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  1. mikromundo

    uniDbGrid Paged in Runtime

    Good morning ... thanks buddy..but it will be the same ... Look at this ... I can do the first pagination ... grouping ... But I want to give the client an option to select several fields for possible grouping .. so you have to turn off / on the paged ... Then from the second it no longer works
  2. mikromundo

    uniDbGrid Paged in Runtime

    Thanks @Sherzod
  3. mikromundo

    uniDbGrid Paged in Runtime

    I would to change PAGED in runtime, but don´t work. dbgSearchCRUD.WebOptions.Paged := not dbgSearchCRUD.WebOptions.Paged;
  4. mikromundo

    uniDBGrid: Change charcase

    In the DEMOS...CellStyle... I put the code: // My EXAMPLE - BEGIN if Acol = 0 then begin TUniDBGrid(Sender).Text := AnsiLowerCase( Column.Field.AsString ); //TStringField( Column.Field ).DisplayText.Replace( TStringField( Column.Field ).DisplayText , AnsiLowerCase( Column.Field.AsString ) , [rfReplaceAll] ) ; end; // My Example - END Thanks for read ... I got it with attribs.style.cls... Thanks again !!!
  5. mikromundo

    uniDBGrid: Change charcase

    Thanks again...but I don´t use OnGetText... I don´t use FIELDSEDITOR..All dinamic load.
  6. mikromundo

    uniDBGrid: Change charcase

    Thanks @Hayri ASLAN but I can change in specific field. Thanks @alfr do this .. But don´t change. That's why I made the post. I tried several ways within the OnDrawColumnCell event. I tryed this too: TStringField( Column.Field ).DisplayText.Replace( TStringField( Column.Field ).DisplayText , Text , [rfReplaceAll] ) ;
  7. mikromundo

    uniDBGrid: Change charcase

    I can adjust (via DELPHI) several properties in the OnDrawCell of a uniDBGrid, but I cannot change the CHAR CASE. Any tips?
  8. mikromundo

    Help desk ticketing system

    Made with RadCORE( DELPHI + uniGUI ) https://1drv.ms/u/s!AovhnjIbioMAuhul-PwIzQl7NdSH?e=TnCJHC
  9. mikromundo

    Session Timeout fail ?

    Hi, i read this ( and others ) posts But dont´t work for me. How can I apply a correct session time out control, because the native is not working correctly or am I doing something wrong?
  10. mikromundo

    How to DON´T SHOW TUniLoginForm in runtime ?

    Yes... I Got it with handled. Thanks !!!
  11. mikromundo

    Label Caption line break

    Thank you .. I did it. goes on in case anyone else needs it. label:not(.form-check-label):not(.custom-file-label){ white-space: nowrap; }
  12. mikromundo

    How to DON´T SHOW TUniLoginForm in runtime ?

    Thanks @Sherzod but the example DISPLAYS THE LOGIN FORM, I need the FORM. LOGIN is not displayed on the first run, only afterwards (when clicking on a certain button). The tip from the @alfr ( thanks ) almost worked. Because it doesn't really show, but when I display the FORM LOGIN it immediately shows the MAIN again in another window.
  13. I would like in the first execution not to display the LOGIN and when the user triggers an action, I can restart the application displaying the LOGIN.
  14. mikromundo

    Label Caption line break

    No.not yet...Sorry too for the late response...
  15. How do I purchase RadCORE project?