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  1. Hayri ASLAN

    Transparent login form without borders

    Can you test this with WebForm, JSInterface do begin JSCallGlobal('Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet',['#'+WebForm.JSName+'_id .x-css-shadow { box-shadow: none !important;}']); end;
  2. Hayri ASLAN

    Transparent login form without borders

    Hello, What theme do you use? Can you create a simple test case?
  3. Hayri ASLAN

    Push Notifications

    Onesignal and Google Firebase working same actually. It's depends on you.
  4. Hayri ASLAN

    Push Notifications

    Let me create an example.
  5. Hayri ASLAN

    How can I access Local Storage

    Difference Between Local Storage, Session Storage And Cookies
  6. Hayri ASLAN

    ceate form.

    Let's say you have TUniForm1 and Main. Add this to TUniForm1 initialization RegisterClass(TUniForm1); Then you can create a form with this code procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); var FrC : TUniFormClass; Fr : TUniForm; FClassName : string; begin FClassName := 'TUniForm1'; FrC := TUniFormClass(FindClass(FClassName)); Fr:=FrC.Create(UniApplication); Fr.ShowModal; end;
  7. Hayri ASLAN

    Push Notifications

    Hello, Is there any specific reason for using Onesignal? I saw it is expensive? Why you are not using firebase?
  8. Hi Can you create a DBCtrlGrid example? So i can check can we do it with uniGUI.
  9. Hayri ASLAN

    How can I access Local Storage

    To set item in local storage JSCallGlobal('localStorage.setItem', ["lastname", "Smith"]); Then you can use it in client side var lastname = localStorage.getItem("lastname"); to remove item JSCallGlobal('localStorage.removeItem', ["lastname"]);
  10. Hayri ASLAN

    Loading Data on demand...

    It is our in backlog. We will implement this feature.
  11. Hayri ASLAN

    Change ModuleServeur Title at runtime

    Hello Please change MainModule.Title
  12. Hayri ASLAN

    Google indexleme işlemleri hk.

    Merhaba Maalesef Unigui ile bu mümkün değil.
  13. Hayri ASLAN

    a.isloading is not a function

    Merhaba Test projesinde bu durumu yaratabiliyor musunuz?
  14. Hayri ASLAN

    Design Workflow Diagram

    Hello Let us add this thing to uniGUI, Seems everybody needs this component.