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  1. Stemon63

    EMB interest for WEB development

    Unigui and WebCore are different animal; WebCore have portability (only Javascript at runtime) in pros, with data management and business logic that must be in another separate layer; Unigui is "all-in-one" framework, more mature and have desktop development logic; They are either very powerful.
  2. Hi Farshad, I'm looking for a system that calculate a cell with the sum of other cells, at client level (dbgrid) for fast calculation in the record. I have noted that with record.get and record.set I can manage cell content. All ok. But how I can send the update value of a cell to the relative dataset? How to communicate with server and update the record? (I have tried Grid.getStore().sync(), Grid.getStore().commit(), Grid.getStore.commitChanges(), but do not works...) Thanks in advance!
  3. Stemon63

    Retrieve absolute x,y from an editor in DBgrid

    I want to show a dbgrid as a popup when i press F9 in the editor, for an assisted input (incremental search); As a standalone editor all works well; x,y are relative to the editor. When the editor is embedded in a DBgrid, the editor is in a cell; I need to say what is x,y for show the popup (with dbgrid inside) under the editor (like a combobox).
  4. Stemon63

    Retrieve absolute x,y from an editor in DBgrid

    Yes, Sherzod. But I need ExtJs code for extract x,y on keydown (or function key press)
  5. Hi, I need to known how to retrieve absolute position of a active editor in a Dbgrid. The editor is on the hidden panel, is a custom dblookup with a grid in the popup (a panel). When editor is selected, how I can Know absolute x,y (on the screen) for show its popup? Thanks in advance
  6. Stemon63

    Hyper Server - upload compressed file

    My Unigui apps are (release) 20-25 mb... good result.
  7. Stemon63

    unidbgrid direct input

    Farshad, please introduce an "ImmediateEditing", as soon as ...
  8. Stemon63

    Hyper Server - upload compressed file

    Hi nannoc, 50MB executable for UNIGUI is a big project.... have you forget deveexpress units inside? :-)
  9. Stemon63

    Application setup strategy

    A question: why I must use Pagecontrols with tab with unused active forms if you need only one form showed a time? All open forms in tab requires resources in server, or not? Benefit is only non reload the form on need, refreshing only data, but what about server memory and resources, with 50 tabs opened with a lot of components inside? Thx,
  10. Stemon63

    TreeGrid as DBTreeGrid, but without Database connect,

    Yes, Memory table is the easiest way if you have to manage data on server side...
  11. Stemon63

    Many nodes in huperserver

    Hi, Farshad, Other than actual way, I remember you that I need nodes loading on needs, one by one when the previuos have max session connected... So I have only one node on start... Best Job!
  12. HI, for pdf files, anyone have experience about form filler pdf in Unigui? There is a, external javascript component? I am looking for a pdf viewer wiith form filler capability (I need to fill from dataset and capture every field modified form user for realtime calculation)... All for avoid complex Delphi forms using pdf instead.... Thanks in advance! Stefano
  13. Stemon63

    UniGUI version of a TDBCtrlGrid

    +10 Or similar Component for show (AND EDIT) data row by row, with free components position (not columnar....). Best job
  14. Hi, alp.yilmaz can i see you demo online? Now link is wrong.... Thanks
  15. Stemon63

    LIsts and data shared over all sessions

    I have one project that have this configuration: All data is on regular DB; but some important data shared between all sessions are in a SQLLite db that is a memory database (readonly) e that is create at startup. It works well :-)