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  1. Sorry, maybe I didn't describe the problem very clearly As shown in the figure, how to remove the menu in the red box Only disable the browser's own menu of tree nodes
  2. Tunitreeview is browser right-click disabled However, the internal node does not disable the right button, and two menus (customized menu and browser menu) will appear
  3. In this way, there is no right-click menu in the whole framework, I just want to disable the right button for tree and node
  4. Excuse me? Tunitree, how can the node disable the right-click menu of IE
  5. OK, the problem has been solved, The reason is that my dbgird is not named, which makes beforeinit invalid Thank you very much
  6. consult After unidbgrid is set to read only, the contents of the table cannot be copied want to read the table, but you can copy the table content Unidbgrid copies cell contents read-only
  7. The problem has been solved. Excuse me
  8. Excuse me? Unidbgrid filtering function has a small problem in Chinese input method support Can this be solved
  9. Does unigui have transparent buttons The built-in button layout interface is a little ugly Is there a transparent button or a scheme that can change the color of the button I know some third parties can do it, but I don't want to load too many third-party controls
  10. But there's still a little problem, Can I get the number of nodes and the width of icons So I can Twidth + = node level * width of Icon It doesn't matter if you can't get it, Make do with
  11. Once opened, it is valid But it is invalid after the node is recreated Treememu_Demo.rar
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