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  1. I was able to identify the problem. For some reason when creating the triggers and leaving the same visible = false, they were not found afterwards. Tanks
  2. Hide works fine, but show gives error.
  3. very good, can you make the sources available?
  4. I don't use fastscript, I use the TMS Scripter
  5. Hello, I managed to solve all the problems with TMS.
  6. Hello, I managed to solve all the problems with TMS. Tell me which point has difficulty, that I can help you.
  7. could you tell if the 1508 would work?
  8. I am getting an error while compiling. procedure TUniQZ.Connect; begin JSCallGlobal ('qz.websocket.connect', [], 'tmp'); JSCallGlobal ('tmp.catch', [JSFunction ('e', 'ajaxRequest (' # 1 ',' 'onError ", {error: e});')]); JSCallGlobal ('tmp.then', [JSFunction ('', 'ajaxRequest (' # 1 ', "onConnected");')]); end; JSCallGlobal is waiting for an object at the end
  9. Problem persists ver If there is only one record on screen, SelectedRows.Count always points to zero. And the selected record is always locked in the first record of the grid / page
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