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  1. Farshad - what is this property about and how to use it? I looked in the Demos but didn't find anything. Thanks.
  2. GerhardV

    New themes...Work in Progess

    New themes based on Office 365...and with a smaller font etc.
  3. GerhardV

    UniDbGrid Rowselect

    Not sure what behavior you are expecting and if the grid must be editable when RowSelect is true. If it must not be editable set the grid ReadOnly = True or set the dgEditing option to false. I did notice that when selecting a cell even with RowSelect on, then it will still display a selection rectangle for the cell. I think it has something to do with ExtJS 6.6, behaviour was different in ExtJS 6.5.3.
  4. GerhardV

    TUniNativeImageList AddIconsCls

    What you can do is to replace Font-Awesome with Line-Awesome from Icons8 by adding one line to your ServerModule. There is a little trick however! I had to edit the "line-awesome-font-awesome.css" file to get it to work with UniGUI. Basically adding "!important" to all CSS selectors to override the Font-Awesome equivalent. See the attached screenshots. I have included a project with the file already modified (in the "\LineAwsomeFont\Win32\Debug\files\line-awesome\css" folder) - please note it is not the "minified" version of the file that was edited. See more details here: https://icons8.com/line-awesome LineAwsomeFont.zip
  5. @Farshad: What are the chances, if at all possible, to create a TDBCtrlGrid equivalent for UniGUI?
  6. An example showing how to incorporate Leaflet and OpenStreetMaps into UniGUI. The following lines must be added to the ServerModule | CustomFiles: https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.3.4/dist/leaflet.css https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.3.4/dist/leaflet.js See the Mapbox Tab in the application for more details. P.S. I am no expert with Leaflet - please see the following for more details: Getting started with Leaflet OpenStreetMap Mapbox - the accessToken used for this is a public one...you can register to receive your own. Leaflet Maps Example.zip
  7. GerhardV

    Update to UniGUI Add-on Theme Pack 1

    It works fine for Sencha 6.6 as is. Will refine as needed.
  8. I am busy with the first of two updates for theme pack 1 that I have released a while back. Future themes will come in two sizes, a small (normal) version which is very close to the default Delphi VCL sizes but just a tat bigger, as well as a larger version. All themes will have the exact same dimensions for each size version. This will mean that themes (in the theme pack) can be swapped out without any major alignment or real estate issues. It will also include the UniGUI Theme Viewer project for reference. The first update, which is the small (normal) version is almost ready and have the following characteristics: Window, Panel, Accordion and Grid headers as well as the TabControl will have a height of 30px Edit controls, Lists, Treeviews and Grids items - 24px Padding on the TUniGroupbox and FieldSet have been decreased Fixed alignment of TUniCombox Trigger icons People who have already purchased the theme pack will receive these updates for free. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/10791-unigui-add-on-theme-pack-1/ Attached you will find images of what the normal version looks like. You will also notice a new theme I am working on called Charcoal-Sky, which will be part of a dark theme package (Edit: To avoid confusion - Charcoal-Sky is not part of the UniGUI Theme Pack 1 but will be included in a future theme pack). And yes I am also working on a some mobile themes Regards, Gerhard
  9. GerhardV

    How to gradually feed a memory table. Best way for do this

    The following link has some discussion on that... Paging Through Results
  10. First of all let it be noted - I really enjoy working with UniGUI, understand that Farshad is flying solo (one man doing the job) and appreciate the effort. BUT - we really cannot wait days for Farshad to reply to messages or email for support or direction. We all have projects to complete, others even have solutions or suggestions for UniGUI but because we do not have the full source code our hands are tied and we are totally depended on Farshad. So these are the options as I see it: Release the full source code and have the UniGUI community contributing - off course with all the relevant non-disclosures (NDA’s) in place. FMSoft to employ more people (developers), which will be able to help with development, field the questions and handle technical support with regards to the architecture. Open source the project – obviously financial implications...or maybe get Embarcadero involved? Call it a day and move on - TMS WebCore is looking promising and have a support team behind them. Please see this as constructive criticism. I truly believe that we can accelerate the development (success) of UniGUI with more hands on deck! Regards, Gerhard
  11. Thank you! And yes very well done Farshad!
  12. GerhardV

    hyperserver balancing in diferent machines

    As Farshad said Hyper Server will support a server farm in the for seeing future. If you really need that functionality urgently, then you can write a router yourself that is the main entry point, which takes care of authentication and then redirects the user to the appropriate node (machine) based on your balancing strategy. A simple round robin strategy is easy to implement.
  13. GerhardV

    Edit with buttons (ButtonEdit)

    Here you go...can't remember where I got it from though. You can also use TUniComboBox...look for the "Tiggers" property. (There is a demo called "ComboBox Triggers") UniButtonEdit.zip
  14. GerhardV

    How to change the header / title color of uniDBgrid

    Sorry don't speak Portuguese or whatever language that is
  15. GerhardV

    How to change the header / title color of uniDBgrid

    Add the following to CustomCSS in the ServerModule: .x-column-header { color: red; }
  16. GerhardV

    placeholder... empty-text - chang color

    You can also add the following to CustomCSS for all placeholders: ::placeholder { /* Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari 10.1+ */ color: white !important; opacity: 1; /* Firefox */ } :-ms-input-placeholder { /* Internet Explorer 10-11 */ color: white !important; } ::-ms-input-placeholder { /* Microsoft Edge */ color: white !important; } https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_placeholder.asp
  17. GerhardV

    How set CalendarEvent.color?

    CustomCSS: .x-calendar-weeks-today-cell { background-color: #ddd; }
  18. GerhardV

    How to use a bigger ico in UniTreeView?

    Add the following CustomCSS: You will also need to change the image sizes for TUniNativeImageList to 32 and load 32px images. Play around with the settings below to get the desired alignment for the text and elbow indicators. .x-tree-icon { width: 32px; height: 32px; line-height: 32px; } .x-tree-elbow-img { width: 18px; height: 30px; line-height: 32px; } .x-tree-node-text { line-height: 24px; }
  19. GerhardV

    Problem Form

  20. GerhardV

    How to change the default fontsize of classic theme?

    Hi there - if you have purchased my theme pack you can look in the following folder: ..FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\unipackages-6.5.3\themes\css There you will find the CSS files for the themes, for example the uni-xtheme-uni_bootstrap.css, inside of that file search for the comment "/* Button font sizes */", where the button font sizes are set. You can also override any other components font by adding to that file. To find the CSS class you right click on the component in Chrome and select "Inspect" from the popup menu. Which will open the developer tools from where you can locate the correct classes and much more.
  21. GerhardV

    Silly question

    I cannot speak for Farshad but I doubt that that will realize. Also I find it strange that learning Pascal is an issue, it is actually one of the easier languages to pick up IMHO. What language are they using, C#, VB or ASP? Not to point any sales away from UniGUI but since they are .Net devs, have you guys looked at Blazor? I really love what they have done with that with regards to Web-Assembly.
  22. GerhardV

    HowTo: Change background color showmessage problem

    Add to CustomCSS: .x-message-box .x-window-body { background-color: #fff; } .x-message-box > .x-window-bodyWrap > .x-toolbar-footer { background-color: #fff; } You can also add it to the any of the theme CSS files if you only want it for a spesific theme, for example: ..\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\unipackages-6.5.3\themes\css\uni-xtheme-uni_classic.css
  23. GerhardV

    Highlights Fields

    good...may have been a caching issue.
  24. GerhardV

    Highlights Fields

    It still shows you as "Members" and not "UniGUI Subscriber" so you must have not entered the correct email.