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  1. Mohammed Nasman

    Migration uniGUI to new version

    You should have no problem when upgrading, except if you wrote special extjs code in JS, it may require rewrite due to changes from Extjs 4 to 6
  2. Mohammed Nasman

    رمضان مبارك 2019

    آمين يا رب ربنا يتقبل منا ومنكم، ويجعلنا من عتقاء الشهر الكريم وكل عام وأنتم بخير
  3. Mohammed Nasman

    Documents viewer

    No, look at thread and download the example, not hard to integrate it.
  4. Mohammed Nasman

    Documents viewer

    You can use ViewerJS library to view more files than PDF, like Open Office documents, look at this thread for sample
  5. Mohammed Nasman

    What's new in unigui?

    It's already exist, you can look for what's new on each release next to the download button on your account.
  6. Mohammed Nasman

    HyperServer multiple servers ?

    Currently, Hyberserver work as web garden, which means it can have multiple instances on same server. As roadmap state, on unigui version 2, it will support web farm, which mean you host the application on multiple servers. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/11969-unigui-roadmap-2019/
  7. Mohammed Nasman

    Unigui on begin..end website :-D

    Just saw this on begin..end website, It's good move, Farshad, you should blog more to bring more attention to your great framework. Regards, Mohammed
  8. Mohammed Nasman

    Library to build Unigui forms on runtime

    Hello, I'm looking for solutions to add new forms at runtime, there was library called Xilib that allow dev to create forms on runtime based on XML files, is there any solution like this with unigui? http://web.archive.org/web/20141218153707/http://xilib.com/ Also I'm not sure if anyone has used scripting engines to that and can allow end user to design forms on runtime like tms scripter or fast script. Regards, Mohammed
  9. Mohammed Nasman

    Library to build Unigui forms on runtime

    Thanks Mohammad, But I think you misunderstood me, I don't want to create forms (defined in design time) at them at runtime, I want users to be able to design forms on runtime, I want to make something like BPM (Business Process management), and each process is not defined with code, it will be defined on runtime and will have a workflow to flow
  10. Mohammed Nasman

    Design Workflow Diagram

    Very interesting, I'm looking for the same thing.
  11. Mohammed Nasman

    FastReport 6_3 !

    Thanks, even still version 5, but it will be real life saver when I upgrade.
  12. Mohammed Nasman

    Embedded Database for 5-10 users

    Hello, I'm developing simple and small app for a friend, for ease of use I'm looking for database that doesn't require setup, but can allow 5-10 users concurrent users to use it and it should be free to use. I'm thinking to use Sqlite, but not sure if it accept that or not, also if it may work with mORMot, but the app is very simple and doesn't need another layer. Regards, Mohammed
  13. Mohammed Nasman

    Embedded Database for 5-10 users

    Does firebird embedded allow 5-10 concurrent users?
  14. Mohammed Nasman

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    why not using frames?
  15. Mohammed Nasman

    Hyperserver get all session list

  16. Mohammed Nasman

    Global variable

    Would like global variable per session or per server? I prefer to define your global variable as public member inside TMainModule
  17. Mohammed Nasman

    Embarcadero hosted uniGUI

    That's old webinar, it has been more than year and half since it posted. You can watch it on youtube @ Embarcadero channel: UniGUI Web App Development
  18. I have another problem, Tuniurlframe1 doesn't has "Refresh" property, so viewerjs sometimes load PDF plugins and when I assign ODS file to it, it will not load, it needs to refresh to load the new plugins to view the file. I need to keep TUniURLframe with files list next to each others, because it's file viewer, I don't want to view the files on another form. Any clue?
  19. Mohammed Nasman

    How it work ?

    Simply, Unigui is server side framework, all your connections and Delphi code will compiled and executed on server side only. If you write javascript code, it will run on clientside.
  20. Sorry, ignore my last comment. It solved by assign URL to "about:blank" before assign the actual url as: uniurlframe1.URL := 'about:blank'; uniurlframe1.URL := '/ViewerJS/index.html' + '#/docs/' + Filename ; Thanks
  21. Thanks, it worked fine, but if I want to use it with TUniUrlFrame on same form (not open close new form for each doucment), it only show the first document and didn't refresh when assign new document to it. For example on your project, use show insead of show model and try to select another file from dropdown, it will stay on first document and will not use other. I'm not sure how to refresh it?
  22. Mohammed Nasman

    LIsts and data shared over all sessions

    I was going to suggest using database if you have large objects, or maybe better maintain these objects into caching server like https://memcached.org/.
  23. Mohammed Nasman

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Great Job, really very nice.
  24. Mohammed Nasman

    *EDIT* solved - Fabric.js

    I'm interested too.
  25. Mohammed Nasman

    Color one item in TUniRadioGroup

    Hello All, I have a TUniRadioGroup that has multiple items created on runtime. I would like color one item of them based on some criteria, can I do that on runtime, or do I have to create array of TUniRadioButton instead?