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    Eid Mubarak UniGui Family
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    send sms

    the attachment is still there, please correct your email log in, as you might not be able to download !!
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    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    Thank you
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    Ramadan Mubarak

    Ramadan Mubarak to all UniGui Family
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    Version 1498 is not present in customer portal ?

    Please wait, Farshad will be uploading soon, should be up within the hour
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    Binary search tree

    thanks, but need to hard code it using BST with code
  7. Hi UniGui family, any one with experience of BST search, can you help an old man with this, want to do this in UniGui and then have a chart to display result. thank you T1. Run empirical studies to compute the average length of a path to a random node in a BST (Binary Search Tree) built by insertion of N random keys into an initially empty tree, for N from 100 to 10,000. Do 1,000 trials for each tree size; (a) For a given tree size N,build a BST by insertion of N random keys; e.g., randomly shuffle numbers of 0 to N − 1 and insert them into an (initially empty) BST. (b) Randomly pick a node in the BST; e.g., randomly pick a number between 0 and N − 1. (c) Compute the length of a path to the node, i.e., the number of compare’s carried out while searching the node in the BST. (d) Repeat Step 1b and 1c for 1,000 trials and get the average number of compare’s. Plot the results with the horizontal axis representing treesize N and the vertical axis representing(average) number of compare’s; The plotting can be done using any external software such as spreadsheets. T2. Run similar empirical studies to compute the average number of compare's in Binary Search with an (sorted) array. Note that this has nothing to do with inserting sorted data into a BST. Plot the results. T3. Compare those plots from T1and T2; e.g., overlay the plots together. Discuss whether one could draw a conclusion that the search with BST is more efficient than Binary Search with an (sorted) array or the other way around, etc.
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    Old man needs help

    hi, its for a course i am doing just in java only lol, not allowed to use delphi or unigui
  9. epos4u

    Old man needs help

    all sorted now
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    System crashes

    it seems like your running a pirated version!!!!
  11. Thank you for quick reply fredmontier
  12. fredmontier thank you, tried this with mobile log form, how do i put the unimHTMLFrame in the background, it covers my panel and buttons
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    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Amazing work zemorango simply awesome
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    i have i3 and mine runs fairly fast, maybe something wrong with windows on your machine
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    GMap Component

    download is working for latest version, just tested it