. Add the template file in property Template of component
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