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  1. asapltda

    printing self-adhesive labels in zebra tlp 2844

    Thanks, it is possible to provide an example of the program for printing labels, to study it, in my case I use 10 * 8 cm labels on a zebra tlp2844 printer using fast report, I think your example could help us many
  2. Hi Everyone, someone has printed labels on a zebra stikers printer, and if you have achieved it you could share with us as you did Thank you
  3. asapltda

    Problems paste clipboard Client

  4. asapltda

    How to force numeric keyboard mobile devices

  5. asapltda

    Excel like data input

    + 1 https://www.grapecity.com/demos/spread
  6. asapltda

    Problems paste clipboard Client

    Azago, Thank you very much for your answer, but I have some questions to understand the code, which I do not know, point them in yellow, you could expand the information. procedure TfRicercaPratica.UniFrameCreate(Sender: TObject); begin with bPaste, JSInterface do begin JSCode('async function uniPaste(input) { '+ ' const text = await navigator.clipboard.readText(); '+ ' input.setValue(text); '+ ' };'); JSAddListener('click', JSFunction('sender', UniEdit1.JSName + '.SetValue(navigator.clipboard.readText()); ')); end; end; in the sample UniEdit1 is the object for paste information When using is mandatiory to press in UniEdit1 key CTRL -V for paste data
  7. asapltda

    Problems paste clipboard Client

    Thank you, yes, the user (client) needs to copy data found on an excel sheet to the unigui program with which he is in the browser, what would be the way to do it?
  8. asapltda

    Problems paste clipboard Client

    Good morning, I have problems making paste from the Client's clipboard. The copy is made in the client and when I paste it in unigui application the copy is not made. if the same is executed on the server the paste if it is copied to the application unigui application from the client, from the server if it works. What should be done to make the paste from clipboard to the client
  9. asapltda

    Auto play sound on mobile

    HELLO TKS, BUT THE LINK IS BROKEN Not Found The requested URL /mhmd/uni_sound_mobile.rar was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request
  10. asapltda

    Android Chrome: Click sound on every touch

    tks mhmda Hello Any example or idea of how to do it thanks
  11. asapltda

    pass values dbgrid to frame rowexpand

    FROM DE MAIN FORM procedure TFGENERARRESERVAS.UniDBGrid1RowExpand(Sender: TUniCustomDBGrid; const RowId: Integer; var RowControl: TControl; Container: TUniContainer); begin d.generarreservas_g_idpeddet := VPEDDET_CDS.FieldByName('IDPEDDET').AsInteger ; <--- THIS IS DATA MODULE RowControl := TFGENERARRESERVASAUX1.Create(Container); <------ROW CONTROL end; -------------------------------------- AUXILIARY FORM procedure TFGENERARRESERVASAUX1.UniFrameBeforeReady(Sender: TObject); <------ROW CONTROL begin D.GET_VPEDDET_IDPEDDET(p_idpeddet, VPEDDET); <--- THIS IS DATA MODULE end; --------------------- I NEED TO PASS THE VALUE OF THE MAIN FORM TO THE AUXILIARY FORM OF A DBGRID AS I CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT USING THE DATA MODULE EXISTS ANOTHER WAY GRACIAS/ TKS
  12. Hi, I need to pass values from the dbgrid to the frame when I use rowexpand to show the auxiliary way, if someone has an example of how to do it I could share it, thanks
  13. asapltda

    Show Progress

    Hi, I need to show a progress bar when a delayed process is executed, the SHOWPROGRESS.DPR example shows how it does it, I copy the example to my form that is a frame, but it does nothing, could someone indicate if it requires any configuration or just not works in frame
  14. asapltda

    Pivot Grid support

    Is there any date forecast?
  15. asapltda

    dbgrid detail sample

    C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\Grid - RowWidget\gwidget.dpr