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  1. Hayri ASLAN

    All Button become border update from 1479 to 1486

    Can you please provide more detail? Can you create a test case?
  2. Hayri ASLAN

    Trying HyperServer

    I think you have redirect. Try https://www.adm-concept.cloud/AdmAdmin/admadmin.dll/Server
  3. Hi I can't reproduce it. Is it possible to create test case?
  4. Hayri ASLAN

    Howto Handle TUniToolButton.Enable change

    Hi, You mean if we execute "button.setEnabled(false)" in clientside i want to able to know it?
  5. Hayri ASLAN

    How to make Dataview

    Nope, There is a frame and containerpanel. We don't have such that component. You need to create your own solution. Or maybe you can check VerticalTreeDBGrid.
  6. Hayri ASLAN

    How to make Dataview

    Hi Please check "Clientside Alignment - Layout Table" demo.
  7. Hayri ASLAN

    How to make Dataview

    Hi, You can use frames and create them into panel.
  8. Hayri ASLAN

    DBLookupCombobox - unable to display in grid

    Please check gridMode property
  9. Hayri ASLAN

    TUnimEdit popup at tapped position

    Hi In the next build you will see this feature. Please stay tuned.
  10. Hayri ASLAN

    Get the url from where client is redirected

    Hi Please check URLParameters demo
  11. Hayri ASLAN

    Redirect URL to other webapplication

    uniPlatform is valid in OnCreate module of UniMainModule.So you can't use it in servermodule.
  12. Hayri ASLAN

    Redirect URL to other webapplication

    So please check touch/detectplatform example. You can use it
  13. I can't understand why you are creating mainform for response. If you have something in mainform to serve as response, you should move it to somewhere else. It is not good idea
  14. I am using same example. Let me share my code so you can understand it.