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  1. Hi, You can add chat-widget.min.js into ServerModule.CustomFiles and javascript code (var mdChatClient.....) into MainForm.Script.
  2. Merhaba, Örnek bir uygulama yapar mısınız? üzerinde çalışalım.
  3. Hi, Can you please add screenshots one by one. We can understand anything from uploaded screenshot.
  4. Merhaba 2 için Afterload eventini kullanabilirsiniz. 1 için ne yapmak istediğinizi anlayamadım. Daha detaylı anlatabilir misiniz?
  5. Hi, As it is the same name, images come from browser cache. To force refresh, add datetimestamp to end of the url like this: UniImage.Url := MyUrl+'?'+DateTimetoStr(now);
  6. Hi is UniMainModule.ConstrainForms True?
  7. Hello procedure TMainForm.UniFormReady(Sender: TObject); begin with UniStatusBar1, JSInterface do begin JSCall('items.get(2).hide', []); end; end; procedure TMainForm.UniButton2Click(Sender: TObject); begin with UniStatusBar1, JSInterface do begin JSCall('items.get(2).show', []); end; end;
  8. Hi, Please open your browsers console (F12) go to network tab. When system freezes if it you see "Pending" for the last event check the parameters and find event name. You will get a clue about which event is creating this problem.
  9. Hi, Is it possible to make a test case so we can check?
  10. Hi, This issue fixed in version
  11. Did you add JavaScript files in the correct folder?
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