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  1. epos4u

    UniGUI OpenSource - Paypal Buttons

    Thank you Hayri ASLAN, this is simply amazing
  2. epos4u

    Exif image

    can you change it to UnimFileUploadButton1 to get the same results please if possible
  3. epos4u

    Exif image

    1. click upload media 2. click on image 3. browse image and start upload 4. click on show media depending how the image was taken , that's why i need to able to rotate to view correctly thanks
  4. epos4u

    Exif image

    Hi Sherzod, could you try it on the demo uniCloud please
  5. epos4u

    Exif image

    Hi Sherzod, 4. MainmForm -> OnCreate: procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin UnimFileUploadButton1.JSInterface.JSAddListener('change', 'function(sender){getOrientation(sender.getFiles()[0], function(orientation) {ajaxRequest(sender, "getOrientation", ["orientation="+orientation])})}'); end; does not trigger on complete , not sure why
  6. epos4u

    Exif image

    Thank you Sherzod
  7. epos4u

    Exif image

    Hi Sherzod, i don't mind using UnimFileUploadButton , if you have a solution that would be great thank you
  8. epos4u

    Exif image

    thank you Sherzod
  9. epos4u

    Exif image

    Hi Sherzod, using UnimFileUpload then display the image in UnimImage, selecting image from phone, camera rotation is not always correct to display exif to see what the rotation is, so can be rotated in code in UnimImage thanks,
  10. epos4u

    Exif image

    any way we can read the exif from uploaded image to see what the rotation is thanks
  11. epos4u

    DBISAM - Database Connectivity

    have you got a sample and i will try it out and find out why
  12. will you share the code for others to learn, as its posted in Code Samples
  13. epos4u

    DBISAM - Database Connectivity

    your DBisam is password protected. open the database connection in the servermodule with password and not in mainmodule
  14. i mean the code not the video lol
  15. nice, have you got example to see