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  1. Hi Fred, no problem for buy your (beautiful) components with source 🙂 I'm trying to figure out how to best use it. I cannot use it for clients as a centralized server because it is not "multi-user" like Thinfinity VirtualUI. Ok, that's clear. But I can use it for remote assistance or for monitoring. Or to work in smartworking. For remote assistance or to work in smartworking, a file sharing (upload / download) is needed, as well as a proxy system to route traffic to the desired PC in the company network. These are the first real problems that come to mind, if you really want to seriously use this product. I like it so much. Maybe others have asked for this too, right? 🙂 Either way, great job.
  2. Hi Fred, 🙂 My request of details or links are related to those words: "There are people here in Brasil doing this kind of stuff... soon will be a real alternative." Sorry, 🙂
  3. Stemon63

    Rest API

    What a beautiful tool!!
  4. Hi, @mierlp: In fact, most of my applications have to use visual development, because they manage tax forms and very complex layouts with data over images. Impossible to make these applications in a non-visual environment. Unigui is a good compromise that allows you to recover all the logic and functions already written in delphi (business logic and data interface). For the multi-platform there is to consider, at this point, also TMS Web core, which has the visual environment of Delphi for the forms (and also Visual Studio). They have PWA and Miletus for other devices-OS. But Unigui remains the most comfortable and intuitive way for Delphi developers. I'll take a look at AppStream, thanks.
  5. With Blazor or other .NET 6 components we have to rewrite our big VCL projects, exactly as we should do with unigui 🙂 So what do you do? :-)
  6. Hi, I already use TSplus, and it works well. But all Active Directory management for RDP architecture for use HTML5 web browser on client is heavy. Thinfinity have a different way; you can also have an DLL for authentication and not use ONE windows session for every user. So you can avoid all related problems. But it have an high cost (You pay for concurrent users). Best can be UNIGUI with similar features 🙂 🙂 ... or rewrite all for the web 😞
  7. Hi Fred, If I understand correctly, the rdp session is managed on the server and proxyed through Unigui HTML and not through the direct RDP connection via software from the client. Thus no RDP ports need to be left open on the firewall. My question is: how is it possible to transform this project, from an administrator control tool to a tool for making clients use applications (multi-user) exactly like Thinfinity does??? 🙂 Then it would be really interesting to let large VCL applications be used remotely, for those who can't rewrite them in time in UNIGUI
  8. HI Fred, for direct scanner and print I known that I have to install a client exe or service for every PC, of course. I'm interested also on your Whatsapp and Video Conference components. Thanks a lot. (https://webtwainsdk.com/ for example)
  9. OK, Sherzod. The natural question: ...when 🙂
  10. Hi, what's the end of this story? We all need to do quick and instant calculations in grids. Please explain the most convenient solution (all client only)! Thanks!
  11. Great works, Fred. I think to buy your components. 🙂 Also I'm looking for some additional tools (extra browser) for convert Remote apps (Terminal server) to web; I need a direct print to client and a direct scanner (Twain and WIA) from client to web. Any hint on this?
  12. Hi Sherzod, please tell me about! 🙂
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