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  1. herculanojs

    TUniDBGrid SelectedRow

    Problem persists ver If there is only one record on screen, SelectedRows.Count always points to zero. And the selected record is always locked in the first record of the grid / page
  2. herculanojs

    TUniDBGrid SelectedRow

    I will test now in version
  3. herculanojs

    TUniDBGrid SelectedRow

    I am facing a problem with UniDBGrid in version For some reason that I cannot identify, the grid does not synchronize with the position of the DataSet, and is always parked on the first data record. The grid is selected one record, but the dataset is in another. And when there is only one data record in the grid, SelectedRows.Count always shows zero, even if the record is selected. Is there anything we can do about it?
  4. herculanojs

    How to use this css in unigui's edit(s)

  5. herculanojs

    Resize Component

    I think it would be interesting to exchange an idea with the developer of the components
  6. herculanojs

    Resize Component

    Understand. It could be something related to the component
  7. herculanojs

    Resize Component

    Tested in uniedit and working perfect with UniEdit1.JSInterface do JSAddListener('afterrender', 'function(){'+ 'this.initResizable({'+ ' minWidth: 100,'+ ' minHeight: 100'+ '}); '+ 'this.bodyEl.setStyle("width", "100%");'+ '}' );
  8. herculanojs

    Resize Component

    well, thank you
  9. herculanojs

    Resize Component

  10. herculanojs

    Resize Component

    yes Project1.zip
  11. herculanojs

    Resize Component

    some other solution
  12. herculanojs

    Resize Component

    I cannot update the version at this time
  13. herculanojs

    Resize Component

    Did not work for me v1.10.0.1472 What could it be?
  14. herculanojs

    InputMask optional character

    Tente olhar isso
  15. herculanojs

    Phone mask input with 9 digit

    I didn't understand how to use it. I could clarify.