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  1. First of all let it be noted - I really enjoy working with UniGUI, understand that Farshad is flying solo (one man doing the job) and appreciate the effort. BUT - we really cannot wait days for Farshad to reply to messages or email for support or direction. We all have projects to complete, others even have solutions or suggestions for UniGUI but because we do not have the full source code our hands are tied and we are totally depended on Farshad. So these are the options as I see it: Release the full source code and have the UniGUI community contributing - off course with all the relevant non-disclosures (NDA’s) in place. FMSoft to employ more people (developers), which will be able to help with development, field the questions and handle technical support with regards to the architecture. Open source the project – obviously financial implications...or maybe get Embarcadero involved? Call it a day and move on - TMS WebCore is looking promising and have a support team behind them. Please see this as constructive criticism. I truly believe that we can accelerate the development (success) of UniGUI with more hands on deck! Regards, Gerhard
  2. I was looking for the same thing...but I don't think there is something equivalent on the ExtJS side to easily map to...will probably need to write it from scratch. Still on my research list.
  3. It works for me: procedure TMainForm.UniComboBox1TriggerEvent(Sender: TUniCustomComboBox; AButtonId: Integer); begin if AButtonId = 1 then begin ShowMessage(Sender.Text); end; end; By the way if I copy this line from your code above and paste it I noticed that there are strange characters just after the "d" in Sender and just before the two slashes. see picture. Try and delete the code and type from scratch. You probably copied it from somewhere on the forum, I have noticed the issue with the new forum. UniForm1.UniEdit1.Text := Sender.Text; // Doesn't work
  4. GerhardV

    uniCalendarPanel save appointment in database

    I think this maybe your problem: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10762380/mysql-error-in-your-sql-syntax-near-key You have a column named Key and Key is a reserved word and should be specified with the identifier quote which is a backtick ( ` ) in MySQL. Try do a select without the * but actually specify the column names and then quote Key like this: select AppointmentID,..., `Key`,... from Appointment. Edit: By the way I used the following in a Google search: "mysqlexception #42000 near 'Key as _8"
  5. GerhardV

    uniCalendarPanel save appointment in database

    Peter does not make sense to me either. Silly question, when you call LoadCalendarData, shouldn't you do a dmClient.Appointment.First at the beginning before stepping through the dataset? Or when do you open the query?
  6. GerhardV

    Hyperserver Stability. How stable it is ?

    @RobertoLopesout of curiosity, is your CTI server Asterisk based?
  7. GerhardV

    Fly-out modal form from the right

    Very nice @erich.wanker - where can we see the API or properties available?
  8. GerhardV

    Hyperserver Stability. How stable it is ?

    Roberto, I have not stress tested Hyper Server yet but I can vouch for the easy deployment and update functionality. If you don't have any database structural updates but only the application...it is an absolute breeze! BTW UniGUI is rock solid even without Hyper Server. Switching to UniGUI will obviously be a time consuming effort and an important business decision seeing that you have just "re-written" the VCL app into web app ...but it would be worth the effort in my opinion. Plus you get a lot of extras with UniGUI P.S. one can stuff up even the best frameworks with bad design and coding!
  9. GerhardV

    Any idea to set color with UniCheckBox.FieldLabel?

    You have to type cast the TUniCheckBox to a TUniEdit because only TUniEdit exposes the property "FieldLabelFont", hence you need to write TUniEdit(UniCheckBox1).FieldLabelFont.Color := clGreen;
  10. GerhardV

    Tag Input / Edit / Field

    Thank you Hayri - works perfect!
  11. GerhardV

    Tag Input / Edit / Field

    @Farshad - how to create a Tag Input Edit?
  12. GerhardV

    Hyperlinks in dbgrid

    I haven't tested this but you can make the column readonly, change the font color, change the cursor to a pointing hand and use the OnAjaxEvent to show the popup.
  13. GerhardV

    Font size buttons uniGui v.1.70

    I haven't installed 1.70.00 yet...will check it out and let you know.
  14. GerhardV

    Disable loading animation

    Ah ok...will investigate and see if possible.
  15. GerhardV

    UniDBGrid prevents append on create

    Try appending on the OnReady event instead of OnCreate.
  16. GerhardV

    Disable loading animation

    For DBGrids you can disable the mask property and play around with the opacity.
  17. It seems that the Expanded property does not work. UniDBTreeGrid1.Columns[0].Expanded := True; I require that all first level nodes are expanded. Any ideas?
  18. Thanks mate...will give it a shot.
  19. GerhardV

    Application setup strategy

    Hi Dominique: I use the same approach but to achieve what you want I use a PageControl (Tabs) with the TabBar hidden. The grid is on the first tab and the "editing form/s" on subsequent tabs. So when the user clicks edit or add you change the PageControl's ActivePage property. When the user is done and click on save, the validations is done and the tabs are switched back and call a refresh on the data set. You just have to be careful and take precaution should the user navigates away from that by clicking on something else on the left menu. If that is fine then no worries. Of course all of this is done with frames. Gerhard
  20. GerhardV


    You can add the following to the TUniJToast.BuildJsonParams function above for the background color and text color: if not bgColor.IsEmpty then bstr := bstr + 'bgColor:' + '"' + bgColor + '",'; if not textColor.IsEmpty then bstr := bstr + 'textColor:' + '"' + textColor + '",';
  21. @Farshad: What are the chances, if at all possible, to create a TDBCtrlGrid equivalent for UniGUI?
  22. Farshad - what is this property about and how to use it? I looked in the Demos but didn't find anything. Thanks.
  23. GerhardV

    New themes...Work in Progess

    New themes based on Office 365...and with a smaller font etc.
  24. GerhardV

    UniDbGrid Rowselect

    Not sure what behavior you are expecting and if the grid must be editable when RowSelect is true. If it must not be editable set the grid ReadOnly = True or set the dgEditing option to false. I did notice that when selecting a cell even with RowSelect on, then it will still display a selection rectangle for the cell. I think it has something to do with ExtJS 6.6, behaviour was different in ExtJS 6.5.3.
  25. GerhardV

    TUniNativeImageList AddIconsCls

    What you can do is to replace Font-Awesome with Line-Awesome from Icons8 by adding one line to your ServerModule. There is a little trick however! I had to edit the "line-awesome-font-awesome.css" file to get it to work with UniGUI. Basically adding "!important" to all CSS selectors to override the Font-Awesome equivalent. See the attached screenshots. I have included a project with the file already modified (in the "\LineAwsomeFont\Win32\Debug\files\line-awesome\css" folder) - please note it is not the "minified" version of the file that was edited. See more details here: https://icons8.com/line-awesome LineAwsomeFont.zip