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  1. gerardocrisci

    Grid with Buffered Store

  2. gerardocrisci

    UniDBGrid.OnTitleClick is not called

    avevo capito, grazie I understood, thanks
  3. gerardocrisci

    UniDBGrid.OnTitleClick is not called
  4. gerardocrisci

    TITLE meta tag

    I have a question about the TITLE meta tag. because you only have to set it from TUniServerModule.title it is possible when it is empty to be able to set it but CustomMeta? Grazie
  5. gerardocrisci

    UniDBGrid.OnTitleClick is not called

    sorry I have not seen the option thank you.
  6. gerardocrisci

    UniDBGrid.OnTitleClick is not called

    it seems to me that UniDBGrid's OnTitleClick is not being called or I cannot activate it .. help me understand how to use it Grazie
  7. gerardocrisci

    Set Filtering.Editor.ClearButton = false

    Ciao Sherzod in unit uniDBGrid procedure TUniCustomDBGridColumn.InitFilter(C: TJSObject; Fld: TField); (FEdit as IUniFormControl).ClearButton := True; TUniControlHack(FEdit).LayoutConfig.Width := '95%'; I think it's a solution is to create a property in Column.Filtering or generic .. like UseEditorClearButton stored false if NOT UseEditorClearButton then (FEdit as IUniFormControl).ClearButton := True; another block to consider a modification is the width property, I would modify the code in if TUniControlHack(FEdit).LayoutConfig.Width='' then TUniControlHack(FEdit).LayoutConfig.Width := '95%'; Grazie
  8. gerardocrisci

    Set Filtering.Editor.ClearButton = false

    Ciao the value of UniDBGrid.Columns.Filtering.Editor.ClearButton it is always set to true. (?) is it possible to change it to false? Grazie
  9. gerardocrisci

    Grid with Buffered Store

    Ciao Farshad Mohajeri I thank you for the answer.. I understand , creating a synchronized with the server is difficult .. in fact, I asked: to have a grid that displays data like the extjs example. And I asked if anyone had tried to do it ...and I asked for help (I didn't ask for someone to write a solution overnight ) I do not accept that there is a difficulty to overcome and it will not be solved. Then she is postponed for a year. Paying the cost of UNIGUI is not the difficulty (in fact I manage 2 licenses) .. who more than me believes in this Framework long life to UniGUI! But consider this: if a customer asks me: "the application must adapt to the device" I see your roadmap .. and I read "Responsive Layout" expected in Q1 / 2020 .. then I communicate the realization times to the customer .. if this is not done .. before 2021 ... i have a dissatisfied customer. My question remains: has anyone tried to recreate the example of extjs .. can you help?
  10. gerardocrisci

    Grid with Buffered Store

    Hi can your attempts be published? As we read in the buffered-store.js file: "This particular service cannot sort on more than one field, so if grouped, it disables sorting." I (and many) don't need it. You need the bare minimum to view a large number of records ... this is a big problem that extj has solved with this example. I thank you for your work ... but I cannot avoid highlighting : reading this statement is disheartening! It was expected in Q1 / 2019 now we are in Q1 / 2020. .. a year without a solution (maybe .. it was better to write "we have not yet evaluated this point") I have invested in you for 5 years now ... with 2 licenses .. .. and while paying the more expensive version .. don't provide all your sources .. or our versions of the js files not minimized .. all of us other developers with these handicaps are forced to read up on extj's publications .. or learn from those who in this forum come up with ideas they share. and we are forced to wait do what you write Ps: I consider UniGUI a fabulous Framework .. ...
  11. gerardocrisci

    Grid with Buffered Store

    Ciao With extjs from version 4 to version 6.7 there is an example of how to create with a simple personalized "Data Store" for a grid that recovers data without pagination (ver 7.0 does not show the page). https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/6.7.0/examples/classic/grid/buffered-store.html This is the property of the grid that many have been waiting for for many months. Is this difficult to implement for at least non-editable grids? It would seem easy .... just create the right store.proxy.url or better make it respond with that range of data. Someone tried to use it. I ask Farshad Mohajeri: if "Buffered" for WebOptions refers to this.? And when does it still take to make it happen? I'm sorry to insist but this option is important to me. Thank you
  12. gerardocrisci

    Unigui with voice recognition !

    thanks for your sample video .. great job ..you are very good I also managed to add voice recognition to my project .. unfortunately .. usable well only on chrome (I can give the essential commands with reference to the actions .. I can't simulate the movement keys .. example the "tab"). I thank you for sharing your idea. PS: in your video "Unigui view office files online" do you use an iframe with a link to Google Docs Viewer?
  13. gerardocrisci

    UniGui on two PCs

    my notebook has some problems, can I temporarily install my license on another pc? Can I use uniGUI on two PCs for my own use? Thank you for your work.
  14. gerardocrisci

    I think my requests are not useful.

    Ciao Stemon63 Io mi sono limitato a segnalare limiti della libreria che non posso modificare da solo, alle volte perché mi mancano sorgenti di unit di componenti che penso che dovrebbe distribuire ( es. uniImageList.pas) In particolare ho chiesto modifiche per la distribuzione di progetti e la personalizzazione ( per me troppo bloccata per un uso Web). Ci sono problematiche - su Combo con remotequery, - con gli items di TreeMenu, - con una diversa gestione del tasti direzione e scroll del dbgrid - o auto-paginazione nelle griglie del numero di righe visibili (senza lasciare spazzi vuoti o andare oltre al box visibile della griglia), - bloccare i form nello spostamento fuori dalla visualizzazione del browser, - l'uso del tasto "tab" che quando un Form in showmodal può accedere al form sottostante ... eccetera eccetera. tradotto: Hi Stemon63 I limited myself to reporting library limits that I can not modify alone, sometimes because I miss component unit sources I think it should distribute (eg uniImageList.pas) In particular I asked for changes to the distribution of projects and personalization (for me too blocked for Web use). There are problems - on Combo with remotequery, - with the items of TreeMenu, - with a different management of the direction and scroll keys of the dbgrid - or auto-pagination in the grids of the number of visible lines (without leaving empty spaces or going beyond the visible grid box), - blocking the forms when moving out of the browser view, - the use of the "tab" button that when a Form in showmodal can access the form below ... etc. and so on.
  15. gerardocrisci

    I think my requests are not useful.

    I await your news. Grazie