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  1. Kattes

    Google Forms Creator

    Hi Sherzod, You are already on a good way to solve this puzzle and I really appretierte your effort, but when using the Default theme nothing has changed. I also tried with Crisp theme and here the complete box is disappearing, i.e I am getting only a white input field. The wanted underline only appears, when the edit field gets the focus (please see figures below). Best regards, Carsten
  2. Kattes

    Google Forms Creator

    Do you have any news here?
  3. Kattes

    Google Forms Creator

    Is there any chance to change the look of the TUniEdit via CSS, too?
  4. Kattes

    2 version of unigui on one computer

    Probably it is a good idea to use a Virtual PC to achieve what you wanted to get. Therefor I would recommend VM-Ware (https://www.vmware.com/products.html) BR, Kattes
  5. Kattes

    Google Forms Creator

    Perfect Sherzod! This solves the first part of my problems ! Do you think that there is also a way to change TUniEdit so that the surrounding frame gets replaced by a single underline (as shown in the screen shot above)?
  6. Kattes

    Google Forms Creator

    Hi, It's a TUniMemo, using UniGuiVersion
  7. Kattes

    Google Forms Creator

    Hi, I am currently writing a UniGuiDB component that allows me to get all relevant information for creating forms from a database table. The result should come as close as possible to a Google Form. In this context I have two questions: With a memo field, the line spacing seems to be too small with larger fonts, or does not adapt to the font size. Is there a CSS trick to correct this? Google Form Edit fields only use the lower border lines of the input box Is there an elegant CSS solution for this? At the moment I'm helping myself with drawing an additional line in the Delphi code - so not so nice. Thank you for your support and with best greetings from Germany.
  8. Kattes

    Simple WebSocket Client Server demo

    Great! Thank you very much!
  9. Boa Noite, tem como vc disponibilidar para mim o MessageDLGDemo, gostei do modelo

    estou querendo implementar no meu projeto. Obrigado

  10. Kattes

    Alternative for MessageDLG

    Yes, sure - that's it's main purpose! You can also feel free to make any adaptions / modifications to your need. This is just a little gift from me to the UniGui community without any limitations from my side.
  11. Kattes

    Windows 10 ntdll.dll EExternalException

    I had exactly the same problem - and this trick solved it for me, too. Thank you so much sharing this information!
  12. Kattes

    api rest in an unigui project

    Ok, my fault - I used a forbidden Keyword in my header (Authorization). In case of using anything else it works fine. Header values can be accessed easily. For example if I define a key "test" with a value "88" the following call will set "s" to "88". s := ARequestInfo.RawHeaders.Values['test'];
  13. Kattes

    api rest in an unigui project

    @GerhardV: I just tried what you suggested and it works fine as long as I do not add any header information. If I enter for example the following cURL command: curl "http://localhost:8077/report/sleep" -H "Authorization: ffff" I do not even enter the event handler and get the response curl: (52) Empty reply from server Do you have any idea, how to pass header information to the UniGUIServerModule and extract them?
  14. I am currently running a bit out of time with my project and unfortunately all DB examples, which get shipped with uniGui do not work under XE5 and crash my IDE. At the moment I just changed the columns order as an interim solution. But please keep an eye on this bug for any of the next planned updates.
  15. The SQL statement I used in the first case was quite simple: select * from schools I made a lot of further tests and finally found out that the reason for the behavior must come from uniDBGrid. For whatever reason the Grid truncates text, which is in the second column of the grid (and longer than 32 characters). After changing the order of columns in the grid by manipulating the sql statement to: select Ort, Email, Name, Id_School from schools the email column now was affected by this effect. School names, which were truncated before are complete now - only by shifting them to a different column. I am pretty sure that this is not somehow related to SQL DB and that this effect can be reproduced with any kind of DB. Are there some settings in uniDBGrid to change / stop this behavior?