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  1. Sherzod, you are my hero!!!!! Will it be a feature of the next version? Would be great!!!!
  2. HI, I just convert a my app from Delphi Sydney to Alexandria. I converted everything without problems and the compilation is ok! The problem is with classes that derive from TUniFrame. Alexandria injects into the dfm the PixelsPerInch property which does not exist in the base class and this rightly causes an error at runtime. If I delete the property in the dfm out of the IDE and recompile everything works fine. Unfortunately, however, every time I save a modification of a class derived from TUniFrame, the problem returns. Is there a workaround for this?
  3. Hi, Sherzod thank you very much for your support and sorry if I wasted your time but the problem of the unicode char is solved. It's not a problem of unigui but of an incorrect configuration on my application server. It remains only to be verified because the icon to clear filter in uniDBGrid is empty on linux and correct in windows Thank you very much!!!
  4. Add another little problem under linux. The icon to clear filter in uniDBGrid is empty on linux and correct in windows See images: Linux: Windows
  5. HI, I have a strange problem with view the unicode char in uniMemo and uniDBLookupComboBox when the app runninig in linux. When I run app in Windows all work fine. The strange thing is that on the unidbgrid component the characters are seen correctly! UniMemo uniDBLookcupComboBox While in DBGrid the characters are correct This "problem" it is only under linux. In Windows everything is ok Thank you very much
  6. No, because the docker container needs a process (last command) to keep running, otherwise the container will exit/stop. Therefore, the "service", cannot be used directly in the Dockerfile. There are some tricks to take advantage of a service but I don't like them a lot Thank you very much!
  7. Hi Farshad In docker when you define the image you must define the "process" that docker run in container. For this in dockerfile you can use the ENTRYPOINT keyword (or CMD). It's ha two forms: 1. exec: ENTRYPOINT [ "/syncrosign_web/hyper_server" ] (recommended choice) 2. shell: ENTRYPOINT /syncrosign_web/hyper_server I used the first form (exec). The difference is the process attached to a PID 1. In exec mode the process of the PID 1 is the HyperServer In shell mode the process of the PID 1 is the shell Docker attach alway the process that keeps the container alive on the PID 1 With your question I got the doubt and I changed the ENTRYPOINT in the shell form. In shell mode everything works correctly. The processes are closed a few seconds later and the session count is correct. With this "workaround" I solved it. It would be nice if, in a future version of the HyperServer, the issue could be solved using also the exec because use of the shell mode could be problematic if I need to send any sort of POSIX signals to the container since /bin/sh won't forward signals to child processes. Thank you so much Farshad, your support was crucial!!
  8. Hi Farshad the "zombie" increase That reflect the situation of the server Among other things, node 0 and node 1 have the indication of an active session but in reality they have none Also node 8 (active) have a problem. Indicates one session that no longer exists
  9. >>The PID 14 seems to be the answer. A <defunct> process . (A zombie process) I supposed! The problem that as requests increase, so do "zombie" processes. Is there any workaround or any suggestions to avoid this? I would also switch to HyperServer for Apache (where the problem is not there) but the limit of 25 concurrent calls blocks me Thank you very much
  10. All process run with root privileges (I use docker) I point out the PID process 14 which is in the defunct state that is a uniGui process (node 0) that has not been closed correctly by HyperServer.
  11. Sorry, of course! The last version: in Delphi Sydney 10.4.2
  12. Hi Farshad I just did a test with the same "executables" but with HyperServer on Apache. (with docker is simply 😉 In this case the purge node remains for a few seconds and is replaced with a new active node. I always have an access violation on my process (now I'm investigating) but despite this with Apache the system works as I expect. Could it be a problem with the standalone HyperServer version? Thank you very much
  13. Hi Farshad the log of the node 0 is this: sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:39:27 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:39:27 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:39:27 [TUniServerModule]:Start Path = /syncrosign_web/ sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:39:27 [TUniServerModule]:Node Id = 0 sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:39:27 [TUniServerModule]:Node MaxSessions = 250 sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:39:27 [TUniServerModule]:Starting HTTP Server on Port: 16384... sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:39:27 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Port: 16384 sw_syncrosign_web: 574E5640: 12:39:52 [TUniGUIServerModule.AppHandleException-]:EAccessViolation : Access violation at address 00000000009D5BBA, accessing address 00007FB1C36354E2 : Addr: $00000000009D5BBA sw_syncrosign_web: 54CE0640: 12:40:08 []:Node-0, Terminate Started. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniServerModule]:Shutting Down Server. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniServerModule]:Stopping HTTP Server. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Stopped. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Terminating Session manager. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Stopping Cache Eraser... sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Cache Eraser Stopped. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Destroying Worker Threads. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Session manager terminated. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [TUniServerModule]:Server Shutdown Completed. sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 []:<--------------------------------------------------------------> sw_syncrosign_web: 58E93740: 12:40:08 [Terminated]:Exit Code: 0 there is this exception: sw_syncrosign_web: 574E5640: 12:39:52 [TUniGUIServerModule.AppHandleException-]:EAccessViolation : Access violation at address 00000000009D5BBA, accessing address 00007FB1C36354E2 : Addr: $00000000009D5BBA This exception in debug not occour! TUniGUIServerModule.AppHandleException?? and then there is the closing of the HTTP server (that's why HyeprServer can't connect right?) So, if I interpret it correctly, the process doesn't actually close but stays "hanging" right? Thank you very much!
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