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    Print PDF direct to Printer - Help

    Hello everyone After reading all the post on printing unigui I met, none had any concrete solution. At least they solved the problem, not the answer posted. So I have the following scenario to which necessecito help and solution: Print the PDF report that is being shown in a frame directly to the printer without a preview before. Ie have situations where the report after created, must now be sent to the printer. I greatly appreciate the help and attention Ola a todos Após ler todos os post sobre impressão com unigui que encontrei, nenhum apresentou alguma solução concreta. Pelo menos se solucionaram o problema, não postaram a resposta. Sendo assim tenho o seguinte cenário aos quais necessecito de ajuda e solução: Imprimir o relatório PDF que esta sendo mostrado em um frame diretamente para a impressora, sem que haja um preview antes. Ou seja, tenho situações em que o relatório após criado, já deve ser enviado para a impressora. Agradeço imensamente a ajuda e atenção
  2. herculanojs

    TUniStringGrid onDrawCell - Problem

    I am facing problematic with the onDrwaCell event of UniStrigGrid. This event is only triggered once when the StringGrid is mounted. After even manipulating the values of the grid this event does not fire any more. What is the solution to this?
  3. herculanojs

    Drag on Drop Treeview

    Hi Would anyone have an example of how to do Drag Drop in a TUniTreeview It would be possible ? Tanks
  4. herculanojs

    TMS Scripter

    Is anyone successfully using TMS Scripter with Unigui? I have approximately 80% of codes working properly, and some things still have problems. Conform a previous post, it would be very interesting if we got a satisfactory interaction with TMS Scripter or some other pascal code interpreter, so we could have a more dynamic application possible. Good the problems that I face: a) In form creation, if it contains the property freeonclose as true, I get exception when closing the form: "There is no Default JavaScript Object " In the clientEvents assignment: the added codes are not executed Someone would know or could tell me some solution to these cases, or know some pascal code interpreter that works perfectly with unigui. scRelacaoPessoa_Produto.txt
  5. herculanojs

    Novo Grupo Whats

    Estão me enviando mensagens no privado, para inclusão no grupo de WhatsApp. Eu não sou o administrador do grupo.
  6. herculanojs

    TMS Scripter

    Show de bola
  7. Bom dia meu nobre

    Estou com idéia semelhante a tua, de fazer tudo ou quase tudo via script.

    A problemática que estou enfrentando a na execução do projeto Scripter.

    Estou tentando executar isso através do IDEEngine1

    IDEEngine1.OpenProject - carrear o projeto

    IDEEngine1.RunProject; - executar o projeto.

    Num projeto de exmplo, coloquei dois forms. Um principal e um segundário que é chamado dentro do principal. Ocorre que ao executar o IDEEngine os dois forms são criados.

    Como você esta executando?

    Tem criado um projeto do TMS e executado através do IDEEngine ? ou através de alguma outra forma.

    Você tem SKype para que possamos trocar umas idéias e vc me ajudar nisso?


  8. herculanojs

    TMS Scripter

    Boa tarde meu nobre Conseguiu avanço ?
  9. herculanojs

    Filter uniDbGrid runTime

  10. herculanojs

    Hibryd Application

    Leveraging the subject Is it possible in a hybrid application, when it is accessed from a particular device, for example tablet, it uses the desktop instead of mobile? For example: I would like to access via tablet the desktop application and only by mobile, the mobile application. Is it possible to get around something like that?
  11. herculanojs

    Communication Peripherals Client

    Does anyone have any component, or do you know any practical resources for communicating with peripherals on client stations. The big problem we face, and there are numerous posts in this regard are related to interaction with peripherals in the client. Printers, scales, digital scanners, etc. The portability for web applications has been occurring, however what is the solution to these questions?
  12. herculanojs

    Maximized Form covers TUniMainMenu

    How can we avoid that when maximizing a form, it does not cover the MainMenu of the main screen
  13. herculanojs

    form parent

    as far as I know, it is not possible change the parent What are you needing to do?
  14. herculanojs

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    I think it will take a few years until they get close to the unigui. And when they reach the current stage, unigui will be much more ahead. The embarcadero continues as always with problem of focus. They shoot everywhere and can not close something ripe and easy. Firemonkey is a great misfortune, the infinity of bugs made the product unusable. For demonstrations as they are made, and small applications you even get some results. For real-world cases leaves to be desired.
  15. herculanojs

    c is not a constructor

    Once again the support of Fmsoft is unsurpassed. Forgive us Farsha for the hot head, too much pressure from customers and we go crazy. You as always are the savior of the motherland.
  16. herculanojs

    c is not a constructor

    c is not a constructor I definitely can not understand what causes this damn error. Everything working normally, you updated the version and things that were working normally start to give problems. This has been a constant struggle. What does the core try to do that occurs? There has to be a message, something more friendly so we can understand and find the problem. I have an ERP operating on more than 300 100% unigui customers today. I can not stay with these problems, which occur in those versions. This discredits my software, and unigui itself. The change in the form of the messages was a headache that consumed many hours and inconveniences to the customers. You can not test a whole gigantic ERP like ours in search of small bugs because of the change of a version of unigui. Even more so than this occurs almost every day.
  17. herculanojs

    c is not a constructor

    Together with Farshad we solved the problem. An old verification code if it was running on the mobile platform, was failing and moving on to creating a desktop application form. result := UniSession.isMobile; // result := false; // // uPlat := UniApplication.UniPlatform; // // if (upMobile in uPlat) then // result := True;
  18. herculanojs

    c is not a constructor

    ext-modern-all.js not found Where is this from ?
  19. herculanojs

    c is not a constructor

    It's all commented It's all commented on. And they were things that were working normally And there are no custom js for mobile platform
  20. herculanojs

    MonitoredKeys - HELP URGENT

    I have great difficulty in understanding this process. I need to disable the browser function keys (F1..F12) Using the option in MainModule (monitoredkeys) got the result. But some things do not work as expected. When active keys monitoring mainmodule, onkeydow the forms stop working. If active KeyenabledAll, onkeydown works, but editing components not, like the Edit. All that is entered simply is not shown. How should I use it? How the operation of properties? MonitoredKeys.rar
  21. herculanojs

    background form

    After the migration from version 1424 to 1466, many things occurred due to the change of the js. Yet some things are still strange. In some completely normal situations, for example, a form that is being called in showmoal is not displayed in the foreground when the form is called. The form in the foreground example, is in showmodal, where the second form was called See example: form: = CreateForm ('TfrmObservation', false); if form <> nil then begin form.bringTofront; if form.ShowModal in [mrOK, mrYes] then begin end; end else form.Close; end; What could be causing these strange behaviors?
  22. herculanojs

    Printing directly

    Only work on internal network
  23. herculanojs

    Printing directly

    We have now implemented support for fastreport, reportbuilder, and acbrbalanca My quarrel with the peripherals gave a truce Ideas and implementations are welcome. As suggestions for adapting to meet the mobile platform
  24. herculanojs

    JavaScript Graphical / Virtual Keyboard Interface

    Is it possible through an external button to the example (TUniedit) to call the virtual keyboard informing the control that it will be managing?
  25. herculanojs

    Novo Grupo Whats