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  1. mhmda

    Desktop Panel Set Height At Runtime ?

    You can't mix 'Height'/'Width' with 'flex'. When layout of parent is 'vbox' and the child has 'flex' set then the child 'height' has no effect ! When layout of parent is 'hbox' and the child has 'flex' set then the child 'width' has no effect !
  2. mhmda

    TUniDBGrid - Grouping - Text of group-header

    function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.groupingFeature = Ext.create('Ext.grid.feature.Grouping',{ groupHeaderTpl:new Ext.XTemplate('{[this.getGroupTitle(values.rows[0])]}', { getGroupTitle: function(values) { if(values.data[1]=='') return 'My custom title: '+values.data[8];/*<--[8]field index*/ else return 'Other title: '+values.data[2];/*<--[2]field index*/ } }) }); config.features= [config.groupingFeature]; } Grid->Unievents I already explained that in one of my videos :-)
  3. Wowww... Amazing !!! Thank you so much
  4. mhmda

    Setting Theme After Login Form

    When changing theme you have to reload user session from the beginning
  5. First you have add the Tweenmax in the files/js directory, the files directory created ONLY after running your project at least one time. Second include the Tweenmax js file in the Customfiles in the Servermodule
  6. mhmda

    How to go to the Next Page on UnimDBListGrid

    First of all Thanks goes to Sherzod I learned a lot from him he super master when it comes to client-side code :-) This may help you: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/15014-unigui-tips-tricks-2-add-custom-paging-to-mobile-dbgrid/
  7. Project: Mobile_Grid_Paging_CustomControls.rar In this video you will learn how add your own custom navigation controls to DBGrid.
  8. Project: Unifui_Header_Buttons.rar You will learn how add your controls (Buttons, Edits,Combo...) to window header. you will learn adding controls using 2 methods: Adding a design time controls. Adding controls dynamically at runtime using Extjs code.
  9. mhmda

    Mobile : Centering Text

    Thank you
  10. Project: Unigui_Mobile_Listview.rar Video: In this video tutorial you will learn how build listview with cards + floating action button. you will learn also how to use XTemplate with UniDBListGrid, how to use inline functions to generate customize view for every card based on a roles of your database.