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  1. TUniPageControl, you can check the issue on the online demo. when using any theme, after opening many pages, you can see the arrow to go to next page as this: but if you change the theme to Ubuntu, it doesn't show.
  2. There's another problem we faced with prevoius built the theme ubuntu, some of the breadcrumb icons doesn't shown, and after we looked at the problem, we found you this folder is exit: unipackages-7.5.1\themes\ext-theme-uni_ubuntu\resources\images\breadcrumb but the icons is in gif format, while unigui looking for .png ones, so just copying from another theme, it worked fine. fix it too please.
  3. Hello All, I'm trying to implement a payment gateway (local one, not paypal) inside unigui application, I show the payment page inside URLFrame, but when the transaction is done, the page will be redirected to suceful page, with URL that contain the transaction ID. How can I read the new redirected URL?, as I saw on another thread that it's not possible because they are not on same domain. Is there any solution for this? Regards,
  4. I think that decision made to use Ext.JS was before 10 or 13 years ago, and as you said it was the most similar JS framework to VCL. and unigui was trying to develop desktop & web application with same code (Thank to you guys to stopped that). But for last years, the web has changed a lot, and we still can't get fully responsive layout natively from unigui. I think they should think about future of Unigui as stand alone product without relying on commercial JS library, in past years, there are a lot of JS framework that bring the powerful to web from front size part.
  5. Salamat. I think your budget is very low, even if the Delphi & Unigui developers are much less than others, but they are mostly experienced developers and will not bother to work such low budget as your one. I would suggest you to buy RadCore it will cost you less than the developer who will make this small project for you. Regards, Mohammed
  6. I don't think the problem with Unigui app, we have large system that uses same database with: Desktop, Web with Ungui, API with DMVC, and also many more windows services that work on the same database. I think the problem came from locking record on Unigui app while other app try to modify it. Do you use DbAware components in unigui app? Also be sure don't start transaction without commit/rollback on same time.
  7. The problem solved. It was related to firewall so it neither unigui nor to Apache problem, the IT Guy was telling me everything is open, but at the end there was a deny policy on the firewall that made this problem.
  8. even if all of them wrote in English, it's very hard to follow the question & answers in telegram, I think forums is much better for this as here
  9. Maybe you create a forums on your website, it will be easier to navigate topics and search for specific question and answers. I find telegram unhelpful with their groups, because when I leave it for few days I see hundreds of messages, which is very hard to follow or understand the flow of the question and answers.
  10. Any one have developed a simple image editing features with Unigui? I'm looking for image preview with ability to crop image, rotate or doing other simple things before uploading the image.
  11. Hello, This is not a unigui problem, just I'm trying to figure where is the problem. I have an apache server that works as reverse proxy, I have configure it as following: ProxyPass "/acc" "http://myip:8081/App.dll" ProxyPassReverse "/acc" "http://myip:8081/App.dll" ProxyPass "/go" "http://www.google.com" ProxyPassReverse "/go" "http://www.google.com" That problem when calling it with "/acc" it didn't find this path "http://myip:8081/App.dll", which is my unigui app running under IIS. But for any other links like /go, it works fine, the IIS link works fine on browsers, but not via the reverseproxy. Any one faced a similar problem?
  12. contact this company, I think he can offer you that. https://radcore.pro.br/
  13. Do you have the same problem when you run it as stand alone .exe? I have an application that uses more than 10 APi services from different vendors and I'm using Unidac with Mysql, and have not problem with that. It works on Hyper server (Dll) hosted by IIS.
  14. It seems not sooner, but today is Monday, so hopefully today 😄
  15. Any time plan for mode 2 & 3? Also please update the roadmap.🙏
  16. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته، اهلا بك اخي عزيز أعتقد المساهمة في اللغة الإنجليزية سوف تساعد الجميع هنا، لإنه لو أصبح الفورم مقسم حسب اللغة سوف لا يكون هناك فائدة من الأشخاص ذو الخبرة من الجنسيات الأخرى. أفضل أن يتم النقاش في العربية لتوضيح الأشياء التي قد يكون بها لبس، أو لشرح نقاط معينة غير واضحة. مساهمتك بالإنجليزي سوف تفيد غيرك من الكود الخاص بك، وأيضاً سوف تستفيد من الأشخاص الآخرين من الغير الناطقين بالعربية للإضافة لك أو التعديل للأحسن تحياتي لك محمد
  17. You can distribut the ext-js runtime bundled with your Delphi unigui app. The license doesn't allow you to use the ext-js to develop application solely developed by ext-js but not unigui and disturbed them As far as you use unigui, there's no problem with using ext-js bundled with it. Hope it clear now.
  18. You can use Delphi MVC, it's stateless server, so you can span on many servers as you need.
  19. Hello, Here's my answers (based on my view) 1. I'm using FastReport (Convert report to PDF then send it to client), and it's working fine. 2. Unigui isn't micro-service solutions, it's web application solutions, but any framework supported by Delphi, it will be usable and supported by unigui, you can develop your micro services with solutions like Delphi MVC, XData or mORMot, and will be used without problem with Unigui. 3. You should develop your micro-services as stateless solutions, and if you use JWT for this, you can use it with unigui without any problem too. 4. I don't think that, Unigui has built in web server and can run as standalone without IIS or apache, if Resin can support ISAPI dll, or Apache Modules, then it may work.
  20. 100 concurrent users is below what unigui can handle, this a sample of concurrent (95) users now for one of my system: I usually have around 150 users at same time, using mydac & Mysql with large system that originally developed as desktop and currently working both system with sharing many code between the two editions, reports developed with FastReport and I use same report on both systems. CPU load usually less than 10%, and memory used for all instances less than 1GB.
  21. procedure TMainForm.UniFormKeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState); begin if (key = VK_F5) and (ssCtrl in Shift ) then ShowMessage('Don''t leave me :-( '); end;
  22. Yes, Unigui is a web app based, not page based.
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