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  1. We don't have this functionality in ExtJS. There are some solutions but unfortunately none of them 100% working.
  2. Hello You can check Grid - Infinite Scroll demo
  3. You need to wait for websockets
  4. We don't have any event for this. You can create a logic to check a field in database. When you upload new version, you can change it and notify customers.
  5. merhaba asagidaki konuyu inceleyebilirsiniz.
  6. Hello Make sure OnControlPanelLogin event is assigned in servermodule. even if you don't have any code in it, login page will show up.
  7. Please check the attached file. Also please replace the uniDBPivotGrid.pas file so direction will work. pivotgridconf.zip
  8. Hello I tested with your demo app, as you can see we are getting the configchange event and the columns in the respective field. You will save them to database and when you open form, you will add them to configurator.
  9. Merhaba Test case olmadigi surece maalesef havanda su doveriz.
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