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  1. epos4u

    How to make round corner for UniPanel?

    not sure what your doing wrong. just did the 4 steps see the images
  2. epos4u

    How to make round corner for UniPanel?

    delete all the requires with number at the end, like 24 or 25 etc then rebuild, it will add the relevant files, and then install
  3. epos4u

    Metro UI Menu Component

    no idea, i don't use it or have installed it, best ask the author
  4. epos4u

    Metro UI Menu Component

    uniGMap not needed, as this is third party , you can install it, but not needed for this.
  5. epos4u

    Metro UI Menu Component

    click on require folder, and remove all files, then build, it will add the correct files, then install
  6. epos4u

    Unigui with voice recognition !

    wow wow... totally awesome
  7. epos4u


    wishing all the UniGui members a very merry xmas and a very happy UniGui 2020 UniGui Simply The Best
  8. epos4u

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    amazing brother mhmda
  9. Thank you Farshad, very well written and high lighted everything. i have my full trust and faith in you and the wonderful team, the members and team members are the best, no other forum compares to this. i am honored to be a part of this UniGui is simply the best, it will get stronger, nothing happens over night.
  10. very well put together
  11. Totally agree with brother mohammad (mhmda) Unigui rocks, support from Farshad and his team is priceless the grass always looks greeen on the other side, until you get there and find out, its not green at all
  12. epos4u

    Abum photos/videos

    something like this, its for mobile
  13. epos4u

    Unigui GoPro 1

    Thank you brother
  14. epos4u

    Install unigui 1509

    i have installed 1509 with Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3.2 Rio Architect 26.0.34749.6593 Final with no problems at all all working here 100%
  15. epos4u

    UniGUI OpenSource - Paypal Buttons

    Thank you Hayri ASLAN, this is simply amazing
  16. epos4u

    Exif image

    any way we can read the exif from uploaded image to see what the rotation is thanks
  17. epos4u

    Exif image

    can you change it to UnimFileUploadButton1 to get the same results please if possible
  18. epos4u

    Exif image

    1. click upload media 2. click on image 3. browse image and start upload 4. click on show media depending how the image was taken , that's why i need to able to rotate to view correctly thanks
  19. epos4u

    Exif image

    Hi Sherzod, could you try it on the demo uniCloud please
  20. epos4u

    Exif image

    Hi Sherzod, 4. MainmForm -> OnCreate: procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin UnimFileUploadButton1.JSInterface.JSAddListener('change', 'function(sender){getOrientation(sender.getFiles()[0], function(orientation) {ajaxRequest(sender, "getOrientation", ["orientation="+orientation])})}'); end; does not trigger on complete , not sure why
  21. epos4u

    Exif image

    Thank you Sherzod
  22. epos4u

    Exif image

    Hi Sherzod, i don't mind using UnimFileUploadButton , if you have a solution that would be great thank you
  23. epos4u

    Exif image

    thank you Sherzod
  24. epos4u

    Exif image

    Hi Sherzod, using UnimFileUpload then display the image in UnimImage, selecting image from phone, camera rotation is not always correct to display exif to see what the rotation is, so can be rotated in code in UnimImage thanks,