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  1. Stemon63

    hyperserver 32 or 64 bits

    Ok, Thanks a lot.
  2. Stemon63

    VCL in the Remote Area and UNIGUI

    Tsplus can work very well for your VCL remote multiusers application. I have used it for complex VCL application with a lot of concurrent users. It's similar Terminal Server. Better are only... UNIGUI apps :-) :-)
  3. Stemon63

    hyperserver 32 or 64 bits

    How many sessions have you managed at maximum on one server , without crash o degrading performances ? I known that depend by design and application logic, but your experience is importante for us. Thanks a lot
  4. Stemon63

    VCL in the Remote Area and UNIGUI

    Use Tsplus Remote Desktop...
  5. Stemon63

    hyperserver 32 or 64 bits

    Hi Wilton, all Unigui Sites? How are the performances? Thanks
  6. Stemon63

    How can I add column to DBLookUpComboBox

    Any news on this IMPORTANT component?
  7. Stemon63

    Next features? IndexedDb and ... STATELESS!!

    Yes, Fred, you are right! I need a "generic" web solution for all web users, like a portal or general content management with news, advices, images and text.... where user is not logged in, is anonymous, so with few server resource and, most important, without sessions management. Better is also use of generic external templates mixed with Unigui components. Than we can have a specific entry point (classic "private area") for registered user with login and "default" Unigui mode with session; maybe a call to another project, yes.. A specific project type with resource saving in mind, so without session and ready for a large number of generic visitors....
  8. Stemon63

    Help on Unidbgrid and data store

    Hi Abaksoft, thank you. I known perfectly as UniDBGrid and dataset works for "automatic" data management. I need a customized way: on the current record of a UniDbgrid, if I change anything in the data store (with Extjs in ClientEvents (ExtEvents, UniEvents) assigning "pippo" to field Name (in Js code, not in column editor), how I can "Post" that record so Unidbgrid can refresh itself and, most important, update the server dataset? Thanks a lot!
  9. Stemon63

    Help on Unidbgrid and data store

    Hi, Abaksoft, thank you, but I need to update the related dataset that is on the server when I change manually data row at client level, in client code, in the Dbgrid client event. Same session.
  10. Stemon63

    Help on Unidbgrid and data store

    Hi, at client level, in a UnidbGrid, how I can tell that record is modified so server's dataset must be updated? I need to input data in HTML fields that have the current row data; when data is modified I need to transfer data from HTML input to data store (I simulate a DBCtrlGrid). But then I need that that record must be update also into server dataset, simulating like I have edited row and post the current record int the grid. How is possible? Thanks in advance.
  11. Stemon63

    Next features? IndexedDb and ... STATELESS!!

    Hi Farshad, what do you think about?
  12. Hi Farshad, What is being cooked in the Unigui laboratory? What are next features? Thanks
  13. Stemon63

    Autoedit in DBgrid

    Hi Sherzod, it seems that works, but adding: "function edit(editor, context, eOpts) { this.needToClear = false; }" Well, this is a good starting point. I have changed ClicktoEdit=1 for test immediate edit also on enter. I need additional help on this: I need that all cell content is selected when start edit entering in the cell (when I don't press keys that clear all content, but only navigate (ClickEdit=1). I need that all text is selected; instead cursor in now at end of text. Another help on this: I don't want that a mask show when I change record after editing, because I need to input data faster as possible without refresh anything. But also if I have "dgAutorefresh=false" and "dgDontReloadAfterEdit=true", i see always the mask and grid is refreshed on change record (after editing). Thanks a lot
  14. Stemon63

    Autoedit in DBgrid

    Hi Sherzod, any news on "immediate editor" in dbgrids? We see great improvements on Unigui releases, but this essential features is always missing :-)