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  1. When the user inserts a record and is using a dbgrid, and by mistake it touches the header of the dbgrid, it shows the fields that you want to display in the grid, at that moment the record is deleted, forcing you to type the information again. How could I prevent this selection from being displayed in the dbgrid? Thank you
  2. asapltda

    FastReport in movile

    Hello Foristas, How can I print reports made with FastReport in uniguiMovile Does someone have an example? Thank you for your attention, in the example there is only for desk
  3. asapltda

    Maximum size in desktop

    TKS if upDesktop in UniApplication.UniPlatform then begin Self.FullScreen := False ; self.Width := 600; self.Height := 700; end;
  4. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5982-tutorial-creating-custom-compound-components-for-unigui/&tab=comments#comment-30665
  5. Thanks Muchas gracias excelente tutorial , sencillo, didactico una joya para para mi y sera que para muchos
  6. Hello, I am looking for a manual, document or source where I explain how to elaborate a new component derived from a component of unigui Thank you
  7. asapltda

    Use Tab key instead of the tab key in movile

    en la version _1.70.0.1487 esta arreglado Fixed
  8. Good night, I need to display multiple lines of a query to a table, as seen in the image above. I found an example some time but unfortunately I lost it and did not find it again. in advance thank you if someone has an example, I remember that html and table were used with the fields to be deployed and the before init event
  9. asapltda

    dbgrid.Grouping change in Runtime

    Good afternoon, I require in a dbgrid to change the groups in runtime Example If groupo = 'CITY' Then dbgrid.Grouping.FieldName = 'CITY' else dbgrid.Grouping.FieldName = 'CARRIER' I have tried several ways but it does not work, someone knows the correct way to code it Unigui Version FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.0.0.1424
  10. asapltda

    Use Tab key instead of the tab key in movile

    Example in code --------------------- procedure TFPRUEBA.UnimEdit1Exit(Sender: TObject); begin WITH Sender AS TUnimEdit do begin UnimEdit2.SetFocus ; UnimEdit2.SelectAll; end; end; procedure TFPRUEBA.UnimEdit2Exit(Sender: TObject); begin WITH Sender AS TUnimEdit do begin UnimEdit3.SetFocus ; UnimEdit3.SelectAll; end; procedure TFPRUEBA.UnimEdit3Exit(Sender: TObject); begin WITH Sender AS TUnimEdit do begin UnimEdit3.SetFocus ; UnimEdit3.SelectAll; end; procedure TFPRUEBA.UnimEdit4Exit(Sender: TObject); begin WITH Sender AS TUnimEdit do begin UnimButton1.SetFocus ; end; ------------------------ Using the go or enter key in the movil phone does not advance to the next tunimedit, the setfocus intruction does not position the cursor in the following tunimedit, in a windows 7 browser the tab works the enter does not work
  11. The problem is that it is needed in a mobile application, which has 4 tunimedit, when the enter or go key is pressed, the cursor jumps to the next tunimedit so that you do not have to select the field manually What can be done to change the jump automatically between tunimedit? Something similar to the setfocus of a desktop application tks gracias por su aportes al la solucion del problema
  12. asapltda

    Use Enter as Tab

    Hello for mobile I need to use the enter as a tab, someone has an example? Thank you
  13. asapltda

    TUnimTabPanel+.ActivePage:=XXX Problem

    The problem appears when: the person selects a TUnimTabSheet by pressing the header of the TUnimTabSheet, the button on the selected sheet that uses PageControl1.ActivePage: = tbsNoCode is disabled. ---- The temporary solution is to place a Change event in TUnimTabPanel and it is not necessary to place code you must place a comment for the event to remain,, I think the problem is that TUnimTabPanel is not updated when using the tabsheet header to navigate. Mainm.dfm Mainm.pas TUnimTabPanelPry.res