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  1. hola estoy en Colombia y acabo de ver su orferta para su nuevos proyectos, me gustaria oir sobre ellos Carlos 57+3015465902
  2. HOLA SERGIO, sigue trabajando es su proyecto ERP de unigui ? Yo he estado avanzando en proyecto que tiene 80 usuarios y es un wms, manaja datos de la orden de produccion, pedidos de clientes y pronto iniciaremos la toma de pedidos via movil , si te interesa compartir experiencia mi whatsapp es 57 3015465902 Saludes desde colombia
  3. Good morning gentlemen, it is possible to have two different program on a single computer, but each program is made with two different versions Runtime of unigui ? example version 1531 and version 1543, how to do it? is it possible to do so? Thank you for your support
  4. Totally very expensive agree, there is another interesting raudus program for lazarus
  5. Good morning gentlemen, I want to start using HyperServer because it will allow to update the software without deleting the old version that is running (Without canceling users since we are making modifications to the software), the use of the new version would be done gradually until there are no more users using the old version, could explain the procedure to be executed to achieve this purpose? Thank you
  6. Good morning gentlemen, I tried to try Uniandroid and I have not been able to achieve it, when I run the program on the cell phone sends me the message dec Uniandroid is not defined, could someone who has been able to try it place a small tutorial to be able to try it?, I think this program gave many advantages to program unigui in its mobile version, thanks for its contributions.
  7. thanks for you quick answer. but let me introduce you to a sketch Change buttons of unimedit, unimdbedit components to the left side -----------I --------------------I ---- Label edit buttons Required ---------I---- !-----------------I label buttons edit The reason for this is to use a program , made for mobile on the desktop, and on the desktop do not appear buttons like search, delete data
  8. Good morning, I am using tunimedit components, tunidbedit and buttons that are created when s use triggers or delete content appear on the right side, is it possible to display the buttons on the left side ? , How should you code them to appear on the left side?, Thank you for your Attention
  9. Good morning, please you can place the improved version of the program, thanks
  10. function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.allowDepress = true } The previous instruction allows the buttons of the unimSegmentedButton component to be pressed a second time, but for the button to work it requires a double click, in the pda they generate many problems since it is a change in the way the program works, the person who operates the pda does not know if the program does not work because it has problems or requires double click
  11. The solution allows you to press the button several times, but requires the button to be pressed twice to make it work, There is a solution, that prevents you from pressing the button twice to make it work?
  12. Is there a solution, that prevents you from pressing the button twice to make it work? Thanks
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