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  1. mnasman

    Phone number in dbgrid is underlined

    Hi, I think this behavior may be from another program which register itself on browser, Skype for desktop was doing this with me. Regards, Mohammed
  2. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    @zemorango, I agree with all points. This one is very good, but consider phonegap isn't native application, it uses native application to host your application inside webbrowser, you can open apk and look inside it, and you will see all the htmls & JS code there. Unigui with ext 4 and sencha touch give very good mobile application experience, but it seems with newer modern it's lost the mobile feel.
  3. mnasman

    Any developer from Netherlands

    Hello, Is there any developer here from Netherlands? or working remotely with company in Netherlands? Please PM.
  4. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    GerhardV, totally agree. Btw, elevate Web builder is more similar to twc
  5. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    Both UniGui and TWC released their version 1, and no longer in beta TWC price is 295EU, and that's only for frontend web application, FNC UI is another product. I said compare TMS business with Unigui, because TWC itself will not produce full featured web solutions without adding the Xdata from TMS, or using PHP or python for the Rest services.
  6. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    Compare Unigui to TMS Business not only TWC, because with TWC you can't do all the work that unigui doing
  7. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    One good thing about TWC, you can use Bootstrap templates with it, so making site responsive will be much easier than Unigui. Also you can assign the work to front end developer, and the backend work you have to do it as restful services. But unigui ease these things by making developing web application in RAD way, so both frameworks have pros/cons, and I'm looking for TWC to be more mature to use it later, but UniGui will be also options for many projects that don't need deep knowledge of ExtJS to customize it.
  8. It's great framework, but it's Restful & Json, not Soap & XML
  9. These are two different types of applications. SOAP web services is like API called via web, without any UI, and should be created separately, using the builtin wizard or via third party (RemObjects & Others). UniGui Application is web framework for front & back end development. if you need to use both, Develop Soap web services for your business logic and exposed it as XML web services, and then call these services from Unigui app or via any other development tool or platform.
  10. mnasman

    AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    "AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an easy-to-use service for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, and Docker on familiar servers such as Apache, Nginx, Passenger, and IIS." I never tested it, but If it support .Net & IIS, it could be possible to use it with Unigui too., except if they don't allow ISAPI on IIS.
  11. What do you mean by embedding, if that's include your app as iOS app in offline that's no possible, Unigui is server side framework. But you can develop an iOS app that uses WebBrowser component to view the Unigui App in full screen mobile app, and it will look likes a mobile app, but without any offline capability.
  12. mnasman

    Lock Remote IP in Domain

    also look at the ServerModule for property BlockedIPList
  13. mnasman

    Lock Remote IP in Domain

    On MainModule add Create evens as following: procedure TMM.UniGUIMainModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); var ip:string; begin ip := unisession.RemoteIP; if ip = '' then UniSession.Terminate('Not allowed'); end;
  14. mnasman

    Lock Remote IP in Domain

    Do you mean you want to lock an IP from not use your unigui application? or do you want to lock computer by IP (lock windows screen)?
  15. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    The problem with EMB* is it always show how easy delphi to do easy things, but they never build a real world application compared to what c# or Xamarin do, specially with mobile.
  16. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    I Know that, but as TWC it self is front end only, you can use it with any backend restful services, but you can't connect it directly to database. so Unigui is much faster when developing web application, while TWC & Xdata is more flexible and scalable solution, and you can use the Xdata services with any programming language other than Delphi.
  17. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    One nice feature of TWC, you can debug the pascal script inside chrome, which is much more easier than the output JS
  18. mnasman

    TMS Web Core...a new framework from TMS Software

    I don't think so, TMS web core is client side, so you need backend server to get data from database or from Restful services, while Unigui is server side web development tool, and it uses ExtJs as client side library.
  19. mnasman

    Login Form with animation

    As quick demo: 1. Download particles.js file and place it into "files/" folder 2. on the ServerModule add reference to it using CustomFiles 3. On Custom CSS add the following CSS: body { margin: 0; font:normal 75% Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } /* ---- particles.js container ---- */ #particles-js { position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 100%; background-color: #b61924; background-image: url(""); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; background-position: 50% 50%; } 4. On main Form, place a TUniHtmlFrame on the form, and then add this code procedure TMainForm.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin UniHTMLFrame1.HTML.Append('<div id="particles-js" width=500 height=500></div>'); UniHTMLFrame1.HTML.Append( '<script>particlesJS.load(''particles-js'', ''files/particlesjs.json'', function() { console.log(''callback - particles.js config loaded'')});</script>'); end; 5. Run the demo and have fun ;-) Regards, Mohammed
  20. mnasman

    عيد مبروك 2018

    وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته عيد مبارك اخي وينعاد عليكم بالصحة والعافية
  21. mnasman

    Issue when chaniogn them at runtime

    Check whether "RecallLastTheme" property of TuniMainModule is set to true or not
  22. mnasman

    Responsive Web App with Unigui webServer + dbfoxScript !! (Testing)

    Thank you for the detailed answer, but my question was different what I mean is: UniGui is great as backend & frontend framework for developing web application but you didn't use the feature of Frontend, and used external html pages with it, you use it as web server only, but this could be done with other backend frameworks such as : Delphi MVC or Rad studio or whatever you like. so my question was, is there any feature you feel it better with unigui for backend programming, without using the powerful extjs library with it.
  23. mnasman

    migrating a mobile 4.2 application to 6.5

    sorry for not begin clear. What I said, that the version of your app that developed using extjs 4.3 is looks more like mobile app working on browser. while the version developed with 6.5, is look more as responsive website but not has the same mobile experince as version 4.3 I hope I'm clear. and of course our friend Farshad is doing incredible job with Unigui.
  24. mnasman

    Responsive Web App with Unigui webServer + dbfoxScript !! (Testing)

    I digged more into your sample, but I found you use Unigui app as webserver, you all your work is done on client side, so I'm not sure how do you benefit from Unigui with your work? I feel the Delphi MVC framework, Rad Server or Xdata is more suitable to do the backend work, and you use whatever html templates on frontend with jquery or angular or whatever. or am I missing something?
  25. mnasman

    Responsive Web App with Unigui webServer + dbfoxScript !! (Testing)

    very nice, but it missing "dbfox_utils" unit