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  1. Thks @picyka.. Unfortunately, I didn't find another solution natively. As it is not an operation made several times, the cost is not so bad.
  2. @albertovesx @deljavan SORRY !!! 1 year after...And not answer !!! pPesquisa is a EDIT SEARCH content. I rebuild menu..It´s only way I found it.
  3. Hi @warat mookdaanan I made a "source base" project that help us with "problems" like this( layout, responsiveness ).. Please, if today still a problem for you, look this video: See what can we do with Project RadCORE:
  4. Hi @Sherzod Thanks again for your patience. When the application starts, SCROLL goes to the TOP, OK !!! But, the components should be created at the beginning of the form, only that they are created at the bottom, because, as we left in the design time the scroll bar "further down", it assumes this position. That's what I'm trying to solve and trying to explain to you. I apologize for the "bad" communication. scrollbox.mp4
  5. Hi @Sherzod Almost...see the test case again, please !!!! What I realized is that the SCROLL works ... but the initial POSITION of the components remains in the "ON CREATE" state of the frame, that is, hidden at the bottom. ButtonsSpeedButton.rar
  6. Hi @Sherzod Same error on Frame Ready:
  7. Hi @Sherzod Some info about the post above ?
  8. Hi @Sherzod I change a DEMO of uniGUI to make a test case: ButtonsSpeedButton.rar I changed one of the demos to make the demonstration easier. There are several objects in the FRAME. Please Overwrite the SpeedButton DEMO( C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\AllFeaturesDemo\units ) for you to test ok. When processing, SCROLLBOX does not return to the top. ButtonsSpeedButton.rar
  9. Wait a minute ... I did the test alone and saw that the ScrollBox is already going to the top automatically. So it must be something else generating the conflict. I give you feedback. Thanks in advance for your attention.
  10. @Sherzod do you can help me ? Please... I have this issue with the same code above:
  11. Hi, @varandor uniGUI will be your best choice !!! See in the DEMOS folder, the example "html2ajax". This will give you an idea of how to integrate.
  12. Hi everyone... I’m always trying to improve resources.My "solution": [[cols:xs-12 sm-6 md-3 lg-3 xl-3 4k-3 8k-3]] the idea of using "hint" is that we are independent of ExtJS (in a way). There is no future incompatibility or minimum version to use the features. I don't want to appear arrogant, please, far from it. I just found a viable solution. SIMPLE and FAST to be used. There's still a lot to do !!! Responsiveness is and will always be a delicate subject (I always say this to everyone).
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