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  1. just one word... Awsome really nice work brother
  2. epos4u

    Our Portal design

    Mashallah great interface brother
  3. I am using delphi 10.4 and last version of UniGui. Thank you for your execllent work
  4. HI AntonioaCuomo Thank you for the checkout files, i copied and pasted your preloaded component still not working, option A works , but option B nothing, even tried with your checkout, unibtnpaypal1.InitButton does nothing or not firing as anyone else tried option B or is it just me
  5. Hi AntonioCuomo, tried the above, copy and paste will only copy first line into the Template field, tried all sorts any chance you can post a sample please thank you
  6. how do you add the above template, can't seem to get it working, maybe doing something wrong
  7. Hi, on the paypalbutton demo how do i delete the frame once clicked tried (Sender as TUniBitBtn).Parent.Destroy; which only works once
  8. Hi could you please share how you done this, so we can learn please
  9. Thank you, i am learning so much, this is simply awesome thank you brother Mohammad
  10. Thank you brother Mohammad, True master at work
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