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  1. Hello I don't think it is possible in PivotGrid.
  2. Below code will toggle row widget of currently selected record. with UniDBGrid1, JSInterface do begin JSCall('getPlugin().toggleRow', [UniMainModule.ClientDataSet1.RecNo-1, JSStatement(JSName+'.getStore().data.items['+IntToStr(UniMainModule.ClientDataSet1.RecNo-1)+']')]) end;
  3. Hello Please use below code. procedure TMainForm.UniButton19Click(Sender: TObject); function GetMarkerById(Id: integer): TUniMapMarker; var i: Integer; begin Result:= nil; for i := 0 to UniMap1.Markers.Count-1 do begin if UniMap1.Markers[i].Id = Id then begin Result := UniMap1.Markers[i]; Exit; end; end; end; begin GetMarkerById(Trunc(UniNumberEdit4.Value)).RemoveFromMap; end;
  4. Merhaba Test case yapmaniz mumkun mu? BrowserWindow demosunu denediniz mi?
  5. Merhaba Yanlis ornege baktiniz sanirim. "HTTP Post Callback - HTMLFrame2" demosuna bakacaksiniz.
  6. Merhaba HTTP Post Callback - HTMLFrame2 demosunu incelediniz mi? Orda veri geldikten sonra var olan formu kapatiyor
  7. Hello You should have latitude and longitude of markers. Please use onMapReady event and add them in to map.
  8. Please open "Unimap - Draw" Demo. in UniMap1MarkerCreated you will have access to newly created Marker. you can check Marker.Latitude and Marker.Longitude properties.
  9. Hi, You should save created markers to your database and load them when map is ready
  10. Hello Form->LayoutConfig->cls pencere_rengigenel ServerModule -> CustomCss .pencere_rengigenel{ background: #FF2F35; border-color:#FF2F35; } .pencere_rengigenel .x-window-header{ background: #FF2F35; border-color:#FF2F35; } .pencere_rengigenel .x-tool-img{ background-color: transparent; }
  11. To remove UniMap control with UniMap1, JSInterface do begin JSCallGlobal(JSName+'_uniControl.remove', []); end; To add UniMap control with UniMap1, JSInterface do begin JSCall('uniMap.addControl', [JSStatement(JSName+'_uniControl')]); end; To change position, with UniMap1, JSInterface do begin JSCallGlobal(JSName+'_uniControl.remove', []); JSCode(JSName+'_uniControl.options.position="'+UniMapControlPositionStr[mpTopLeft]+'";'); JSCall('uniMap.addControl', [JSStatement(JSName+'_uniControl')]); end;
  12. Hello I don't understand the problem. Can you explain it step by step?
  13. Hello Please explain clearly what are you trying to achieve.
  14. Hello Please create a test case so we can work on it.
  15. Please check below settings
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