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  1. Hello ! The function you mention just goes (pans) to the location you gave. It does not place any marker.
  2. Hello, great site, thank you. Please, check the following code ( config.maxValue instead of config.increment) https://www.uniguiwiki.com/knowledgebase/unidatetimepicker-limit-time-range-and-use-different-time-interval/
  3. Hello, my first impression of linux apache module was great! The FishFacts demo run excellent and very fast. I also ported a small application with calendar, calendarpanel and DB (something like scheduler). There were some small incompatibilities with images and icons which solved with the using of UniNativeImageList. The only that I couldn’t sorted out, was the SSL usage. reCaptcha died with “Could not load SSL library.” Does anyone have any experience on linux OpenSSL? uniGUI Delphi 10.3.3 Apache on Debian 10
  4. Hello again. In case that it can't be set "readonly", is there any other workaround? eg. How can I drop a transparent mask or panel in front of the calendarpanel?
  5. YES ! That did the job , Thank you !
  6. Hello, Is there any way to limit the showing items in time portion of the uniDateTimePicker (eg. 09:00' - 15:00')? Also, can we change the step ? (eg. 30 min instead of 15 min) ? UniGUI v. (Delphi 10.2) TIA, Lefteris
  7. Hello ! Although, I can suspend the events via : UniSession.AddJS(UniCalendarPanel1.JSName + '.events.eventmove.suspend()'); I would like to set whole component into ReadOnly mode. My will is not to leave user to interact with CalendarPanel. Is that possible? Running on latest uniGUI v. (Delphi 10.2).
  8. Thank you ! Actually, I can't figure out where to put this code.... UniCalendarPanel1 -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents ... function eventmove(sender, rec, eOpts) { return false }
  9. Hello dear Sherzod. The upgrade to the latest build, of course, is into my next future goals. I am one of the oldest UniGui users and now, I am just try to enter again into Delphi web development. The CalendarPanel is a proof of concept for a potential project.
  10. Hello, to all. Is any way to set a CalendarPanel "readOnly" ? I want to develop an application that only shows the events to the web user. I don't want the user to interact with CalendarPanel (like resize, move, or other actions). I am using Delphi 10.2 and uniGUI Thank you and stay safe ! PS. The following, doesn't seem to work.
  11. Hello uniGUIers! I updated the online demo link
  12. zoola

    Hello. uniGMap.v.1.4.8.zip is no longer available for download. Is it possible to get the current link?
  13. Hi there...

    There is very similar component from Falcon, is it based in your code ? Did you authorized ?  Was already in public domain ?

    Your code still free, as in "free meal" ?

    I'm trying to put a public and free uniRX (-ish) type library for uniGUI community and I want to ask you permission to include uniGMaps.

    Would you allow it
    Care to join us in this endeavor . ?


    1. lema


      Wow, I just saw your message.

      I was away from Delphi Web development and uniGUI for a looong time...

      Yes, the uniGMap is free.

    2. Fred Montier

      Fred Montier


      uniGUI has a GMap component but I haven't the time to update my things. And there is a projetc uniGUI OpenSource that is going on. I'm not involved with it at this time but soon will make a package with all stuff free for uniGUI.  Similar to RX project lib for Delphi endured for so many years.

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