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  1. Hello Mohammed,



    it seems, that you've offered erich.walker a solution. But now there is only an "hi". Is your solution still available? I need to create some UnimMemos on runtime and I want, that the height of the UnimMemo depends on the height, the text needs to display.


    Best regards


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    2. Sherzod


      It was for UniMemo.

    3. likemike


      OK! And how can I do the same thing with UnimMemo? 

    4. Sherzod


      Don't know yet, especially if you'll use server side alignment.

      Need to investigate. Because it seems to me that Sencha does not provide such a configuration for mobile component.

  2. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/16276-make-your-app-a-real-time-web-app-using-websockets/
    Make your app a real-time web app using websockets
    Can u repost demo? Please

  3. Hello all, I am available for job offers especially in Front-end UI/UX 🙂 WhatsApp: +972-549000258 OR you can send me PM
  4. We do load our reports @runtime and it works just fine, you may check the file path. And we don't expose our .fr3 to the public it always in folder that can't be reach from the internet.
  5. Same as mierlp MySQL with DevArt components
  6. Easy, then call your button from the js code (at load event as shown in picture like this:) MainForm.mybutton.fireEvent('click',MainForm.mybutton); Remember for security issue the button should be visible otherwise it will not work (at design time) in order to hide it @ runtime then use UniEvents->beforeInit and set hidden to true: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.hidden=true; } OR Put your button on UniHiddenPanel 🙂
  7. It will NOT change !!! You have to do it with the help of the client-side, this will help you, replace MainForm.form with your target object: UniSession.AddJS('MainForm.form.bodyCls="desktopwallpaper1"'); and in servermodule add your css for bg images: .desktopwallpaper1 { background-image: ......... } .desktopwallpaper2 { background-image: ......... } .desktopwallpaper3 { background-image: ......... }
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