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  1. hmm no. You must have FR 6 Pro or enterprise version to install it in Lazarus
  2. HI fernando not in this moment. I'm a bit full in this period. As soon as I have some time I prepare an example with Lazarus FR and unigui
  3. if you have to install fmxlinux I don't think it is a good solution especially if for Linux we mean linux server which typically is installed without a graphical interface. Personally I prefer the solution I suggested you: Lazarus + FastReport 6 VCL and you develop a REST / HTTP / SOAP / TCP-IP service (the one you like best) that you query from your uniGUI app Best regards
  4. No, FastReport (VCL/FMX) are not compatible with Linux. You can try to develop a REST service with lazarus (you can install FastReport 6 in Lazarus and from it you can deploy on linux) that you invocke from your uniGUI App
  5. Hi jahlxx I suggest you to use this compiler directive {$E}. You can use this code in your dpr sample: {$IFDEF LINUX} {$E so} {$ELSE} {$E dll} {$ENDIF}
  6. Hi Victor to use of RO / DA with unigui follows the same rules as with a normal VCL application. In the unit UniMainModule you must have the channel and message components (therefore one channel and message for each session). Then in the datamodule you put the RORemoteService component, you connect the channel and message, set the service with which it must speak and so you can use the methods exposed by the service (xxx_intf.pas). Or, if it is a DA service, you can create your DAMemDataTables through the remotedataadapter
  7. Hi Ivan I use RO/DA without problems in uniGUI. What's your problem?
  8. GREAT!!!!!! Thank you very much Farshad! UniGUI is the best web framework....I couldn't work without it anymore 😉 Thank you very much for your great work!
  9. Thank you very much Hayri!!!!! This is a great news!
  10. Hi, Is there a planned release of a HyperServer version for Apache (also for Linux)? If so, when? Thank you very much!!
  11. https://github.com/siroz1907/FlipCardUniGui
  12. Hi Jean-Marc I'm delphi developer since version 1 (1995). I have used all version of Delphi (now I moving my projects in Sydney) and all my applications are developed in Delphi. I use and known the following components: uniGUI, Falcon components and Theme DevArt ODAC, UniDAC and EntityDAC TMS XData/Aurelius/Sparkle RemObjects RO/DA and HY FastReport DMVCFramework DevExpress VCL suite and I use these database servers: Microsoft SQLServer from version 2005 to last version Oracle from version 11 to last version PostgreSQL from version 9 to la
  13. Farshad only a word: WOW! UniGUI was my choice and the more I use it the more I love it!
  14. Hi GerhardV

    how I can buy your complete Theme Packs (-x30)?

    I use the last version of the uniGUI 1.9.x

    Best Regards

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