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  1. @RobertoLopes, that was not what I meant, I was saying that I would like to Unigui implement NetCom as communication library to replace indy in Unigui, it will make it more scalable and faster.
  2. There's a new communication library for Delphi, and it claim to be much faster than indy, I may not sure if it's possible to add support with it to Unigui
  3. Hello, I have used approach 2, but moved to 3. I'm using forms but embedded inside panel as it a frame, I only use frames for static data that will be shared across many forms. Forms has much more features and events, for example I use OnShow event to prepare some data
  4. The support for Delphi 10.4 just released
  5. Removing ARC, will not affect the current win32/win64 compiler, only for mobile and Linux.
  6. I found the problem It related to property: "BrowserOptions"-> boDisableMouseRightClick It was set to true on both my application & AllFeaturesDemo But still not sure why it was working fine on iOS but not on Android :-/ Anyway, it's good they can now copy & paste :-D
  7. The problem only exist with classic controls when they used by last versions of Chrome and edge on Android.
  8. It's offline too. Are you building it using modern or classic?
  9. Seems it's offline. You can test on unigui samples online http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/desktop/mdemo65.dll Just find any form that has textboxes and try to copy the text inside it.
  10. I tested it on many application, even with Extjs samples like Kitchen sink and others, the copy & paste working fine with all, except with Unigui applications :-/
  11. Salamat Mohammed, Even without any code it doesn't work, just try any sample from Unigui.com and see.
  12. Tested on Android 6,8,10 I think the problem related to Chrome it self, not the Android, it's working on other browsers that not rely on google browser. Same problem exit on new Edge browser too. I tested on old chrome on android (v50) and it worked fine, but after updating to latest version 79, it's stop show the copy & paste menu
  13. Hello, I have system developed with unigui desktop, many clients access it via their mobile phones, they notfifed me that they can't do copy & paste for text on their mobile. The iOS owner don't have this problem, do you any idea why? I tested it on Unigui demos and same problem found.
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