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Are you more than 40 years old?


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Hi, there is opinion that Delphi coders are after 40. Using your answers i want to understand is it true or not?


Below text was before converting this topic to vote...


Could you answer if you are >40 or not?

In the end i will make summary and make conclusion.


Please write +1 if >=40 and -1 if <40.


So, my answer is:



i'm 34 for the moment and i code in Delphi for 3 full years

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So, most respondents  40-49 aged.


Let's count 

1-st  version of Delphi was released in 94 year as i know. If respondent was 20 years old for example, than now it is (2017-1994)+20=43 years. It is explainable results.

In 2007 Borland started to fall, so that's why <40 years a less and <30 years old are absent.

I think if Embarcadero will not stop its movement forward, and UniGUI, of course, in next years will be a lot of young Delphi coders.

Current picture is just a shot! Next years will be interesting.


Some respondents mentioned C#.

A also learned C# for 1 year, so it looks like next version of Delphi (one author Anders) - more compact with same ideas inside. I looked interview with him


He said Delphi and work in Borland was just the beginning and learning. But nevertheless Delphi is independend and finished product. Hope next years young generation will join Delphi wave.

Embarcadero releases new version at least 1 time a year! Farshad works a lot on his framework, many entusiasts worldWide support this beautiful and elegant language!

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