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  1. Olá! 

    Li um post seu de 2018 que estava tendo erro quando usava o UnimDbGrid, inclui na classe principal como citou mas o erro aqui persiste "Ajax Error ext.field.slider is not a constructor"...Poderia me ajudar?

  2. I think you have to understand the working dynamics of uniGUI forms regardless of bpl issue, as well as keep in mind that to deal with BPL you must work with object-oriented view and not procedural programming as is customary in Delphi. Bpl is nothing more than the box where things will be. If there is a form in bpl, you have to understand how uniGUI handles forms in order to create that form class that you pasted into bpl. You will create something derived from what is in bpl. Gives a look at object-oriented concepts
  3. If you are going to download the package, you must somehow keep the ID (hmodule) identifying the package associated with TabShett or the resource that loaded the package, in order to have the reference to release the package. Just closing and destroying the resource does not free the package from memory.
  4. I think it would be the steps: 1) Load package - loadpackage() 2) Create tabsheet - with frame 3) Close tabsheet 4) release package - unloadpackage() Or as I mentioned, you can create a control that identifies that there are new resources (bpls) that must be loaded, if the user is using any of these new bpls. Then inform him that he should reload the application for a new update. You don't need to scan components loaded in the package. Once you destroy the frame, the package can be released.
  5. UnRegisterModuleClasses(Module); UnLoadPackage(Module); I think that alone is enough. Now as I already informed you, you won't be able to release a package while resources of it are being used. You instantiated a frame inside the package and are using it in a form. As long as this frame is not destroyed, this package cannot be released. To work with packages which will have form, frames, etc. must plan the application well in advance.
  6. I already managed to understand and resolve, thank you.
  7. <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmkAlcOd_AA?rel=0&hd=0&autoplay=0" frameborder="0" width="300"></iframe> www.youtube.com refused the connection. What can it be?
  8. I refer to how to adjust the size to make it small, I can't find any properties or information to change that.
  9. You cannot download a package while using resources from the package.
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