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  1. Hi http://hayriaslan.net:8060/ is online. I can access it without any problems
  2. Hayri ASLAN

    Form parent must be TUniContainer, TUniFrame or TUniBaseForm

    Hi, Please check where you creating forms and what is the value in here? TUniform.Create( PARAMETER )
  3. Hayri ASLAN

    Augmented Reality (AR)!

    Hi, If you know any javascript libraries, please post here. We may implement it to UniGUI.
  4. Please check UniGUI open-source topic for full information.
  5. I have unimCamera component in UniGUI OpenSource that is using zxing library.
  6. Click to access APK Generator App What is UniAndroid? UniAndroid is a UniGUI component that allows you to interact with an Android device such as get the location of the device, auth fingerprint, send a notification, disable back button, etc. How does it work? I developed a generic android application that has a Webview and related codes to send information to the UniAndroid component. Also, I developed an APK creator application so you can set a package name, version code, App name, etc. You can see the parameters below. The main thing here is the Iframe URL. It will be your unigui application URL. To demo features leave the URL as is. When you set parameters and click to Generate APK, it will generate an APK. You can install the APK to your android device and test it. Note: Change icon is in progress. What features already implemented? 1- Disable Back Button 2- Keep Screen Awake 3- Get Device Location 4- Fingerprint 5- Notification What you have in your roadmap? #2 Wifi Control #3 Google Speech Recognition Without Popup #4 Bluetooth Printer #5 Barcode Scanner #6 Android Device Unique ID #7 Toast Message #8 NFC Reader [16 Sep 2020] - The first version released. UniAndroid.zip
  7. Hayri ASLAN

    UniSession.SendResponse() will disable interface updates

    Hi, Can you explain more? What do you want to do with SendResponse? If i understand correctly, you need to set a GroupIndex to SpeedButton. So set GroupIndex =1 and just call UniSpeedButton1.Down := True;
  8. Hi, Please check the console. Do you have any errors? Are you using localhost?
  9. Hi, Please check the first post to understand how to adjust it for different Delphi versions.
  10. In the one of the next build, we will improve this one. It is on our table now.
  11. Hayri ASLAN

    Desktop Panel Set Height At Runtime ?

    Hi, What is Desktop Panel? Can you create a test case?
  12. Merhaba, şimdilik bu örneği inceler misiniz. Bir sonraki sürümde bunu direk uniguiye eklemeyi planlıyoruz.
  13. Merhaba, Siz hali hazırda gridde görünen veriler üzerinde mi filtreleme yapmak istiyorsunuz?
  14. Hayri ASLAN

    Combobox Dropdown Not Refreshing

    Hi, Please set RemoteQuery:=True and use OnRemoteQuery event instead of OnChange event. You can also check "ComboBox Remote Data" demo. It is for DBLookupCombobox but it is the same idea. C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\ComboBox Remote Data