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  1. Hi mikromundo, even if I haven't tried it .. your solution looks good ... it interfaces with UniGUI ... but it's not integrated in UniGUI. We pay for the use and development of UniGUI ... and every time we ask to integrate the responsive layout ... currently there is still no planning of when it will be done (reliable). But this also applies to other requests .. we do them ... but not quick answers. Lately UniGUI has developed a more commercial aspect (website, webinar, ..), slowing down the development of components considerably. Everything must be evaluated .. even wit
  2. for Responsive layout: I have not tried it ... it seems a functional solution .. but it is not the one required .. the solution must be created by UniGUI on the basis of ExtJS developments https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/7.2.0/modern/Ext.Responsive.html using Ext.Responsive and responsiveConfig for object Ext.define('MyApp.view.main.Main', { extend: 'Ext.container.Container', mixins: [ 'Ext.mixin.Responsive' ], responsiveFormulas: { small: 'width < 600', medium: 'width >= 600 && width < 800', large: 'width &
  3. if not all sources are available .. and the development of UniGUI is interrupted ... an event that can occur .. the risk is to rewrite our projects... beyond the various limitations already explained. For the RoadMap everyone asks for the Responsive Layout (It was foreseen in the uniGUI Roadmap - 2019 for Q2 / 2019) .. in addition to this .. more integration with mobile gestures and more drag and drop, slide panel (menu), integrate a customizable REST WebService, a component to customize a theme, Screen Mask on HandleEvent (mouse or key) wai
  4. Expected in the RoadMap 2019 but for FPC support you need to include uniGUI Core source code ... that they have no intention of doing ... I have already written: this is a lack and a risk
  5. There are too many units without source ...and without sufficient information uniGUIClasses, .. uniGUIForm, uniGUIConst, .. uniGUIBaseClasses,.. uniGUImClasses, uniGUImForm ... uniImageList .. etc etc It takes at least a detail of the various object definitions publish (for full version ) at least part of the text between "interface" <--> "implementation" it's a lack .. all this creates difficulties to those like me who want to implement properties and methods and create their own components. Finally .. not having all the sources .. is a risk for those who focus t
  6. procedure TMainForm.UniFormAfterShow(Sender: TObject); begin OnAfterShow := nil; UniMemo1.Lines.Add('--- > OnAferShow'); end; more simple and linear
  7. Given that I do not understand why not have the source of all the files ... where the pas source is not provided ... give only the definition part of interface ..
  8. Grazie . Also think about giving documentation in int files.. if you provide the files uniImageList.int .. uniCanvas.int .. uniGUIForm.int .. facilitates the ability to create custom components trying to create override procedures .. I will wait for a next version soon
  9. Ciao Freeman35 I need this adjustment ... in many cases I start the Query in this event .. in order to display the form first and then the request for the data for the grid. Is there a post-show event even after the AftherShow? PS: Since it cannot be obtained even by paying uniGUIForm.pas. At least is it possible to have uniGUIForm.int ? an .int file where you only see the Interface part of Unit not shipped with source, .. example of the probable file: unit uniGUIForm; interface uses Controls, Classes,...; type TUniForm = class(TUniCustomForm) private
  10. but I think you could already understand from the title .. thanks .. good night
  11. uni- but your image shows a form ... not a MainForm in Windowless look at my picture
  12. in the example "uniGUI \ Demos \Desktop\Windowless" UniServerModule.MainFormDisplayMode = mfPage if I add to the source MainForm.OnAfterShow = UniFormAfterShow procedure TMainForm.UniFormAfterShow(Sender: TObject); begin UniMemo1.Lines.Add('--- > OnAferShow'); end; the OnAfterShow event is called 2 times. Why?
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