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  1. Stemon63

    Many nodes in huperserver

    Hi, Farshad, Other than actual way, I remember you that I need nodes loading on needs, one by one when the previuos have max session connected... So I have only one node on start... Best Job!
  2. HI, for pdf files, anyone have experience about form filler pdf in Unigui? There is a, external javascript component? I am looking for a pdf viewer wiith form filler capability (I need to fill from dataset and capture every field modified form user for realtime calculation)... All for avoid complex Delphi forms using pdf instead.... Thanks in advance! Stefano
  3. Stemon63

    UniGUI version of a TDBCtrlGrid

    +10 Or similar Component for show (AND EDIT) data row by row, with free components position (not columnar....). Best job
  4. Hi, alp.yilmaz can i see you demo online? Now link is wrong.... Thanks
  5. Stemon63

    LIsts and data shared over all sessions

    I have one project that have this configuration: All data is on regular DB; but some important data shared between all sessions are in a SQLLite db that is a memory database (readonly) e that is create at startup. It works well :-)
  6. Hi, alp.yilmaz your demo online don't work.... is offline?
  7. Stemon63

    How can I add column to DBLookUpComboBox

    WOW!!!! Even with assisted input? (only valid values are allowed?)... Where is ??????????????? :-)
  8. Stemon63

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Hi zemorango, what db and what Delphi engine (Firedac, Unidac, etc...) do you have used?
  9. Stemon63

    How can I add column to DBLookUpComboBox

    Hi, this is on my request features list from years... :-) Non only multi column, but with an entire DBgrid in popup... And with assisted input on value found (suggestion on first value found while typing, and with no entry on nonfound values.... for true consistent input value)
  10. Stemon63

    Easy features request

    Hi Farshad, please add those easy features that make our life better.... :-) 1) When I scroll dbgrid with arrow keys, please show next page if I press down arrow key on the last row of selected grid page, and show previous page if I press up arrow key on the first row.... (waiting for virtual scrolling). The same if I press PgUp and PgDown keys... 2) Please add immediate editor in grid cells, pressing every input key. Now I have to press Enter for start editing. P.s.: I don't want manul coding for those simply features. Please insert few properties. Thanks in advance
  11. Stemon63

    I think my requests are not useful.

    Hi Gerardo, I agree with you; I wait also for grid with partial fetch of records (without manual paging) and advanced DBLookup (Farshad now looks up at the sky) :-) The benefits of Unigui for Delphi developers are however remarkable; otherwise you would have to use another language and another development tools to get something decent for the web, and split the Desktop / Mobile development from the web. So we need to insist with Farshad to get a product as close to the VCL as possible in features and also open so that it is "easy" and "flexible". And it does not take much effort. I think it's just problems of better user interface and user interaction (and not of UNIGUI concept), features that a more mature Unigui must have... (even if I understand that porting a rich Devexpress project to web is really difficult). Hi Tokay, thank you for help, but it would be better if there were properties (or methods) directly in the components. It's a question of completeness of rad features, nothing else. Unigui project is unique and fantastic, but are missing small features that make the project difficult to release (especially when we want to add the "desktop plus" approach to the web). Farshad, Best Job :-)
  12. Stemon63

    I think my requests are not useful.

    Hi Gerardo, (I write in english, even if we are both italians) I still wait for a lot of "advanced" UI features, and none of them has been realized in the last years... :-( so porting from powerful and complex desktop apps to powerful and complex web apps is always postponed. But I realize that there are so many things to do and the product has really improved. :-) I hope that Farshad stops the development of the logical part for a moment and devotes himself to all our requests concerning the user interface and user input. Sometimes they are small things, but really important for us and our customers. For example: immediate edit in dbgrid cell, without pressing Enter, like VCL dbgrid does. It save a lot ot time in user input in a grid (especially in apps with intensive input). This (and other) little things lock us the intention to distribute the web application instead of the desktop one (yes, i want to distribuite the same apps, for desktop, local network and web). I hope Farshad will make me happy soon... :-)