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    Ramadan Kareem

    Ramadan Kareem to all UniGui members
  2. hi, anyone managed to integrate stripe payment yet Thanks,
  3. This is outstanding, congratulations brother @mhmda, everything is perfect and incredible
  4. Brother mhmda, awesome video from the master, loving it thank you so so so much
  5. the link works fine in firefox, just tested now
  6. that would be great, will it work with VPN too
  7. sorry my bad, was half asleep cUserName:string; cUserName:=trim(UserNameUniEdit.Text) EmployeeTable.CommandText:='select * from employee WHERE ID='+cUserName ; you only need quotedtsr() function if ID is string
  8. then change cUsername or use cUsernameID as integer cUsernameID := StrToIntDef(trim(UserNameUniEdit.Text), 0); then EmployeeTable.CommandText:='select * from employee WHERE ID='+ cUserNameID ; will work
  9. are you sure your ID is string, seems like Integer, check your data structure is ID integer or string error might be here { Public declarations } cUserName:string;
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