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  1. Hi Abaksoft, thank you for help. But I need exactly what Muhammad ask in its first two images. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi Sherzod, i need the same unifield responsive layout and can't find anything related in your link. Please give us precise details about it! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, has anyone tried integrating Pure.css to get the infamous responsive? Thank you!
  4. An ancient question never resolved with a good component ... that everyone really needs!!! 😉
  5. Hi, all component's sets lack 2 essential components: 1) Local store, for use dataset downloaded on client for repetitive operations (countries, cities, etc...) 2) A true Lookup combo (and Db version) with a grid inside popup, with autocomplete on search input. Like devexpress Vcl Lookups. This Lookup must be works also into Dbgrid editing. Those components are essential for a fast and true porting from Desktop to web. If there is a component set that have those features, I buy it immediately 🙂 Thanks
  6. Hi Aggie85, Please, can you share the working example project? Thanks a lot!
  7. Performances are important and we use rest services for scalable system when users are a lot. Especially in a multi-server frontend system throught Hyperserver we have "remote" DB services with rest for optimize data requests and avoid big datasets in memory's UNIGUI frontend. Dataset is the most direct way in Delphi, but not the fastest way on data remoting.
  8. I hope that Unigui will implement this functionality, especially for read-only lists. I often use Rest services that return Json, and in case you don't need Crud, it would be optimal and much faster to load the json directly into the grid rather than go through the dataset. Thank you
  9. Very interesting Fred, I will follow the development, I think it is really useful, even if I should be able to test it to understand the potential of the application. I will watch the demos
  10. I think that you need a "client" operation...
  11. Hi Sherzod, sorry but it don't works. Any hint? Thanks
  12. Hi Fred, any news on UNIGUI printer server availability? Thanks a lot, Fred
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