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  1. Hello What is the purpose of using different content-length? What are you trying to achieve?
  2. Hello Can you please create a test case?
  3. Hello Can you create a test case? Which dataset are you using?
  4. Hello IIS has a limit for the size of the files users can upload to an application. If the file size exceeds the limit, the application will throw “Error in HTTP request, received HTTP status 413 (Request Entity Too Large)” error. Please check below solution https://port135.com/http-status-413-request-entity-too-large/
  5. Hello We fixed this issue in build 1560. Our demo was still running on 1559 and we updated it now. Unfortunately we can not guess which demo are you getting the error unless you give us clear direction. Thank you for trying UniGUI.
  6. Merhaba Hangi versiyonu ve sürümü kullanıyorsunuz?
  7. Hello Which version and build are you using?
  8. Hello You can use below code. JSCode('const provider = new window.GeoSearch.GoogleProvider({params: {key: "apikey"}});');
  9. Merhaba Bu işin en kolay yolu yazıcı için bir servis yazmak Client yazdırmak istediğinde veritabanına bir kayıt ekler. Yazıcı servisi de belirli aralıklarda tabloyu kontol eder ve yazdırma işlemini gerçekleştirir
  10. Hello Mike, Please use below code. procedure TUnimForm1.UnimFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin with UnimFileUploadButton1, JSInterface do begin JSCallGlobal('Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet', ['#'+JSId+' .x-inner-el{ '+ ' background-color: #f5e971; '+ ' border-color: #055af7; '+ ' border-radius: 25px; '+ ' border-width: bold; '+ '}'+ '#'+JSId+' .x-text-el{ '+ ' color: #525452; '+ ' font-weight: #525452; '+ '}'+ '#'+JSId+' .x-label-el{ '+ ' display: none; '+ '}'+ '#'+JSId+' .x-input-el{ '+ ' display: none; '+ '}'+ '#'+JSId+' .x-input-wrap-el{ '+ ' border: none; '+ '}'+ '#'+JSId+' .x-after-input-el{ '+ ' width: 100%; '+ '}'+ '#'+JSId+' .x-filetrigger{ '+ ' width: 95%; '+ ' margin-left: 1em; '+ '}'+ '#'+JSId+' .x-button-action{ '+ ' width: 100%; '+ '}' ]); end; end; procedure TUnimForm1.UnimFormReady(Sender: TObject); begin with UnimForm1.UnimFileUploadButton1, JSInterface do begin JSAssign('element.dom.querySelector(".x-text-el").innerText', ['New media']); end; end;
  11. Hi Can you make a simple test case so I can work on it
  12. Hello Mike you can use the below code JSAssign('element.dom.querySelector(".x-text-el").style.color', ['blue']);
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