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  1. mhmda

    Show rowbased hint/tooltip in UniDBGrid

    In such case use: ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> Ext.data.store -> store.load (event). This will happen after loading data.
  2. I am working in Msoft LTD a software company, we provide professional solution to our clients ( enterprise and soho) in many fields: Cellular, AI, IT.... We use Unigui for our projecrs. Unigui is stable and just work out of the box and the big advantage is the Extjs js client-side. We don't search for other solutions because all we want can be found in unigui, it is true that some times we use js code to achieve somethings that doesn't included with Unigui but what's the problem doing it in client side in that way you become familiar with Extjs. We have developed more than 30 web apps and some of them are used by clients world wide. Unigui support (Mr. Farshad) is always a helping one and caring about his customers. Before Unigui we used Intraweb and TMS components for Intraweb and the result was not impressed in every browser a different result.
  3. Well, in our web app which used by clients world wide we let them to attch files (xls, word, pdf.....) In order to view them later or for later download we create a unique folder for every client we save files there, in db we save only file nane without path and we use Google viewer to let them view files online instead of download and view (in some cases client doesn't have MS office installed)
  4. Great, Thank you Sherzod
  5. mhmda

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Our Desktop app supports major SMTP providers and we included a built-in templates to make it eays for setting up the SMTP:
  6. mhmda

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Sticky notes comes to our Desktop (web app):
  7. mhmda

    Basic layouts

    Hi, I have no time to continue this task, but I will in the future, I have commited to projects using Unigui :-)
  8. Done. now you can download it.
  9. mhmda

    Unigui GoPro 1

    I use Devart Unidac for accessing mySQL
  10. mhmda

    Unigui GoPro 1

    Run the attached .sql file to create database and tables.
  11. mhmda

    كام واحد عربي موجود؟

    السلام عليكم، هل من جديد؟
  12. mhmda

    Unigui GoPro 1

    Hello, Hope this will help you in any way :-) 1. Using Orgon family font for the grid. 2. Changing the row height. 3. Dynamically adding Toolbar to the grid. 4. Inserting controls from design time to the toolbar. 5. Column with password. 6. adding some controls the rows. 7. Filtering using the edit from design time (filter is done in client-side). Project: http://3msoft.net/mhmd/Unigui_GoPro.rar DB: http://3msoft.net/mhmd/gopro.sql
  13. assalamu'alaikum mohammad, i want to ask, 1. can you give us sample "server side browser"? 2. to be able to master unigui, what should I learn, thanks

  14. mhmda

    Support for PDF

    Reporting is essential in development, I don't think that there a single project without reporting, so you might think of a professional and fast way to to it, reporting components: Fastreport, Quickreport....give you the power to do that (also when it comes to multilangual reports) you can't do it with drawing shapes and text it will be difficult.