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  1. http://3msoft.net/mhmd/memyselfandcart.rar I uploaded it again.
  2. mhmda

    Responsive Mobile Modal Form

    Hello, 1. Use Aligment in Client side, DON'T use aligment in server side ! 2. Don't use the 'aligment' property (as classic vcl app.) 3. Don't use UnimFormScreenResize event, just waste of time 4. use Layouts to achieve responsive behavior If you need further help, you may cointact me in skype or whatsapp.
  3. mhmda

    Sencha 7.0

    Great news !
  4. mhmda

    Contabo Opinions

    Yes I am satisfied with their support. We have a several VPS and dedicated servers also.
  5. mhmda

    Contabo Opinions

    VPS mean shared resources with other users. We use contabo services for years and recently we purchased a dedicated server with 500 GB SSD and 4 TB secondary H.D we also purchased a RAID hardawre to backup primary SSD at real time in case of failure. We backup our customer data (DB & files) to FTP from contabo and we also backup data to Amazaon s3 account using CloudBerry application.
  6. mhmda

    UniDBGrid Multiselect without rowselect?

    You mean withougth highlighting the row? if so, you can do it using custom css.
  7. mhmda

    Aid moubarek

    كل عام والجميع بألف خير
  8. mhmda


    You can't use it like this, it's a css class name, add the class to the server,odule->customcss and then use the name.
  9. mhmda

    TUniDBGrid support for RowBody feature

    We already use that but using a client-side code, you may use Gid->ClientEvents->UniEvents->beforeInit: config.features=[{ ftype: 'rowbody', getAdditionalData: function(data, idx, record, orig) { // Usually you would style the my-body-class in a CSS file return { rowBody: '<div style="padding: 1em">' + record.get("desc") + '</div>', rowBodyCls: "my-body-class" }; } }];
  10. mhmda

    Hyperserver get all session list

    We use DB for that misson in order to manage sessions in nodes.
  11. mhmda

    Anonymous and Login Access

    Yes it is possible.
  12. mhmda

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Operating system: it's a unigui application implementing the the desktop environment like (ubunto, windows...) Export (excel, word, html...) using FastReport. Html: using Htmlframe and linking it to server side using ajax events
  13. mhmda

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    MDI with unigui.
  14. mhmda

    Email Client Side Validation Translation

    function IsValidEmail(const Value: string): Boolean; function CheckAllowed(const s: string): Boolean; var i: Integer; begin Result:= false; for i:= 1 to Length(s) do if not (s[i] in ['a'..'z', 'A'..'Z', '0'..'9', '_', '-', '.']) then Exit; Result:= true; end; var i: Integer; NamePart, ServerPart: string; begin Result:= False; i:=Pos('@', Value); if i=0 then Exit; NamePart:=Copy(Value, 1, i-1); ServerPart:=Copy(Value, i+1, Length(Value)); if (Length(NamePart)=0) or ((Length(ServerPart)<5)) then Exit; i:=Pos('.', ServerPart); if (i=0) or (i>(Length(serverPart)-2)) then Exit; Result:= CheckAllowed(NamePart) and CheckAllowed(ServerPart); end;
  15. mhmda

    uniDBGrid .. Grouping .. Click in Group Title

    I use Unidac.