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  1. Hi, on the paypalbutton demo how do i delete the frame once clicked tried (Sender as TUniBitBtn).Parent.Destroy; which only works once
  2. epos4u

    Best way to achieve scorecard UI

    Thank you
  3. epos4u

    Best way to achieve scorecard UI

    Hi could you please share how you done this, so we can learn please
  4. can't wait thank you brother Mohammad
  5. Thank you, i am learning so much, this is simply awesome thank you brother Mohammad
  6. Thank you brother Mohammad, True master at work
  7. epos4u

    HBox and Flex

    Thank you brother Mohammad
  8. epos4u

    uniGUI DOES Fancy Buttons 2

    Fred Montier Thank you, very useful indeed
  9. Hi, this is great, anyway it can be done on startup without clicking on the button to activate ?
  10. epos4u

    عيد مبارك

    Eid Mubarak to my UniGui Friends
  11. epos4u

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    after 35 years i went back to university and just got 1st Class degree in computer science at the age of 56 it was hard studying with 19 year olds, whom are younger than my youngest son
  12. epos4u

    عيد مبارك

    Eid Mubarak to all our UniGui family
  13. epos4u

    Problems with SSL from godaddy

    Hi Mehmet, can you get free ssl for vpn which i only have IP address and no domain name
  14. epos4u

    unimmap add direction and count the distance

    Highly recommended