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  1. https://blogs.embarcadero.com/spectacular-web-developer-for-applications-is-built-in-delphi/
  2. Hi.. If I create a new project and add a UniDBGrid: Some help about this ?
  3. Unigui lets you work pretty much like on vcl. Productivity is huge. You can create your microservices with the above and more: - restdataware - horse... Processing reports can be done with them as well.... I can do everything I need with unigui. fmsoft is (as far as possible) always improving unigui. About values... I always say that even outside of the software development world, the best tools have their value.
  4. Excuse me. I posted where there were already related posts previously it was not my intention to do anything wrong. This will never happen again. Don't do the same thing other users on other platforms do. Do not criticize the work that refers to Unigui itself and has helped dozens of users and has also helped unigui, because here in Brazil, because of Radcore, several licenses are sold. It is not because some do not use it that it is frowned upon. This is exactly what intraweb and tms web core users do with unigui users.
  5. @rencarnacion spanish vídeo too. @M.Ammar @Tokay
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