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  1. Messenger has come to our web desktop app :-) We use https://www.esegece.com/ for sockets connections and management.
  2. Nuestra oficina se encuentra representada en Latinoamérica por Ashraf Colombia SAS (Bogotá) Móvil – Whatsapp +57 3204251527, +57 1 8093072
  3. Delphi: Pass function as object to Frame and call it when you need Client-side: use ajax, for example: ajaxRequest(MainForm.window, 'test',[id=1]);
  4. You can use Xtemplate, you may refer to my mobile listview with action button video tutorial.
  5. You can use a client side code (I didn't test it). ClientEvents->ExtEvents->(added event): function added(sender, container, index, eOpts) { sender.store.setGrouper({ groupFn: function (item) { return item.get('2')+ ' - '+ item.get('11'); }, sortProperty: '2' }); } Remember that Unigui uses the column index as the field name.
  6. You can use: Xtemplate (client-side code) see my video tutorial:
  7. For now it is impossible to run a Unigui app offline inside Android/iOS ! I'm aware of that Apple don't like App with embed browser and load your site online ! They refuse my apps :-(
  8. Our clients all over the world and we still use Contabo.
  9. mhmda


    What about: Button->ScreenMask In design time
  10. Please see 35:36 The client-side code "focus" event and "readOnly" property that I set to true as initial value.
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