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  1. Hello, Here's my answers (based on my view) 1. I'm using FastReport (Convert report to PDF then send it to client), and it's working fine. 2. Unigui isn't micro-service solutions, it's web application solutions, but any framework supported by Delphi, it will be usable and supported by unigui, you can develop your micro services with solutions like Delphi MVC, XData or mORMot, and will be used without problem with Unigui. 3. You should develop your micro-services as stateless solutions, and if you use JWT for this, you can use it with unigui without any problem too. 4. I don't think that, Unigui has built in web server and can run as standalone without IIS or apache, if Resin can support ISAPI dll, or Apache Modules, then it may work.
  2. Did you install the Unigui Runtime on that machine?
  3. 100 concurrent users is below what unigui can handle, this a sample of concurrent (95) users now for one of my system: I usually have around 150 users at same time, using mydac & Mysql with large system that originally developed as desktop and currently working both system with sharing many code between the two editions, reports developed with FastReport and I use same report on both systems. CPU load usually less than 10%, and memory used for all instances less than 1GB.
  4. procedure TMainForm.UniFormKeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState); begin if (key = VK_F5) and (ssCtrl in Shift ) then ShowMessage('Don''t leave me :-( '); end;
  5. Yes, Unigui is a web app based, not page based.
  6. I do the same with Unidac from DevArt. I have dedicated server for hosting, and another server for Mysql server.
  7. I had problem with them with one of my clients, he's in Germany, but the VPS became very slow after few months of using, when I contact the support they didnt give any solutions, I had to cancel that VPS because it was really very slow, while CPU & ram usage are low for the client. But I have another 2 VPS with them, and they seems ok so far,
  8. If you still interested on getting ExtjS/Unigui developer, I'm interested, I have converted many UI/UX design into Unigui & ExtJS.
  9. كل عام وأنت بخير ينعاد علينا وعليكم بالخير والبركات إن شاء الله
  10. The batch file as following: Backup.bat set datestr=%date:~6,4%-%date:~3,2%-%date:~0,2% "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\bin\mysqldump.exe" -uUser -pPassword --databases DB1 DB2 > f:\bk\Backup_%datestr%.sql; exit Then create a job on Windows Task Scheduler to run the batch file on daily basis, if the database on linux, create a cron job for it.
  11. I use a batch file that uses mysqldump.exe & Windows Task Scheduler.
  12. Sure, you are developing web application and it's only works when running inside browser. Yes, if you found a firebase implementation, it will be so easy, for mobile apps, it's just few lines of code and everything will work fine. Take a look at this article: Quick And Easy Way To Integrate Firebase Into Your Delphi Apps
  13. This is what's called "Push Notifications", this done via different ways, the most popular one by using Google Firebase I'm not sure if some one has implemented that with Unigui, but we use it with mobile apps, The second options to implement this via websockets, as the Mohammed did. Last & less option via timer (heartbeat).
  14. Are you using CachedUpdate property? May you have a transaction without commit? As I said before, calling Query.Post will save data immediately to Mysql from Unigui app. try to start new project with one form that add data to one table on mysql, and try to see if it will do the update or not, if not, please post here so we can check it with you.
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