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  1. http://forums.unigui.com/uploads/monthly_2021_10/jdfw.gif.6e486e74e34e312cac18726e21acd924.gif
  2. yes The web dynamic framework is developed by Delphi 10.3.3 + unigui1535 + fr script and has the following advantages: 1. The integrated development environment is completely separated from the desktop development tools and directly develops modules in the web. As long as there is a browser operating platform, you can use < implementation: cross platform development and cross platform operation >. 2. All controls are encapsulated into the platform in the way of encapsulation to ensure the uniform version of controls. 3. Similar to Delphi development mode: drag and drop controls and track debugging to achieve what you see. 4. Module data < interface code data is stored in the database. When it is to be called, it will be loaded from the database for interpretation and operation > 5. Three login methods < framework user, development user and system user > solve the permission application at all levels 6. Menu list, which can be set dynamically, and the adding function is simple and clear. 7. Module management function: each module can be assigned development permission. 8. The diversified permission customization function can locate and control the details of each module to ensure data security 9. The above functions have inherent advantages: immediacy < keep the system in the latest version state all the time, so as to achieve compilation and update free >
  3. The paging function can be realized with firedac
  4. I directly use unigui to reconstruct fastport's designer
  5. UNIGUI AND FASTREPORT Sparks from collision
  6. Thank you very much for your answer My problem has been solved, The solution is to share with you: UniSession.AddJS(' if(!!Ext.get("' + MenuTree.JSId + '").el.dom.children[0].id){' +' var kid = Ext.get("' + MenuTree.JSId + '").el.dom.children[0].id;' +' Ext.get(kid).setStyle({"background-color":"rgba(200,0,0,1)"});' +' }');
  7. This is to change CSS, which is a little inflexible I want to use this way UniSession.AddJS('Ext.get("' + UgTreeMenu01.JSId + '").setStyle({"background-color": "rgba(0,0,0,0)"})'); But I can't get another level of jsid As shown in the figure
  8. Such as title I can't get the jsid of the next layer of unitreenu
  9. It's troublesome to change this. I have other methods, but it's not the best solution
  10. The above case does not support super server mode, Ws I want to make an interface to call the session to the front-end interaction However, when calling the interface of the super server, it cannot be specified on the corresponding node exe
  11. Dynamic development, compile free, update free, completely separated from Delphi Move the IDE to the browser and run-time development
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