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  1. Here you go... http://3msoft.net/mhmd/Msoft_Slider.rar
  2. Use element inspector to check it.
  3. Hello there, In this video you will learn how to build a custom stunning popup menu using floating panel 🙂 Another example of how to use floating panel How to achieve the android ripple animation effect How to build better menu buttons How to avoid clicking on image & label How to attach 'click' event to 'el' element How to use GSAP library to display popup menu with smooth animation Project attached with exe. Unigui_CustompopupMenu.rar
  4. Hi all, In this video I will focus on grouping and you will learn: How to use XTemplate with grouping header How to display grid as 'all collapsed' or 'all expanded'. How enable collapse/expand only when clicking the '-' '+' icons. How to disable the tooltip for expand/collapse. How to know when group is expanded/collapsed (events). How to know how many children (rows) every group has. Attached: Project (include exe file) and DB file. UniDBGrid_2.rar mycustomers.sql
  5. UniEvents config.icon='files/images/copy.svg'
  6. For sensitive files: Rec., Invoice, TXI... this is very important.
  7. We use the help of google docs viewer to almost view any type of file without the need to install any app (MS Excel, Powerpoint etc....) urlfrmAttached.HTML.Text:= '<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url='+ 'https://www.mydomain.net'+AUrl+'&embedded=true" width="685px" height="540px" frameborder="0">'+ '</iframe>"'; As you can see in this example we view excel file without the need to install MS Excel in the remote machine.
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