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  1. Hi, can you share your example code for this, so I will try if works for my scenario? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Have you solved your problem? I have the same trouble; sometimes files are showed, sometimes they are blocked with code 405. Any hint? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I need to understand when a new session is created in server code. For avoid unecessary invalid sessions and resource consuption, especially on massive attacks or user hacking attemps, and also when I open sessions from links with additional parameters (via email), I need to understand when exactly the session is created, with the intention to abort the connection if there are wrong information WITHOUT create first a session and then destroy it. I see in other post that in TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand is used, when connection must be rejected: AResponse
  4. Hi Victor, this is my old request "Advanced DBLookups" with a grid into popup and an incremental search or filter when user type into editor...
  5. Hi Mhmda, please share you code with us!!
  6. Better LookupCombos with multicolumn popups (at design time) and key/value management (better is a grid inside popup) Better data input into DbGrids, with a better key management, more natural as VCL dbgrid, for fast insert of a lot of data (VCL desktop migration) Optional capability to send dataset updates present on client only in one time (like applyupdate) to server dataset, for avoid continue "chatting" for every change in fields. (Sometimes I need to input and entire grid without need to exchange data with server, but I want to transfer all on save. Only for performance and bette
  7. HI, have you a demo of your conference system? It's very interesting! Thanks
  8. Stemon63

    tms xdata

    Please don't forget that using a separate data and services layer like Xdata, mormot, Kbmmw, etc... permits to use data and services that are on a REMOTE server on Http, when data aren't on the same server of Unigui, and without a direct connection via lan. (Is possible also to use Remotedb for simple quering...)
  9. Well, Well, Well... my concern is how it behaves with so many users using forms with many DB components, such as very complex DB forms (that you know). Since db components are very "chatty" between client and server in Unigui, I fear for performance and cpu for a busy server. Maybe I can be wrong, we hope well
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