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  1. Hello. My wrong phrase, it's not "too many..". Nothing abnormal. It's just the normal behavior of one Event on every grid moving (scrolling). But in my case, I need the less network traffic and best optimization, so I disabled the events with your approach. The question is, how can I get the underlying db record without syncing? Is there any workaround to get the appropriate fields (e.g. ID) from grid itself? Edit: I am using v. Complete
  2. Hello ! I am also have disabled the dbgrid syncing (there were too many HandleEvents on scrolling), via: function select(sender, selected, eOpts) { return false } but, what can I do in case that I need to sync ondemand ? e.g. If I want to get the current record of underlying dataset. TIA, Lema
  3. Hi to all ! As title says, the https://forums.unigui.com doesn't seem to work. I can access the forum only via http Is only me?
  4. lema

    A Happy New Year

    Best wishes for a safe and healthy 2022 !
  5. Thank you ! I didn't try it yet, but it is really impressive that you can analyze, find and implement it so fast. Also, I wish, I could understand that JavaScript stuff... I wonder, where can I find such information? Sencha Ext JS docs? forums? Could you please give me a hint?
  6. Hello ! As title says, is there any way to select -or mark- a week in uniCalendar (as screenshot below). No need to get the range, or dynamically selection. I just want to use it in conjunction with uniCalendarPanel (in week mode). (running v. TIA, Lefteris.
  7. Hi, I am at Athens/Greece on EEST(UTC +3)
  8. Hello, I have the same behavior in different apps built with
  9. Hello, I have a strange behavior with the UniDateTimePicker. If you add the following code on uEdits of MegaDemo and play around for a while, the error "The time in this field must equal to or after 09:00:00" will popup ! Delphi 10.2 uniGUI procedure TuEditsFrame.UniFrameCreate(Sender: TObject); begin UniDateTimePicker2.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values['beforeInit'] := 'function beforeInit(sender, config)' + '{' + ' config.minValue = ''09:00''; ' + ' config.maxValue = ''15:00''; ' + '}'; end;
  10. Hello, does it work when you zoom in/out the map?
  11. Hi, please, can you make a test case for this ?
  12. Hello, it should work. Make sure that the event handler is assigned to the component.
  13. Hello ! The function you mention just goes (pans) to the location you gave. It does not place any marker.
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