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  1. epos4u

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    after 35 years i went back to university and just got 1st Class degree in computer science at the age of 56 it was hard studying with 19 year olds, whom are younger than my youngest son
  2. epos4u

    عيد مبارك

    Eid Mubarak to all our UniGui family
  3. epos4u

    Problems with SSL from godaddy

    Hi Mehmet, can you get free ssl for vpn which i only have IP address and no domain name
  4. epos4u

    unimmap add direction and count the distance

    Highly recommended
  5. epos4u

    رمضان مبارك

    Ramadan Mubarak UniGui friends
  6. epos4u

    To FmSoft and Unigui community

    It's a very hard time for everyone all over the world, fighting something you can not see is very hard. hope everyone is well
  7. try installing again and follow the instructions
  8. which version are you using? trail or full?
  9. epos4u

    background image

    Hi Sherzod i use this to save image
  10. epos4u

    background image

    its just simply adding image to mainmodule.background if i use url and point to image on the web it works attached simple test thank you background.zip
  11. epos4u

    background image

    Hi Sherzod , when i try to add image to uniMainModule.background , say my jpg image, the background is always the default colour. when i tested someones else code that uses the background image it works, as long as i don't change image, if i load my own image it defaults to default colour. not show what else i need to change lol
  12. thank you for this. when i change the unimainmodule.background image to mine own image, it shows only blue screen. is there something i am missing
  13. epos4u

    How to make round corner for UniPanel?

    not sure what your doing wrong. just did the 4 steps see the images
  14. epos4u

    How to make round corner for UniPanel?

    delete all the requires with number at the end, like 24 or 25 etc then rebuild, it will add the relevant files, and then install