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  1. Stemon63

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    Hi Gerhard, please can post sources of you demo app (we can see images in this post), so we can test and show your themes more comfortable? Thanks in advance
  2. Stemon63

    navigation in dbgrid with editing

    At least, I need to start editing with any pressed char (starting input value).... and finish editing with enter, tab, or up-down keys, passing in browse mode. When press enter ot tab, it close editor and move to next cell, when press up-down keys it close editor and move to prior-next row. So user can navigate into grid with arrow keys (in browse mode) and edit without effort, like standard VCL dbGrid. Thanks,
  3. I need to navigate in a dbgrid with arrows simulating the behavior of the tab. But also during editing. I want to use arrows (or Enter) like Tab key does for change field, without pressing Enter only for finish editing. The same od stardard VCL DBgrid: I press any key to start editing and Enter (or tab, or up/down arrow keys) for close editing and move to next field. How obtain this? Very important for massive data input. This is a similar extjs example: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/ron&view/editor How do I make it in unigui? Attention: I need to start editing only when I press a first char of editing value, not always. Thanks in advance!
  4. Stemon63

    sendfile .csv become .txt with Chrome

    Improved or now solved? Thanks
  5. Stemon63

    I want gridPanel

  6. Stemon63

    UniDBGrid with lookup fields

    Please report this issue to Farshad! It's important for performances Thanks
  7. Hi Farshad or all, I have a strange problem from yesterday: I send file with .csv extension but Chrome save it with .txt extension; Any hint? Any parameter other than Unisession.sendfile? (other browsers respect .csv extension) Thanks a lot
  8. Stemon63

    UniDBGrid with lookup fields

    Lookup field is a TField object where FieldKind = fkLookup? Maybe there is a slowdown problem within the Tdataset, not Unigui related. Have you tried the same dataset in a vcl form?
  9. As Title... What are Sencha ExtWebComponents? Can use with Unigui in future?
  10. Stemon63

    EMB interest for WEB development

    Unigui and WebCore are different animal; WebCore have portability (only Javascript at runtime) in pros, with data management and business logic that must be in another separate layer; Unigui is "all-in-one" framework, more mature and have desktop development logic; They are either very powerful.
  11. Hi Farshad, I'm looking for a system that calculate a cell with the sum of other cells, at client level (dbgrid) for fast calculation in the record. I have noted that with record.get and record.set I can manage cell content. All ok. But how I can send the update value of a cell to the relative dataset? How to communicate with server and update the record? (I have tried Grid.getStore().sync(), Grid.getStore().commit(), Grid.getStore.commitChanges(), but do not works...) Thanks in advance!
  12. Stemon63

    Retrieve absolute x,y from an editor in DBgrid

    I want to show a dbgrid as a popup when i press F9 in the editor, for an assisted input (incremental search); As a standalone editor all works well; x,y are relative to the editor. When the editor is embedded in a DBgrid, the editor is in a cell; I need to say what is x,y for show the popup (with dbgrid inside) under the editor (like a combobox).
  13. Stemon63

    Retrieve absolute x,y from an editor in DBgrid

    Yes, Sherzod. But I need ExtJs code for extract x,y on keydown (or function key press)
  14. Hi, I need to known how to retrieve absolute position of a active editor in a Dbgrid. The editor is on the hidden panel, is a custom dblookup with a grid in the popup (a panel). When editor is selected, how I can Know absolute x,y (on the screen) for show its popup? Thanks in advance
  15. Stemon63

    Hyper Server - upload compressed file

    My Unigui apps are (release) 20-25 mb... good result.