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  1. mhmda

    Layout: advanced tutorial

    I uploaded it again :-)
  2. mhmda

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    Welcome aboard....Marcos
  3. mhmda

    Configuring Linux Development Environment

    Great Farshad :-)
  4. mhmda

    ExtJS Licence for ExtJS.NET

    You can't use Sencha Architect with Unigui.
  5. mhmda

    Looking for example room schedule

    Hi, Send PM
  6. mhmda

    [mobile] PhoneBook mobile app

    function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.clickactionbtn=function(btn,indx,e){ frmWSmngaltmnts.grdAllotment.mask('wait...'); ajaxRequest(frmWSmngaltmnts.grdAllotment,'clickactionbtn',['actn='+btn,'indx='+indx.toString()]); }; config.groupingFeature = Ext.create('Ext.grid.feature.Grouping',{ groupHeaderTpl:new Ext.XTemplate('{[this.getGroupTitle(values.rows[0])]}', { getGroupTitle: function(values) { return '<div class="swgrdactnprintmv" '+ 'onclick="frmWSmngaltmnts.grdAllotment.clickactionbtn(\'view\','+values.data[0]+',event);return false;"></div>''; } }) }); Now for connection with the server: procedure TfrmWSmngaltmnts.grdAllotmentAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); var indx:Integer; actn:string; begin if SameText('clickactionbtn',EventName) then begin UniSession.AddJS('frmWSmngaltmnts.grdAllotment.unmask();'); indx:=StrToIntDef(Params.Values['indx'],0); if indx=0 then exit; actn:=Params.Values['actn']; end; end;
  7. mhmda

    [mobile] PhoneBook mobile app

    15 minutes....
  8. mhmda

    [mobile] PhoneBook mobile app

    like in html, add div with onclick event points to your js function
  9. mhmda

    Event when frame change size

    What exactly you want to do? For resizing the Frame the best solution is layout.
  10. mhmda

    Event when frame change size

    Cehck this: https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.7.0/classic/Ext.window.Window.html#event-maximize
  11. mhmda

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Using one grid and one query, the result:
  12. mhmda

    Send mail via TuniThreadTimer

    correct way
  13. Hello. uniGMap.v.1.4.8.zip is no longer available for download. Is it possible to get the current link?
  14. http://3msoft.net/mhmd/unimlistview.rar

    can you share this file because the link not work

  15. mhmda

    Unigui with voice recognition !

    Thanx, It was for testing purposes