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  1. Stemon63

    Disappointed with Unigui? There are alternatives coming!

    Hi All, I have read posts in this topic, and i share my experience and my thought; I have license on Unigui and also on TMS web core (and many other library and components); Goal of TMS web Core is "openess and cross-platform", due to only javascript generated code; it's still young and in constant evolution, now also work in Visual Studio Code; Well, the question is: Why I must use it if I need a "only javascript + HTML5" approach to my applications? I have tested a lot of frameworks and, if I must "rewrite" my apps for the web without Delphi approach (I intend use of datasets, frames, etc...) and I need a separate REST data management I change totally direction and go with Devextreme and pure javascript, due to its UI power (or Infragistic, or Telerik, etc...), no more dependence from Delphi in UI and no more pascal; maybe the data server can be Delphi :-) The truth is that "the magic wand" is the visual IDE, creation wysiwyg of forms and manage of event and property at DESIGN TIME. Infact TMS Web core attract our attention ONLY because it have a visual editor, like the Delphi Edition. Without a visual editor, who use pascal code in Visual Studio code for generate javascript? Ok, It is another solution if I want to approach the standard web: client code + separate remote data management, so stateless and client centric; but I need to worry about sessions, timeouts, and other not visible "variables" of the project, and I need to expose too into client browser. Moreover performance is not the best; With Unigui I take about 2 seconds at runtime for show a form with 300 fields (I develope tax applications, Farshad Known...), 10 seconds with TMS, due that creation object in javascript is not the same of Delphi, the same when you need complex calculation of use of fast complex functions. Sure they optimize it in the future, so I think it is a good product. I will look at evolution. But we have also Unigui that follows Delphi way; visual forms, datasets, events, etc. ALL in ONE perfectly integrated. With a crazy productivity in time development ($$$). Indeed, what we want (and what is missing) is that Unigui have all that we see on modern richfull libraries like Devextreme (for ex.), on Client User Interface, no one dares to question on its Delphi server logic that is PERFECT. This because our customers see only UI, but the real treasure is in the exe (or dll) that manage all, and work worderfully with its session management. So, if I can have DBGrids that have the same power and richness of great Devextreme, very powerful Listview, Lookups, Charts, etcc... without write a lot of javascript client code (all Client features!!!) why I must change UNIGUI? Why I need to change Unigui if all I need is at 95% in Unigui components property and events, with only 5% of my custom javascript client code? (I naturaly don't speek on Delphi server code) Only for obtain a cross platform javascript product, with A LOT of extra work, I think; But now I need powerful Windows (based) applications; maybe linux release give me freedom on server side for cost, when available; Mac (server) is not a problem for me; So I think that Unigui with Equinox full features completed is a powerful tool for my need, thanks the powerful updated components. We need a more attention to forum requests, more responsiveness on bug and primarily on help request about ExtJs interaction and simple client features that Delphi programmer don't known (I don't have experience in ExtJs, I study it gradually on need). Most of times the problem is that we are locked on stupid or little request, easily solvable by an expert on forum or (better) with a new timely release (I am wating for a direct editing in a cell without press Enter, for ex.) but that prevent release of the entire project for months!! So I hope only more powerful components and more attention to user requests, in short time. When all Equinox features are available I Intend to substitute also desktop application with all-in-one project. Because I think that Unigui is, at present, the best web tools for Delphi programmers. Good job to Farshad. (Sorry for my very poor english :-) )
  2. Stemon63

    DBGrid Cell Exit

    Hi, Sherzod I need the same calc but on client side, without server calls. Calculated field is on server side...
  3. Hi Sherzod, UNIGUI is a great product. But sometimes customers don't known those difficulties. If they works comfortable in Desktop (using a lot the keyboard), they want the same also on Browse. And our intend is to switch them from desktop to web. So we have to offer the same "ergonomy". But little things stops the porting. Glad to ear that you think about the implementation. Thank you, Good Job
  4. Hi, I don't understand why there is no attention on our request of little features, but very important for us. I need an autoedit in dbgrid without press enter, click or double click; I need that dbgrid must be as VCL in user input. I need a key-value pair management in combos (retain key but display value). I need a repeteable area with inside a free layout on arrange components (on web is used a lot instead grids); I don't speek on complex components (like advanced lookups, grids in combos, infinite scroll, etc) that are not present but already planned, I intend simply little additions on standard components that permits us to release apps to our customers, adding few rows of code with a update release. Why? (sorry for my english)
  5. Stemon63

    uniGUI DOES QrCode

    Thank you a lot for examples. Very useful.
  6. Wow! Any idea on capture (and manage) biometric data, or take complete signature (image and biometric data) from wacom tablet, for ex.? Good job! Stefano
  7. Stemon63

    Autoedit in DBgrid

    It seems that little things but IMPORTANT for porting apps from Desktop are ignored. An immediate edit in grid is ESSENTIAL for user that manage a lot of data via keyboard. Also important: DBLookup or Combox with value and description items! '1','America','2','Europe, etc... so I see "America" or "Europe" but I save 1 or 2. It's very useful! Must use an external component for this?
  8. Stemon63

    UniGUI OpenSource - Paypal Buttons

    Hi Hairy, what have you used for that listview (with images, text and buttons), panels or other components? (That is the component I am looking for in Unigui...)
  9. Stemon63

    Autoedit in DBgrid

    Ok, perfect
  10. Hi, how we can see or obtain the source? I need to implement it in my apps. Please tell me how, Thanks in advance
  11. Stemon63

    Autoedit in DBgrid

    Hi Sherzod, there are no solution in the forum. All are samples that don't works, without a true solution. Please, there is a workaround for editing cells (also with custom editors) in dbgrid when user start editing (without press Enter in advance)? All suggested client code don't reflect the correct assignement and management in related data record. Thanks in advance!
  12. Stemon63

    UniPivotGrid extended...

    Hi Farshad and All, I think that UniPivotGrid is a great component for data presentation, but I need to known if there are other features planned for that component for use it in my project. I need to customize aggregate data (picture, colors, format), headers, titles, captions and cell content (also colors, etc.) for use it very extensively. We need "events" for customize captions anda data (I need to change standard "Grand Total" for example). Also I need to export (also print, but export is more imortant) contents into csv or excel or in another dataset for create charts. There are those features in next releases? Thanks in advance, Stefano
  13. Stemon63

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    Hi Gerhard, please can post sources of you demo app (we can see images in this post), so we can test and show your themes more comfortable? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, please realize advanced data components, like dblookups with autocomplete input (that permits only valid values) and with grids in popus, so we can porting Devexpress logic, or Db cards (grids with free layout of controls on rows), or other advanced DB components for porting desktop apps to web. Then I buy several license! :-) Good Job
  15. Stemon63

    navigation in dbgrid with editing

    At least, I need to start editing with any pressed char (starting input value).... and finish editing with enter, tab, or up-down keys, passing in browse mode. When press enter ot tab, it close editor and move to next cell, when press up-down keys it close editor and move to prior-next row. So user can navigate into grid with arrow keys (in browse mode) and edit without effort, like standard VCL dbGrid. Thanks,