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  1. HISPhilip

    Accessing ExtJS layoutconfig 'multi' for accordian layout

    Okay thank you it works! Forgot about UniEvents (Not exactly sure what is the difference vs. ExtEvents)
  2. HISPhilip

    Accessing ExtJS layoutconfig 'multi' for accordian layout

    Sorry my bad I thought it had uploaded with my post, didnt realise there was an extra button to attach it. So the outer most panel has the accordian layout and I believe this is the one I should be assigning ExtEvents to (haven't put anything in it in the file) Project1.zip
  3. HISPhilip

    Accessing ExtJS layoutconfig 'multi' for accordian layout

    Hi, I can't find event 'beforeInit' and I'm using one of the later beta versions because the latest release wasn't working very well with my project. uniGUI version: although I don't think this matters too much. I've been able to put the 'multi' setting on accordians on the ExtJS jsfiddles fine just having a hard time getting it to work from within delphi
  4. HISPhilip

    Accessing ExtJS layoutconfig 'multi' for accordian layout

    Hi, I've tried but couldn't get it to work (can't find event beforeInit either). I also tried adding programatically via ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(''); I should note I'm trying to get it work on a UniPanel i.e. Ext.panel.panel. I've tried some other events as well not much success
  5. Hi I want to use the multi layoutconfig function of the Accordian layout and tried using ExtEvents to implement it: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.2.0/classic/Ext.layout.container.Accordion.html (Just add 'multi:true' within layout:{} and you can see behaviour in the jsfiddle example). This is my first time using ExtEvents and after trial and error the following will enable multiple panels to show: function afterlayout(sender, layout, eOpts) { layout.setLayout ({ multi : true }); } But all panels except top can expand but then collapse/expand button do not work anymore. I.E. the collapse/expand button only works once (first panel is already expanded by default so after a collapse can't be expanded). I may be using the wrong event and if there's an easier way to implement that would be even better.
  6. Hi I've just discovered TUniNativeImageList via the desktop demo and wanted to use it for IconsCls within my TreeView. I am using the Editor which works however the UI is not intuitive at first in that the use of a combobox with a select range makes it seem like they are the only options. After trying to programatically implement other IconCls I went back to the editor and realised it works if you ignore the combobox and just write in the icon (i.e 'chart2' which is not in the selected range) you want and it works. Perhaps a possible quality of life suggestion to help first time users?
  7. HISPhilip

    Pagecontr/Tabsheet & List index out of bounds (3)

    NEVERMIND it was an embarassing oversight on my behalf. Need to remember to restart RAD Studio every so often otherwise the debugging tools start to act weirdly...
  8. So this used to be about login form but I've found the culprit of my list index out of bounds (3) error, and it is the number of tabsheets within my pagecontrol. I am trying to build my web app by having a main form with a page control and the tabsheets fitting a separate frame. However when I tried to implement a pagecontrol within one of those frames which is added to the main file then I've started to get the "List index out of bounds (3)" error which by itself isn't critical just annoying it appears after every login. If my practices are incorrect/strictly worse than some alternative feel free to let me know. I've tried deleting the nested page control yet it still appears.
  9. HISPhilip

    How To Remove Borders and Bottom Bar Of TUniPageControl? and Neptune theme edit: For example the 'Server Statistics' on the uniGUI demo is a pagecontrol I'm wondering how to get rid of the blue border edit2: Nevermind I realised it's still BorderStyle..... but it doesn't appear for TPageControl on the Object Inspector
  10. HISPhilip

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    I am 21 and started uniGUI a few months ago when I was still 20, wondering if anyone else is younger than myself. Also work part time whilst doing a full time master in electrical engineering, did undergraduate in economics & finance and was hired based on my skillset and then my job evolved (I work in finance). So for someone like me with ~10 months industry experience part time and little usage of other languages, I so far enjoy the combination of Delphi + uniGUI (Learn from scratch) and I'm yet to deeply explore its capabilities.
  11. HISPhilip

    How To Remove Borders and Bottom Bar Of TUniPageControl?

    edit: sorry double post can't figure out how to delete
  12. HISPhilip

    How To Remove Borders and Bottom Bar Of TUniPageControl?

    Hi I've tried a few of this solutions and nothing seems to help. My issue is the dark blue line that surrounds each tag sheet and I'm not sure whether it's the tabsheet or the pagecontrol that is causing it. You can see above the red lines another instance of the page control having a similar issue mostly just the top border.
  13. HISPhilip

    IIS Deployment - From LAN to Web

    Hello, I am very new to operations/networking and as a result struggling to figure out how to get my uniGUI .dll online rather than just the LAN. We are using Windows Server 2016 in house and using a router and I have managed to have it running locally via using a connection it to localhost but beyond that I've been stuck for quite some time. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some resources/detailed steps on how I should proceed? I have looked into Port Forwarding and adding inbound rules for the Firewall but am struggling to get things working.
  14. HISPhilip

    uniGUI + gallery jQuery Slider Shock

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had experience trying to achieve a similar result with slick js as it's free for commercial license compared to slidershock. For example, I am unable to implement the following JSFiddle example into uniGUI. I suspect I am putting the JS in the wrong place (tried within UniHTMLFrame.HTML as a script and using BeforeScript/AfterScript causes the program to load indefinitely.
  15. HISPhilip

    Adding HTML on runtime

    Thank you! It works perfectly now, if possible could you show me where I can find more information about JSInterface and when to use as opposed to UniSession.AddJS?