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  1. Hi Luciano, please make a screenshot or a demo of your multicolumn popup, thanks
  2. Please share images and demo in english; I don't understand chinese... Is full responsive? (Client or Server?). Thanks
  3. Hi, I need to show a Uniform or Uniframe into a UniURLFrame for manage responsiveness at form (popup) level. I need a new form "viewport" (Unlike the "window" viewport) for manage client responsive align of component. How assign the parent property (or similar way) to the UniUrlFrame, or another way for show a Form/Frame parented to an Iframe? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi IrigSoft, NO, I have the problem a DESIGN TIME. It's very slow with Delphi 10.3-11. With 10.2 is faster (normal refresh)
  5. Hi, I have noted that IDE very slow with 20-30 UniDBText component in Delphi 10.3 - 11; If i use only UniDbedit works well, but if I use UniDbText the form is very very slow ad design time when move components. It refresh continuosly. I have forms that display 40-50 DBtexts (invoices, etc..) Anyone else having the same problem? Thanks
  6. First immediately on the client and consequently then on the server
  7. I think that Zqdl8 needs to assign the value into CLIENT, so dataset must be update automatically. I need the same: cell C = cell A + cell B, on the same row, at change of A or B; And I want to calculate it at Client level, so the dataset is update automatically at SERVER level on post. Otherwise too much "chatting" for a simple sum or row calculate.
  8. Hi, in practice, the cell must go into edit when any key is pressed, which corresponds to the first character typed in the editor, except for pressing the navigation keys. It is a fairly normal necessity for those who have to enter data quickly into the grids. Please find a solution that works, Thanks
  9. Hi Sherzod, i'm asking for this feature from pre-release!!!!!! :-)
  10. Hi Sherzod, thank you. But in 99% of cases we need a grid in the popup, or the result formatted as a grid, with titles for the columns (we can also have 4-5 fields) and with items from a dataset. And especially with the filter when inputting characters. Always asked for and never got. Yet Unigui is very powerful… 🙂
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