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  1. seek help How to set the node icon for the "TUniDBTreeGrid" control
  2. I found UniServerModule IsHyperServer This property cannot be determined as HyperServer mode Its value is always False My version is 1562 and HyperServer.exe
  3. no way out,Or ask the author of fastreport
  4. Add more query fields to process <div style=""> replace enter </div> Replace ‘’
  5. It only indicates that FR only supports simple HTML tags
  6. <font color="#0000ff">Test</font> <font color="#ff0000">Hello</font>
  7. I have tested it and can support HTML text
  8. https://share.weiyun.com/5fxh27g
  9. Access violation at address 75948970 in module 'combase.dll'. Read of address 00000000
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