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  1. my app is wrapped in windows application (form with twebbrowser). if app run from webbrowser( chrome, edge ecc.) the page is printed correcty.
  2. When I print from unipdfframe the print size is A5 and not A4. Until now he had always printed well. I haven't found any method to set the page.
  3. WebBrowser1.Silent = True All ok, thank
  4. project in vcl username : 1 Password : CCCRFL56 Applicazione -Dipendente.rar
  5. j wrapper vcl twebrowser of delphi. when j open the form and display first pdf and close not error if select row of dbgrib display pdf but at close j recevie error
  6. J have a unform with unidbgrid and unipdfframe. When j click row of unidbgrid the file pdf diplayed . But j close the form display this error.
  7. I take up the topic of a post a few weeks ago trying to be clearer on the problem. I wrote an app for geolocation by inserting the script in the onclick event of the button, in the ajaxrequest event the reading of the data returned by the call. If I log in with loalhost: 8078, the event click and the CurrentPosition event are detected with the latitude and longitude values. If I log in with (local ip of the pc) or from a browser on the internet, only the click event is detected. The source of the test is attached. Projectgeoloca.zip
  8. If j press the enter the cursr not go to next row (in unimemo)
  9. When I press the enter key in unimemo the cursor doesn't go to the next line, why?
  10. after many tests I have verified that: the demo on localhost: 8100 geolocation works if I open the application from upc on the net ( the geolocation does not work
  11. Add Layout properties for Unilabel (altop, alcenter albottom) similar to the VCL Label property
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