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    Sure, we all understand that. I waited about 3-4 years running a small app with Unigui, before I took the chance to migrate a bigger app. But during the years since 2012 I have had only great experiences with Mr. Farshad, and I realize what kind of personality he is. Introvert, hard working, disciplined, organized, systematic, goal-oriented etc etc. Time and again I am taking myself in being highly impressed by the work he has been able to keep up, over these years. I realize this is unusual and that he has done something that no other company with tons of resources has be able to do: taking a very complex technological issue and making it simple. People are different. Some make a mess no matter what they do, while others make it work consistently. I am 100% sure about one thing: Mr. Farshad is not taking this issue lightly. He is not going to take any chances after all this work, as that would totally contradict all previous efforts. The reason some things might take a while to get addressed, is probably due to his diligence, wanting to cover all aspects involved and deliver a great solution. That is what I believe. Surely, in theory anything might happen, and life comes with no guarantees. Just have to live with that.
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    Another example from the "All about..." series. This time, about Tips, Hints and CallOuts Three examples to put some fun in your programs. One example was collected from this very forum and others two from the HTML/Javascript World. Could not find the original post to give the credits and link... .sorry pal. Have fun... Projeto7-Callouts_Hint_Tips.rar
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    Do you think that Farshad developed unigui only to get rich and thus close his code? No, i dont think so. In the last 10 years, it is clear from his work that he is a great personality, a virtuous and very honest man. I do not know him personally, but review the history of the vicissitudes experienced on this forum you will understand. No, it's someone who has his head on his shoulders and knows where he is going. he will never be able to leave you. he certainly has a plan B for the durability of this remarkable product.
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    For the Form and Panel set AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient For the panel set the Layout = form. For the buttons set LayoutConfig.Margin =3 - or whatever you prefer
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    You need to use a UniFieldContainer. See the images. Also remember for this to work the AlignmentControl must be "uniAlignmentClient".
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    ok .. found a solution for chrome, egde, safari, opera ... i changed to https://greensock.com/tweenmax and i animate my things with : Panels: UniSession.AddJS('TweenMax.to('+UniContainerpanel.JSName+'_id,0.4,{left:'+inttostr(x)+'});'); Forms: UniSession.AddJS('TweenMax.to('+self.WebForm.JSName+'_id,1,{autoAlpha:0});'); Works fine :-) Greetings Erich user_interface.webm
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    By the way Flex just sets how the controls will be spaced, if both were set to 1 then they will have equal widths.