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  1. I managed to solve it. It was putting in the wrong event. The correct one would be: UniTreeMenu1.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values ['treeMenu.afterCreate']: = '';
  2. If I put the code directly into the designer team, it works perfectly. However trying this way, it doesn't work. How should the value be for ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values ['????????']: =
  3. I would like to know how can I report this at runtime? function treeMenu.afterCreate(sender) { sender.el.setStyle('overflow-y', 'auto'); } something similar ? ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values['treeMenu.afterCreate'] :=
  4. How do I put these properties at runtime? function treeMenu.afterCreate(sender) { sender.el.setStyle('overflow-y', 'auto'); sender.el.setStyle('overflow-x', 'auto'); }
  5. how can i do this runtime? ?? ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values['treeMenu.afterCreate'] :=
  6. I was able to identify the problem. For some reason when creating the triggers and leaving the same visible = false, they were not found afterwards. Tanks
  7. Hide works fine, but show gives error.
  8. very good, can you make the sources available?
  9. I don't use fastscript, I use the TMS Scripter
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