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  1. ALTERNATE SOLUTION 1. FDQUERY --CachedUpdates:=True; 2. if FDQUERY.IsEmpty then begin FDQUERY.Append; FDQUERY.FieldByName('FieldName').AsString := x_value; FDQUERY.POST; end; 3. FDQUERY.ApplyUpdates(0) ;
  2. Goodnight, 1. When it shows the color button it does not show the text, it should be white for example, could you explain how to do it 2.It is possible to put a complete example, I have not been able to make them work thanks
  3. Hola Sergio como le ha ido con su proyecto? lo realizo con unigui? que base de datos ? Saludes
  4. on client side the application need anything ? None on server side the application need a runtime package, anything else? Yes Unigui JS Library not royal on client side the user need to view a pdf file Yes
  5. Add a fieldlabel to the tunidbtext component like tunidbEdit has it
  6. Self.WebForm. JSInterface.JSCall('getScrollable().scrollTo', );
  7. im found the forum the following answer that helps me to fix the problem. But I will continue looking for the same solution that can be implemented on the client side, There is someone who can code lkos himself on the client side to prevent the repositioning from being done on the server procedure TFRECIBOPRD.SCROLLINPUT(Sender: TObject); var s:string; begin with sender as tUnimEdit do s:= inttostr(height); s:= inttostr(TOP + height); Self.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCall('getScrollable().scrollTo', ); ); Self.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCa
  8. Tks X11, the problem occurs when the form has several edits or the edit exceeds approximately half of the form
  9. Thanks for your interest and answer. Could you indicate how many edits are in the form? For example, if the form fits 8 edits, if you press enter in the 6 edit, the edit moves to the top and the keyboard does not cover it? Could you please tell me the version of unigui you use. Thanks again for your interest.
  10. Hello, could you solve this problem? I am looking for the solution, thank you for your interest On Android, When I tap a textfield at the bottom of the screen, the soft keyboard appears and hides the active element. see below url,
  11. When you have several tunimedit inside a TUnimForm, and we press a key inside the tunimedit, the mobile keyboard appears and covers the tunimedit where we position ourselves. Is there a way to have the tunimedit always visible and the tunimedit, move towards the top of the form to avoid being covered by the keyboard
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